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hi all,

any recommendations on shower gel/lotions for baby with eczema?
My baby which is 1 now is having bad eczema.Dry broken skins spotted on her thigh n arms.
Tried brands like Cetaphil and Koala...doen't seems to work.
Anyone can advice?


My 4 yrs old son had bad eczema few weeks back & his PD hv recommended the following:-

(1) Shower : Cetaphi
think after using Cetaphil for shower, seems like his skin not so itchy

(2) Moisturizer : Topicrem Emulsion Ultra Hydratante
I can feel so much diff after applying this, his "broken" skins smoothen alot & he stop scratching

(3) ICM Imulsifying Ointment BP
PD hv tell me to apply this after putting the topicrem moisturizer. It is to let the moisturizer to absorb into the skin faster. 1 more layer to protect the skin. Need to mixed a little bit of water & abit of ointment b4 applying.

My son's skin got so much better after a few days.

Maybe u can try :)
Hi Irene,

Thanks for sharing...
Did saw a PD and Cetaphil was recommended.However,there wasn't any other prescription was added then as she said that the eczema is due to weather and it would goes off themselves.
I'm sure there must be something that are more suitable for baby at her age.
Is the moisturizer and the ointment recommended by PD or can i get it off the shelves from pharmacies?
Does any of those cream contain steroids?
Glad that you son's skin is better..:D

Thank you...
Hi princess diamond,

My son's PD did mention that eczema can be due to many reasons like u mention.. due to weather, food & also dust etc...

As my son's case was quite bad at that time, PD did prescript steriods & some oral medication for my son. Steriods can only apply a very thin layer on the very bad effected area. PD dun recommend steriod as it is very strong, he told me to stop when the really bad effected area is better. Use the Topicrem moisturizer & emulsifying Ointment to apply is good enough. Oral medication is more to stop the itch as it was quite bad at that time.

Both the moisturizer & ointment can get off the shelves. They dun contain steriods :)
My son is 4 yrs old too.... his eczema flare up like once a month. Went to skin specialist, Dr Thiru. Was advice to bath him with DermaVeen Bath oil, apply QV cream daily for maintenance. If flare up then no choice got to use Elomet else very hard to recover cause eczema area will build up thick rough patches right.

Do you have any idea where can I get Topicrem and ICM Imulsifying Ointment? I don't see them in any common drugstore here. Thx!!!

PD did tell me that eczema will flare up once a while, so he suggested to apply the moisturizer for maintenance everyday.

I got them fm Tiong Bahru Watson. But Topicrem was out of stock the last time I went.
Hi Princess Diamond,
I had the same experience as yours, my boy was having eczema when he was 3 month old. Had tried many type of creams but didn't seem much improvements until I started with California Baby cream. Though he doesn't has this problem anymore, but i am still applying the cream everyday on him everyday for prevention purpose.

Hi Irene,
I think that time my boy's eczema was quite bad, the Topicream can't help also.
Hi mummies,

my ger has eczema and we are advise not to mix bb cloths wif adult clothings when washing and not to use softener and adult cloth detergent...

we use only bb clothes detergent and no softener

was using "sebamed" bb wash and after a few mths the eczema were off...
Use California Baby's products.. They are specially made for ezema skin and other skin sensitivities... Don't buy it at chemist, buy it online from bulk purchaser.. Much cheaper.. $10-20 cheaper
Hi mommies,

Thanks for the tips...

I bought California BB cream (Calenduela cream) and tried it on my bb... far i don't see her scratching anymore and the flaky skins seems to disappear!Just that i have to apply the cream as moisturizer on her every time after bath!Does anyone knows if it's OK to apply all over the body or only the affected area or am i supposed to use the Aloe vera cream instead?
Hi Mommies
I will recommend physiogel shower cream and physiogel AI cream for eczema babies/kids. They work wonders! Only from hospital pharmacies and some clinics.

My boy used to have eczema too. The wash and cream recommended by the PD ended with dry skin.
Im now using NENFUKANG cream recommended by a friend,its working fine for my son. If interested, u can contact Phillip Seow at 97357759.
Hi there,
Anyone interested in California Baby Calming Aromatherapy Bubble Bath(13oz), I bought it at $21.50 and only used it once because my boy doesn't like to play with bubble. I am okay to let go at $15.00.
my ger was born with sensitive skin. it tends to be red n patchy ard e joint areas, neck n face. started using QV bath oil since birth and all e way til nw 11mth. excellent for my ger. need to moisture so frequently with QV cream or skin lotion. highly recommended by my PD. easily purchase in watson or guardian.
Hi, I have 2 bottles of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (473ml) for sale at $14 each. This cleanser is recommended for baby's daily bath by the paediatrician, and I overstocked on it.

The Cetaphil website describes this product as "recommended by Dermatologists for years for people with special skin needs like acne, rosacea, or eczema because of its gentleness. Cetaphil® Gentle Skin Cleanser is gentle enough for children, teens and adults. "

Expires in Oct 2009, collection at Kovan station only, interested parties please PM me.
Baby/Kid with Eczema is not about juz curing it within a day. It about long term maint to the skin. Even when the skin recover after a bad rash, u must continue to put on moisture on daily basis as it create a layer of protection. Usually babies who start off w eczema will go off when tey reach primary sch so the maint is very important.
My boy is 8.5mth & has been having eczema since 2 mths ago. PD has been given Cetaphil both shower & moisturizer cream. He still scratches his joints, improvement seems very very slow.

Before that, I had tried QV which doesn't work for him,it get worse.

Is California Baby good ? Where shall I get it?
Try natural methods..=) Get natural products...
Lemme know if need advise..I have a naturopath(natural herbalist) trained in Australia that could give u advise on what to use to prevent eczema.

Sometimes bb get eczema cuz of either genetics, or allergies..what e bb eats..=)

I read cows milk isnt actually good for bbs or humans for that matter.

Goats milk is more easily digested = less allergies..
alot of alternative methods to help w eczema..=) drop me a PM if u need more advise..=)
Got to apply lotion after every bath. As my girl sleeps in air con room, I try to apply the lotion whenever I can. Sweat can irriates the skin and causes ezcema too.

I'm using Physiogel AI Cream daily and Centaphil for bathing.

try to pat dry and not wipe dry their skin.
im also using california cream for my boy and it works well for him.

to me, i think different cream works differently on individual bb. So i think if the cream that you are currently using is perfectly fine then i suggest you continue using. do not switch to other brand unnecessarily as it might trigger other problem.....
My daughter's eczema was due to allergic reaction to the hair shampoo,soap and even the laundry detergent.

After I changed to a safer brand ,she completely recovered from her eczema.

Also, do not put too much detergent when washing your children's clothes. Any "residue" that is not rinsed off may irritate their skin. Try not to use fabric softener when your family have eczema.
My niece suffers from eczema too. Been using cetaphil cleanser and qv lotion. The doctor said she will grow out of it once she's older. Not too sure whether thats true. FYI, my sister is recommending this website as their cetaphil is soo cheap. I'm also using cetaphil as I have acne prone skin.
my baby also has eczema from 3 months. I have seen the doctor from KK and nation skin center. they all recomend t use steoid to control the when it flare up. mean while apply the moisturizer. but it does not help much. my baby skin still very red and she is very uncomfortable and scrach and can't sleep well during night . she cry many times as it is so ithy. I aso bring her to see chinese doctor. but still no better solutin. I hate using steroid. it is not good for babby and she will rely on it. you can see the result next day but it come again when you stop. it is very frustrated. When my baby is 7 months old. I bring her back to China to visit my mum. My mum try find some herb and cook, bathe my baby. 1 st time already saw the result, the reddness reduce a lot. then few more times it further "whiten" and become stable. it is so amazing.
I think my girl outgrew california baby calendula cream. It use to work wonders when she was younger, below 3. Now she turned 3, it doesn't seem to work anymore no matter how much I apply.

Amazingly QV cream, which doesn't work during infancy age, working very well now. Not sure why but it seems like the skin changes with age and so I need to change the creams. Luckily QV cream not as expensive as california baby.
Anyone here can recommend pd or dermatologist or tom drs that can help bb eczema?

My bb got it since 1m old and now worsen. Been using steroid but i think not good now that bb is 4.5m now. Used cetaphil cleanser, worked initially but now got more rashes like ringworm and eczema spreading.

Im bf bb exclusively and started to be very mindful of food intake.
Hi mummies, my son has eczema. I am afraid when he goes primary one, he cannot concentrate in class as classroom is not air on. Once he feels hot, he will itch. Do you all have this worry?
I am using Elomet cream. However this medicine needs to be prescribe by doctor and not off the shelf. Works extremely well for my son.
Hi Trina, I think you can let the teacher know and see if he can wear t-shirt instead of uniform (if it's cotton and cooler material) and also you can teach him to refresh himself and moisturize during toilet break, if that helps him normally when you're taking care.

And mummyfei, elomet is a mild steroid cream, used as prescribed and should be useful to treat eczema flares

If you're both in Singapore, come join me at National Skin Centre parent-child support group for eczema