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TCM slimming approach to wellness and weight loss. Not only it achieves slimming but also helping our body to detox during the process of treatment.

A program of 10 sessions will achieve 8-10% weight loss and looks much slimmer than the actual weight loss with the recommended diet.

Therapy is local corporate executive who free lance on this business.

Location : Hougang Central
Contact : Whatsapps 87881224

Strictly by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

Please feel free to drop me a note for more details.

You may refer to following link for more information and testimonials :


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This slimming and cupping service is amazing! It helps me reach my goal weight in three months' time,end result was about 15kg in 16 sessions, total reduction of 52cm body measurement. It also helps me adjusted life cycle with better quality of sleeping, build habits of drinking water regularly and eat healthy. It works very efficient on myslef, especially the parts of fats which normally exercise is difficult to lose. Most importantly is I don't need get sweaty during this treatment and nurturing my skin with the good quality essential oil Wendy selected. Really highly recommend and why wait? Hurry up and give it a try! It will never be regret!


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In the past, I always believe in a combination of diet & exercise as the best way for weight lost. It does helps me to achieve my ideal weight lost but the stubborn area like tummy, arms & thighs still looks flabby.

During a chance coffee session with therapist Wendy, she share with me the effectiveness of cupping for slimming. Out of a strong determination to trim down my stubborn area, I decided to give it a shot.

At my first session, she was very patience in explaining the procedure and diet plan. Cupping process wasn't painful as she was very gentle in administering the process and in a cosy therapy room. I started to see result after just 2-3 sessions.

At the end of my 8 sessions, I lost several inches off my tummy, arms and gain back my thigh gab. I am more confident in wearing shorts and tight fitting clothing. I would strongly recommend cupping as its an effective and safe slimming procedure.


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Wendy (SvelteCouture) has been very patient and kind throughout my slimming journey! She gave very detailed notes on diet and entertained my food photos of every meal to ensure I have not eaten any wrong food. She is very patient and answered all my silly questions and throw in some small treatments as and when time permits. I have lost 6kgs within 5 weeks (8 sessions) and lost a lot of tummy fats and looked slimmer now! The location is very convenient and the treatment room is nice and cozy! I would highly recommend her to anyone with determination to lost weight and fats through no needle, cupping and gusha methods! Thank you so much Wendy!
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Dear all, thanks for your positive feedback and you achieved your ideal weight. Your effort counts too in this treatment, good JOB!!