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Evangel Kindergarten Moms?

Discussion in 'Year 2005 Mums' started by sahm0508, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi, just enrolled my child in Evangel Kindergarten Nursery in Woodlands. Looking for other EK moms for support, playgroup for the kids, outings, etc.

  2. dchia

    dchia New Member

    Hi, I am exploring to enrol my child in Evangel Kindergarten. Can you share with me your experience please? Thank you.
  3. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Daphne,

    My child's only been there for a month, so my experience is limited. So far though, my child's happy and enjoys going to school, and my experience with the teachers has been very good. They seem very patient and sincere.

    I think the programme's not particularly special, like I know Kinderland has electone classes, but it seems like a nice and encouraging place for a child to be in. No regrets on my part.

    Let me know if you decide to enrol your child. How old is your child?
  4. dchia

    dchia New Member

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for sharing. My child is turning 3 this year. If I enrol her, she will start next year in Nursery class. I have visited the kindergarten just now and spoken to the principal. I like big class room, no aircon and the fees is reasonable compared to the commercial ones. It is really no frill education. I am more concern about the quality of the teachers. Relieved to hear from you that the teachers are good. By the way, how old is your child? Did the school allow you to be with your child for 1st few days of school?

    By the way, have you heard of The Word Learning Centre at Woodlands Civic Plaza? Their curriculum is more hands on approach with excursions once a week for learning. My child visited there twice and she likes the toys and the teacher. So I am sort of torn in between...
  5. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Daphne,

    Yes, I've visited The Word. Nice, but quite expensive. Actually, we looked around Woodlands. The PCF ones are mostly full already, and the teachers and principals were quite unfriendly when we visited. Then there are all the expensive ones in Civic Plaza which all seem very nice... just pricey. Evangel seemed like a nice "mid-range" pre-school.

    My child is in the Nursery class this year. I think the school lets parents join them for the first day only. My child joined in the middle of the year, so no parents in school already, but the teachers were very understanding and said I could stay if need be. In the end, my child was ok from the start, so I didn't stay.

    No-frills education is right. [​IMG] But so far, the quality of the teachers exceeded my expectations, considering how reasonable the fees are compared to other places like The Word, Purple Train and Kinderland in Civic Plaza. The teachers seem very responsible and concerned about the children. Again, I must say that my experience is limited, since my child only joined the school last month. So far, though, I'm happy.

    Is there vacancy for Nursery at Evangel next year? I heard it's hard to get in. Not sure if it's true.

    By the way, are you a sahm?
  6. dchia

    dchia New Member

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for sharing. Used to be hard to get in but maybe not recently. I am surprise when I heard they have vancancies too. I guess competiton from commerical schools who have many other types of programmes.
    My girl is very sociable and outgoing. I am wondering if The Word is more suitable for her personality. The no-frill education is very geared towards the formal education and she will not be encouraged to speak up. From your experience on the first day at Evangel, does the teacher encourage students to speak? How is the teaching like?
    By the way, did you explore New Life Kindergarten?
    Unfortunately, I am not a sahm. How about yourself?
  7. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Daphne,

    I didn't sit in at all, so I don't know what the classroom lessons are like. What I know is from my child, which is limited and possibly inaccurate. :p

    I do suspect that Evangel is somewhere between the formal education of PCF centres and the more "fun" education of montessori and other commercial places. My child actually preferred the latter, I think, but because these tend to be at least double the cost, we decided on Evangel.

    If cost is not an issue for you, The Word may be better for your child. So far, my child brings back art pieces and teaches us new songs and dances from school. I really don't know if the students are encouraged to speak up in class though. Having said that, my child seems really happy in Evangel, and so far, the teachers have given me the confidence that they see their students as individuals and will nurture them patiently.

    I didn't explore New Life. Read on the net that it's very popular in Woodlands and got long waiting list, so I didn't even try. :p

    Do you stay near any of these schools?
  8. dchia

    dchia New Member

    Hi Ashley,

    Thank you for your helpful information on the work of your child brought back.
    I visited Evangel 2nd time today and brought my child's babysitter along. Comparing with The Word, she prefers Evangel Kindergarten for its curriculum which prepares for Primary school education.
    My only concern is that starting my child so early for "formal" education will stifle her enjoyment in learning and explorative exprience.
    However, I guess unfortunately in the Singapore's education system, I have no choice but to adapt along.

    For expensive pre schools, sometimes I think the world is not so real because most of the time, it is very 'ra ra', 'happening', parties, if you know what I mean. In the real world, there are many not well to do children and our children should be exposed to these as well, and not always the nice and best things in life [​IMG]

    I visited New Life and it is more "crowded" with students and cluttered. According to the Principal, they have very limited vancanies for next year's intake.

    I live at Drive 14, near to Vista Point.

    Do you mind to give me your email in private? I thought of sharing with you once I have decided on the school in case this thread is achived.

    I guess you are a sahm? cos you were seeking for parents support group for outings earlier on.
  9. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Daphne,

    Err... I don't know how to give you my email in private. I tried but it says you don't accept private messages. Maybe I'll try to tweak my settings, then you can send me your email and I'll email you. [​IMG]
  10. dchia

    dchia New Member

    That's great Ashley.
    I am new to this forum, happen to chance on it when I type in Evangel Kindergarten.
    By the way, I am ssoooo slow...didn't realise until shortly ago from your displayed detail that you are a sahm!
    Hope we can keep in contact soon [​IMG]
  11. dchia

    dchia New Member

    ok Ashley, I have removed the tick. Now I guess we can accept private messages. Let's try!
  12. angelatcy

    angelatcy New Member

    Hi, i'm a sahm too. My boy is studying in evangel nursery too. Find the teachers there is quite good as they even discipline the kids in a patience ways if the kids misbehave. My boy likes the teachers there & enjoy going to school everyday.
    Hi ashley, which part of woodlands r u staying? I'm staying at woodlands circle.
  13. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi, yes, so far, the teachers there seem very patient. My child enjoys going to school now too. [​IMG] Which class is your son in? Maybe you can let me know in a private message?
  14. momg

    momg New Member

    Hi, enrolled my son in next year nursery in Evangel Kindergarten. Pretty upset to receive info of the relocation next year only just Oct and understand that the school does not support my son's school bus service...
  15. dchia

    dchia New Member

    Hello, my girl will be in Nursery next year. One of the reasons I have selected EK is because of the phyiscal environment - no air con, good ventilation, high ceiling. Now that they moved to void deck and for 2 years(!), I am upset too[​IMG]
  16. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi, glad to know I'm not the only one upset! :p

    I like the physical environment at the present site too. The new place is further from my place and, being a void deck, I'm concerned about security, etc.

    The thought crossed my mind to transfer my child, but the friendships have been made and I don't want to traumatise my child. Also, the teachers have been very patient and sincere, so I think I will stick with it for now and see how it goes at the void deck.

    I'm also worried about other things like allergies, since the void deck would have to be built up and painted. The construction dust and paint smell can't be good for young children. I will really consider transferring my child (but to where??) if the new place is not good though. Hopefully won't have to.

    MomG, what do you mean "the school does not support your son's school bus service"?
  17. momg

    momg New Member

    hi Ashley..
    My son's attending his 1st year next year...
    I was upset as the new place is now further from my house for my monther-in-law to walk my son over in SUN or RAIN.
    This relocation was not communicated during registeration in March or informed us as soon as when the school is already aware in late June.

    This late info only in Oct because of the school's mistake, fearing students withdrawals and loss of profits means
    1) we could not find a Nearer school
    2) had to incur the extra school bus cost.
    Now we are in the lose-lose situation.

    I called the school that this is unfair that we need to pay for 2 years due to school's negligence.
    I was further mad when I heard no subsidies/compensation from the school when I asked if the school should do something eg.free school transport.
    They would only try to press the school bus service provider for lower fee.
    (Causing the school bus provider having to pay for the school's mistake.)
    Who can guarantee that the school bus provider is willing to bear for the low rates for 2 years??

    I asked the school if a formal session with the parents will be conducted to further explain more or at least properly answer for their last minute decision.
    The answer is NO.
    This school seems pretty irresponsible, unwilling to admit the mistakes or face the parents.
    They had only sent out 1 letter informing parents and that's all.
    No phone call to inform, no meetup sessions. Only when I called up, then I realised of the school's mistake and irresponsibility.

    I talked to 1 of the parents I met one day who suggested to feedback to the Member of Parliament.
    I am still considering.

    Is this the way this Church school handles??
  18. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi MomG,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Er... I don't think the school informed us late. As far as I know, the school has to shift because the church wants to renovate, and the church only decided on this after June. After that, they had to find another location for the school and get approval from government. So, I may be wrong, but I think the school informed the parents as soon as it received confirmation of the new venue.

    I don't think the school is scared of losing students or "profits". Compared to most non-PCF schools, Evangel fees is very reasonable. I'm not sure if they make much of a "profit" at all. I actually think the cost may be partly subsidized by the church, so the school fees can be kept low.

    If you're really not happy with the school, maybe it's better for you to put your child on the waiting lists of other schools nearer to your home. Even though there is no vacancy now, usually there will be vacancy now and then. That's my experience anyway. Early this year, Kinderland told me no vacancy, but then called up a few times after that to tell me there's a new vacancy. I turned it down after I decided on Evangel.

    I also think if you're not happy with the school already, maybe better not put your child there. Your child may sense your unhappiness and that may affect his mood about the school.

    For me, the concern is with the new venue and environment only. Having had my child in the school for almost a year now, I have found the school to be very responsible, both the admin staff and the teachers. My child has grown a lot under the care of the teachers, so I am happy.

    In fact, in some ways, the school has exceeded my expectations. Though they don't always use very creative ways to teach, like at the more expensive schools, it has been very good no-frills education. Aside from learning to read and write, my child has been taught values like recycling and not wasting electricity. My child didn't like Chinese before going to the school but since joining the school, my child has started speaking some Chinese and likes the language now. Really, it's not the best school - like those schools with lots of enrichment programmes and excursions - but for what I pay, the education is very good.

    Just my point of view. [​IMG] Hope I didn't offend.
  19. dchia

    dchia New Member

    Hi Ashley and MomG,
    I really benefit from your sharing. Thanks for sharing. I am guilty to say that due to my work, I haven't given much thought and taken actions to find out about the change of school location. The void deck environment is really not as ideal as the present location. Do you have any idea if we consider to withdraw the child before school start, will there be any penalty?
    On the other hand, I weigh the environment and the teachers. I think the quality of the teachers have more impact on my child's growing years. So likely I will give it a chance given the fact that it is a church kindergarten. Hopefully the teachers turn out very good for my child. As for the environment, I hope it is not air-conditioned and they will maintain high standard of cleanliness.
  20. momg

    momg New Member

    Hi Ashley
    Thanks for your sharing.
    I welcomed your inputs so that I can feel comforted to hear some of your present good experiences with the school as your child had already been through the classes.
    For us, we are very new as class is only next year and having such bad experience to start with.
    Wouldn't blame that you might feel that I am making such fuss.
    Definitely I had to mention that I am very upset as I really want my precious one to get into a Christian school.

    Perhaps I had pinned very high expectations on EK as I really liked the school from the beginning, made much efforts to get enrolled despite all other available options that time and during my very busy work schedules.

    Was thus so disappointed when such a situation happened, having to accept the new venue that is further, temporary setting, having to fork out extra(our family much impacted by the economic downturn), being informed only in Oct without satisfactory resolution given, getting torn in between & worrying of unable to get into a nearer one and unable to take day leaves to search for one. *****Sob*****

    I had felt some stuffiness when I visited some nurseries at void deck permanent settings, thus couldn't imagine how the temp setting of EK for the next 2 yr will be like? With temp toilets?
    Are you aware if the setting is already up for view?

    And if my son is unwell during the mid day, my mum-in-law could not easily pick him up to & fro Home-Woodlands interchange-New school location.
    I could foresee much inconveniences.

  21. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi DD and MomG,

    Yah, I share your concerns about the environment. I hope it's safe, brightly lit and conducive for the children. If not, I might really consider shifting my child. Hopefully won't have to lah. :p

    DD: I have no idea if there's any penalty for withdrawal. Shouldn't be right? But I really don't know. Are you considering withdrawing? If yes, which schools will you consider sending your child to?

    MomG: May I know why you want to send your precious one to a Christian school?

    On a separate note, there is a playschool for toddlers at my void deck that doesn't seem stuffy. I have been to others which seem quite dark and stuffy though.

    Hope EK builds up the void deck nicely for the children!
  22. cabbie

    cabbie New Member

    Hi DD & Ashley

    I have read all your sharings.

    I will be enrolling my child to EK K1, 2010 Class.

    I strongly agreed, the quality of the teachers have more impact on my child's growing years. "Train a child in the way he should go so that when he is old, he will not turn from it"

    As for me...im fine with environment coz there is certain regulations (which i believed)EK have to comply to build a condusive place for the children. So i choose to trust EK will do their best. That is why i have also decided to settle down with EK.

    Let me share with you my current situation.

    My Child is also attending a Church Sch. The environment is great but due to poor management and unfair treatment, the good principal n teachers had left. So many changes with the new management, affecting my poor child also have to cope with transition. Day to Months now is a drag to him to go sch...talk to him and the teacher i don't see improvement. so i finally decided to withdraw.

    So to me Emotional of my child and Quality of teacher is priority not that environment not important. So long is condusive and clean...IM okie.

  23. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Della,

    Will your son be in the morning or afternoon session in EK next year?

    Sorry to hear about the transitions your son has had to cope with. That is one of the things I am thankful for in EK. SO far, my child has not had to deal with any teacher or even classmate leaving. All 5 of my child's teachers are still teaching them now, and all of my child's classmates are still there too.

    When I have the time, I sometimes pick my child up myself. Sometimes, I'll meet some of the teachers. They seem to really care about the children in their charge. The teachers also seem to really enjoy their job.

    I hope your son will like it in EK. [​IMG]
  24. cabbie

    cabbie New Member

    Hi Ashley

    He will be attending the morning session class (Joy 1). I brought him for the orientation last saturday, he was really excited and looking forward to join them. I really hope he can settlev down at EK to rebuild his confidence and foundation before primary 1. hehe

    I am going to take leave on his first day. Maybe we can meet up...cheers
  25. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Della,

    Yes, let's meet up.

    Er... I'm confused. Will your son be in K1 next year or K2? I'm confused because you mentioned primary 1. Is he starting primary 1 in 2011 or 2012?
  26. cabbie

    cabbie New Member

    Hi Ashley

    If you have msn or facebook just add me if not drop me an email: cabrioletcabbie@hotmail.com

    From there I'll furnish you my contact okie dokie. hehe then we can arrange for a meet up!

    My boy will be K1 next year(2010)! Hehe
    What about ur children, all still at EK?
  27. s_patience

    s_patience New Member

    Hi Mummy Ashley, MumG & Della,

    I have looked high & low for a pre-nursery for my son. He is 2 years old now and wants to enrol them for next year. Are all your kids at Evangel kindergarten? How is the school, they say no more vacancies for 2009, so I have to seek alternative...any advice on New Life, heard is popular...Did you mummies consider Elderweiss Kindergarten.

    Please advice. many thanks in advance.
  28. melodyrain

    melodyrain New Member

    Hi Mommies,

    Are your kids still at Evangel Kindergarten? How are your kids first day at Evangel Kindergarten?

    My child just started Nursery and this is his first year at EK. I am so happy to see that he has been happy thus far and he says he likes school. So far, he is also fine with taking school bus alone (started to take school bus without me on Thurs). This is so unlike of him.

    A happy kid makes a happy mommy!
  29. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi "Melodyrain",

    Yes, my child is still at EK. My child had been looking forward to going back to school, but woke up with the sniffles on Thursday. Started first day yesterday and yes, my child had a wonderful first day! In K1 now.

    My child doesn't take well to teachers or environments that are unfriendly. That my child looks forward to going to school all the time, even when ill, must say something about EK.

    So... I'm a happy mommy too! [​IMG]
  30. melodyrain

    melodyrain New Member

    Hi Ashley,

    Great to hear that. It's always a relief to us mommies when our kids can adapt well [​IMG]. I actually worried a bit before the school starts because he is not so adaptable to new environment.

    I hope the rest of the kids here are happy too with their new school [​IMG]
  31. angelatcy

    angelatcy New Member

    Hi Ashley,

    my child going back to EK in july'10. Withdrawn him after he graduate from nursery last yr'09 as i got a job & putting him in childcare ctr instead. Now quit my job & putting him back to EK again in july.

    Heard from my neighbour whose son studying at EK that b'cos of the aircon environment, a lot of kids get sick quite regularly & outbreak of HFMD & chickenpox. Is that true?
    How's yr child doing at EK?

    Quite sad of the aircon classrm too but can't do anytin abt that too. Nowsdays even PCF also got aircon.

    Yr child in morng or aftern session? My child is in the morng session.
  32. nicole_leong

    nicole_leong Member


    May i know this kindergarten more english or mandarin environment?
  33. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Angela,

    I don't know about other children, but my child has indeed fallen ill more frequently since the shift.

    There's no HFMD cases at all, if I am not wrong, but there were a number of chicken pox cases. Two of my child's good friends had it! According to the GP we go to, in the US, children are now supposed to have a booster shot for chicken pox when they are 5. It seems they found that 1 shot is not enough. Both my child's friends had chicken pox vaccination but still got chicken pox.

    Other than that, I think the education at EK is still very good. I think the school has done its best to ensure that the children are still well taken care of and taught at the new site. My child is still happy going to school. No complaints about the new place. [​IMG]
  34. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Nicole,

    I think EK is more English. If I am not wrong, Mandarin is only taught during Mandarin lessons, though they do sing Mandarin songs during singing sessions. It's not that kind of bilingual school where classes have 2 teachers - 1 English and 1 Chinese. It's also not that kind of school where a few days a week is focused entirely on Chinese.

    Having said that, I should share that my child's Chinese has improved a lot since joining EK. We don't speak Chinese at home at all, but now, my child can read and write a good number of Chinese words. I'm actually very impressed by the progress my child has made in Chinese since joining EK.

    How old is your child? Are you looking for a place that focuses more on English or Mandarin?
  35. dchia

    dchia New Member

    I agree that my child gotten sick more often after attending EK. Sometimes, even the teacher herself is sick!
    My child has chicken pox in early May. After I have received the notification from the school that there were 7 cases, I stopped her from school as she has just recovered from flu. But she still got it after a week...I didn't give her chicken pox vaccine as the vaccine lasts only a year. I believe it is better for the virus to be 'expelled' from the body.
    Yes, indeed her Chinese is better after attending EK but overall, it is an English environment.
  36. vi4n

    vi4n Active Member

    Hi Mommies,

    I'm planning to put my gal in EK too but in year 2013. =) Kiasu mommy here.

    May I know if they teach the children on the religion, and etc?
    how many hours a day?

    I purposely want this school because it is a Christian School.

    Is there any other Christian nursery in Woodlands?

    Thank you.
  37. crazypiano

    crazypiano New Member

    Hi, I would like to enroll my daughter this year but I know it's a bit late now that school year has started. Does anyone know how many students are there in the pre-nursery class? My daughter is born in 2008.
  38. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Vi4n,

    Wah... 2013, but you've started looking around already. Very on. [​IMG]

    Are you a Christian?

    I think there are other Christian nurseries in Woodlands, like New Life. Not so sure about the others.

    In EK, they do sing Christian songs. I don't think they teach religion everyday. Maybe just once a week, for a few minutes. Good focus on values, I feel.

    If you want to know more, you can PM me.

  39. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Crazypiano (I like your name!),

    For pre-nursery, there are 2 classes - one in the "morning" session, the other in the "late morning" session. Each class has 12 students.

    Classes should be filled up by now, but if you're interested, you can put your child's name on the waiting list. I know some others on the waiting list, but sometimes, by the time there is a vacancy, those on the waiting list may have gone to other schools already, so no harm trying if you're really interested. [​IMG]

    All the best!
  40. crazypiano

    crazypiano New Member

    Hi Ashley,
    I've put her on waiting list already. Apparently she's the first on waiting list. Hope to get a place soon. I'm still torn though whether to try New Life or stick with EK. She's now in Kinderland Civic Center but the teachers there aren't very good. Can't speak very good English and there are 21 students in her class, which I find a tad too many. Do you have any friends who's been to New Life? Any idea how it is compared to EK?
  41. artitute

    artitute Member

    Hi Crazypiano,

    My 2nd girl is also 2008 and i put her on the waiting list since Dec2010 but still no news. You mentioned your girl is in Kinderland Civic Centre. I heard it's 2 teachers to 20 students, is it true? Does she enjoy the class? I am also planning to enrol her for the daily 3-hours program; she's now attending their weekends kindertots which i find quite good, esp. the sun english class, and i find her ready for daily class now.

    Also does any mommy knows the ratio for EK K1 class? Do they serve snacks during the lessons? Also appreaciate if someone can share the rates for their schoolbus (around woodlands area)?

    Many thanks! [​IMG]
  42. fragaria

    fragaria Member


    After reading the sharing here, i think Evangel Kindergarten is quite good. I am a housewife and stay in woodlands dr.75 (near 3M).

    May i know does Ek provides half day class for K1? how many students in a class? How much per month?

    Thank you for sharing.
  43. squu

    squu New Member

    Hi all, I have been a silent reader of all the conversation among moms. But I guess, its now time for me to wake up, though im quite late. I had enrolled my son to join Edelweiss for 2011 - third term, but he has been in the waiting list for long. I just received a call that he will not be able to get a place in either third of fourth term (pre - nursery). Now , they have put him in waiting list for 2012 (Nursery). However, being so unsure, I have enrolled my son in Evangel, which itself seems a good school. However, this also is for 2012 (Nursery). So, was just wondering if there are any moms at northoaks/woodsvale whose kids go to evangel. I myself stay at northoaks. Cheers.
  44. fragaria

    fragaria Member


    Any mummy can share the review of cherie hearts (Woodlands Ave 9) and little treasures (woodlands circle).

    Thank you.
  45. mummyscopio

    mummyscopio New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    enjoyed reading all your posts here..

    i am moving in to woodlands next week.. and shifting my son (k2) and girl (n2) to EK.. however the n2 is currently full.. i was on the waiting list since dec 2010... and now i am on the top of the waiting list.. yet the sch still cannot confirm a place for my girl in term 3/2011.... getting a little worried... cos EK was our only choice and i didn't put her on the waiting of any other school....

    would be terrible if she cannot get in term 3.... she will be wasting time at home doing nothing with the maid then...

  46. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi Venny,

    Welcome to Woodlands and EK! [​IMG]

    Even though most people feel that Woodlands is far from the rest of Singapore, I have grown to really like the place. It's very "residential". Lots of parks. Great place for young children, I think. Nice, quiet and peaceful, unlike where I grew up, which was nearer town, but very noisy.

    Glad your son has a place in EK. Might end up being my child's classmate. Which school were your children previously from?

    I hope your younger girl gets a place there soon too. Did you register her for K1 in EK next year, just in case a slot doesn't open up for her in N2 in EK this year?
  47. troy12345

    troy12345 New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Anyone interested to participate in a 2hrs group discussion on 7th or 8th Jun? We are paying $80 to $100 cash incentive. Purely research study.

    Mothers with 4 to 6 years old:
    7th Jun @ 3:45pm - Formula milk drinkers
    7th Jun @ 6:45pm - Non-Formula milk drinkers (like fresh milk &/or milo drink) - used to drink in the past

    Mothers with 7 to 10 years old:
    8th June @ 9:45am - Formula milk drinkers
    8th June @ 12:15pm & 2:45pm - Non-Formula milk drinkers (like fresh milk &/or milo drink) - used to drink in the past

    Must not have participated in any surveys in the last 12 months.

    Interested, please do not PM. Kindly sms me at 91892420 with your details ASAP!

    Have a good weekend!
  48. vi4n

    vi4n Active Member


    Thanks Ashley for replying my query.

    I've been monitoring the contruction of the church. and it is going to be finished soon. Every time passing it will tell my gal, that will be your school soon. hahahah..

    Praying she will get a space there. Yes, I'm a Christian.
  49. mummy_baby2008

    mummy_baby2008 Active Member

    Hi artitute (artitute),

    my girl is in EK pre-N now. year 2008.
    the ratio is 2 teachers : 12 students
    i should say that they do have patient teachers. my daughter have been attending zoo-phonics since 18 mths and after attending EK, she doesn't wanna go zoo-phonics anymore.

    so far everything is ok but just that they r going to revise the school fees next year and also started on GST last month. i'm staying opp vista point and school bus is $70. sad.

    Initially we were told that the school will be shifting back to the church in mid 2011. but it's already coming sept. wondering when will they be shifting over??
  50. sahm0508

    sahm0508 New Member

    Hi, mummy_baby2008,

    My child is in pre-N now too. Loves school too, especially Friday, when there's always something nice to bring home, like the jellyfish and the peacock. Is your child in first or second session?

    The school will be shifting back to the church next year. The church is ready, but I think the school doesn't want to disrupt lessons, so they will only be shifting end of this year, so next year, school will start there.

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