Evangel Kindergarten Moms?


I'm interested to send my daughter to EK for her Nursery 1 next year. Can anyone share these info :
1. what are the fees ?
2. session hours ?
3. class size i.e. teacher-student ratio ?
4. Are the classrooms aircon or non-aircon ?

Many thanks in advance !
Hi Cynthia,

The school fees is currently $175 + 7% GST.
from year 2012 onwards school fees will be revised to $195 + 7% GST.

N1 should be 3 hours class.

currently my girl is in Pre-N and the ratio is 2 : 12

classrooms aircon.

Hope this helps.
Hi All,

I started to look out for woodlands' preschool to prep my boy whom be turning 18mths in Mar next year.

My auntie told me about EK cos she thinks it's good. Her kids also from EK but they are teenagers now.

Read that EK has relocated. Where is it now? Anyone can share on their preschool program?

Any non-christian here atteding EK as well?
Hi All,

I miss the chance of purchase the Photo CD for my kid graduation on 18-Nov-2011, anyone have the contact to kindergarten or the Studio who incharge of the photo taking on the graduation date can share..

Appreciate the help..
Hi mummies,

i have some questions here.
My girl is in Topaz 2 dis year. school hours are from 11.30am to 2.30pm.

Can mummies here share with me if you give your kids lunch before going to school or the school will provide lunch for the kids?
Hi mommies

Are there any playgroups in EK?

I am looking for a playgroup for my daughter to attend next year when she turns 2. But can't find any. Causeway Point playgroups are quite costly and I am hoping to find one nearer to the nanny's home at Blk 706. Any programs that she can attend during weekdays that are offered in Woodlands?

Many thanks in advance.
Hello summer babies. Ek don't provide play group. But they provided Pre-nursery for child that turn 3yr old for the year. Ek pre- nursery school fee and spice fee plus gst abt $680+ and minus. But is per term. There is 4terms a year. And need to pay deposit $580+registration fee. Deposit pay by cash. School fee can use CDA. My girl going attend Pre-nursery at EK 2013. It's a well known school and need to ballot to get a place. Cause always full. Unless there is mom withdraw their child due to not ready for school..
Hi mummies
My boy just join for 3 days
Would like to know how's your child progress in academy wise
The school seem very relax in this area
Does you all enroll for additional enrichment outside school?
Would appreciate feedback .
Hi summer babies

You can call evangel to check abt that.
Cause I didn't put my daughter on waiting list. Only went to register when they open for registration. And because of overwhelming we need to go through balloting.
Hi All Mummys,

Anyone got any spare tickets for their concert this year on 16th Nov afternoon session?
Hi May
My son study there but didn't know of any ticket for the concert. The school will give or we need to buy ?
Hi Joy, is the yearly graduation concert. Usually the school give 2 tickets for every children but K2 kids will get 4. Which year is your son in?

i have received the tickets for the concert on 16 Nov ( afternoon) it's in a A4 piece of paper and the tickets is at the bottom. Free of charge.

Btw, i m thinking of bringing my 9 yr old son along, any idea if he needs a ticket as well? can we purchase or request for additional ticket?
Yes, understand that any child above 6yrs need a tickets and have check with the office and they dun sell or have any additional tickets. Tat's the reason why i hunting for another spare tickets as my son wants to watch his sister perform also.

Btw, i think my girl is same class as yr girl.
wow, care to pm me for a chat? my daughter is always talking to me about her classmates
Any mummies looking for preloved girl & boy uniform? I also have extra Graduation tickets for morning session. Pm me if keen.
I have 2 sets preloved girl uniforms size S in very good condition.
Meanwhile looking for M or L.
Any mummies keen to exchange please pm me, many thanks!
Hi, I'm new to this forum. I need some information about Evangel Kindergarten because planning to put my girl for pre-nursery class next year. Do you have any feedbacks? Now, can not make up my mind between Evangel and New Life Kindergarten..
Currently, my boy is under playgroup at Kinderland Civic Centre. Have enrolled him in pre-nursery at Kinderland but was wondering if Evangel Kindergarten is better in terms of curriculum and teachers' quality? Pricing wise, Kinderland is high $1755 per term while EK is much cheaper. Any advice?