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Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by freund, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. freund

    freund New Member

    discovered I have this endometriosis problem mid last yr.... follow up with a lot of check up all ok till recently then discovered I have no egg,... my gynae suspected the egg problem caused by endo but not sure.... all must wait till after operation and medication then know.... I am in my late 30s... want to have a baby, but now discovered this problem.,... really very upset and depress over it.......... any one have endo problem but still manage to conceive and have baby? thx for sharing..

  2. starlite

    starlite Member


    There is a support group for endometriosis and fibroid. Maybe you can go to that thread and chat with the gals there.

    My gynae also suspected i have endo. which is at the back of my womb. I'm also advised to go for op. to clear it before trying for next bb. when is your op?
  3. freund

    freund New Member

    Hi Starlite,
    op last wed, so far so good! thx to my dr. now on medical leave staying home to rest.
  4. bearyhip

    bearyhip New Member

    Hi freund

    Can I know who is your doc?? Thanks
  5. freund

    freund New Member

    hi beary, may be I email you then I disclose on website. OK?
  6. bearyhip

    bearyhip New Member

  7. starlite

    starlite Member

    Hi Freund,

    I'm also going for the op for endo. late this week. How is your op? Is it a day surgery?

    Would also like to know your gynae. Pls email me at lmchen@singnet.com.sg
  8. freund

    freund New Member

    Hi beary & starlite,
    sorry for late reply, just emailed the information to u ..... Starlite, wishing you all the best! update us after ur op...

    Take care!
  9. juneten

    juneten New Member

    Hi freund

    My sis in law is 36 this year, she ahs the same problem, miscarriage once, but after having an operation last year, she was able to conceive and just given birth to a healthy boy. Hope this encourage you. ;)
  10. freund

    freund New Member

    thx June. is really give me more confidence.........

    Hi Starlite, how's ur op? resting at home?

    to those who went thru lapa, did this op affect ur mensus? I hv regular mensus since 1st time I hv mensus. but after this lapa just din come. wonder whats happening? I hv some chocolate like discharge after op, discharge stopped 4days ago.. tot mensus is coming but.... till today still no news? will go back to consult doc if still not come these 2 days...
  11. starlite

    starlite Member

    Hi freund,

    Saw your email already. Thanks.

    I went thru' the op last Thursday evening. It was a day surgery and i went home a few hrs after the op. Is yours a day surgery too? How long was your op. Mine i think quite fast. Think the start around 6.20pm and by 7.20pm, I'm already back to the ward.

    Do you feel much pain after the op? Mine was quite alright. Can walk shortly after that.

    My gynae is Dr Peter Chew from Gleneagles.
  12. freund

    freund New Member

    dats gd Starlite! glad thgat u r doing well.

    mine was a day surgery too but i resting in the hospital for few hours waiting for hubby to fetch me home as doc not allow me to drive. but luckily I din drive, I dun think I can do so..

    everything quite ok but be careful on diet as my mum said dun eat peanuts, eggs, pig livers as all these food can cause infection. dun know how true but precaution is better than cure!

    doc advised not to carry heavy thing for time bring got to have more rest etc. may be leave all housework to hubby these few weeks and tried to rest.

    if u dun mind, how much you paid for this op? I paid abt S$3K, will fully reimburse from company (insurance).

    take care!
  13. starlite

    starlite Member


    I remembered the bill is around $4500 leh...Your company so good pay full sum. Mine i have to co-pay 10%.

    As for the food, i think i already ate eggs. Think I be avoiding seafood for the time being. My MIL also told me to avoid chicken...
  14. freund

    freund New Member

    I also dun know, ate eggs and cause wound a bit redish which initially quite gd! [​IMG]

    did ur doc advise u to take jab for 3mths to control our hormone (some may cause mensus stop) which so called fake menopause?

    my doc asked me to do so, I very relunctant scared thats may spoil my cycle (as I used to have normal and regular cycle). I seek 2nd opinion from another gynae.

    based on those photos took during op, this gynae told me mine is a mild case, not to jab but try to get pregnant ASAP which this is my main motive to went thru lapa. after rest one or two months must try to get pregnant.

    r u keen to have a baby now? all reports I read and advice from doc r endo can recur pretty soon, ie 6mths or even earlier! stress!
  15. starlite

    starlite Member

    actually for me, there will be some movement in my job. I will be holding a new role so i dont think it's a good time for me to try leh.

    I know that the occurence rate is high for endo. so I'm also quite worried. But the thing is I think i only got this after I had my miscarriage last year cos previously when the gynae check me phsyically, I dont have pain.

    So for u, you will be trying after 2 months?
  16. freund

    freund New Member

    yes, discussed with hubby n agreed to hv baby ASAP. knew i hv endo for yrs but just monitoring but not to op (cos of the recurrence) till recently decided to hv baby so went to op.

    dun eat tung kui which can bring it back pretty fast. ppl said 'huo2 xue3' things will cause it recur fast.

    since u not to hv baby soon, y u go to op? doc advised not to drag?

    so ur doc din advise u to hv the hormone jabs to ctrl ur endo?
  17. chime68

    chime68 New Member

    <font color="0000ff">Hi Freund,</font>
    I'm trying to find out more info abt a gynae &amp; his stitching skills etc. I understand fr Starlite that this gynae is actually your gynae too. Can u pls email me to me? My email: chime68@gmail.com

  18. hopeformiracle

    hopeformiracle New Member

    Hi Freund
    It a wise choice that you didn't opt for the 3mth jabs. I had my endo remove last yr March, then I took the jab. My menses only came back in Nov! Wanted to try to have bb immediately but ended up I have an infection around the same area I have my endo. Last week I just did a lapa for that infection and end up Gynae said is life threatening and now, half my womb is gone.

    I hope you can have a bb soon and u may want to join the ttc thread. In there, a few of the ladies have endo and figthing to get pregnant.
  19. bearyhip

    bearyhip New Member

    hi hopeformiracle

    so sad to hear what had happen to you. How are you now?? Hope you are feeling much better..
  20. freund

    freund New Member

    hi jopeformiracle,
    so sorry to hear wat had happened to you. how r u now? u mean the jab cause ur wound (endo area) infection or the jb u have cause ur wound infection? so scary man!

    did ur doc tell u what cause ur wound infection? how u know dat area infection? U have stomach pain?

    dun know if need to go back for scanning to ensure wound is fully recovered after lapa? my gynae din mention abt this... anyone who did lapa can share ur experience?

  21. jwork

    jwork Member

    Has been having infertility issues for awhile and a fibroid was found thro the checkup.

    My doctor found out I had endo when he did the fibroid removal for me thro lap. It was mild endo which he tried to remove some theo the lazer. My doctor was eager to put me on 3 mths of shots(very expensive!) to remove all endo after that.

    As I have done a lot of readings on the websites (highly recommending this site , www.babycentre.com which has a thread on endo) which recommends about trying to conceive naturally after the lap, I decided to try on my own for 3 mths. If I am lucky, I can conceive and deliver by this year. I followed my heart and I conceive in the 1st mth of trying!

    Trust me, its important to be self reliant.And do ask for 2nd opinion. If I didn't seek 2nd opinion, I wouldn't know that lap can also help to check for other problems that cannot be seen under ultrasound. Some doctors just don't give you more information for you to make a good decision.

    Doctors are not always right. They are also trying out the different methods to see whether they work on you. Sad to say, some are very profit motivated.
  22. lilfeets

    lilfeets Member

    Hi All

    I had laproscophy 2 months ago to remove my endometriosis as well as 3 GnRH jabs. Started on Clomid and had IUI. I just confirmed I am pregnant. Very happy. Just to share encouragement. =)
  23. worry_mum

    worry_mum Member

  24. jwork

    jwork Member

    Congrats Lilfeets! Very happy for you!

    I juz delivered my girl last month! I too have lap to remove my endo.
  25. lilfeets

    lilfeets Member

    hi All

    Thanks! =)
  26. tub

    tub Active Member

    Hi all,

    Wondering if this thread is still alive... I just went for a lap and am resting at home. Wondering if I should go for the jab or try immediately. Thanks for help!
  27. ronniemini

    ronniemini Member


    I have read up websites on endometriosis, [​IMG], but i still couldn't get it.

    Can anybody please explain to me?

    Thanks alot. [​IMG]
  28. tub

    tub Active Member

    hi Lilfeets,

    Just wondering... you had your jabs after your lap?
    If so, how did you manage to get preggie so soon?
    Weren't the jabs supposed to stop menses for 6 months or so?
  29. yuki_ko

    yuki_ko New Member

    Congratulations Lilfeets...
  30. xmm

    xmm Member


    Jus to share that I'd lap op done last June and was put on 3 mths menopausal .........
    After TTC for quite some time, still not successful .......
    Worst, the doc told me that my endo is coming back and the cure is to get preggy asap ......

    Kinda depressed actually ......
  31. yuki_ko

    yuki_ko New Member

    Hi Xiao Mao Mao

    Sorry to hear that... think the only thing we can do is not to give up hopes... so keep trying... hopefully, bf the endo become worst, u get preggy...

    Do take care of yrself...
  32. giggler

    giggler Active Member

    Hi XMM, dun be despair... I'm in similar situation as you. Just had my lapro to last Sep and my endo is coming back now. Same thing, my gynae asked me to get preggy asap. But till now still no news. So now, I just leave it to God's will whether I'll have bb or not. At the same time, I'm seeing chinese sinseh hoping that my endo can be cured. [​IMG]
  33. new_hebe

    new_hebe New Member

    Hi XMM,
    I'm in the same situation as you. My endo is coming back but still no bb...sigh...

    what's your CA125 reading? isit very high?
    any other things your doc can do to prevent from occuring?
    think change in diet helps.
  34. marble

    marble Member

    Hi XMM,

    I am also ttc'g after lap in Aug and miscarriage in dec. 3 months of ttc and still no bb. I totally understand the heartache with each AF. I cry everytime my AF comes...but i guess we gotta press on. [​IMG]
  35. xmm

    xmm Member

    Hi Yuki, Giggler, Hebe &amp; Marble,

    Sorry didn't respond to your postings...... since I didn't come in for quite some time[​IMG]
    Its really kinda depressing since as months pass by still no sign of pregnancy ..........
    I don't know what is my CA125 reading ........
    When I went to the gynae 2 mths ago, she did V scan and she saw the lining growing .......
    Actually I also discovered that my AF cycle is getting shorter ........ after the menopause I was 28 days and now become 24 days ......
    My complexion seems to be affected too due to the hormonal imbalance ......
    My gynae told me all these (change in cycle days, complexion) are link to the endo problem ........

    I'm afraid to go thru the lap op procedure ..... the healing process is also terrible ...... [​IMG]

    Change in diet - do you mean turning vegeterian and no meat?
    My diet consist of alot of veg and I dont think I can live without meat ......

    I feel very stress to TTC .......
    My HB also equally stressed .......
  36. xmm

    xmm Member

  37. yuki_ko

    yuki_ko New Member

    Hi XMM

    Actually, if yr endo is bad, it's better to have the op... the healing is not as bad as u tot lah... at first when I heard that I have to do lap but after the op... I rested @ all for 1 mth... quite okie...

    Can't really see much of the wounds also...
  38. jkids

    jkids Member

    we can never avoid endometrisis, then what should we do since it will keep accumulating? will it endganger our health? or lead to cancer??
  39. xmm

    xmm Member


    I think u can go to the link I provided above for some answer to your query ........

    I had lap op b4, just last june ....... i dont like it ....
  40. new_hebe

    new_hebe New Member

    Hi XMM,

    I thought endo can only dignosed by blood test that is CA125 reading or thru lap.
    Your gynae can diagnose thru scanning?

    My recovery for the lap was not too bad. I'm prepared to go thru another round..sigh...

    I read that endo pple should eat more vege and fish. Avoid red meat. And don't drink milk.
    And try to eat organice stuff...but organic stuff very ex!
  41. xmm

    xmm Member


    yah, my gynae did v scan and saw some buid up inside .........
    actually i also not very sure how to explain ......
    now the doctor's concern is me getting pregie asap .....
    so I've not done any blood test now .......
    last month tried IUI but failed ......... now taking a break ...... too stressful liao ....
  42. tub

    tub Active Member

  43. soulutions

    soulutions New Member

    hello all - men &amp; women,

    i've started a support group for couples facing fertility difficulties and have gotten a few medical professionals to support my thread, ie, when any of you post medical questions, they can answer. after 5 yrs of suffering, mostly in silence, i think a support group structured to help us cope with the realities, would be good for all.... well, coping with the technical bits are impt, ie, who to see, how much to pay, etc, but we have to look after our emotions as well since it does affect our overall wellbeing....

    well, the thread is: http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/5/505416.html?1157309502

    hope to see some postings soon!

    soulutions - CY
  44. karluo

    karluo New Member

    I have endometriosis in 2000 when i was only 22 yrs old. Had an operation in 2000 itself. Reoccured in 2004, had another operation in 2004 too. In 2005, it reoccured again, however I did not give up hopes in believe I can have my own baby although both Dr. who performed my operation said my chances is really really very very tiny slim to conceive. Last year, I managed to conceive and am now about 6 mths pregnant. Going to deliver in May 2007.

    I wanna to share with ppl who has this illness, please do not give up hopes. Try to calm down and managed your emotional as it also play a part in getting yourself conceived. If you are always upset and depressed, chances are you yourself already given half hopes away. Believe in yourself.
  45. ronniemini

    ronniemini Member

    hi karluo,

    congrats!you really give ppl who have endo hope!how's your endo?did your doc say it's very serious?u mentioned tat it reoccured in 2005,did u go for op?care to share?is there any ways to conceive faster?

    thanks & cheers.
  46. karluo

    karluo New Member

    Thanks Ronniemini!

    Ya, I been thru it. I was initially very depressed. Bcos I was thinking, I just had my 21 birthday only. I am still young, alot of things to accomplish and never would I thought such illness will occur in me whereby I thought usually this illness maybe inherit or history of family members also have. But I was the only one in my family having this illness.

    I was lucky to find out early as in my blood cyst (known as chocolate cyst) hasn't burst. It is as large as like 8cm and I thought I am just water retention as I felt bloated. I was immediately sent in for operation 1 week later after diagonised it with ultrascan etc. That was in 2000.

    Reoccurred in again, even after I had 3 to 6 mths of hormones injections to prevent menses to come right after operation. But after the last dose of injection, I have to let my menses to come so that I can try to conceive, else I am like having outbreak of pimples, put on weight, hoarse in voice and temper wasn't good too. The blood cyst in me slowly grew bigger until in 2004 which I had another operation when it is about 6cm big.

    After the 2004 operation, I was again on 3 mths injection and this time doctor wanted me to try conceived. They said chances are higher after operation. But then, It was quite disappointed every mth when I see my mense came. I knew I wasnt conceived. So the cyst again grew in me, until 2005, it was about 5cm. Thus, I was advised to go for 3rd operation again.
    It was a blessing that I was found pregant else I have to go thru my 3rd operation. It is really very distressed, 2 times of operation on the same illness, same wound, same case of infertily. The fact having this illness already lower down the chances to conceive, twice operation really lower most chances of all.

    I was very skeptical when TV or ppl talking about getting pregnant, baby, infertile etc. I thought I maybe just give up the thought of having a child of my own. However, I just find it unbearbale to myself to just admit defeat bcos of this illness on me for years.

    Sex life become dull, as if doing it for sake of getting to conceive. Thus, I ponder over what can I can within my control. Since having this illness is beyond my control, but I can do alot of things to help my condition better.

    Firstly, Admit and accept yourself that you have this illness. Learn to accept yourself so that others will accept who you are. You tends to get angry with others or your partner unintentionally and get real senitive when you feel that others are not accepting who you are and your illness. You feel bad, your partner will be affected as will and feel bad too. The worst feel is when he is helpless when he wanted to help you so much.

    Secondly, adopt a regular exercise routine. My hubby and I went to east coast for cycling and jogging every weekends. Eat well, sleep early and put behind the fact you have this illness and make love as if you never had before. Best is to go a hotel stay and do things together like having dinner or movie.

    Thirdly, try to relax and do not too stress. Stress from work, physically and mental will also affect. Be patience and dont be too disappointed with every mth outcome and wanted to give up. Most important is believe in yourself and have faith.

    Although I am not a christain, but I do believe in have faith in yourself, you will be wonder by its miracle someday.

    Sorry if my post is too long ya..just hope to pass on this to anyone who will be of help to them... [​IMG]
  47. ronniemini

    ronniemini Member

    Hi Karluo,

    Thanks for the reply.It's never too long!It's hope! Thanks! [​IMG]

    Actually,there's also medicine other than injections right?Doc told me tat the medicine will cause outbreak of pimples,weight gain,etc.but injection won't!is tat true?which is better?this treatment(medicine/injections) is same as having menopause for 3mths right?u will experience all symptons of menopause.what is the cost of the injection & medicine?

    thanks & regards.
  48. karluo

    karluo New Member

    Yes, you are right, there are also medicine. The doctor will see depend on your conditions and give you option to take medicine or injection. I am not too sure on medicine. Probably it maybe a daily dosage that one has to take. Injection is once a mth.

    I will need to find out the injection name if you want, but it varies with different price too. Mine was more expensive about $100 plus and it must be kept in the refrigerator. So I bought from the hospital pharmacy on the day itself for the injection. Some are more reasonable price.

    My ex-coll taking medicine, so far she does have any outbreak of pimples just looked chubby or rather weight gain. But my injection I took, have outbreak of pimples ad weight gain, so not too sure if there is advance injection will not cause the side effects.

    You would probably need to check with your doctor for more details on the medicine or injection. [​IMG]
  49. ronniemini

    ronniemini Member

    Hi karluo,

    Thanks alot for the precious info given. [​IMG]

    Your jab costs $100++? but my doc says mine will cost $400++.I have not jab yet!Now waiting for my menses to come,then i will call the clinic & then go for the jab.funny leh,how come the cost is a great different huh? <puzzled> Doc told me tat if i opt to take the medicine instead of the jab,then will caused outbreak of pimples, weight gain & etc.So,I prefer jab,cos i dun wan to gain weight & pimples!scary upon hearing tat! :p Ya,jab once a mth,for a period of 3mths,plus must also take medicine daily lor.

    Btw,hope u dun mind me asking...how much is lapscope op huh?

    P.S.If convenient,pls let me know your jab name.Thanks alot & sorry for the trouble caused!

    Thanks again! [​IMG]
  50. karluo

    karluo New Member

    Not sure how much it will cost of now?
    Since your doctor advised you and mentioned to you that taking injection will help reduce side effects then you can trust him/her expertise.

    2nd operation was by Lapscope, 1st operation I forget the operation name term for it. I had a scar seem like a c-sect. I can't recall how much is for which..only roughly recall is about 7-8k.

    The injection I am taking is : Data Sheet Decapeptyl CR


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