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Hi all mothers out there! I would like to start this threat for the purpose of sharing what is and how to treat/prevent/care for eczema and babies with eczema. I am also interested to learn from others who have baby/children suffering from eczema.

My daughter is now 4 months old. On her second month, I noticed bad rashes on her checks and chin. She also had cradle cap on the scalp, eyebrows and behind her ears as well as red tiny bumps all over her body. Initially I thought it was just some baby rash which will eventually go away. However, the rash stayed and I could tell my daughter is itchy as she scratced all the time. I finally took my daughter to a dermatologist and she was diagnosed with Atopic Eczema. I was not informed, aware and prepared for this. I had no knowledge of what was eczema before this as well. Hence I was very sad and stressed out for a while. Upon following my dermatologist care routine, she has gotten better. The tiny red bumps on her body have disappeared and the rash on her face is much better now. However, she still gets rashes here and there on and off especially around her chin, cheeck, behind the ears and neck. I can also see some discolouration on her skin (which my doctor said it will go away eventually). I am still worried and saddened.

Any mothers care to share what care routine that you practise that helps with the itch and prevent future eczema flare-ups?



My 2yr old son also have eczema since 3 months old. Brought him to a pd specializing in allergy. She let him do a prick test to determine the source. It turn out he is allergy to egg. So we cut egg out of his diet, and intensively apply steriod and physiogel till his rashes cleared. Then start him on mustela Stelotopia (specially for eczema babies) twice a day. Slowly as he grow up we try to move to cheaper moisturiser. There are times when we become slack about moisturising, his rashes will come back. And the moisturising continues... Wonder how long we need to moisturise him?



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I think the moisturising needs to be continued for as long as the child still cannot produce enough oil by herself or himself to lubricate the skin. Preventing future flare ups needs discipline from the care givers. When the child is old enough he or she can be tought how to take care of their skin.

I also use steroids on my baby on those red areas...but I try not to use too much because long term use will thin the skin. She still has some stubborn rashes on her neck.

Anyone knows any natural remedies or baby vitamins good for babies/children with eczema?



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You can consider using the California Baby Aloe Vera Cream. If helps my son skin to clear up very fast and most importantly it don't have steroids. Suggest you to change his shower gel to something less acidic. I switch mine and the result is great.

If you are wondering where to get the cream, join the spree for drugstore in this forum. I got mine from there.



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You can try baby california aloe vera cream, its help my 8mth old son rashes on his hands to clear within few days. In addition, change the shower gel that your baby is using.



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Hi my baby is also having eczema problem. Does that mean if I use the california aloe Vera cream I no longer need to use the steroid to apply



Hi, my baby's rashes flare up when he's hot. But I cannot possibly switch on the aircon for him all day long.

What shower gel do you recommend? Would the cb calendula cream help too.



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You can try Cetaphil. I use that for my 2 children with eczema and find it good. It was recommended by the pediatrician. My previous nanny uses it too for her daughters.



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Hi , my baby is now 2months old and I experienced eczema in him last month and was totally ignorant of this as I did not know these symptoms which include whole face full of rash , cradle cap on his eye brow , head and rashes behind his ears . Brought him to see PD n was given steroid cream to apply . It does help and within days , rashes n cradle cap all gone . I know there is no cure for eczema n was frantic in searching for all possible remedies by researching online .. Have tried Jorubi Aloe Vera gel n finally now settled using California Baby Calendula Cream as this proves to be good n most importantly without steroid . For bathing , I am using Seba Med Bath as for sure , eczema babies are not suitable to use brands like Johnson , Kodomo and etc .. as the PH is very high .



I find sebamed baby bubble bath is too dry for eczema baby. Personaly I used qv gentle wash and cream for my baby.

Keep moisturising the baby is important. I only used the steroid cream when the breakout is uncontrollable, as it make the skin thinner..



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Just to share my experience how i managed to get rid of eczema for my 7yr old son.

my son has suffered 1yr plus of eczema,he got it when he was 6yrs old.We've tried many many types of moisturizers,lotion,bath oil...etc...It worked on & off.

His situation improved after i started more organic diet,partially.I bot small portion of organic vege such as cabbage,spinach.Alternatively,u can look for pesticide-free vege.

Other than that,I make sure i feed him plenty of antioxidant food such as,onion,garlic,brocolli,grapes,apples,berries,papaya.

I oso gave him organic multivitamin,fish oil.

As for shower cream n lotion,look for those chemical free products that do nt contain paraben,SLS,perfume,mineral oil.If u r nt sure,can ask the pharmacist b4 purchasing.

Now,he is considered eczema-free but do flare up (a bit,behind the knee) once a while when the weather turns hot n humid.



Hi, just to share. I used this green oil and it helps in the eczema. Its a concentrated oil so a few drops is sufficient. Pm me for details [IMG=]



Hi mothers

My son is 11 years old now. His eczema is like what mother Mel mentioned. I had a hard time finding out what went wrong to my son during that time. I even change his milk powder to goat's milk powder after seeing a skin specialist. I also went to National Skin Centre but they prescribed him STEROID........

I know this is not the solution so i did not apply STEROID on his cheek for long term.

Now i found out this. Try this if your child is a baby

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream, Fragrance Free 5 oz (140 g)

If your child is no longer a baby, try this. My son is using this now.

Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Overnight Cream 7.3 fl oz (207 g)

For daily bathing, he is using this now.

Sukin Botanical Body Wash (250ml / 500ml / 1 ltr)

You can get this from Major Watson store. Try 250ml first if it works on your child. This is also recommended by a friend whose child has eczema.

Hope all the above help.

Glad that moms like Fennie & Avocado have managed to keep the eczema under control for your child [IMG=] My toddler's eczema is also under control now, tend to flare up now when she's having a fever/ very hot.

I'm hosting a monthly support group meetings under the NSC, if anyone like to join, please check details on; love to connect with more moms face to face!

Take care, everyone, Mei



hi mummies with eczema kids... i wanted to share this. i went to Amazonia at Great World today n wanted my girl, who is 10mths old to try their playground. The receptionist greeted me politely n said its free for babies <1, then she asked if I hv socks. I said I do. She then looked at my girl n asked what happened. I said she has eczema (red patches on cheeks n some red marks on her hands as she scratches). She then looked at her palms (which was normal). She looked up and said solemnly "sorry its crowded today u wont want to go in". She repeated it 2x. I then asked if i can go in to take a look if I cant play.. She said i cannot bring my girl in. (But I just want to take a look!) And then guess what, I saw other toddlers queuing to go in! I can only say my girl has been discriminated against as the poorly informed receptionist thinks that eczema is contagious! Its alarming how she shut me off and went off to talk to other customers.  Mummies, if u have kids with eczema or skin sensitivities, pls avoid Amazonia as they wont take u in ! Such blatant discrimination is sad when a kid with skin sensitivities is perfectly capable of playing in a playground. Pls take note everyone. i dont want u to go thru what i went thru as i kw how hurtful it felt to have ur kids shunned.



eczema might caused by imbalance of the Omega 6 & Omega 3. advisable to take those fish oil with KNO krill oil. another important question to ask b4 purchase is whether is the fish oil have any heavy metal testing. expensive might not be the premium products.

b a smart mother when we purchased for our beloved family members.

sharing is welcome.



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I chance up this product after i was suffering from patches of red rashes on my face and was very despair over dematologist comments about my eczema outbreak again and again for four months. Seen many doctors, "sinseh" and acupunture, but my condition was no where getting any better. Worst is the doctors mentioned that there is little medical reshearch in this area.

Thanks to Pure Emu Oil, after applied extensively for 3 days, I began to see improvements. Her immflated skin is no longer red but became flaky. After 2 weeks , she recovered.

You can refer to

Emuuse Emu Oil from Australia which has very strict TGA. It is certified organic ingredients and Halal accrredited.



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I agree with spree queen. I've been fighting the eczema on my daughter's skin for 2 1/2 year. She got it when she's 6 months old. It flare very badly once in awhile and I blame it on the food and the weather. I know is the reaction by the body immune system dat cause the eczema. I've apply steroids, use all kind of creams, moisturizers (from physiogel, California baby, Curel, Babyganics but I didn't try Aveeno cos is under J&J) to control the flare. I was quite reluctant to use steroids as it will do more harm to the skin after a long run. Then I finally I tried emuse emu oil. It improved so much and fast!! Is not expensive and you jus need a small amt on each area and its absorption is superb! The eczema on her wrist, and back of her knees are all clear!! only left with a little tiny stubborn patch. Although now is almost cleared, I still applied the oil diligently over the areas for prevention and even on her dry and brittle hair. And also over insect bites. Recently I found out dat if apply emu oil over any creams/medications on skin, it actually helps to carry the creams/medications to penetrate into the skin deeper and faster and thus enhance the potency. eg, the swell and itch of mosquito bites subside faster. I would suggest go and get it. Give it a try now to ease the eczema.


Hi Mummies, I read many successful testimonials on eczema with essential oils. Avoid steroids on your little one delicate skin. Go for natural remedy. You can read the testimonials from Facebook - One Drop page. Let me know if you will like to join this group and I can ask the admin to add you.


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The major cause of Eczema is due to the dry skin. So, prevent dry skin by taking warm showers or baths and use a mild soap or body cleanser.


My girl has eczema since baby. Now that she is 11 yo. She still get flares on and off. When she was baby I will bathe her in Mustela bath oil in the bath tub. About 1 bottle a week. Immediately, after out from the tub, dab dry and apply Mustela stelatopia cream for atopic eczema. She still uses it till now. She is allergy to other moisturiser which contains coconut and oats

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Hi all, I share the same problem of Eczema problem on my children and have tried so many products and visited skin specialists, sadly none have help much but only temporary relief. Till i chance upon recommendation of a friend whose children and family suffer from eczema, they advise me to try on the Emu Oil products. You may want to read and consider trying it. It is easily available in Singapore. Here is the website and the reviews


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Everyone has different types of eczema and rashes problems. I use supplements and aloe to help baby/adult to cure their skin problems. Steroid is not good to apply on our skin, if you want to try or know more abt the product I use. Pls pm me, I can explain to u more.