Enrichment courses for 13mth old - GUGifted or others?*****


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Intending to send my child of 13mth to some enrichment course so that he gets to play with other kids and also to learn some things. Heard about Grow-Up-Gifted, which is slighly more affordable and do not need huge amount of $ outfront. Any mummies here who can share the experience or any recommendation of other schools?

Thanks =)

Hi Ringo,

I also thinking of sending my boy to GUG. He is 11 months this month. Dun know whether is good or not yah.
Hi bogel,

Ya lor, dunno GUG is good or not. Understand that trial class is available. But read from other threads that the course contents in GUG will repeat in diff sessions.
Hi Ringo, are you intend to try the trial class? Do u know how much? Btw where do u stay?
I have also enquire with GUG.
trial class is still avaliable and it cost $40 per trial.
my child is 1year old now. I'm interested to attend it. wanna go together?
Hi Cindy,

My girl is coming to 1yr old. Is yr bb born in Jul 07 too? Have u reg. to attend the trial lesson at GUG? Do u know what they teach? Is it zoophonics plus others?

Hi Bogel,

Nice to c u here too.

I have a 11-mth son who is currently attending GUG. Typical session includes story telling, phonics (they are exposed to a letter per week), songs, arts & craft and abt 15-20 mins of mandarin song/ story session.

The gifted baby session canbe a bit chaotic at times since the attention span of babies are not very long. for each session there is bound to be some babies wandering around the classroom or some babies getting cranky. so must be mentally prepared that you will not see a very orderly class. my son enjoys it esp the song & dance sessions, he justed started last month.
Hi Cookie,

Tks for the info! How much is it cost for per term? Ya, some mths back i did peek at how they conduct lessons, discover some bb fall asleep, is the parents who are listening to the lessons ah! That's y hesitant to sign up n also find timing of the lessons impt. too as might clash with my girl sleeping time, eating time, blah, blah. Hence cant find a suitable enrichment course for my girl.

How long has yr son attented? Any diff. b4 n after? Need more feedback.
Hi Jessica,

Gifted babes (8-18 mths) weekdays class is $280 for twice a week and $396 for three times a week.

For weekend class, it is called parent and babe, once a week is $168. Content is similar between the weekday and weekend class but weekend class does not have the chinese component.

And yes, you have to register him for classes that fit you gal's sleep pattern or else she will get pretty cranky in class.

My son has been attending for over a month since june.

You can try other classes such as kindermusik, gymboree,my gym, julia gabriel...

went for trial at all the above except my gym. Personally find julia gabriel has got better teacher, more lively and caring but location is a bit inconvenient for me so I settled with GUG. My son enjoys all the trial classes, he is a socialble baby, so as long as there is company he is happy.

Over the last one month, he is getting more setlled in class as in he pays more attention during story telling and the phonics session. when he just started, he gets pretty restless and just want to crawl towards the teacher but now he can stay put for longer. also we notice he actually picked up the phonics sound for As and Bs , and can recognise the objects/animals associated with them .

I'm not sure if his progress is just a natural transition to toddlerhood or the classes but he is definitely happy in class..
overall, we are quite happy with his progress and will continue with GUG.
so have you guys sign up fpr he trial class at GUGifted? wanna go together? but i can only make it on the 1st week of aug..my baby is fever a viral fever now..so poor thing...high fever roller coast up n down..so tired~~

Hi jessica, yes my baby is born on 21 July~~~going to be 1 yr old next monday!!! :D
Hi Cookie,

Need to know how many weeks for weekdays class $280? Will c as budget tight leh

Heard abt JG is good but can be x lor

Hi Cindy,

Oh, my girl born on 19 Jul ! quite near to yr bb birth date. Will u celebrating yr bb birthday ? Holding a Birthday party? Me....no...HB said troublesome n we have not much relatives. So only 3 of us + maybe invite neighbours only. Is yr bb a girl or boy? Can he/she walk already? My girl can walk but with support. Still cant walk on her own. Thinking back when i deliver n now she turn 1! Amaze to c lil one grows fast n healthy. R u a SAHM or FTWM?
What is the website for Grow-Up-Gifted? I have just signed up for tumbletots trial session, would like to try out a few more trials to decide which is better. My son is now 12.5mths old.
the gugifted dun have full weekday class oni 3 or 2 days and last oni 1.5 hours..sianz..go all the way there for just 1.5 hrs not worth it leh~~hahahaha~~wkdays at least can go shopping~
i went to walk in b4~~the staff there not friendly leh they just ans wat i asked..so kns~

Hi Jessica,

she's a girl named Enya~my baby very lazy now~~i regret have to let her haf a walker due to MIL pressure..when she is ard 5- 6 mths she likes to stand so much w support now dun even wan to try to walk more..oni perform 1 or 2 steps for me to c purposely~haiz..
ya i will be celebrating her bday @ east coast chalet w frds n relatives~i knw it's a hassel but it a big benchmark..i wan to remind my hubby how i suffer on this big big day~~hahahaha..wat sahm? ftwm?
Hi Cindy,

Ha! Ha! i want to laugh da way u describe GUG staff (quote: kns is it stands for kan na sai???)

SAHM stands for Stay-at-home-mum
FTWM stands for Full Time working mum
which 1 u belongs?

Hi Tigress,

GUG website is : http://www.gugifted.com. Not much info on their website leh.
hahaha~~~yeh~~kns~~stress and sianz at work~~i'm a hsftwm~~~hiughly stress Full Time working mum. after i give birth i dreamt to be TT~~taitai~~~but too bad~~ecnomic is so bad now!!!

actually i dun really like how they protray themselves at the sch~~the drand parents and maid sit outside the classrm and wait for class end.feel like a maid agency~~waiting for employers to pick them up~~dun knw wan to do anot~considering cos they r in gd location and budget..wanted to try trial so anyone interested..mayb we can arrange together
Jessica and Cindy, my baby is a July baby too! He was born on 5th July 07. Coincidentally I have just popped over to GUG yesterday during lunch time to ask about their classes. I must say that the fees are really high - $42 for a 1.5hr class on weekend. I'm considering to go for a trial before we really decide. Btw, I think there are still slots for Gifted Babes class this Sun.
Hi mattsmummy & cookie,

Tks for the info. Ya lor...sometimes we want to enrich our bb with knowledge or have fun but have to consider $$$ & location. Sianz ah...wish i m v. rich...no need to consider, just sign up liao! hee! hee! Me no tai tai leh...no maid...all alone by myself. Now everything increase price
. Unless, strike toto !!!
Hahaha~~ya strike toto and 4d~toking abt $$..so sianz~~
dun feel like working in my current job anymore..no choice cos pay quite gd~~hmm
i thinking if wan to cut cost just bring them to trial class..ahahahha~~~
aiya~~enrichment class is ard $40 or more.i work in enrichment sch before so did some orice resrch nothing is lower than $40.
Hi mummies, i;m thinking of enrichment classes for my gal too. She just turned 1yr, and I really dunno what school to send her to. My sis highly recommend JG, but its so far for us too. Where is GUG located? Maybe can give a try since u all had such good remarks abt it. I dun like tumbletots, as I find the place very KNS too. Gymboree is good, but its too far too. Sigh..
gug is located at united square Novena..hmm...
if i have time i'll call them up to chk the slots?
i will prefer oni sunday afternoon..
My boy is about 14 months and he attends Kampong Playhouse's Music and Movement class in my condo's function room. Other toddlers are bigger and about 2 years in age. I find that the 2 year olds can follow instructions better while my son likes to wander around and snatch toys. He pays attention during the storytelling, drum beating or the part that interests him. If the segment is not interesting, he would run around.

If budget is not an issue, then by all means go for such classes at a young age. But most likely it's just for fun! I don't mind because it's a nice activity for my boy, we don't have to travel for the class and my parents are taking him to it. It's quite tiring to control an active toddler at such classes.
I brought my boy to tumbletots to attend the trial session, but none of the babies turned up, so have to call it off. I find the place a bit run down.

I don't mind trying out GUG. Cindy, did you managed to find out on their available slots?
my baby 1 yr old bday party finally over~~~
finally got time to rest~~wahahaha..super busy.notgoing to do anymore bday parties already~

i have just called up gugifted..They are only left with Sunday 2pm 4 slots. I have reserved all 4 slots with them.

Anyone interested pls let me know by this thursday 6pm.

NICK/ Child's Name
1. Enyasmum/ Enya Tan

For those interested, pls pm me the names of yourself and baby and ctc no.

BTW when i called up really cant stand the attitute of the staff.if class is kns not signing up liao~~~ *-_-*

I told them I am asking on b4 of the forum mummy so wan to reserve the empty slots. they keep on insist i give them ctc no~kns!!!!

if not for a head start for my baby i wldn't bother to go for any trial class.
they better not waste my time..
NICK/ Child's Name
1. Enyasmum/ Enya Tan
2. Tigress/Kow Jowen

I have PM you my contact number. BTW, it's this Sun (26th Jul) or next Sun (2ng Aug)? Do you know if they allow both parents to go in?
Dear all,

1 more slot left.pls let me know latest by thursday 6pm.pls update info on this thread.

NICK/ Child's Name
1. Enyasmum/ Enya Tan
2. Tigress/Kow Jowen
3. Marble
Hi Cindy, please include us. Thanks!

NICK/ Child's Name
1. Enyasmum/ Enya Tan
2. Tigress/Kow Jowen
3. Marble
4. mattsmummy / Matthew Chua
Hi Cindy,

This Sun is 27th Jul not 26th Jul, I typed wrongly in my previous post.

So I shall see you all at GUG this Sun 2PM. I will reach earlier to register.
Dear all,

the trial class has already been confirm. we have to be there at least 10m mins earlier to register.
Date: 27 July
Class: 2pm
Hi Cindy,

Thanks for organizing the trial class, nice to meet you and your sweet little girl. Didn't seem to see "Marble" and Matthew?

My boy is the noisiest one in the class, he is only interested in the toys, not interested in the teachings. He gets cranky after the 5-mins break. I guess it's partly due the bad timing as it's near his feeding time & nap time.

The trial class is $50 not $40, the lady told me they just increased the price. It's kind of pricey huh? I'm going to try out other trial lesson before deciding on GUG.
Hi Tigeress,

the rest was not able to make it...
ya was disappointed too at the sudden increase in px.How can they just increase like that w/o informing us or at least tell us when we make payment..see this is what i mean by kns staff..but sad to say the admin staff sucks but the class was great as compare to the ones i went in the past! I think my girl enjoyed alot till she cant nap in the evening and woke up w a nightmare.haiz...and she is having a runny nose now.so may try out another time b4 i decide.actually i was very surprise to know that tot it's the 4th class we attend but all trial and I ask 1 or them Celeste mom signed the child up.Maybe we see again wea there's other trial class.

My girl is with GUG for 1 term. Just signed up for another term. Attending Sundays class at 4pm. Fully agree that their fees are ex, but my girl enjoys the class (she is 14mths old now), especially when it comes to phonics. I was amazed to see her sitting there listening when the teachers recite the phonics during trial class. So, decided to sign up. Oh! i paid $45 for the trial = that was on 8 June08.

My girl is also attending Kindermusik on Saturdays morning (45mins session). Maybe you mummies can check it out. The class is fun, especially when the educator brings out so many kinds of musical instrument for the babies to try!!

What the different between Zoo-phonics School & GUG? But the price is so much different lor.

And which is better?

Any difference bet GUG & Kindermusik? I'm oso lookg at GUG for sats. Currently my ger oso attendg Kindermusik on sundays. Who is ur teacher?
Yes. GUG's program include art & craft, music, zoo-phonics, story-telling etc. Whereas Kindermusik is solely on music. The babies/kids get to try all kinds of musical instrument.

My girl's teacher is Jessica. She conducts the lesson at her own home - Northoaks Condo - on Saturday mornings.
Jessica is ok...can be quite forgetful at times. But, no major complaints about her. She is now expecting her third child. Still in early stage. I will be signing up for another term. I have asked my colleague (her child has been attending Jessica's lessons too for quite a while already) how is she going to continue conducting her lessons when she is in her third trimester and during her confinement. My colleague told me not to worry as she will have some replacement coming over to her house to help her conduct the lessons. So, will continue lor...
hi there,
i just registered my girl, who is now 13 mths with GUG. her 1st lesson started last sun 17 Aug @ 4pm. anyone here with kids who are in the same class? keke...
<font color="0000ff">wendy</font>,
great....what is ur girl's name? my girl is rachel. hopefully we are talking abt the same class..dat is classroom 6 with teacher devi.