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Dr PC Wong from NUH

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by cat_quek, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    Anyone have any comments on Dr PC Wong from NUH?
    He is the head of Infertility centre there.

    Has anyone been successful doing IUI/IVF with Dr PC Wong?

    Please kindly provide feedback.


  2. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    hi vervoort,
    did u try iui with him before IVF? Was it your first time of IVF?
  3. mozmoz

    mozmoz New Member

    Hihi Hope, my gynae sending me over to see Prof Wong. Have you done any treatment by him yet? I'll only see him next month if ...

    [​IMG] so low moral.
  4. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member


    how come your gynae is sending u over to Prof Wong?
  5. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member

    By the way, how come this thread is not moving and active leh?
  6. mozmoz

    mozmoz New Member

    Hi dreamababy, cos both of us are ok & dunno wat went wrong. Need more intensive diagnosis, I suppose? Em, not sure wat to expect .. but many more scans [​IMG]
  7. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member


    Oh ic. ... for me, i am thinking of going for a 2nd consultation also ...

    Cos been thru the 1st doc and also say we are ok.. but havent been successful yet.

    So wanna go for 2nd consultation.
  8. mrs_toh

    mrs_toh New Member

    I thinking of seeing Dr PC Wong.
    How to book appt to see him?
    Is he expensive? How much it cost to do Fresh cycle ivf anf FET by him?
  9. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member

    Hi Pat

    are u going for subsidised rate and govt grant?

    If yes. Then gotta go polyclinic to get referral and the nurse there will book the 1st appointment for u .....

    If no, then u will call up the IVF centre directly to book appt.
  10. mrs_toh

    mrs_toh New Member

    oh...Any difference in price if i get a referral letter from polyclinic?
  11. mrs_toh

    mrs_toh New Member

    Hi Dream,
    actually I had done 1 FResh cycle and 2 Natural FET but not successful. I want to see Dr Wong for second opinion.
  12. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member

    Hi Pat

    yah .. there will be difference in paying for any test done will be cheaper cos at subsidised rate.

    As if u are sporean or (maybe PR which i'm not sure) and able to get the govt grant, then of cos will lighten the load $$ lor ... For medisave deduction, its 6k,5k,4k (3 times max) and plus the govt grant will be quite substantial to lighten the load lor .... Have u claim for the medisave before?

    For me, i actually went thru 1 FET and 1 fresh cycle. And i'm also gg for 2nd opinion at NUH ... Then would be the same as u leh...

    I just went to polyclinic tis morning to get the referral and the polyclinic will call and make the 1st appointment to the O&G dept... then will refer to IVF centre and see dr wong...

    Are u going for the subsidised rate? or just as private patients? Where did u do your cycles previously?
  13. mrs_toh

    mrs_toh New Member

    Hi Dream
    I did my previous IVF at KK. Think its too crowded and want 2nd opinion also. I acutally already made an appointmant to see Dr Wong. But if u say that going polyclinic will be cheaper, i will cancel my appointment and go polyclinic to get the refferal first.
    I already use the medisave once.
    So u see polyclinic today? When will u get to see Dr Wong?
  14. wannababy

    wannababy Active Member

    Hi Pat,

    Oh ... u did urs at KK? I did mine at TMC....

    U already made the appointment to see Dr Wong already? The other day when I called up to NUH, the nurse told me if book directly by yourself on the 1st appointment, then will be considered as private patient and charge as private patient.

    Hence, if u do wan to enjoy the subsidised rate and govt grant, its better to go to polyclinic to get a referral leh...

    I already got my referral and the nurses in polyclinic are efficient. They actually managed to book for me tomorrow's appointment with O&G first. But I cannot make it tomorrow and plus my hubby not around in spore tis wk. So postphone to next monday then see... I understand that 1st appt will be in O&G... Then after consult, the O&G may ask u to go over to see Dr Wong on the same as mentioned by someone... cos she managed to see dr wong on the same day as she visit the O&G for the 1st time....

    Since u have use medisave once, then got another 2 more times... with 5k and 4k. ... The govt grant i know will be 3k. So total if 5k + 3k = 8k liao le.... so it's quite good rite ?? In the end, maybe u will only pay out lessor by 3k lor ...

    So i tink u better go to polyclinic first... but tat time when u went KK , u din get the govt grant?
  15. mrs_toh

    mrs_toh New Member

    Yes I got the govt grant that time when I did at KK. Very lucky when I did my ivf, I am the pioneer to enjoy 3k gov grant. I book kk ivf centre directly did not go through polyclinic.
    Wah want to see Dr PC Wong so troublesome if need to go polyclinic refer here and there. The $$ differences alot? If not then I think i will book the appointment to see Dr PC Wong straight.
  16. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    Hi Ladies,
    I am Dr P C Wong's client fr feb 08. Hez a very nice professional doc. I went to him based on some recommendations from some social networks directly. I had 3 failed IUIs & now I have finished my IVF & waiting for the results.

    As per the support staff, all patients going for IVF are only private patients...b'cos I wanted to check for the eligibility for subsidised rates..

    Since We are PRs here, we are not eligible for the govt grant.

    The support staff especially at Centre for Human Reproduction (CHR) @ NUH are really nice... this is the clinic (which is also under Dr wong) where u'll be going for ur IVF. but u can book an appointment with them in advance (bcos all his appts are booked well in advance...its quite difficult to get a slot) through their NUH site or u can call 67722277 for appt.

    I havent got the final bill yet. But based on the quote/financial counselling given by the support staff of CHR, I do see around $10k. this includes ur medicines (the cost might increase based on the test result & age), all other medical expenses. The support staff do give u breakup list(package details) for going through IVF. They are really suport. I would like to give all those nurses a big HUG & thanks.
  17. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    Hi ladies,
    I went thru one round of IUI with PC wong and fail. Wanted to start ivf but need some advise here.

    can anyone advise if i am using my menses cycle of 1st wk October, estimated when can i do the ivf(ET) and when do I have to start taking jab to prep for ivf.
    I be on holiday in Oct.That is why I am not sure if i start ivf cycle in Oct. Was thinking of taking one mth of leave plus mc in Dec and I would wan to complete my ivf cycle by Dec 09.

    When should i book a appt with the gyne if i want to do use the oct menses cycle?
  18. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    Dear hope
    i too initially consulted Dr wong for IUI. But he suggested that we go for 3 IUIs before venturing into IVF.

    If u have decided to go for IVF, you'll be undergoing some more blood tests to check your hormone levels..normally done on day 2 or 3 of ur mensus.

    Normally there'll be a seminar conducted by Dr wong on IVF, where u can get full details about IVF programs. You have to check with Dr's clinic for the dates.

    i have also uploaded a excel worksheet which i used to calculate dates for the appropriate stages of IVF. you just need to enter the fist day of the mensus cycle to find out the dates for IVF in the file.

    <center><table border=1><tr><td>[​IMG]
    forum_table.xls (18.4 k)</td></tr></table></center>
  19. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    hi mrs ha,

    thanks. may i know what the reason you go for iui? u got any condition like endo or your huby sperm is ok?

    i also afraid pc wong may persuade me to do another 2 more times of iui. but i dun wan to waste time and $$ on it...coz i got some preexisting condition for past 10 yrs and been on medication and huby sperm nt so gd....so tght of gg ivf straight since alreadt fail one iui.
  20. judebabe

    judebabe New Member

    Hello everyone, keep your hope high ok ?


    I just been thru2 IUI with rafflesa and 1 ivf with kk... now at 2ww. U can ask me anything : )

    Dun go for iui... no good
  21. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    what makes you decide to switch to kk for ivf instead of staying with raffles?

    what your total cost involve for ivf with kk?
    did you do iui or so-iui with raffles?

    why u feel iui is nt good?

    actually i wanted to go ivf straight..but the doc refuse and ask me to take iui first as ivf too invasive....this time round..i tght of taking ivf straight..sicne already fail iui once.

    what is your ferility problem?
  22. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    Dear Hope

    V dont have any problem &amp; both of us ok. But i believe its for the benefit of the patient or its their general procedure that the patients may be asked to undergo for IUIs first &amp; then confirm as IVF patient.

    initially, when my first IUI failed, I read some western fertility forum websites, where the patients have shared about their 5 or 6 failed IUIs...So I thought, V'll also be asked to go thro' the same as IVF is expensive. But after our 3rd failed IUI, he recommended us to go for IVF. I believe its the standard procedure (its my guess....).
  23. judebabe

    judebabe New Member

    Yes, I couldn't agree more.
    Usually, pple try IUI then they will do IVF. IVF is costly and rather invasive.

    Dear cat_quek,
    I switch becoz i want to enjoy the govt subsidy.
    I do IVF because age is catching up ( I am 35 next year). I think the total cost for IVF is easily $10,000.

    The success rate for iui is abt 20%.
  24. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    mrs ha,
    so you ahve already done hw many ivf under PC Wong?
    I heard in DEc the CHR lab will be close dof washing? so no ivf to be done in Dec period?
  25. clarice

    clarice New Member

    hi hope 4 bb, which means no ivf slots in Dec? Who told u?
  26. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    i read from ivf forum in motherhood that chr is usually clsoe in jun and dec for washing..so no ivf...+ prof usually on holiday that mth...

    u also seeing pc wong in nuh for ivf?
  27. wensi200

    wensi200 New Member


    I didn't realised tht there's another thread juz for NUH (Prof Wong)..

    I need help on info for NUH..

    I need to know how's the payment structure like? Estimate how much cash (from pre to end) is involve? Medisave?

    Coz for KKH, it's like we only pay for the Pre-IVF &amp; Stage ONE (lucrin) then the stage TWO onwards is within the 'package'.. Even ER/ET is incl..

    I had one failed ivf @ KKH, thinking of switching to NUH for a fresh cycle.. I dun think i wanna do FET with KKH..
  28. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member


    Ms judebabe

    How r tings going on for u? whats ur ivf result?

    Ms Hope_4_bb

    I did my only ivf with dr wong. my bad time he was on overseas conference during my most important phase. Somw other capable dr did it for me...(sorry i dont remember dr's name..if i am nt wrong it starts with ste**** *****). But my bad time my results came negative. So i am in a dilemma of either choose to put a stop to trying such procedures or to adopt a child from my home country.

    it was very heart breaking when CHR broke me the news [​IMG] . v havent met dr wong yet after the ivf failure. I am looking forward to meet him to discuss the reasons for that.

    Ms Wensi

    sorry to hear u 2 had ivf failure like me..may I know what was the reason did the ur doc site for the failure.

    regarding the cost..we paid arnd $10k all incl er/et &amp; got a refund of $1.5k after our 1st cpf medisave withdrawal ( we are nt eligible for govt grant)

  29. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    hi mrs ha,
    do for another try. some pp strik eon 2nd and 3rd try. Dun give up. You have hope as long as you continue trying.

    I got a replase of preexisting illness..Have to delay ttc and ivf forawhile..
  30. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    hi people
    i am visiting this thread after some time..hope alls well. after reading through some articles on the net about ivf failures...i have now chosen to adopt a child through some adoption agency..so busy reading the experience of moms who had alrdy adopted some babies...
  31. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    Hi ladies

    met dr wong after my ivf failure. discussed about what went wrong &amp; what we should do. since most of my friends &amp; some members had advised abt going for one more ivf &amp; based on the track record of some people who had gone for one more round of ivf, I too decided on doing one more round of ivf.

    some latest news from NUH

    The lab will be OPEN in the month of december '09. they have decided to close the lab for cleaning only during CNY.

    so ladies, if you would like to do ivf during that period..we can go ahead.

    c u...
  32. xtan

    xtan New Member

    tks mrs ha for your information. did dr wong explained what went wrong during your ivf?
  33. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    mrs ha,
    i also went to see PC wong last sat...

    have bk the ET slot in DEC. means i be starting the injection from NOV. Well, but My specialist doc..must give approval first due to my relapse of prev illness recently.

    so which menses mth will u start your 2nd ivf? Don't be disheartened by yr 1st ivf failure..the key is to be determined
  34. mom_2_be

    mom_2_be Member

    as per the records all went well till they had put in both the good looking embiees inside me. its up to LORD to implant it.. but it dint happen [​IMG]. that was the final verdict as the reason for my ivf failure.

    since dr wong wont be in december for most of the time, i am planning to see if i can start in jan, bcos i have just seen the ugly face of my darling menses..so doc feels i must rest for some time ( from other similar sites, i think ladies must go thro atleast 2-3 menses b4 start of next ivf, so that our body can prepare itself for the injections &amp; other required procedures).

    so, i might be starting in jan'10 or mid dec'09 depending upon my dec cycle...
  35. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    mrs ha, do have you started yr 2nd ivf? still with PC wong? any gd news?
  36. tigerbb

    tigerbb New Member

    Dear All,

    I am also interested to see Prof PC Wong for fertility treatment. If I want to be under the subsidised rate, what should I do?

    Thank you.
  37. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    tigermummy, PC wong do not see patient under subisdied rate.All his patient got to be see under private rate
  38. geamys

    geamys Member

    I'm with PC Wong, so far I find the bill quite ok except the 1st blood test is almost 400+, the rest some time is below 100.

    But one you start the IVF package, you wont be charge for any scanning and blood test.
  39. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    any comments on PCwong? first cycle?
  40. geamys

    geamys Member

    Hope 4 bb,

    yes this is my 1st cycle and I already almost 7 week pregnant now.

    He is professional and he did all the scan by himself. I like his team and all the nurse there are very friendly and very helpful.

    Are you going for IVF too?
  41. cat_quek

    cat_quek Member

    geamys, congrats....I know many pp go to KK for IVF..not many ladies go to NUH thou...

    yea i make appt for Apr cycle.

    U preggy with singleton or twins?

    how much was yr total cost?
  42. weiwei

    weiwei New Member

    Hi, I am seeing PC Wong.
    Did once IUI but failed.
    Now I pregnant naturally.
    I was told that PC Wong will concentrate on IUI/IVF therefore he will be seeing me for 1st seminster only. After that he will transfer me to another gynae. I am kindof lost after hearing that. I don't know any other gynae in NUH. Anyone here have same experience with me? Or anyone can advise if i should stick to NUH?
  43. babylicious_jo21

    babylicious_jo21 New Member

    Hi grapes,

    I've seen pc wong before but i was not under him at all. My gynae is a/prof mary rauff, pc wong's neighbour. hehe...u can give her a try. she's a patient, caution n motherly gynae
  44. weiwei

    weiwei New Member

    is she specialise in ceserea? (i think i spell wrongly)
  45. babylicious_jo21

    babylicious_jo21 New Member


    i'm not sure abt that but she is quite senior 1. I've seen pics of her delivering twins...really not sure abt that. u might want to check under nuh website
  46. bushra

    bushra New Member

    Hi I am a new member in this forum. Can any one Please me as who is better Dr Loh Seong Feei (KK) or DR P C Wong. Please advice.
  47. vindya

    vindya New Member

    Dear Fatema Bushra (bushra) ,

    i would like to recamonded prof. P C wong.he is a proficienal of fertility cases.last month i consulted prof pc wong.he is a friendly &amp; experience Doctor his ivf center all nurses are help by e mail and phone.please call to nuh hospital or send a e mail to chr@nuhs.edu.sg
    dr.loh seong feei (KK) is a money bank.
  48. preethi

    preethi New Member

    I had 2 miscarriage, one at 6 wk and another at 8wks.
    I am not interested in IVF. Wanted Dr to analyse the issue and help to get pregnant naturally.
    Will Dr.P.C.Wong help on this. Or he will attend only IVF cases

    Plz suggest
  49. vindya

    vindya New Member

    now i am 22weeks pragnet women.last 3years i was try a baby but i have no result.after last year end i did IVF treatemnt on NUH hospital with prof P C WONG.I was suprised.my IVF treatment is sucsessed.it was lot of help PROF P C WONG and CHR teem. because IVF embryo replacement after 14days prof and CHR teem was guide me and give me lot of advice.me and my husband would like to thanks again Prof P C WONG and CHR teem.
  50. kamengping

    kamengping New Member

    hi everyone, i m new here. used to be under dr SF LOH when he is in KK but nw with TMC.. he can be quite impatient n long quene.. nw i m with Prof PC WONG form NUH doing my 2nd ivf with him.. i find him professional, caring, patient, soft spoken, polite, tactful decision maker n most impt to me n my hubby is we TRUST him.. his CHR team are angels to us n willing to ans to all our worries n enquires.. i strongly recommend Prof P C WONG..

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