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Dr Mary Yang

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by kaikoura, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. kaikoura

    kaikoura New Member

    hi is anyone here seeing dr Mary Yang? hope to hear your experience with her. thanx!

  2. love_piglet

    love_piglet Member

    Hi kailoura,saw dr yang when i was pregnant wif my boy.she is experienced and i appreciate her help and her expertise in my premature labour.thou my mom dun really like her,i am ok wif her.
  3. kaikoura

    kaikoura New Member

    hi Piggy
    thanks for your comments. Dr yang is quite nice and reassuring... wonder why your mum doesn't like her. Saw her twice for some b4 I'm pregnant at her bedok clinic. Care to elaborate more?
  4. love_piglet

    love_piglet Member

    helo...my mom prefer a male gynea to a female one...coz she feels Dr yang is not as sensitive as her male gynea...and as usual, mom feels that she noes best.[​IMG].btw,how many mths preggie r u?
  5. kaikoura

    kaikoura New Member

    hi piggy
    i have not decided which doc to see yet. should be 7 weeks preggy if my calculation is correct. dr yang is sensitive, just that she may seem a bit anxious... [​IMG] is a male doc really better? in what sense? don't feel comfy talking abt pte stuff to male docs leh...
  6. katharine

    katharine New Member

    Can i know where is Dr Yang's clinic located at Bedok? The contact number if possible. Any idea what is her charges? I have not see any gynae yet. Help!
  7. oily

    oily Member

    hi katharine
    not too sure the no. for her clinic @ bedok but u can call her clinic @ glenE for more details..
    tel: 64763336

    her first consultation is $80, subsequent is $50.. can start the antenatal package from 12 wks of pregnancy which cost $600 if i'm not wrong..
  8. mandy99

    mandy99 Member


    anyone taking Dr Mary Yang as gynae? would like to have some feedback about her.

    thanks a lot
  9. oily

    oily Member

    mandy, what kind of feedback you needed?
    she's my gynae and i just gave birth in jan06..
  10. mandy99

    mandy99 Member

    hi oily,

    is she those gynae who will only answer yr question when u ask.... is she impatient lor?
    her stitching good or not?
    she promote natural birth or c-section? hehe...
    any information which u think is good lah... [​IMG]
  11. oily

    oily Member

    mandy, she's patient but very straight forward when aswering the Qs..

    not too sure what do you mean by stitching good or not but at least my wound healing well..

    don't think she's promoting c-section, guess depend on ind patient..

    for my case, she wanted me to take epidural at the very beginning although i told her i wanted a 'drug free' delivery.. it's because i got high blood pressure and my tolerance of pain is quite low.. she just want me and baby safe and 'enjoy' the process of delivery..

    which clinic you intend to see her? yew tee one or glenE one? [​IMG]
  12. mandy99

    mandy99 Member

    Hi oily,

    when u deliver hor.. sometimes gynae will cut your vagina a bit... some gynaes will stitch back so nicely then won't feel any lumps.. but some gynae don't stitch back so nicely.. therefore when healed, u can feel lumps under there.

    i intend to see her at GlenE one... any difference? i tot she has a clinic at bedok?
  13. oily

    oily Member

    mandy, so far i don't feel any lumps there..[​IMG]
    mary yang come to yew tee's clinic every tue nights.
    glenE's clinic has better equitement if i'm not wrong..
    how many months you're expecting now? ;)
  14. mandy99

    mandy99 Member

    hi oily..

    now only 4 weeks lah...
  15. kolabear

    kolabear New Member

    i am seeing Dr Mary Yang, into my 8 weeks pregnancy now. comparing charges and facilities, i find her rates very open and reasonable.

    i tried calling some other gynea and they wont want to reveal much on thier charges till u see them.

    btw, Dr Mary Yang also has 3D scans which not many gynea has.
  16. egamilum

    egamilum New Member

    Hi I've just found out that I'm preggy and would like Dr Yang to be my gynae. Do I make an appt to see her now? Or is it after a few weeks b4 we have the 1st consultation with out gynae?

    Oily, is Dr Mary Yang in Yew Tee? May I know where is the clinic? Thanks.
  17. oily

    oily Member

    Congrats Sand..
    the clinic is next to the toilet @ Yew Tee mrt.
    Dr Yang only come to Yew Tee every tues evening.. and consultant is by appt only.
    i went to see her (to confirm i'm pregnant :p) after i tested positive using home pregnancy test.. [​IMG]
  18. chng

    chng Member


    Can i know what's the waiting time like for Dr. Yang if got appt already? Still need to wait long? Also she gotta a clinic at bedok but what the dif compared to GenE? The 3D machine at only GenE or bedok also have? [​IMG]
  19. ewanelina

    ewanelina New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to share with all my experience with Dr MY. I got pregnant with her help previously. unfortunatey, i had a miscarriage soon after. She did a D&C on me. Before the op, i was crying. when she saw me, she said 'ah yah, there's nothing to cry about lah'

    even after the op & during the next check-up, she never once asked how i was feeling. matter-of-factly went through the check-up & told me to see her in 2 months time.

    i do not know of other gyanes then so i continued seeing her in the folowing months. when she answers my questions, she was very straightforward, sometimes using medical terms that i do not understand. and when i asked her to explain, she sounded impatient, frustrated & spoke very fast.

    i decided to stop seeing her after my experience. not because she's a bad gynae but because of her poor PR skills. recently a friend of mine (who's also seeing her) had a miscarriage. my friend also said she offers no sympathy and went through the op & continued to see other patients.
  20. must_love_cats

    must_love_cats New Member

    I had a friend who consulted Dr Yang over a few years for fibroids and she said the same thg. That she can be quite "temperamental". Not that she is a bad gyne or a bad person. I guess after she has dealt with soooo many women day in and day out, it all becomes a bit tedious for her. Regardless i feel that a doctor shld be patient and professional and have some empathy for her patients' feelings and not lose sight of his or her calling.

    So when I recommended her to see my gynae, she was surprised to find her so sweet natured and calm and professional. [​IMG] She thought all female gynaes were like Dr MY!! Haha.
  21. funne

    funne Member

    anyone is seeing Mary Yang currently?
    what's her charges now?
  22. monyetnakal

    monyetnakal Member

    going to see her tmrw ....
  23. funne

    funne Member

    monyetnakal, how do you feel about Dr Yang?

    and is Dr Yang generous in giving MC to her patients?
  24. starnight

    starnight Member

    I think Dr Mary Yang was quite alright as a gynae, definitely much better compared to the other gynae - Dr CY I saw in Mount E.
    I switched to her as I was unhappy with the services by CY in Mount E and decided to see Dr Yang for rectifying the problems in my fallopian tubes.
    Dr Yang just performed a laproscopy on me last Friday. Sad to say the results are negative and I might have difficulty to conceive in future as Dr Yang diagnosed that the damage was too bad on the right tube and not so optimistic on the left tube either. I can sense she felt sorry when she related this info to me unlike the rest of the forumers who said she's quite cold...
    I would still try for pregnancy and if I am truly lucky to be pregnant, I will likely use her as my gynae.

    In regards to funne's qns whether she's generous in giving MC, I would say DEFINITELY. I actually told her I don't need 1 week MC but she asked me why I need to work so hard for my job when health and rest are more impt after surgery. To the extend, she said she also gave 2 weeks MC to some patients who did the same surgery as me. So not to worry...
  25. funne

    funne Member

    starnight, sorry to hear tt..
    hope your wish come true..
  26. monyetnakal

    monyetnakal Member

    Sorry for the late reply. I feel that Dr Yang quite OK, I think i will stick with her.

    For MC not really sure, coz currently I do not need any MC yet.

    I think for the charges quite comparable with other gynea.
  27. creamcookie

    creamcookie New Member

    Personally, i feel dr.yang is very competent but very kan cheong. so she can come across as curt at times, but she will give clear explanation to any questions you ask. My pregnancy was complicated with gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia , she really took very good care of me.Had to have weekly visits and medical tests during the 3rd trimester ....so i am glad to be under her care.
  28. rosycheeks

    rosycheeks Member

    Hi, I am into wk 23 of my pregnancy and started visiting Dr MY when I was 8 weeks pregnant..was recommended by my ex-colleague. I find her very professional, no-nonsense kind of gynae.. I second that she is very steadfast and direct in her diagnosis and her package is reasonably priced too.

    I just came back from a 2 weeks business trip in India and was gladly surprised that she called me twice personally to check on my progress and if my pregnancy has been well. Feel assured with her service so far..no complaints.
  29. monyetnakal

    monyetnakal Member

    Hi Cookie , Rosycheeks,
    Do you sign up the standard package only or standard package plus the unlimited scan? Coz the standard package only consist of 2 scan on 22nd and 32nd wk and 3D scan. Is it sufficient?

    Thanks ...
  30. creamcookie

    creamcookie New Member

    Hi monyetnakal,

    I signed up for the package with unlimited scans. Usually 2 scans is sufficient. But in my case, the unlimited scans package worked out for me . I had GDS and pre-eclampsia during my pregnancy so I suppose more scans were needed for my case.

    you can also request to have your scan in the 22 or 32 week recorded. Quite nice as a keepsake, but i think must pay about $20.
  31. rosycheeks

    rosycheeks Member

    Hi monyetnakal,

    I took up the package with unlimited scans and no. of consultation.

    I was supposed to have my first 3d scan during my 20 weeks but baby was not cooperative, he/she covered face with hands! :p Didn't managed to see the gender of baby too. Was scheduled for 3d scan on wk 22, but didn't managed to see anything at all. I think the 2d scan during each visit is good enough [​IMG]

    Hope this helps.
  32. funne

    funne Member

    anyone seeing Dr Yang @ YT?
    where's her new clinic located?
  33. rosycheeks

    rosycheeks Member

    The clinic has been relocated to Blk 759 .. across YT mrt station among a few blocks of flats. Used to be located below the mrt but the stretch of shops has since been changed into a kopitiam.
  34. ylc

    ylc New Member

    My ger was delivered by Doc Mary Yang. We have no problems with her leh... she is very warm and friendly to us leh! My hb prefers me to see a female gynae saying that females still knows a female body better and as usual MEN hahaha [​IMG] But if and when i have my 2nd child, I will go back to her.
  35. funne

    funne Member

    ladies, when did you make the appt with Dr Yang?
    immediately after tested positive?
  36. rosycheeks

    rosycheeks Member

    ard 8 wks.. 2 wks after i tested positive from my GP.
  37. shsuya

    shsuya New Member

    I agree with YLC. We had a very pleasant experience with Dr Mary Yang and she was warm and friendly. Her staff is also very efficient and good. I know at least 10 people who have been her patients and who swears by her. Hence my decision to engage her as my Gynae as well. She is rather straigthforward but I think that is an admirable quality for a gynae to tell you "as it is" Perhaps those who were uncomfortable with her prefers a doctor who treats patients with kid gloves. Well, I guess you can't please everyone.
  38. oily

    oily Member

    can i chk when do you start bi-weekly visit with Dr Yang? from wk 30 onwards?
  39. nyc

    nyc Active Member

    i'm back with Dr MY again for my 2nd pregnancy. She is still very warm and even joked saying she thought she would be seeing me sooner for my 2nd one. She even remembered my no. 1 and told me to bring her on my next visit [​IMG]
  40. callmew

    callmew New Member

    hello ! does anyone knows if Dr Mary Yang deliver in Mount Alvernia too ??
  41. frenchmaze

    frenchmaze New Member

    Hi Jolin, yes, i think she also delivers in Mt Alvernia. She did ask me before. But I stay near Gleneagles so delivered in this hospital instead. You can call up the clinic and check.
  42. shazzie

    shazzie New Member

    I saw her twice and found her to be very impatient with her replies.
  43. kolabear

    kolabear New Member

    am seeing her for my #2, so far she is still gd. more impt i am going for csection and her skills are gd to me. no pain unlike most fds who complain abt pain in csection
  44. charmaine99

    charmaine99 Member

    <font color="0000ff"> Hi ladies,

    I m with Dr Mary yang too but my EDD is in march 2012.

    So far our experience with her is pleasant . Prior to my pregnancy , I normally visit her for my yearly pap smear. All I can say that she is gentle during the session as I m usually very tense up and scared during Pap smear. But I don't feel uncomfortable ever since I went to her.

    ( I had a very bad experience @ NUH Jurong clinic in the past)

    Some ppl have commented about her being impatient. In my
    opinion, she does have a sense of humor and so far we don't have any communication issues with her.</font>
  45. charmaine99

    charmaine99 Member

    Hi mackie,

    I just delivered my 1st bb 2 weeks back and my experience with dr yang was good as in she was very patient and encouraging during the labour. I almost wanted to give up via natural birth.

    I asked her staff before and Dr Mary yang delivers at Mount A, Gleneagles and eastshore .

    Hope this helps. When is your edd ?
  46. kolabear

    kolabear New Member

    Me too for 2 kid via c section.w.her

    most say c section pain but I dun think so. I believe gynea place an important role
  47. charmaine99

    charmaine99 Member

    Hi Mackie,

    I delivered @ Gleneagles.
  48. Ftyr

    Ftyr New Member

    I'm just updating this because I recently went to her. I did some research before calling to make an appointment and this was one of the forums.

    Her clinic is now based in Gleneagles and morning traffic (weekday) was a little slow. Despite having made an appointment, it took quite a while to get to us. But that's okay. I am a patient too and I understand that some things take a bit more time to explain.

    I won't be going back again. Although she is clearly very experienced in her field. I found her to be rather brash and impatient. As a first time mother I really didn't get the answers I needed. My pregnancy is slightly more complicated than I expected but in sum she told me I didn't have to know everything. It wasn't very reassuring. Her parting words were for us to pray about it.

    Also, it was my first time with the vaginal scan. It was really awkward and she was annoyed with me for not being able to relax. Then before my husband and I knew it she terminated the scan and told me to get dressed. Another "huh" moment. I was prescribed progesterone which I COULD choose to take and COULD reduce the chances of my miscarriage. It was my choice. I was really confused.

    When my husband and I sat outside waiting to pay, we saw her rushing off. She didn't even acknowledge our presence.

    Experienced? Definitely. Professional? I wouldn't give her the credit there. She is quite unsympathetic. We came away not knowing what to expect.

    Just for reference: Consultation, scan and medication came up to be slightly under 300.
  49. shine15

    shine15 New Member

    i'm seeing her for my first bb.
    my first consultation turns out well and I'm very comfortable with her, so I continued with her and eventually took up the package.

    she's very straightforward so some may find her too direct, especially I asked stupid ques where hb also laugh at me. but I like it that she answer to the point and not brush me off.

    on my scan for abnormality, bb was sleeping. she's very patience and keep apologizing when she have to rub harder on my tummy to wake him up. even thou she manage to get some shots, she ask me to take a walk outside to make bb more active so she can get better shots.

    the only concern I've now is, after reading much online I realize her price is on the high side, considering the prenatal package does not include routine scan (though include 1x 4D scan). every visit I've to pay $80 for the scan.

    am considering to switch to a more affordable gynae but I already took up the package and in my 2nd trim wk 20. shall find out more on her delivery charge and see how it goes.
  50. luvagape

    luvagape Member

    One of my acquaintances intro me to MY quite some time back as I had difficulty conceiving. She managed to solve the root problem. When we decided to go with IUI, the lab reports came back not so good by her standards. IUI attempt failed. I found she was quite rough when doing the vaginal scan and not very sympathetic. Decided to switch to a male gynae. Best. Decision. Made. Ever.

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