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Dr Tanny Chan

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by humster, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. humster

    humster New Member

    Any comments on Dr Tanny Chan?

  2. beluga

    beluga New Member


    dunno how true this is but heard that if she's busy, she'll get her husband to do the ultrasound scan. so if you are looking for a female gynae, then perhaps you should look elsewhere...
  3. beluga

    beluga New Member

    Wat a coincidence, Dr Tanny Chan is featured as one of the top medical professionals in Mind Your Body in today's ST...
  4. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    i just read about her in the Mind Your Body. should be a highly recommended gynae. [​IMG]
  5. lime_n_liliac

    lime_n_liliac New Member

    Does it matter tremendously whether she does the scanning herself if she is a very experienced gynae, knows all details of your pregnancy, knows what potential problems to look out for and checks you on a regular basis to ensure your pregnancy is going as smoothly as possible? Hands-on scanning does not mean you get the best care you can get ;)
  6. beluga

    beluga New Member


    but just feel that if one is looking for a female gynae to feel more at ease then perhaps she may not be the one if she has this tendency...
  7. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member

    Dr Chan delivered our baby girl in May last year. She was very very good. I would recommend her to anyone who require top notch gynae advice. My wife visited 2 gynae before Dr Chan.

    The first one was from Mt Elizabeth who also visits CCK Edingburg clinic 2 times a week. She told us of the preganancy with the remark that we shouldn't be too happy as 25% of all preganancy in Singapore would end in miscarrage. She was also impatient to wait for my wife to translate her English opinion to Cantonese for my mum. She told my wife she could do so outside later. We never went there again the 2nd time.

    Our 2nd gynae was Dr. Ho in Mt Alvernia. He was friendly and professional. However when we did the triple test, the nurse called my wife directly and told her that the test result showed a high chance for a down baby, so we had to come to the clinic for the Amniocentesis. We just found the advice for a Amniocentesis too radical and we were not prepared for the risk of the test, so we seek opinion from my mum's gynae, Dr Chan.

    Dr Chan is always busy. She has a lot of Indonesian customers who wanted female gynae so they fly to Singapore to see her. Her clinic opens at 6:30 am and she would do her rounds then. By 7:00 she starts seeing patients. When we visited her the first time, she interviewed my wife and by hand calculations, she could come out with a EDT that is more accurate than computer. She found that the previous triple test was done compared to data which is more advance in preganancy than my wife's actual preganancy. For example my wife was in her 13 weeks, but her test data was compared with average 14 weeks preganat women, no wonder the result was off! It is true that her husband (Dr Sng) did the ultrasound scan, but he was very detailed and made us feel very comfortable. He even suggested to video all the subsequent scans. We have redone the triple test, and the result came back very fine. The first test show a 233:1 risk whereas the second test showed 1999:1 risk. We were relifed.

    When my wife delivered(natural/ sucsion/ epidural), she visited my wife very frequently. About 3 times a day, even at 10pm. Dr Chan would call us directly when she informe us test results. If we need any advice, she would answer all the time right away or call back immediately when she is free.

    A friend of mine told me that it was old way of working that someone else does the ultrasound scan. Dr Chan was previousely the dept head of gynae in KKH, so in hospital it's always the radiologist who does the scan, not the gynae. The gynae interprets the scan results.

    Also Dr Chan has 3 consultation rooms, so she can see 3 patients in one go. It's amazing to witness the efficiency.

    Dr Chan comes highly recommended
  8. rnjt

    rnjt New Member

    hi, where is Dr Chan's clinic ?
  9. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member

    Dr Chan's clinic is on 6/fl Gleneagles medical centre, next to Gleneagles hospital
  10. xjysg

    xjysg Active Member


    Celia, right? Coincidentally, I was seeing the Mt E-CCK Edinburgh gynae before I switched to Dr Tanny Chan ... yes, you've made a good choice to leave her and go to Dr Chan.... I hated that gynae!!! And I love Dr Chan. She delivered both my boys, esp with my older son, she was very careful and detailed throughout my entire pregnancy. At the delivery suite, she did not have to refer to any notes for my case. Yes, she has very good business, but she never rush through her consultation and her nurses are wonderful... I didn't know she was once head of gynae in KKH ... for those who are keen to get her, be prepared for the long queues (no point making appt and arriving on time, it's a first-come-first-serve appted basis) and she has no package, ie she tends to be more expensive than most gynaes ...

  11. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member

    hi ky,

    Yes Dr Chan is more expensive than most gynaes, but she is very detailed and very kind, like your favourite auntie.

    To beat the queue, better make appointment for very early in the morning like 7 - 7:30am or in the afternoon on Thursday or Friday just before she close for the day. If you can avoid, never go on a Saturday, you can wait for up to 3 hours if you come after 10am

    Ky did Dr Chan recommend Dr Gong from Kinder Clinic (6/fl opposite life lobby) as PD for your kids too? He is very good and patient as well, and always answer questions on the phone. He was the PD for the Siamese Twins seperated at Gleneagles a while ago.
  12. ch1oe

    ch1oe New Member

    Hi ladies,
    since Dr Chan has no package, can share with me the cost for all consultation, tests, delivery charges, etc.?

    can email me at chloegoh8@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance.
  13. xjysg

    xjysg Active Member

    Hi Celia

    I chose my own PD ... someone from SBCC on 7th floor ... I still go back to jalang jalang when I go to my PD's ...

  14. kelvin_mum

    kelvin_mum New Member

    hi ladies,

    Dr Chan is v.good. She is my mum's gynae for more 20 yrs and mine for more than 10.

    ky, Dr Chan recommended PD from SBCC on 7th flr.
  15. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member

    hi kelvinmum,

    she recommended dr gong from kinderclinic on 6th to us when our daughter was born. She's my mil's gynae for more than 10yrs too!
  16. ndra

    ndra Member

    Dr Tanny Chan delivers me 20+ years ago! Haha..She's my mum's & aunt's gynae.. My aunt just deliver a bb boy last month.. She had c-sention & commented that Dr Chan's is really good at the stitches.. Her wound healed very nicely, just a fine thin line.. So envy..The scar is so thin & small, not obvious at all.. (unlike mine [​IMG])
  17. happylady

    happylady Member

    Sometime ago, was she the gynae who was involved in a court case. Heard she is retiring soon?
  18. kelvin_mum

    kelvin_mum New Member

    Yep. It was so unfortunate. She had to get fellow gynaes to take over many of her deliveries & operations.
  19. cereal

    cereal New Member

    I am not sure if she is retiring..coz I am still seeing Dr Chan now.. at my 38 weeks. Yes, she is expensive but I feel really secure with her as my gynae. Very experienced lady n patient... As of now, I am still scheduled to be delivered by her.. [​IMG]
  20. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member

    I don't think she is retiring yet. The court case I heard from her has already been settled with her winning the case.
  21. jjloo

    jjloo Active Member

    She is my mother-in-law's gynea too..She is very good. Always there to provide advice, patient and friendly. Bascially, everything that is good, you name it, she has it.

    Yes, she is expensive too. But pay a bit more for good service. I think it is worthwhile.
  22. ashley_mom

    ashley_mom New Member

    I'm currently in my 2nd trimester and seeing Dr Chan. Nope, she's not retiring. During my last visit, I actually asked her and she said she will be around for the next 10 years. And yes, agree she's ex but I feel very safe with her [​IMG]
  23. ndra

    ndra Member

    Really ar ashley_mom?? Thats good news to me leh.. Im planning to see Dr Chan for my next pregnancy [​IMG]
    I already had 2 c-section within these 2 years (last yr & this yr), I've been warned to wait for at least 3-5years before having the next one.. Haha, now that I've heard Dr Chan will be around for the next 10 years, I'll surely go to her for my next pregnancy[​IMG]
  24. ashley_mom

    ashley_mom New Member

    Bliss - did you go to her for your 1st 2 pregnancies? My 1st one was via c-sect also and my 2nd one will be due in Jan 07 (most likely via c-sect too). She does a beautiful job in stitching up... hardly can see the scar unless go very near. [​IMG]
  25. cutemario

    cutemario New Member

    Hi, my wife is seeing Dr Tanny Chan and I fully agree she is a very good doctor. However I do feel the pinch as her charges seems to be very high. Her nurse informed me that my wife's next visit for a triple test, consult and detailed scan would cost me $600 plus. I would like to seek opinions on what her charges are and whether she has a package. The normal visit for consultation and basic scan for baby's heartbeat is about $182. Is this normal for her charges? Thanks.
  26. kelvin_mum

    kelvin_mum New Member

    I don't think Dr Chan has packages.
  27. ashley_mom

    ashley_mom New Member

    cutemario - Yep, I also paid more than $600 for the triple test, scan and consul for that particular visit. Normally without scan, it'd cost about $150+. She certainly has no packages..
  28. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member


    My wife had seen Dr Tanny Chan. Yes I did feel the pinch, but we were happy with her. You pay her for the consultation and if ultrasound is required, her husband Dr Sng would do it, and is charged separately. She has no packages, but we do feel that it's reasonable for the confidence that my wife is in safe hands.

    We've visited 3 gynae for my wife's pregnancy, she is the only doctor who would call us personally to inform us of test results. And she always answer your calls if you have questions, or worries.

    You can tell her not to prescribe those fish oil gels, obimin, calcium if you make the trouble to buy them from polyclinics or hospitals, or if you have discount cards from pharmacies.

    Also after your wife deliver, Dr Chan could visit her 2-3 or even more throughout the day, She does her rounds at about 6:30am, and I even met her at 10:30 at night twice checking on my wife.
  29. lynn1520

    lynn1520 New Member

    Hi, can someone share with me the cost for all her consultation, tests, delivery charges, etc.?

    can email me at lynn1520@gmail.com

  30. diy_obasan

    diy_obasan New Member

    I switched to Dr Chan at week 34 and I have no regrets! She is very detailed in her checkups and a very reassuring and experienced lady... very gentle too!

    She still does not do any ultrasound scans though... her husband Dr Sng does all the scans. It's a 3D machine.

    She has scheduled operations every tues and thurs afternoon... that means if you have to be delivered during that time, she may not be available. Her husband Dr Sng will stand in for her instead.

    I must say tat she is also quite no-nonsense when it comes to giving mc. She will definitely not give backdated mcs (i know of gynaes who do that for their patients).

    First consultation cost me $300 (it included urine test and strep B test cos i was quite advanced into my preg liao)

    Next consultation was $130.

    Today I saw her and paid $203 (i had to do some blood tests and urine tests again)

    Her delivery fees for normal birth is $1800 according to the nurse. She will also charge a daily fee for visitation before and after delivery but I heard she will visit many times a day.

    She's really motherly I feel very very safe with her. She advocates breastfeeding and natural birth without epidural if she feels that you can handle it.

    Her nurses are very very nice too! And her receptionists really make you feel at home with their motherly advice...

    My EDD is 18 Aug... will update more after bb is born.

  31. dannycelia

    dannycelia New Member

    Hi jo,

    Dr Chan visited my wife at least 3 times a day. Once very early in the morning, then in the afternoon, and once I met her at 9:30pm before she went home. She is really motherly, but unless you insist to TBF, she would not mind advising you to let the nurse feed formula to your newborn baby at night, her reasoning is that you should rest. So if you decided to TBF, you have to make it clear for her. I took a marker and wrote on my dd's chart 'NO Formula' to stop the nurses pestering my wife at night to let them feed fomular to dd.

    Actually TBF new born babies only need 10ml - 100ml in a 24hr period during the first week of life, according to latest research. Imagine FM babies are basically forced fed the first week in their lives 100ml every 1-2 hrs
  32. diy_obasan

    diy_obasan New Member

    thanks so much for the infor and advice, danny! I definitely want to tbf!
  33. pinpong

    pinpong New Member

    Hi all

    Seem like this thread has been into silence mood for sometime, do hope to get some adv.

    i m with Dr Tanny Chan, find her great & motherly as many has mentioned here.
    My cousins and aunt had Dr Chan s their gynae too. My cousin has her boy delivered in MT. A(ard 7 yrs back).

    So i thot i can choose MT. A as well but just learnt from the nurse that Dr Chan only deliver in Gleneagles nowadays. m worry that d cost of delivery in Gleneagles wil b much higher den in MT. A
    Anyone can share their delivery bills(inclusive of Dr Chan's charges etc) so HB & me can work fr there?
  34. tratties

    tratties Member

    Hi there,

    Dunnoe whether will this help u anot.. just to share my experience with u..

    i was with dr chan's hubby (Dr Sng) throughout my pregnancy as all the women in my family used him since years ago... i'm also delivered by him 27yrs ago in Mt A.

    I had a natural delivery with Epidural in Gleneagles in April 2008 and charges are not as expensive then i thought they were going to be.. i spent approx 1.7k in cash inclusive of Dr Sng's delivery charges for my 3 days stay in gleneagles..

    As far as i understand from their nurses in the clinic, Dr Chan's charges are slightly more expensive then Dr Sng and charges GST.
  35. pinpong

    pinpong New Member

    Hi Tratties

    Thanx for sharing.
    If i switch from Dr Chan to Dr Sng now, and they r in d same clinic, like abt paiseh..
    Wil discuss with HB.
    Once again thanx.
  36. cleodux

    cleodux Member

    Hi guys, looking for fellow patients of Dr Chan. I feel like not many forumners know her. She has no packages and very expensive, i was suprise to read most of gynaes at RH are actually cheaper than her! as they tend to have antenatal package.

    On my last visit i overheard the nurse/clinic assistant talking on the phone about Dr Sng is not doing delivery anymore(you still can go to him for antenatal check up), maybe i heard wrongly. But so far i witness my self most of his patients are from his wife (he is the one who do scanning) or is it because i always come in saturday morning and mostly the patients are Dr Chan's.

    Am i crazy paying around 120-130 per visit excluding vitamins, fish oil (every 3 weeks) as only my husband is the sole bread winner. Thinking to change gynae, but hubby said she is good and we are very comfortable with her.

    My sis in law said i paid too much.
  37. tratties

    tratties Member


    you did not hear wrongly.. indeed dr sng isnt doing delivery anymore, he had stopped delivering since this year. i'm also currently seeing him for my #2 which is due in Dec, however will switch over to dr chan towards the ending of pregnancy about 30 weeks and she will follow me for the delivery..

    i'm also thinking on the same line as you that dr chan is indeed very expensive, and i was also very incline to change gynae. however, hb knew that i was comfortable with dr sng as he had delivered my girl well in 2008 and i believe dr chan also has a very good reputation.. she is very gentle too.. hence, we decided to follow on.. btw, when i was checked in for induction to deliver my #1 back in 2008, dr chan also came along with dr sng to check on my condition.. and i can really say dr sng is fast and meticulous with delivery..
  38. pinpong

    pinpong New Member

    Hi Cleodux

    yep the consultation charges is abit towards d high for Dr Chan. HB & me struggled with d thot of changing gynae too when I m preggie back in 2008/2009, but thinking back, i m glad dat we didnt changed gynae. HB wasn't into changing gynae back den too.
    I miss Dr Chan...
  39. panda_hut

    panda_hut New Member

    Yes, her consultation is abit steep than others and it does not include the 3D scan charges by dr sng.

    I am currently with dr chan now and am now 25th week. she was my sis in law gynae too and had help her delivered her twin babies. she is v experience and you can feel at ease with you.

    dr sng now do not do deliver now but the 3D scan in the clinich was done by him.

    I find both of them a very loving couple.
  40. cleodux

    cleodux Member

    Hi guys, i delivered my baby boy via elective c-sect cause according to the scan he looks big.

    Anyway.. Dr Sng was actually present there as well as Dr Tanny's assistant.

    And i really really like her stitches job. It has been 5 months plus and i feel like i don't have any wound at all lol.
  41. va15

    va15 New Member

    she is experience but she is old now and she will suck ur pocket until dry!!!
  42. catoke

    catoke New Member

    VIVI (VA15) - y would you make such comments ? 'SUCK YOUR POCKET UNTIL DRY' - you r being v unfair to Dr Tanny Chan. SHe has got all the experience and service that any pregnant womaen may need. and she's able to provide all of them. these of course are the price consumer gotto pay for getting such gd n top notch service!

    Are u able to get such service in KKH or other hospital or rather other gynae who are much cheaper?? Definitely NO
  43. lalabcomemom

    lalabcomemom Member

    Any updates regarding Dr Chan.
  44. Beaniemum

    Beaniemum New Member

    Have been with Dr Chan for years cos of other gynae problems. She came highly recommended by my good friend and is very good and very reassuring. No package but hubby and I are both very comfortable with her. Had op with her and stitching is good.

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