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Dr. Loke Kah Leong - Singapore Women Clinic - Tampines

Discussion in 'Year 2010 Mums' started by jocelyntsm, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. jocelyntsm

    jocelyntsm New Member

    Can anyone feedback how is his skills, charges and his attitude to paitents ?

    I am actually considering him as my gynae.

    Anyone has any idea ?


  2. strawberrys79

    strawberrys79 Member

    He delivered my baby boi last yr in 2009. Generally he seems stern but he's actually a nice gynae. Initially he will seems very distant..but after some time he'll warm up and may even crack jokes.

    His nurses are nice and friendly.

    Not bad lah.

  3. jocelyntsm

    jocelyntsm New Member

    oh ok..

    I am changing my doctor. my current doc. is in kkh private suite but i tot of somewhere near my home and also can deliver at east shore or tmc..

    hmmm if he is ok then i will consider but still in dilemma.

  4. strawberrys79

    strawberrys79 Member

    Oh..for me i seek convenience cos usually i would go for the checkups after work and then my hb can fetch me home. I also prefer to deliver at east shore..though the hospital seems older..but i prefer to go to somewhere near. I don't have to travel a long way to go home after giving birth.

  5. jocelyntsm

    jocelyntsm New Member

    oh ok.

    but generally i think east shore upgraded their facilities.

    Can i ask how you feel about the stay at east shore ? how is the nurses ? how is the food ?

  6. haze_lmf

    haze_lmf New Member

    Dr Loke is really a great gynae.. all my three daughters were delivered by him.. due to my extra tear after my delivery, i keep worrying abt the pain, but his stitches were good.. and i feel very little pain. yes.. he may be a bit distant initially.. but he is really a nice doc. friendly. His nurses are very friendly too. The stay at east shore is great, nurses are very caring. Food is good, they have confinement meals for u to choose from.. which i feel is great. ^^

  7. may_chan69

    may_chan69 Member

    Anyone can advise what his charges are like?

  8. piggym

    piggym New Member

    hi may,

    what charges are u asking?

    He delivered my baby boy last year too. Find his skills gd. His nurses are friendly too.

  9. jokris

    jokris New Member

    His package from week 12 till delivery is $500 inclusive of routine check ups and scans; excluding vitamins and other tests.

    Anyone has his recent delivery charges?

  10. gin

    gin New Member

    Hi all,

    I am also visiting Dr Loke for check ups as I stay in bedok. So far I find him very professional in answering my queries and he always makes me feel at ease when I go for scans. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  11. sugarong

    sugarong Member

    Im also seeing Dr Loke from Singapore Woman's Clinic @ Tampines. Hubby and me find him very assuring and patient. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  12. z3lims

    z3lims New Member

    I'm seeing Dr Loke as well. He can be very stern and lame at the same time. He cracks me up whenever I see him. But he always assures me and I feel my kiddo is safe in his hands

  13. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    Is this thread no longer active?? Any mummies seeing Dr Loke? Can share?

  14. horsey

    horsey Member


    Dr Loke delivered my boy in Jan10 n I would say his stitching skill is good. Like what other mommies had mentioned, he appeared stern but will gradually warm up as the months go. He is a man of few words but when questions were asked, he still show patience in explaining.

    I find his nurses rather noisy n rude sometimes but it's Dr Loke I'm seeing not them so they should not make that much a difference.

    He does abortion as well n it did made me felt uncomfortable when I did my CTscan in the room on 2nd floor, along with some ladies waiting for their abortion operations.

    I did not have a preferred PD back then n it seem he will usually referred to his sister, also Dr Loke HL, the clinic is just right across. My boy is still seeing Dr Loke n she's a very nice PD.

    Hope this helps. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

  15. ling33

    ling33 New Member

    I also give just given birth a few weeks back by dr Loke. No regrets n the nurses r friendly too...

    If u stay in the east u shd consider.

  16. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    Thanks for sharing, Horsey & ling

  17. tamuspiggy

    tamuspiggy New Member

    i went to Dr Loke's clinic back in 2008 for my 1st pregnancy (i was abt 5 weeks pregnant). After my 2nd visit, i discovered the medication they gave me was EXPIRED by few months already!!!

    both my hubby and myself were very shocked abt it and when we went back to the clinic and asked them, the nurses pretended they know nothing abt the expiry and said to us "aiyah, expired pills won't harm u (u won't die lah), its just that the effectiveness of the medication dun work that well..." that was really ridiculous and unacceptable to us. They dun even apologised for their negligence in making sure the medication they gave us is not expired yet they can answer us so nonchalantly...

    We later went in to see Dr Loke and told him abt this (showed him the expired medication given to me). He mentioned something similar to his nurses which till now we still can't accept such excuse... they must have been trying to give away those expired medication first before giving out the new ones so as not to have wastage and save cost.... but NOT at the expense of my baby lor....

    I shared with my friends/colleagues abt this and i myself will never ever go back to this clinic/Dr again... u never know if the expired medication will really have 'no harm' to ur baby...

  18. chuckypop

    chuckypop New Member

    My reviews on Dr Loke Kah Leong of Singapore Women's Clininc

    I read reviews on him and thought he was good so I went to see him. So far I have had bad experience with him.

    It seems they are only interested in making money and does not care about his patients.

    I am expecting my first child and first few visits they charged pretty high and the nurse kept amending the receipts to make it higher. He does not tell you much and when you ask questions, each 5 mins they add on to your bill. For a 10 minute consultation they charge $150-$170.

    I was sent to Thomson to do my scan and at Thomson they told me I had a fairly big fibroid detected. Next appointment with Dr Loke handed me the report and said everything ok, when i asked do I have a fibroid, he took a 2nd look and said oh YEAH! Theereafter few appointments later, I did blood test, rang his nurse to find out results, the nurse replied if we don't call you means nothing wrong.

    At next appointment, Dr Loke handed me blood report told me everything is fine, i asked twice twice he replied all ok. Then I looked at report and saw glucose was very high over the max limit and when pointed it out to him, he said oh Yes! nurse did not highlight in RED!. That's like one too many times of carelessness. Can you imagine if you went under the knife?

    I was skeptical with his competence so i went for a 2nd doctor opinion and did a proper blood sugar test and they told me to go back and see my gynae and get advice what to do next.

    Guess what! Dr Loke's nurse replied..Dr loke is now referring you to KKH and won't see you anymore, without even determining anything. When i asked what about the package $500 i paid when i haven't even utilised much consultation, the Answer to that was NO REFUND! really unethical and unprofessional.

    I was left stranded at 21 weeks of pregnancy. Seems like he only wants to handle simple clear cut cases and sell supplements.

    Well you can gauge for yourself if you would go to a Gynae like that.

    As far as i am concerned, I rather forget about the money but my health and my baby's safety is utmost important. I would rather go to another gynae who will treat me as a human and not some kind of animal.

  19. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    Dr Loke is my gynae. I oso thought he is gd after reading reviews. I do agree he is quite indifferent. Will not go back to him again even though stitching skills are quite gd.

  20. hopefully

    hopefully New Member

    oh dear, what happened to him?

    I thought stitching will be done by his assistant nurse? That nurse/receptionist (the one and only) is really skillful, even no pain for injections or blood drawing.


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