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Dr Suresh Nair from Mt E

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by msh, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. msh

    msh Member

    Dr Nair is a very gentle softspoken and caring doctor. Recommended by a friend that his speciality is fertility. Anyone with him on fertility treatments, can share your comments please? Thanks a zillion

  2. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    hi msh,
    dr nair is a very patient doc. i had a miscarriage 2 years back. went to see him. less then a year of fertility treatment i conceived. And i finally give birth to twins: a boy & a girl this sept.

    frankly speaking, he is a great doc. U should see him. but a word of caution... u nid to have lots of spare time.. sometimes it takes hours waiting 4 him. but its all worth it.
  3. msh

    msh Member

    thanks Christina, are his charges high? can share with me the treatment you had with him and how much u spent please? u can PM me if you prefer.

    thanks alot
  4. didi

    didi Active Member

    Hi msh,

    I would say his charges are quite high, as I have already spend think around close to 10k with him, excluding the lapros that the fee is about S$8,700.00 I was thinking I should maybe have gone direct to KKH instead.
  5. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    i do spend quite an amount coz i did IUI twice. Each IUI cost $500. In between there are cost incur for medicine. think i spend around $10K inclusive the medicines. Think the expensive part is the medicine and test. Since im having twins so my bill a bit on the higher end bcos i have to go tru various scans which is not cheap.

    these are the basic charges-
    consultation charges: $40, Ultrasound: $80, Timing of ovulation: $60.

    every month he will time my ovulation and let me know when to have intercourse. After a few months when its still unsuccessful he ask me to go for tube testing which was ok. i didnt go for lapros. I try normal intercourse for 7 months then proceed to IUI. After 2 attempts i finally succeed.

    How long have u tried to conceive tru normal intercourse? So have u seen dr nair yet?

    hi didi, how long have u been seeing dr nair? have u conceive? i heard KKH is cheaper though. Im a singapore PR so KKH is a bit Xpensive for me bcos the rate is different.
  6. msh

    msh Member

    wow. i saw him 2 years back and stopped for a while. we just got married and wantted to try natural first.but now canot tahan liao. so called him up. seeing him next week.

    will talk to him about ivf. but very worried about his charges. may end up doing at kk. he is ok about it and said will give me a referral if i prefer kk. if i can succeed i think i don't mind the $$ cos not getting young liao. sighz.
  7. msh

    msh Member

    didi, i saw your PM. was thinking to ask about your experience with him. nvm, can talk here too.

    so he's trying to time ovulation for u now?
  8. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    msh, have u tried IUI b4 proceeding to IVF? i heard IVF cost is quite high. Have u done all the necessary test eg. tube test, lapros, sperm test??

    Ya i know what u mean... myself also not getting younger..that is why i proceed to IUI after 7 months of trying. for myself, if IUI not successful probably will try IVF too.
  9. didi

    didi Active Member

    Hi MSH,

    The story start.... around late year Oct, when I decide to see him for fertility treatments, firstly he ask me and my hubby to try normal intercourse with the help of injection, but failed (think we try 2 - 3 months) then we moved to IUI, failed about 3 times, then he suggested laproscopy which I did sometime mid-sept 05. Then I had SO-IUI last month (with injectables, I injected myself for about 12 days). See how, if this month 'sway...sway' my menses come then my hubby felt that we should go for IVF as his spem mobility is VERY VERY low. Wish me luck.....
  10. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    hi didi,
    if yr hubby sperm mobility is very low, think u shld proceed to IVF. The last time i did ask "sister" at Dr nair's office.. abt IVF cost. Its around $8-10K. Maybe u shld ask around. think u shld check with KKH.
  11. msh

    msh Member

    i think ivf at kkivf around 6-7k is it? i can't wait for next sat to see dr nair.
  12. didi

    didi Active Member

    hi Christina, yep the next step for us will be IVF.....

    Hi MSH, guess there will be other tests/ op that he has to carry out on you first.... for eg laproscopy to clear your tubes, burn of some cysts as if you don't do all these first then I heard your IVF might not ne sucessful and there are women who skipped the first steps and go for IVF and he told me in the end they have to do the op after the failed IVF......, checked with him.... everytime I see him but be prepared to pay.....pay....pay
  13. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    yes didi is right. B4 u proceed to IUI or IVF u should do all the necessary test first. some gynae will tell u not to do the test & proceed wth IVF. then there's no point also.

    For my case, i did went to see a chinese physician at Eu Yan Sang at the same time. im not sure does taking her medicine makes any difference but the second attempt on IUI i took her medicine and i conceive. She was saying if yr womb is not strong enuf, and even wth IUI u conceived, the fetus wont survive.
  14. didi

    didi Active Member

    Hi Christina,

    My hubby has also gone to see the physician at Eu Yan Sang (at paragon ?) took her medicine for about 1 mth no use.... before I should see her myself, which physician did you see as I might have to see her before my IVF....
  15. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    i went to see Dr Xia Rong. Is that the physician u went to see? She tends to laugh a lot. [​IMG] I think that is the one u saw since i went to paragon as well. She did say to increase sperm count u nid to take the medicine for sometime. my hubby also take her medicine but for 1 month only. EYS is quite expensive. maybe u can see her b4 yr IVF.
    let me know how it goes..
  16. didi

    didi Active Member

    Ok, I will try to visit her
  17. msh

    msh Member

    hi Christina, when u say before IVF, how much before do u reckon is enough to be able to reap the effects of TCM?

    didi, if you don't mind, when are u expecting da yi ma this month? good luck man..... i need lots of success cases to motivate myself.

    btw gals, is Dr Nair extablished in this field? have you heard anything else about him besides he being a nice, patient and caring dr? how about his expertise?
  18. didi

    didi Active Member


    Seriously, I am not expecting my DA YI MA at all... I HOPE she don't have to come at all...., I don't want to stress myself thinking about it as I am looking forward to Sydney next week (to visit my bro and to de-stress too).....

    I am not so sure about Dr Nair's sucess rate but I think if you haven't seen him maybe you can consider Prof Chen at Gleneagles Hospital, heard his sucess's rate is VERY HIGH.... For me I have already started with Dr Nair so might not be advisable to change doc.
  19. msh

    msh Member

    sorry didi..... i didn't mean that u should be expecting da yi ma. what i meant was when can i expect to hear good news from you... must tell me ok?

    well you are right..... don't think too much and enjoy your Sydney visit. Bestest of luck!!!

    My sis is also in Australia... married to an Australian. I love my niece!!! she's so pretty and cute. so vocal and her ozzie slang.... love her eyes and her rosy cheeks. i was just telling hubby two days back she's the first infant i carried in my whole life. i never dared to touch infants... always very scared they'd struggle and fall from my arms.

    Well, i'm constrained by $$$, so i definitely cannot afford Prof Chen. If I don't do the treatment with Dr Nair, I'd be going to KK instead.
  20. didi

    didi Active Member


    No worries Msh, I am not angry just that I really hope to get pregnant ....... don't worry about it, the fees by prof chen is about the same or slightly more than Dr nair... don't know why me can't get pregnant the natural way.....
  21. msh

    msh Member

    all the tests u have done has shown nothing wrong with the 2 of u?

    my hb has done a SA at another clinic and we found it to be low on sperms. and we realise the problem is not on me afterall. all these years when we were trying naturally i have tried very hard to time the intercourse and always very vexed when auntie came.... now we know the reason. we had a good laugh when we receive the results of the SA... we were laughing at ourselves, taking precautions immediately after marriage cos we were afraid we'd get pregnant.... now it seem so pointless. but of course we don't know when his condition started.... but we still laughed. at least we know the reason for our infertility
  22. didi

    didi Active Member

    My hubby has low sperm mobility (moving VERY SLOWLY or sluggish).... Couldn't me my problem too but I had my laproscopy so should it ok...., what kind of tests did you have for yourself ? (ie for ladies ? to check you are ok ? as I thought I was ok till I had the lapro then doc realised that I had cysts that he burned off). Think you better check with a fertility doctor to be sure.
  23. msh

    msh Member

    i did hsg, found tube to be un blocked. also did the normal blood tests and found to be ok. but it was 2 years back, so now may need to redo.... i still remember the bad cramps i had after i did the hsg..... i actually cried right there and then..... dr nair was shocked. i'm very siok bak one..... little bit pain i cannot tahan one.

    i don't want to do any tests if possible.... just want to do one cycle of whatever he recommend.... i need to do it by december if possible, else bery difficult for me to take leave next year.... don't know whether he will agree.

    can i check with u, once we decided on a treatment, how long will it take for one complete cycle? it should be different for each treatment right? u have done both iui and so-iui... can u advise me on the duration? i also want to know about icsi and ivf.... but i know u have not gone theru them yet... maybe christina can advise if you happen to see this post.

  24. didi

    didi Active Member

    Ok.... for me my pain threshold is consider good, I am not afraid of pain so long as I can attain my goal (in this case Babies...). I can only tell you on IUI : think you will have to see him on day 12 after your menses, then he will scan/ give clomid (ie some kind of medicine) then injection, maybe. The duration will be about 12 - the day your menses come (that when you will know if you are pregnant or not)but you have to be prepared to take a few hours off (a few days, so that Dr Nair can scan you to be sure when is the best day for IUI).

    Actually just wondering by just doing the hsg, can you tell that you have/ don't have cysts ? as he encouraged me to have lapros instead of the hsg etc as the best situation to have IVF not too long after the op that's when my womb is clear... (if I still can remember what he says)

    Guess Dr Nair will agree as the choice is yours, he can only advise you which is the fastest method to get pregnant.... for me and my hubby we always do whatever he advises......
  25. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    hi girls..
    sorry for the late reply.. been bz. MSH i went to TMC twice..both time also after my SO-IUI. onli manage to conceive the 2nd time.
    I know when im trying for babies also ive been very stress out. i understand how u girls feel.

    when are both of u seeing Dr nair? SO both of yr next step is IVF? MSH, my IUI procedure is also abt the same as Didi. Every 12 day of menses i will need to see him. he will give u medicine..and tell u when to have intercourse or when is the best time for IUI. I also have to inject myself wth the medicine.. Have to do it every morning..

    Did u gals check whether u have Endo? I heard that if u have Endo u will never get pregnant.

    I also did hsg. tube not blocked.. Err.. no pain.. think more or less like doing pap smear.

    i heard that if low sperm count is the problem.. then the chance of conceiving using IUI is very low. IVF usually is the best option. My case is bcos i have PCOS. my hubby sperm count is ok. so the problem lies mainly on myself.
  26. didi

    didi Active Member

    Hi Christina,

    Actually think it is not true that one won't conceive if one has endo as my best friend prior to getting pregnant she went to see Prof Chen (who told her that she has endo), she was so.... depressed and fainted too, and was considering to having a op when she conceive the next month (naturally). Ok, if one has hsg, they won't know whether their womb is 'scarred' or have blood cysts as Dr Nair told me that some cysts can be hidden behind the rectum that only during lapros then can detect etc.... and fyi, my tubes are not blocked when he did the lapros and told me. To me, lapros is not painful just that I vomitting twice and felt dizzy that's all. BTW, christina, if you have to inject yourself then you are doing SO-IUI (2x before you succeed ?) and each course of injection medicine will costs about $1K. I need 2 courses of medicine (that already costs us $2K just for the medicine). Getting pregnant is too....too expensive, right ?
  27. rainbow7

    rainbow7 New Member

    Hi all
    I am also a patient of Dr Nair. Hv started seeing him since last july. Done 1 IUI, lapro and IVF thru him and also just completed SO-IUI last month but were all not successful. SOB SOB...will probably be going for my 2nd IVF next mth.
  28. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    wow, then yr friend must be one of those lucky cases. my friend tried conceiving for 2 years then finally found out she got endo, went for op.. then after few months she conceived.
    the 2nd time i did SO-IUI i do twice in a row. dr nair was saying to be on the save side ..we did another iui the next day.

    the injection quite x. i still have the pen wth me. did u use crinone as well?.. also quite costly. when i conceived, i still nid to go for injection for the 1st 3 months. immune to injection now...

    ya, very xpensive. wonder y some people can conceive naturally. should have try getting pregnant earlier huh?? im 36 now. when i miscarriage i was 34.. thought 34 was the right time. unfortunately...[​IMG]
    how old are u girls?

    rainbow, how much have spent already? must be a lot of $$$ spent.
  29. msh

    msh Member

    HSG pain is like menstrual cramps except 10 x more painful for me cos my menstrual pain not so serious one.. so i'm not accustomed to the pain. at first it was ok until he released the liquid... then the pain slowly creaped in till it was ouch...... .and i told him its getting painful and by the time i finished saying that, a sharp pain zipped thru my system and i went sob sob. haha... i can still remember how it feltt after 2 years.... dread to repeat this test again.

    another hurdle for me is the injections..... ouch... i hate injections.

    sigh..... TTC is extremely ex but what to do? seems like no choice if u can't do it naturally..... i think u either have to be young or very relaxed in order to conceive naturally.... i was "complaining" to hubby that we married too late.... should have married in mid-late 20s and start TTC around 28 i was going around the bush to tease him for not making up his mind sooner..... as i was quite ready to get married very soon after we met... hehehe.

    Well i'm 34 this year and i'm the only one of the 4 of us who has not gone thru any treatment cycles b4. so stressed.....

    Welcome Rainbow,
    u are the only one who has gone thru an ivf cycle here... if you don't mind, can u tell us a little about ivf? i'd like to know the cost, the procedure if possible and the duration of the treatment from the day we decide to start treatment.
  30. didi

    didi Active Member

    Yes...rainbow, I think I also need to know about IVF (the steps & costs etc).

    Btw, girls my menses is here, sob....sob.....
  31. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    oh dear.. msh u scared of injections huh?? think u have to be prepared.. not to scare u.. but think there's going to be lots of injections. no choice.

    the 1st 3 months when i got pregnant nid to go for injections every 2 weeks. And they inject u on the buttock. let me tell u... some of my injections are done by Swee ling at the toa payoh clinic.. she somtimes goes to mt E as well. not sure u met her b4. her injections is ok.. Betty at Mt E.. her injections.. very very painful. Sister is ok..(onli once she inject me.. painless).

    As for the SO-IUI injections by yrself.. u just nid to inject on yr tummy. this is done by yrself. the trick is make sure the needle goes straight in.. not slant otherwise u will feel the pain.

    msh, didi, rainbow,
    when is yr next visit to dr nair.. me going there for my pap smear next week probably. havent make an appointment. hate going there. the longest time i waited for dr nair was 4hrs.

    what is the longest time u gals waited?

    just checked my bills.. spent around $14K from the day ic dr nair for my miscarriage till i give birth (incl of hospital bills). what an xpensive ways to have kids.
  32. didi

    didi Active Member

    Hi Christina,

    I am just the opposite, I felt injections by Betty painless, swee ling so...so the one by sister caused me blue-black.

    Right now, I am just waiting for the information from rainbow about IVF.
  33. rainbow7

    rainbow7 New Member

    Hi christina
    I've spent lots & lots of $$$ already....i think cash so far i hv already poured out $11k ...& 6K from medisave and still no success...sigh...going to spend another bomb again if i go for IVF next mth....

    For my first IVF, i did it in Apr this year after my lapro in end Feb. Wanted to do SO-IUI but was converted to IVF half way thru (abt Day 10 or so)...hence, mine is considered a short protocol for ivf where injection started only on Day 2. For long IVF protocol, u actually hv to start on Day 21 and spread across 2 cycles...I was converted to IVF cos there were multiple follicles and Dr was afraid of multiple pregancies..thus he suggested i go for IVF where he can control the max of 3 embroyos and hv better chances.

    ER was relatively simple where u will be under GA..it lasted less than 1 hr but the feeling is quite unbearable after that as u will hv the high tide feeling and u aren't able to get out of bed for next 3 hrs...3 days later, i did the ET and it is also ok....not so bad ....then it's followed by 2 weeks of endless waiting where u need to hv crinone daily and injection for the 1 week. After the 2 weeks, they will do urine and blood test to confirm if u r pregnant...

    Didi - sorry to hear your menses are here...let's try to encourage eah other and hope for the best.
  34. rainbow7

    rainbow7 New Member

    i will prob be seeing dr again next mth...wanted to take a rest this mth and build $$$ reserve...

    my longest wait at clinic was oso 3-4 hrs..it's really unbearable....i remember my first visit seeing him at Toa Payoh...i was the last patient and it ended at 11+pm....wonder how he cope with so many patients...
  35. didi

    didi Active Member

    Hi Rainbow7,

    I am so...sad that my menses came, why do we have this prob ? do you know the reason why your IVF failed ? or did you do the ICSI instead ? wonder what's the diff ?
  36. rainbow7

    rainbow7 New Member

    Hi didi
    I did ICSI. ICSI is part of IVF where they will inject the sperm into the egg directly in the lab.
    For IVF without ICSI, it just allowing the egg and sperm to fertilised on its own in the lab. Mine is ICSI cos hubby's sperm quality not good. It costs add'l $1k i think for ICSI...

    I also don't know why my IVF failed. Initially Dr told me it's becos mine is a converted cycle (cos i only started injection on D2); recently before my SO-IUI, he wanted to do the same approach and i reasked him again..wasn't my previous failure due to converted cycle...and he said it may not be; it could be due to poor quality of the egg which couldn't attach to the womb...i am so confused with what he said sometimes...

    btw, do u gals ask alot of questions when u see him....usually i don't ask so much cos i know there are alot of patients waiting outside...and i also find him very stress at times..rushing from one patient to another...the nurses are even more lagi stress...
  37. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    sorry to hear that yr menses is her didi. are u skiping this cycle? heard u going australia next week. maybe should take a rest. who knows ... u might conceive there. Enjoy yrself..

    my friend, got pregnant each time she goes for holiday. Surprisingly the next year when she went holiday she conceived again. [​IMG] since then i alwiz tell ny hubby to go for holiday when trying for baby. haha!! but i didnt conceived my baby during holiday.

    rainbow, how many follicles u have when u went for IVF? i heard that if its more then 5 under spore law u have to abort the cycle if u doing IUI. how many eggs did dr inject the sperm into? all the eggs?

    ya.. sometimes i get more confused after listening to his explanations. b4 seeing him we usually prepared all the questions that nid to be asked. most of the time our consultation onli lasted abt 20mins.

    some of his patients can be up to 1hour+ inside. guess that is y all the delays when seeing him. plus he himself is so "chiong hei". and he is never punctual. clinic starts at 8.30. he will onli be in around 10+.

    i'll be seeing him next thurs for pap smear.

    rainbow, did u ask dr nair.. if its bcos of poor quality of the eggs failed.. the last time. is the chances any different this time around? as i mentioned b4, when i did my IUI i went to see Eu yang sang physician which gives me some medicine. probably the medicine did compliment my iui procedure. not sure if u interested in TCM. maybe u wanna give it a try.
  38. msh

    msh Member

    didi, don't feel sad. the day will come soon. my AF is expecting soon anytime too. :-(

    rainbow, how much is the ICSI in total actually. we are supposed to go for counselling but will do it week after next instead..... dr said its not much higher compared to kk.... is it true? wat is included in the $10-12k and what is not? how much is the part that is not included in the $10-12k actually. can you help in this please?

    christina, we saw dr yesterday. you won't believe it,... appt was in late morning... when i left clinic it was 5pm :) this is the longest i had to wait. he had to go off halfway to do a ET downstairs and took some time in that cos he said there were some discussion between the couple.

    And how's your little one? was it a prince or princess? your baby should be 3 months old now? how are u coping with motherhood?

    thank you very much gals.... the support we have here is really helpful in this seemingly long jouney to motherhood.
  39. didi

    didi Active Member

    Hi MSH,

    SO you went to see Dr Nair yesterday, me too.... as it is my day 2 so me and my hubby have decided to do ICSI too, and given the 'nordette' aka contraceptives to start on tuesday...., think the hard cash we need to come up as about 7-8K, really worried that the 1st try will not suceed, how about you have you decided to go for it too. We also need to go for counselling too, maybe next week @ the IVF centre, right ?

    I agree with rainbow, sometimes I notices that me and my hubby just don't ask him (dr) a lot of questions as we come out of the room very fast too, and sometimes he uses those medical terms that we don't understand too.....

    Thanks, I really need a lot of support..... and msh, if you have decided to go for IVF/ ICSI don't wait too long, it is better for us to get pregnant earlier....
  40. rainbow7

    rainbow7 New Member

    Hi Ladies
    Nice to see more responses here...think it's easier to chat when we share the same gynae...

    Christina - i didn't ask Dr on how to improve egg quality...will ask him on my next visit. I've seen Xia Rong (TCM) once after my lapro in Mar this year...but didn't continue as the cost for chinese medicine also quite high...prob will try to see her again to warm my womb..hope it will yield good results.

    MSH - i spent a total of 11k ($6k medisave, $5k cash) for ICSI. It includes everything from daily injections, scan, ER / ET, crinone...blood test. But this is for short protocol....I think the cost will increase by 2-3k easily if we are on long protocol...also it depends on the drug dosage...if you need a higher dosage..the cost will increase further...

    Didi - Keep us posted on your progress...i will prob hv my next try next month...but now quite worry abt the high cost...already very broke after all these unsuccessful tries....
  41. didi

    didi Active Member

    Same here, can't imagine if my first attempt fails, sometimes I wonder am I destined to be a mother, sob....sob. Maybe one day......
  42. cc2568

    cc2568 New Member

    wish both of u LOTS of goodluck... MSH and Didi for your current cycle. Dun stress so much. take it ez.

    did u gals read books on how to improve sperm counts & quality? what should do when having intercourse?? i remember when i was trying, an hour b4 intercourse, my hubby will drink coffee wth "tongkat ali". wear boxer shorts. my hubby sperm count is ok but sperm motility is only 2%. i heard zinc also improve sperm count. when i was trying i did a lot of research on fertility. I even explore "feng shui".

    MSH, my babies 2 months old tomorrow. I had a boy & a girl. when u do IUI or IVF there are chances of multiple pregnancy. i read that women in their mid 30s if doing SO-IUI will have chances of more follicles being formed. But if too many the cycle will be abort or convert to iVF. When i was doing my SO-IUI i had 2 follicles. and i was really lucky that both eggs are fertilized.

    As i had a miscarriage 2 years back, i got very stress & worry ... for the whole of 9 months. Glad its over now.

    As for a new lifestyle into motherhood.. not ez at all. now i know being a mother is not ez. but when uc them smile, all yr troubles will fade away. Dun worry, yr time will come soon.
  43. didi

    didi Active Member

    Thanks christina, it is what I need now (ie support and encouragement), have a question, as I saw in the ICSI/IVF support group, during IVF we should avoid taking chinese herbs then can we still see Eu Yan Sang ? I am really confused. Btw, where to get coffee with tongkat ali (I have heard about it too).
  44. rainbow7

    rainbow7 New Member

    sorry what is tongkat ali???

    I also hv reservation taking TCM and IVF together...not sure if it will clash....

    Christina - u r so lucky. 2 follicles and both succeed. u mentioned earlier that you went thru 1 year of fertitliy treatment. May i know what is involved?

    my hubby count also ok...but motility & morphology is poor. So don't think will ever succeed if we try naturally...don't choice..must user higher tech to achieve my hope of becoming a mother...

    Didi - i also hv the same question as you...when will be my turn? Hv waited for the last 3 years..and still waiting...Dr Nair will always say your turn will come soon. Can only continue to hope and pray harder.

    Btw, i can't remember how old are all of you. I am 31 this year and hb is 32.
  45. didi

    didi Active Member

    me 34, think I will not take chinese herbs with IVF (afraid that they will clash). Dr Nair always said the next month will be better for us.... who knows when we hear too much of this, we get immune to it. I don't know what are the next steps if I failed this IVF ......
  46. rainbow7

    rainbow7 New Member

    Didi, pls be positive...otherwise you will be like me who failed first ICSI...i guess if u r positive, chances may be better...for me then, i did not put in too much hope cos i know its not easy...i had a colleague who failed twice and another who failed once. And i didn't really take good care too...heard must hv alot of bedrest if possible...i was devastated when the -ve news came...when Dr called me to tell me the -ve blood testing results...i was crying and couldn't talk to him over the phone....so remember to be +ve to win half the battle.

    Christina, sorry to miss some of your question...i had quite a no. of follicles...when i did the ER, dr retrieved a total of 13 eggs and only 4 were fertilised. On the day of ET, he told me the 4th one didn't grow well, hence, only left 3 to be trsf in. As such, i will hv to start all over again. Unlike others, they can rely on the frozen ones and do a simple ET without going thru the injections again. ..

    well - it's all fated la...all my good friends already had kids...and everytime will hear more good news from them....and it's so difficult to communicate with them nowadays as they will talk abt the kids which i hv nothing much to contribute...i guess they also sense my loss but dare not ask me too much.

    didi - what do u mean next mth will be better for us?

    Sorry for such a long posting...
  47. msh

    msh Member

    didi.... oh u were there on sat too? ai ya... we should have arranged to meet. i saw another couple though, which looked like first timer.... and her hubby was making a dinner reservation. was it u? hehehe

    well i have decided to try this month.... start on the nordette on CD2, while blood tests results are conducted in parallel.... by the next CD 2, all results will be in and we'd proceed if possible... if by then the results come in and indicate we should abort then we'd only ahve wasted money on the contraceptives which isn't much. i'm explecting AF either today or toorrow.... pre AF cramps yesterday and today, and BBT temp has dropped.

    continue later... gtg now. bye gals.
  48. rainbow7

    rainbow7 New Member

    MSH / Didi - so both of you will be going for IVF next mth...if i start next mth, guess mine can only be done in Jan 06.
  49. didi

    didi Active Member

    Hi Rainbow,

    I mean we will have good luck lor..... when 'I mentioned next month will be better'. I will try to be as positive as possible.


    Nope, we are not that couple that you saw in the clinic....., we left for home after that as we are tired....

    I will be starting the nordette today which is the 5th day of my menses, and have my blood drawn yesterday for various blood tests... when are you going for the IVF counselling ?. wonder if this forum have a chatroom where we could chat after work, that will be better ? Btw, what's is CD2?
  50. msh

    msh Member

    ooops, didi, i made a mistake, it should be CD5 to start nordette and CD 21 for the injections. CD as in cycle day. i remembered CD2 cos i was suposed to go down and do a hormone test on CD2. trying to get used to the protocol.

    actually i'm rushing mine abit. hope i'm making the right decision.

    didi, good idea about the chat room thingy. if this forum does not have, we can always msn. u have my hotmail id.

    christina, so nice u have a boy and a girl. i don't mind multiple pregnancies,.. in fact prefer taht.. haha... but hubby scared financial strain. we have put off our plans to get a car.... now thinking of getting a bike first... till we get pregnant.

    rainbow, thanks for sharing your experience. now we know roughly how much to set aside.... acctually we very lucky can claim this 6k from medisave.... else i don't think we can afford to or even dare to think of ivf at all.

    yesterday i went to see TCM, the dr said 34 it still young....she has a patient who is 42. but i told her i'd like to go ahead with IVF anyway. she gave us something to bu. supposed to see her 10 days later. not sure if i'd go back since u gals were talking about TCM and IVF not compatible. will still finish the medicine to bu a bit b4 the ivf start. now i'm waiting for AF to show face so that i can start.

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