Dr Sim Wen Shan from KKH


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Hi all,

I am a first time mother and I am at 22weeks now. I prefer pro natural birth gynae. I desperately wanted Dr Suzanna Sulaiman but her available slots are only from July 2017 onwards. My EDD is in June! :( So KKH recommended me Dr Sim Wen Shan as I specifically mentioned that I want female gynaes only. I've never heard of Dr Sim Wen Shan and there's nothing about her on the internet. So please if you have taken her before, do share your stories. Many many many thanks!

hello angela8151

can share your experience w jessie phoon as i m thinking of getting her as my gynae.
thanks in advance.
thanks angela for the sharing.

Is jessie phoon avliable for appt on weekday or weekend?
how are the charges like? possible to share how much you spend and the delivery charges?