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Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by lego_mum, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. lego_mum

    lego_mum Member


    Does anyone know issit safe to eat durians and chocolates during first trimester? Heard it's heaty so not sure if got side effects by taking them anot. Pls advise.

  2. venus_77

    venus_77 Active Member

    hi lego mum

    i ate durians during 1st trim..just eat till u feel enuff..remember to drink lots of water if u scare heaty
  3. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    I ate! Both durians, chocolates and lots of dark chocolates. I dunno how true, but the seller told me dark chocolates are good for preggies. I ate dark chocolates till I gave birth hehehe...
  4. lego_mum

    lego_mum Member

    Hello Venus and Jenny,

    thanks for replying. I ate some durians recently and later heard so many different comments from frens that I shld not take durians cos heaty lah, may affect the foetus lah... lah blah blah. I know they meant well but I wonder if we shld get so paranoid over food even over eating durian and chocolate sometimes. Well glad to know things turned out well for you all [​IMG]
  5. sychua79

    sychua79 Active Member

    hi mummies,
    share something interesting. in my 2nd trimester when gynae told me my bb is small, i asked him what to eat to make bb bigger, he say durians.... [​IMG]

    i ate chocolate all the way. think some chocolates have caffiene so dun take too much.
    everything eat in moderation most impt. [​IMG]
  6. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi lego_mum,

    Durians, don't take too much cos it is really heaty and will make bb bigger, wait you gotta c-section :p I ate quite a lot of durians during my 2nd trimester and stopped eating during my 3rd trimester. Drink plenty of water and eat other fruits ok? Like what SY said, you can eat everything you like but in moderation. My gynae told me everything must be in moderation. He even gave green light to pineapple etc.
  7. lego_mum

    lego_mum Member

    Hello Jenny,

    Ya I will watch my intake of durians. Got craving lor, will crave for things that are supposed to be forbidden and cooling like bittergourd, pineapple, sashimi etc. But I know I must bear with it for the sake of my BB.

    Maybe I can take 1 piece of pineapple, jus 1 piece, haha....
  8. sychua79

    sychua79 Active Member

    my gynae only gave green light to pineapple after 1st trimester. basically he gave green light to everything except sashimi. he even ok half boil eggs....
  9. tamarind

    tamarind New Member

    Hi lego_mum,
    I also got craving for durian when I was pregnant, but I try to control my intake. I ate pizza with pineapple toppings, no problem lah.
  10. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi SY,

    Wah, your gynae more better than mine kekeke... my gynae told me to avoid sashimi and half boil eggs wor.

    Hi lego_mum,

    I dunno if mine is craving or just my normal practise. I drank one cup of kopi O every morning during my preggies days.
  11. lego_mum

    lego_mum Member


    I was told that I cannot even eat Kangkong leh. However I am craving for sambal kangkong with rice now at this moment. this cannot eat, that cannot eat.....sigh.
  12. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi lego_mum,

    Sambal Kang Kong is my favourite!!! I ate wor. But I heard from chinese physician that Kang Kong is considered cool, so maybe you try not to eat too much. My legs got cramped very easily, no matter if I'm preggie or not. So I was advised dun eat too much Kang Kong but hor, I tell you hor, no Kang Kong then no veg for me liao cos I only eat Kang Kong!!
  13. lego_mum

    lego_mum Member

    Hi Jenny,

    Chatting with u is such a consolation, after knowing u also eat anything one... hehehheheh.... I guess we just have to eat everything in moderation lor.
  14. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi lego_mum,

    Ya lor, just eat in moderation. I've no cravings during my preggie time, maybe be cos I ate everything??? Remember to drink more water hor.
  15. hong

    hong Active Member

    since u eat so much durian, is ur child tend to be more heaty?
  16. sychua79

    sychua79 Active Member

    yah i was so happy when he say can eat half boil eggs..hee hee.

    as long as eat everything in moderation, it's ok. i also had kangkong but no cramps. [​IMG] maybe cos my body is on the heaty side. do eat more fish cos it's good for you and bb [​IMG]
  17. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi hong,

    No leh, she's not on heaty side but she is like me and my hb, sweat a lot lor (*.*)

    Hi SY,

    Your gynae super good wor! A lot of gynes dun allow 1/2 boiled eggs.
  18. sychua79

    sychua79 Active Member

    my fren's gynae even funnier. tell her to eat half boil eggs everyday leh.
  19. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi ladies,

    I had to eat 2 Mcdonalds apple pie before I could sleep every night.
  20. bellybutton

    bellybutton Member

    Durian is high in protein, so is quite nutritious for preggies, just that it is also high in sugar contents so better eat in moderation in case of gestational diabetes!
  21. spicegalklsl

    spicegalklsl Active Member

    Janet..you also have to watch your sugar intake leh..apple pie sugar content quite high..
  22. jenn77

    jenn77 Active Member

    Me too ate durians & chocolates but remember to drink lots of water loh...
  23. happysunflower

    happysunflower New Member

    Hello gals...
    Wah... interesting topic here. I have cravings for durians too, but I still can tolerate not eating durians. I do eat a lot of chocolates though.
  24. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    i ate durian during my 1st pregnancy, i guessed i ate too much, when im having heartburn, i vomitted....then for my 2nd pregnancy, i liked durian alot, but i don dare to eat cos, phobia...

    till now, after birth, also don dare to eat le...
  25. yvetteloh

    yvetteloh New Member

    Hello ladies, I had some durians (they say give strong babies!) during 1st & 2nd trimester. Except for last trimester, I started taking fresh coconuts (give smooth baby skin). Try to avoid durians last trimester cos too heaty and baby skin may turn out rough, which was what happened to my friend's first baby.

    But perhaps different results vary with diff moms' body.
  26. ims

    ims New Member

    during my 1st trimester , i too had cravings for durians.
  27. estben

    estben Active Member

    I like durians and ate so much that gynae ask to stop eating, otherwise baby will end up too big.
  28. ev0618on

    ev0618on Member

    my gynae got a strange advise. he discouraged me to eat durians during my pregnancy. Accordingly to his experiences, durians will help to dilate the cervix and cause pre term delivery. [​IMG]
  29. krazy

    krazy Active Member

    my mum advised me not to take durians during my pregnancy too. she said, durians too heaty... however, can take during confinement cuz our bodies can take heaty stuff during confinement.
  30. firstbaby

    firstbaby Active Member

    I was told to eat durians towards the third trimeter. Heard its good n nutricious.
  31. hello88

    hello88 New Member

    Ya, i also took durian during my pregnancy as mum said its good for pregnancy lady. I took a few times only
  32. kspl

    kspl New Member

    ya... me too thought durains should be eaten in 2nd and 3rd trimester only... and is very good for pregnant ladies and babies... colleague said durain got good calcium wor.... ate few times lar... but not sure each time portion is it too much... haha...

    btw... if wanna eat chocolate.. best is dark chocolate cos got some vitamins in it that is good for baby... and i read from internet article that occassionally eating dark chocolates will produce a happy baby... plus the sugar contents in dark choco lower then normal ones...

    as for coconut juice not sure when to start drinking and how to drink leh.. portion etc?? anyone can advise me
  33. closetdoor

    closetdoor Active Member

    Durains and Cocoa are very rich in nutrients. However, note the sugar level.

    Eating too much durains would cause bb to be overweight. Happened to me around 20 weeks, then I took some durains again around 30 weeks. Now am trying not to look at durains. Too expensive to eat. LOL. Cocoa (higher cocoa content in dark chocs) contains some caffine too.

    Eat everything in moderation.

    Think can ask gynae on the intake of coconut juice. I heard to take around 8 to 9 mths. About once a week in the 9th mth.
  34. estben

    estben Active Member

    I love durians, and yes it will caused Baby to become overweight..I ate so much so that during my check-up gynae ask me to stop eating[​IMG]Initially baby was small and i was so scared ate durian to boost baby's weight thereafter was stop by gynae to stop eating cos baby show signs of overweight liao *LOL*

    My mum told me to start drinking coconut at 36weeks 1 coconut at 36mths, 2 coconut at 37-38mths, and nearer to due date 1 coconut every week and best if 1 day before baby pop drink another 1 coconut..they believe that it will help to cleanse the baby on top of that as a pregnant woman we belong to the "Heaty Type" so need to moderate by drinking coconut cos its "Liang"
  35. alynnk

    alynnk Member

    only ate durians twice during pregnancy and baby is now slightly abv avg weight.
  36. rosycheeks

    rosycheeks Member

    I had very strong cravings for durian from the start of my second trimester.. been having it twice last week. hope it is not too much.. but it's the craving that's hard to resist! :p
  37. shan33

    shan33 New Member

    i had durian twice also since i got into my 2nd trimester... but the thing i'm really craving is watermelon! was told not to eat watermelon by both mothers as it's too 'liang'. i agree the craving is really hard to resist !
  38. bladers

    bladers New Member

    Just met my friend today and she told me to eat more birds nest and durians, did not ask her why thot, durians...but i love it, just bought 2 boxes tonite!
  39. clearsky

    clearsky Member

    durian can boost up baby weight
  40. clearsky

    clearsky Member

    forgot to mention too much can cause diabetic. Info is given by my Gynea
  41. blessed11

    blessed11 New Member

    first trimester ok, juz avoid during last trimester, as too heaty for the body, it can cause constipation.
  42. loviemum

    loviemum Active Member

    <font color="ff6000">I started durians when am in 3rd trimester!</font>
  43. mumusings

    mumusings Active Member

    Everything in moderation will be fine! I ate as per normal (like I do all the time). Am a durian-fan too so pregnant or not, I eat them almost once a month!
  44. jt_junior

    jt_junior Active Member

    Nt forgetting coconuts at e last 4 weeks of e pregnancy..!! I enjoy e coconut juice so much tt everyday i look forward to go hm for coconut..!!
  45. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Strictly speaking, there have been no studies about the safety of eating durians in pregnancy. At the same time, modern science has not uncovered any reason to believe it is unsafe to do so. There is certainly no reason to conclude that eating durians in pregnancy can cause high blood pressure or nappy rash in newborns.

    However, a pregnant woman should eat durians in moderation as the fruit contains large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates – two medium sized seeds have about 60 calories. Durians are considered a high-glycaemic food so it is best to limit your intake of durian in pregnancy. Those with gestational diabetes should avoid eating durians because of its high sugar content.

    Some researchers have highlighted the benefits of organo-sulphur and tryptophan in durians. These compounds have antioxidant effects. They also have anti-microbial, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which may benefit pregnancy.

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