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[emoji845][emoji845]Causes for missed pregnancy??[emoji845][emoji845]

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by blissfullife, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Hello my beautiful acquaintances, I pray those who are pregnant will have a smooth pregnancy..those who are trying will be successful asap..and have a smooth and wonderful pregnancy..

    I jz suffered a 2nd missed pregnancy twice in a row..I have no problem conceiving and implantation of the fetus..it will grow abt a month or so..and then jz stop..

    1st stopped growing at 2.5 weeks wid no heartbeat when I went emergency after spotting for 2 weeks(1st week wid brown spotting, and 2nd wid real spotting..but it was like a strand or so when wiping)..it was a huge blow for me..nvr thought after a smooth pregnancy for my boy, I wld nvr have to suffer such..I had seen it's heartbeat at 6 weeks..

    2nd was worse..like i knew it was not gonna be successful bcz wid the 1st I hardly had any bleeding..this time round, I had a huge outburst of brown blood even b4 I had any scans done..headed down to the emergency who said that according to LMP supposed to be 8 weeks bt baby was abt 5-6 weeks wid no heartbeat..she said come back 2 weeks later, gave progesterone pills..and that my uterus was still closed and it was some old blood, not to worry..although I thought wid pills it wld be alright but had some brown stains on and off..2 weeks wait was horrible..and of cz had some bad news yst..baby was still the same size(5.4weeks) and no heartbeat..the doc said some are still hopeful but I didn't wana kid myself anymore..

    Opted to take medicine to discharge the pregnancy this time..since it was only 2mm...and I totally hated the wait to do the wash out at the day surgery..felt so depressed, anxious and what not while waiting alone in the gown..staring at the lights before the operating room..

    Guess I knew this was coming so I am taking it more easy but it's definitely not easy..now I am geared to know what cld have been the cause/reason..? I realized there are many out here with their own personal experience and I don't have to time to read through all the posts..would really appreciate if any of u cld write down some of ur experiences/treatment/tests/successful pregnancy experience for me..i would love to bombarded the doc to do a list of test and ask her many questions..my heart is burning to know/understand what is wrong or what went wrong..i would really appreciate it ladies..plz do spare a few mins..

    Also am so physically and mentally exhausted wid the MS and tiredness and all..definitely not trying for a baby till next year..but I hope to gather more knowledge b4 my next attempt....i believe god has better plans and everything happens for the better..have a good day my lovelies

  2. Chanelkjl

    Chanelkjl New Member

    Hi Dear, I know it's hard really and I know no matter what people say it will not make you feel any better. But I just want to share with you my experience and hope it'll give you hope to keep fighting on!

    The first time I miscarriage was in December 2016, I was supposed go be 8 weeks when it happened. The doctor just couldn't see the heartbeat anymore during that prenatal check up (I first saw the heartbeat at about 6weeks). Had to have a D & C done 1 week later as my body didn't miscarry by itself.

    Then, somewhere during the end of February I found out I was pregnant again. But somehow like you, I knew I will not carry the pregnancy through because I was bleeding like crazy for 1 week plus before the clot expelled by itself while I was at home one day. Rushed to KKH 24hours clinic and was told I had a complete miscarriage.

    It's bad, really. Especially everytime I go and see doctor when I'm bleeding or for spotting or for cramps, the doctor never fail to tell me "You do know during early pregnancy there's nothing much we can do to stop a miscarriage right? So since you're bleeding now, I can't confirm it will be a viable pregnancy. If you miscarry, then you miscarry. 2 times miscarriage we will not rule it out as coincidence.

    Just last month I found out I was pregnant again & the last time I scan which was last week I was about 8 weeks along. I swear I nearly cried when I see my baby growing because this is the first time I actually carry a pregnancy all the way till 8 weeks and counting on. People has been telling me to let my body rest before I get pregnant again, but I feel that if it's god's will then let it be done.

    So hang in there & hold on to faith! Hugs!
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  3. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Aaww, such a wonderful news*hugs..I pray that all will go well and u will have a smooth pregnancy dear..is this your 1st precious..??

    Did u change ur diet or did anything else..?? I asked some1 who went through the same thing as me, she had some blood problem..for which the gynae said she cld nvr conceive a child again, she refused to believe that..changed her diet(added some normal blood thinning food into her diet) and 6 months later..her blood was normal..she had a normal pregnancy after which..I gained some hope after that..

    I am going to be doing some blood test..just trying to rule out any possible 'could be'..since both my cases were 'no fetal heartbeat'..and I will probably give my body some rest..the MS and the constant worrying left me exhausted

    I am so scared to try again..lest I get disappointed..but I know that if it's meant to be, it will..will let nature take its course next year..

    I really appreciate ur sharing dear..
  4. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    I was pregnant after 4years, has brown spotting and thought to go KKH O&G 24hours clinic. The doctor said it's a dot stills arlh we can't give any medicine as we are not sure why u are having spotting. They did blood test and said my hormones blood is Low came back a week they say it's high and scan and said cannot see anything. Suggest I go and see a gynae and when I went to see my gynae, he told me we will do a urgent blood test for u and and scan tomorrrow with the results out. I did vaginal scan and was told by the person and gynae that the fetus was stuck in my right Fallopian tube, therefore there is no way I can keep the tube or the baby and had to go through epotic right tubal pregnancy. Removal of the fetus at 6weeks and right Fallopian tube. Thinking of trying again but very very scared
  5. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Oh my..how terrifying it must have been for u..so sorry for ur loss and the ordeal u had to go through..I understand how difficult it must have been..and how we are afraid to try again, lest we go through the same experience..do u have any kids..??

    Have u discussed wid ur gynae about your future pregnancy..?? I did read up that it's possible to get pregnant after the removal of 1 tube..cz our eggs come from each tube at a monthly interval..but I am not sure abt the risks and all..plz plz do a thorough discussion with your gynae..and do take some time off..to allow ur body to get through the changes that jz occurred..

    Your health is more important now..Stay strong and brave through dear..
  6. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Hi Blissfulllife, I have seen TCM now as gynae told me I can start to conceive now but somehow I feel scared. TCM doctor told me that I need to see gynae when I am ovulating to ask which side I am ovulating example if left then can have intercourse if Right no point because I don't have right Fallopian tube. So abit stress down here
  7. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    How's things for u?
  8. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    I also think u shld see a gynae..or another way is to jz keep having sex during ur ovulation days and let nature take it course..are u very keen to start immediately..?? I want to take a break..only planning to start next year onwards..have a follow up today..will be doing a few blood test b4 the gynae tells me what is wrong is what went wrong..after which I will decide what to do..
  9. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Hi Blissfullife, thanks.
  10. janelim1125

    janelim1125 New Member


    I had a m/c in July last year and I was devastated. Months later , I was pregnant again and I just did a scan last week. Baby's fetal heart rate is only 87 BPM at 6 weeks. Docs says is uncommon and I might likely to miscarry again. That will be twice in a row.

    I will not want to give up trying again . But I heard that the chances of having m/c twice is low unless u and your hubby has some issues. Any advice on any checks we need to do? Or any clinic to go to? Or should we just try again

    Thanks all
  11. blissfullife

    blissfullife Member

    Hi. I understand how difficult it is for u right now, all you Want is closure. Stay strong yea? I was 29 when both Mc occured and cz I already a 7 year old, my gynaecologist said it was unnecessary and that MC is very common. So I didn’t really do any invasive test. Just some blood test to rule out sticky bloody problem and a regular whole body check at a clinic in Orchard. My body is absolutely normal and shouldn’t have any problem in having a normal baby I was told. We kept trying and conceived again within 2 months but it was not a smooth ride. Had a few hormonal jab. And at the last month had to do an emergency csect cause my water level was dangerously Low. But I have my rainbow baby now and am thankful. Stay optimistic , your day will come too
  12. Frenchinsing

    Frenchinsing New Member

    Check for any STD. Had a friend who miscarried twice. The gynea did a check up any infection/STD and found out she had something called microplasma. She a heavy antibiotic treatment of i remember well but then got pregnant again and carried out the pregnancy without any issue.

    Hoping for the best for you all.