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Dr Woo Bit Wah (Thomson Women's Clinic) at Tiong Bahru

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by munchkukie, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. munchkukie

    munchkukie New Member

    Hi! Anyone have experience with her? How is the waiting time at her Tiong Bahru clinic? I am considering going to her as the clinic is near to my working place.

  2. tnsw

    tnsw New Member

    Woo Bit Wah is a male...my kid was delivered by him when he was in kk...
  3. munchkukie

    munchkukie New Member

    hi tnsw, how is he during the consultation? Does he voluntarily provide information on each stage of the pregnancy?
  4. tnsw

    tnsw New Member

    To me, he is okay lah...nice man...he sent me a letter after he went to private practice,he is at tiong bahru right..

    For me, i was recommended to him when i went to a and e at kkh when i had slight bleeding when i discovered i was pregnant...

    now, i am not seeing him not becuz he is no good but because i am hving secondary infertility...and is seeing anothe doctor..

    btw, i had a natural delivery for my first kid when he was delivered by dr woo..
  5. munchkukie

    munchkukie New Member

    Thanks tnsw for your info.
  6. tnsw

    tnsw New Member

    munchkukie, no pblem, i am more active on the ivf/icsi support grp, can join me there if u are around...
  7. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    I've been under Dr Woo since my son was born 5 years ago at KK. When he sent me a letter telling me he had gone private, I decided to follow up with him. He's a gentle and patient guy. My daughter was delivered by him last Nov.

    Oh yes, did I tell you his stitching is perfect ?
  8. snail05

    snail05 Member


    Any more comments on Dr Woo? I am thinking of choosing him, but rather not comfortable that he is a guy... How old is he? Ie he very experienced? Is he very through? And provides lots of information?? Any comments on him in the delivery room?? Is his rate resasonable??
    Tks alot..
  9. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi snail05, he will answer any queries you have. A quiet guy but can be chatty once you know him better. I didn't ask him much during my 2 pregnacies but he will answer politely & diplomatic when I did.

    Personally, I prefer a male for gynae but if you are not comfortable, ask around your friends/colleagues for a female gynae from start.
    He should be in his late 30s.

    His antenatal package cost $550 from 2nd visit onwards (if i didn't remember wrongly). He is not for C-section unless necessary.

    My 1st child was a cleft kid and I was very worried then for my 2nd. When I had to go for my detailed scan at 28 weeks at TMC, he indicated on the form to the sonographer for a more thorough check. After I had given birth, he personally checked the baby in the delivery room before the PD. Then he gave me a thumbs up to say she is fine.
  10. snail05

    snail05 Member

    Hi janet,

    tks for the info.. yes.. i find that he will ans my qns, but provided if i ask.. if i dun ask, he din say anything much.. so maybe as what u have said he is quiet..

    oso wonder whether his scanning machine is as good as those in hospitals cos i am pluzzed y at 5mth got to go to tmc to do a detailed scan.. it sounds as if other times the scan is not detailed enough..

    hee hee.. 1st time mom, so tend to have lots of confusion.. tks
  11. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Peng, modern women now surf the net for information on anything & everything. So I guess that's why most gynaes now assume we know by asking around first. Only when in doubt then we ask the gynae, usually the medical stuff.

    The scans done every month is to detect the foetus' heartbeat and measuring the growth. At 5 months, it is necessary for most pregnant women to go for a detailed scan at the hospital. This is performed by a trained sonographer for a thorough scan which can detect any defects & overall growth of the foetus. It costs $105 (i think).

    I think his staff would have asked you to book the hospital bed. Originally I planned to deliver at Gleneagles but it is more costly than TMC. I had no regrets delivering my baby at TMC.

    Have you checked with Dr Woo regarding the PD ie which PD will be assigned to follow up with your baby after delivery ? You can ask him for advice.
    I understand Terence Tan is a very nice guy and patient but long waiting time to see him. He's located at Mt Alvernia.
  12. hot_choc

    hot_choc New Member

    Hi everyone,

    We just want to share our personal experience.

    We went to him and I was confirmed to be 3 weeks pregnant. That saturday, I started to bleed and as the bleeding got worse on sunday, we called the emergency line and were advised to see him on monday (2nd visit - week 4) when he did tummy ultrasound scan and prescribed hormonal pills and gave 3 days MC. The bleeding didn't stop and we went back the following monday again (3rd visit - week 5) when again he did ultrasound scan, prescibed hormonal pills and gave 5 days MC. He told us that the pills won't stop the bleeding but are "An Tai Yao" and helps stabilise the pregnancy. We asked for injections but he said pills have the same effect. The bleeding didn't stop and got heavier and heavier and I had blood clots and on our (4th visit - week 6), after a tummy ultrasound, I was told that I had a miscarriage and a D&C is arranged for 3 days later.

    The next morning, we went to another gynae for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd gynae first did a cervical/vaginal examination then a tummy ultrasound and said that I was "miscarriaging". His advice is that I had a D&C immediately as my cervix had opened and if there's an infection, my fertility could be affected. We wanted to know why the miscarriage had taken place and showed all the previous ultrasound scan printouts from the 1st gynae to the 2nd gynae. The 2nd gynae told us that from the scan printouts, he could see that the pregnancy was already not developing normally as at week 5, the sac was smaller than it was at week 3. By right, a healthy sac size should be twice that of the ultrasound scan. This observation was not mentioned by the first gynae.

    This is our personal experience which we would like to share with others.
  13. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi hot_choc,

    That must have been a terrible experience for you. I'm sorry to hear about it. I hope you have a healthy baby the next time.
  14. zenn

    zenn New Member

    Any other lady seeing Dr Woo? Any comments?
  15. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Just went to Dr Woo for pap smear this morning. Consultation fees is now $50.
  16. zenn

    zenn New Member

    Hi Janet,

    You are seeing him for pap smear only or pregnancy?
  17. xyzxx

    xyzxx New Member

    How much is his package at Tiong Bahru?
  18. elchwong

    elchwong Active Member

    Heard Dr. Woo is also available at Northen Hope Clinic at Punggol Plaza, is tat true? How much is his antenatal package n from when can we sign up the pkg and wat does it includes?
  19. sunshineliv

    sunshineliv Member

  20. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Zenn,
    Sorry for the late reply. I've been under Dr Woo for close to 7 years already. He delivered both my kids.

    When I signed up for the antenatal package, it started from the 2nd visit. I paid $550. That was in 2004. Includes all the check-ups as well as the vitamins. Blood tests (16 weeks), full scan (20 weeks) and amnio tests not included.
  21. sunshineliv

    sunshineliv Member

    Janet: you went to the Tiong Bahru clinic? Heard that the package is cheaper there. I am still deciding whether I should go to him or another doctor in Sengkang when my time comes [​IMG]
  22. xyzxx

    xyzxx New Member

    I'm seeing Dr Woo at Northern Hope now. Just saw him today. Although now vists are suppose to be every 4 weeks, he is seeing me every 2 weeks and he counts them as part of the package, which means I save alot of $$.

    My mum went with me today and even she is very happy with Dr Woo. Kept saying he is very professional in explaining things and very gentle and patient. She has even booked an appt for her pap-smear to be done by Dr Woo.

    Price wise is S$840 (w GST) include visits, standard urine tests, U/S and vits. Blood tests, full scan and other optional tests are not included.
  23. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    I went to his clinic at Tiong Bahru because it's nearer for me. His antenatal package is worth it. The package is worth esp nearer delivery. Really save a lot of $$$. The most expensive test is the amnio but he won't suggest it unless the pregnant lady is 35 and above.
  24. sunshineliv

    sunshineliv Member

    That means the Punggol one is more expensive...840 from 2nd visit..Thats quite a lot of difference if you ask me.
  25. xyzxx

    xyzxx New Member

    Livvie, I signed on first visit and went for extra consulations cos my fetus is v small, so Dr Woo wants to monitor the growth.

    So far I been there 3 times already and if I paid ala carte, it would have came up to S$300+ already. And I'm still halfway in the first trimester [​IMG]

    It depends very much on when you sign. For that price plus the waiting time (there is practically no waiting time), I think it is worth it.

    Each consult he takes his time to scan and explain any of our queries, no rush. And we don't have to wait to see him. I prefer this over having to wait 1+++hour just to see the gynae for few minutes at other private gynaes (esp the SK ones)...

    When we go for appts, we are done within 45 minutes. From registration to consult to urine tests, all it took was 45 minutes [​IMG]
  26. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Mrs Wong,
    His antenatal price would have gone up for sure since my girl was delivered in 2004. At Tiong Bahru, the package is $500 then. Understand that Thomson group has just got listed.

    It's not because I've been his patient for so long that I'm saying this, but I think it doesn't make sense to see a super popular gynae and wait hours (even with appt) to see him for that few min. Dr Woo is equally competent.
  27. xyzxx

    xyzxx New Member

    Janet, I agree! I have made appts with other 'popular' gynaes who were slightly cheaper and waited for 2 hours although I made an appt!!

    My mum feels that S$800 is worth it cos during their time, dun have such packages [​IMG]

    And if Dr Woo can make a fussy old woman like my mum feel secure, I think he is good.

    I like the nurses at Northern Hope also. Very friendly and warm environment [​IMG]
  28. sunshineliv

    sunshineliv Member

    well, I cannot comment yet because I havent been to see him. I actually made an appointment to do a PAP smear with him to see if I am comfy with him but my menses came so I couldnt see him. I will decide after I have seen him [​IMG] Waiting time is one of my considerations so I will definitely put that in mind. Its not actually the price. I mean , I can afford the 800+ but it doesnt make sense if he has two clinics but I gotta pay 300 more for the other one. Anyway I am not preggie yet so will decide in due time heh.
  29. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Mrs Wong,
    I've not been to Northern Hope before, because it's too far for me. Actually, all gynaes are the same. But I will never see a female one. When I delivered my 2nd one, I chose TMC because it's cheaper than Gleneagles. I must say the experience was good. [​IMG]
  30. xyzxx

    xyzxx New Member

    Livvie, the environment and equipment at Northern Hope is really different. Once you experience it, you will understand the price diff [​IMG]

    Plus they delibrately space the appointment timings as far as possible so that you will have enough time with the gynae.

    I know of certain clinics where appts are made 10 minutes apart and people gotta wait almost 2-3 hours just to have a rushed consultation.

    I gladly paid the extra S$290 cos it saves me alot of waiting time. Imagine your boss already unhappy that you are preggie and have lower productivity, if keep having to take so many off days just to see gynae, I think if I'm the boss I will also be pissed. Northern Hope did not even have any waiting time though I went in the evening around 8pm. Just walk in, tell the nurse I'm there, go drink some water and in I go.

    Btw, I checked with someone who is going to the TB clinic, she says that the package might be cheaper at TB clinic, but it does not include alot of things...after adding everything up, it is slightly more exp than Northern Hope [​IMG]

    Janet, all my cousins and frens praise TMC and rec'd me to go there [​IMG] I wanted RH, but I hated the long waiting time at the gynae...plus the journey to RH from my place is quite far and inconvenient, TMC is nearer [​IMG]
  31. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Mrs Wong,
    Northern Hope was set up to serve the needs of residents staying in N-E area. Thus, the facilities are comprehensive.

    I wanted to deliver at Gleneages as it is nearer home but was advised that it is more expensive than TMC. I signed up for a 4 bedder but was upgraded to a 2 bedder as the wards were full. At TMC, you are treated like a hotel guest more than a patient. However, if you need epidural, have to wait for one to come unlike KK.
  32. xyzxx

    xyzxx New Member

    Janet, if you have pre-agreement to take epi, the wait is not long at all. My couz opt for epidural and told her gynae during her 20th week [​IMG] Her epi was administered to her once she reached TMC [​IMG]

    I will most likely be opting for epi too. Cos my hubby is worried that I might faint at the pain and can't continue pushing.
  33. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    <font color="119911">Mrs Wong</font>,
    I was induced at midnight as I couldn't tahan anymore false alarms. Told the midwife who gave me the pessary that I wanted an epidural even before I was dilated. Really kiasu. Even with epidural, I felt that 'push' as my girl was coming out. But didn't feel any contractions before actual delivery.
  34. sunshineliv

    sunshineliv Member

    Mrs Wong

    I have been there to see the doctor when I was down with medicine allergy the other time [​IMG] I understand what you are saying. The entire place is just like a mini hospital and the people there are quite nice. I didnt see many patients there so I figured it will be pretty quick too. Like I mentioned, I will make an appointment to go see Dr Woo before I decide. Thanks!
  35. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    One thing about Dr Woo is, he is not in favour of pregnant mummies going overseas unless necessary. I wanted to go away for a few days when I was 6 months pregnant to join my hubby. But he discouraged me because food might not be very clean. If suay suay kena diarhoea, then got problem.
  36. xyzxx

    xyzxx New Member

    Janet, it is true that if preggie kena food poisoning, it will be very tedious cos overseas healthcare might not be as good, or it might be too expensive for foreigners.

    But I will still be going to BKK for my shopping trip. [​IMG] Just that no road hawkers this time, only restaurants or hotel food.
  37. zenn

    zenn New Member

    Janet, oh issit? I asked Dr Woo abt travelling and he mentioned no problem leh.
  38. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Mrs Wong,
    He didn't give me the 'passport' because my stomach is sensitive. Kena food poisoning when overseas esp really jelak. For one thing, can't self-medicate.
  39. lisammi

    lisammi New Member

    hi , all ... i think Dr woo is great , although he is gentle and tend to speak less .. but so far still so good lor ..i have been seeing him at tiong bahru when i was carrying my first boy at 2002 , both my boys are delivered by him at TMC . the package is $550 , quite worth it . He is quite patient too [​IMG]
  40. zenn

    zenn New Member

    Anyone deliveried by Dr Woo at TMC recently? Trying to find out how much is the est bill for single n how much cash should we prepare?
  41. ariesgal_76

    ariesgal_76 New Member

    hi,anyone seeing Dr Woo lately? Is his package still $550 or $840 now? Also, what's the total cost of delivery to be expected?
  42. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    Hi Catherine,
    I paid $550 for my antenatal package too. Like yourself, both my kids were delivered by him. Super patient guy.
  43. krex78

    krex78 Active Member


    Does Dr Woo deliver at Mt Alvernia? Any comments on Dr Brenda, who's also from Northern Hope?
  44. wander_mum

    wander_mum Member

    Ya, he also deliver at Mt A.
  45. cheerie

    cheerie New Member

    Lucky i came upon this thread.

    i am staying 10mins away from Punggol Plaza...never knew of Dr Woo but now i know i will go for him when i am going for 2nd one. $800 is worth it considering that i will have to pay for transport and take time off to my previous gynae in town...then boss wont be happy.
  46. ling76

    ling76 Member

    Just wants to reconfirm your antenatal package?
    If see Dr Woo at Tiong Bahru, package will be $550. And if see him at Northern Hope, it will cost $800? Wah.. so much diff between both of them
  47. miorei

    miorei Member

    yes, dr woo's pkg at TB is oni $550.

    not sure abt northern hope's.
  48. happylittledot

    happylittledot New Member

    Hi, first time and needed advise..

    What does the $550 includes and how much does he charge for delivery..

  49. miorei

    miorei Member

    hi happylittledot

    i think the pkg oni include scans performed at the TBP clinic and basic blood test. excludes vitamins / medication which is prescribed based on the result of your visit.

    delivery wise, it varies from hospital to hospital as dr woo can deliver at any of the 6 private hospitals in SG. hope that helps. [​IMG]
  50. happylittledot

    happylittledot New Member

    thanks Miorei.

    You know how much is his delivery package?

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