Earwell ~ Baby Ear Molding


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Hi all, i thought of sharing this here as i guess more parents/ babies can benefit from our experience .

Our baby girl was born with obvious lidded ears. Being new parents, we didn't know what to do and we not entirely sure what the impact would be to her growing years. There were so many questions. Tried asking the paediatrician but to no avail. We felt so helpless until we got recommended to see Dr Chia Hui Ling at SW1. Dr Chia was very calm and patient, explaining the whole process, its timeline and what to expect. She really took time to explain and putting all those questions we have at ease. Most importantly, she's not pushy!! The earwell procedure was done on the same day as the initial consultation. The entire process took over 6 weeks, and during this time she was really patient and answer all the silly questions that we as kancheong parents asked. The care and professionalism showed by Dr Chia was amazing and the nurses at SW1 were also very warm and sincere. 6 weeks later, My girl’s ear looks near perfect. At 5 months. You be the judge :) Thank you Dr Chia and all the wonderful nurses at Sw1.