Eczema on baby


Hi there
just wondering if anyone's baby has eczema and what products u use for babys eczema mainly on face arms and behind the knees.and becos he is chubby he has redness in arm creases...which is hard to deal with cos the flesh is always together.any advice will be appreciated

Hi Iris, my baby also has slight eczema and get rashes when the weather is hot. I'm currently using GAIA soothing skin lotion, he seems to be ok with it and it has a nice smell, organic too. my boy also gets redness in creases (arms/neck), so during the day maybe can give him a few wet wipes when he is hot and sweaty.
i have also been using GAIA soothing lotion and the powder on my girl's creases, have been working so far. It reduces the redness, most importantly, keep baby cool.
i find gaia soothing lotion a little too creamy and thick so i'll only use it specifically on the problematic areas. as for the rest of body, i'll use california baby products.

my pd advised us to keep to organic lotion as much as possible. however, a skin doctor told me aqueous cream (hope i spell it correctly) from guardian pharmacy is good enough.

at the end of the day, it's trial and error and also your personal preference
my baby boy used to have Eczema-like marks on his face and neck...but PD said due to his skin being sensitive, he gave baby cream. For creams, better check you PD to ensure that its safe.
also, from then i used cetaphil liquid cleanser and lotion for baby. i read its for very sensitive skin. now, if i dont use the lotion, my bby's skin will be very dry. so after each bath i see to it the i put cetaphil lotion to my baby.
I wash his face with cetaphil 3x a day and moisturise his face with physiogel after that. He use to have very bad ecezma from 1 month til 5th month. We brought him to a dematologist, he gave him some steroid cream to apply to contain the falre up and thereafter we only followed his advice of ccetaphil and physiogel.

But then you gotta see if your bb's ecezma is food triggered anot. Observe and see what causes his flare up. Mine was due to carrots/pumpkins. He is allergic to beta carotene.
My PD advised me not to use soap when bathing baby. I grind Organic Rolled Oats into powder form and put into the bath water (make it milky like that). It works!
i read before that eczema skin needs to be kept moisturized like a barrier so irritants or dryness won't aggravate the skin...of cos that's if the eczema is an externally triggered one (there's allergy and internal related ones so...)

and also using all natural, gentle products which are handmade, without any chemicals (all that kind of stuff that end with -col, -late, what not)...and stuff with calendula, comfrey, lavender, colloidal oats...all good for problematic skin!
I used oilatum to bath my daughter and physiogel/QV cream as moisturiser.

Another thing is we have to be careful of the food we let her eat. If something dun agrees with her, she will flare up.
my gal got eczema on her ear when she is 2 mths old. She tends to rub her ears and suck her hand. I am trying very hard to wrap her. I wonder how could I prevent her from scratching as she grows bigger & stronger? I am currently using a TCM lotion on her ear daily. So far the dry skin are gone but I notice she is irritable at night. I am very sad & worried that her condition might not be under control as she grow older cos she like to rub her ears. Pls share with me your solutions if u have similar problem. Thanks.
Simplymii, its a habit hard to break but when possible distract her.

Well, the condition will get better as she grows older.

My daughter also has this habit of scratching even though its not itchy. SO, we tell her not to scratch and she will understand it. She got eczema when she is 3 mths old and now she is 11 mths liao... Her condition is better. Just gotta be careful of the things she has contact with.
Hi K@ye

She also scratch at night when we are all sleeping. I wrap her up but as she grows older I won't be able to wrap her anymore. How could I prevent her from scratching at night? Her neck seems to have it too due to sweating (she has double chin)It is red patches but not dry. Will it spread to other parts of the body? What cream do you use on her?

I never had eczema I really lost on how to help her.

Btw the TCM lotion/Ointment is edible & cheap (made from sesame oil) so quite safe for kids just that my gal is still a baby so I will still prevent her swallowing the lotion. But the colour is red so look awful (I am sure people will stare at her) if I bring her out. I need another alternative for her when she grows older cos I am not confident that it will go off by itself.
my boy had eczema on his frend recommended cetaphil and physiogel
i tried physiogel and his eczema cleared within 4 days
my baby too, but it cleared after careful airing and making sure the area is constantly hydrated with good moisturier. Adults with eczema are more troubled, have to get really good skincnare products like my cousin to completely stay off it.
Im using the seba med series (bath, face cream) for my bb.
It helps clear the skin but due to his frequent rubbing against mattress, shoulders the rashes still appears.
Sigh .. really don't know what to do