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Dr Lawrence Ang @ Sembawang

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by suez, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. suez

    suez Member

    Hi anybody see this doctor?? any idea if i deliver at Mt.A wit this doctor.. how much the total bill i got to pay?

  2. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    hi suez
    i see dr Ang.
    his charges are amongst the cheapest coz he believes in passing down saving to his patients.
    he delivered my #1 in sept last yr, now seeing him for my #2.

    for #1 i gave birth at TMC, TMC overbilled me but Dr ang actually called mi and told us to collect the refund from him.

    his charges during delivery depends on the delivery mode.

    his maternity package starts at 550... covering up to 70 visits, consultantions, scan and multi-vit.

    delivery charges varies according lar...

    fyi, dr ang is a pro-natural w/o epi gynae.
  3. jeannie07

    jeannie07 New Member

    hi mummies, which clinic is Dr Ang at?
  4. coolzy

    coolzy Member

    Hi Jeannie,
    His clinic is located at Sun plaza (Sembawang MRT Station).
  5. suez

    suez Member

    Hi Taslyn,
    so total how much is yr bill when u discharge and how much u cliam for yr medisave?
  6. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    hi suez
    my total bill was $326.17
    for bb was $$190.10
    fyi, i signed up for FBI... so got some disc on hospital bill.. my #1 was a assisted delivery via vacuum w/o epidural

    my cpf amt was $2,702.85...

    i am seeing him tomolo for my checkup... i will check with him on the charges for MT A n update u bah
  7. suez

    suez Member

    Hi Taslyn
    Thanks a lots!
    Btw, wat is FBI? any1 can sign it? and wat is tt for?
    For the cpf rite i thought the max claim only $1800?
  8. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    FBI is a program by TMC.. first born incentive program.. so if u v certain u give birth in TMC, then go for it lor... coz can get disc on hospital bills and it is valid for 2 years...

    i m also not sure how TMC did my billing.. but reflected total Medisave is 2702.85 lor... since i dun need come up with so much cash, i just keep quiet loooo.. haha
  9. suez

    suez Member

    Taslyn Thanks for the info!
    I give birth my 1st 1 at TMC. But now i decided to have the 2nd 1 at Mt.A as they say more cheaper. haha! Anyway i'm not Sporean i think the FBI program is only for Sporean rite?
  10. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    i m not v sure abt the mechanics of FBI coz it is my hb who sign up on my behalf... maybe u try to call them??

    i also wan to have #2 at Mt A coz i feel they are not as commercialised as TMC looo.. but Dr ang say if swine flu get worse, he can only choose i hospital which most prob will be TMC lor... sigh...heheh

    when is ur EDD??
  11. cavanmummy

    cavanmummy New Member

    do u take epidural for ur 1st bb? how long is ur pain for ur 1st bb?

    my edd at 21 may.. now veri nervous already..
  12. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    i did not take epi... the nurses know that Dr Ang dun advocate epi.. hehehe

    for me, waterbag burst at 11pm... contractions came ard 2+... 3 am was like 3-5min apart... than til ard 7am til i gave birth... so was 4hrs of pain.. at the last 1 hr, the pain was most intense...

    my ger was in distress by that time but Dr ang did not tell me that coz he dun wan me to panic. he just concentrated on getting my girl out. only after the delivery, the pulling of my cord n placenta out, he told mi actually my ger was in distress while he stitch me..

    just remember to relax... but if really v pain, grab evthing u can.. the gas n pentidine is useless.. once u see your little bundle of joy, all the pain is worth it [​IMG] dun worry too much. Dr Ang knows his job very well. both u and baby are in safe hands. jia you and do let us know after u gave delivered~ [​IMG]
  13. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    hi all,

    my edd in June and im seeing Dr Ang too! i also agree he's probably the cheapest gynae around...

    Dr Ang also mentioned to me that he prefers me not to take epidural, he will tell me all the side effects of it. [​IMG]

    Taslyn, did u deliver at TMC?
    btw, were the contractions super painful? are they worse than severe menstrual cramps? but you are great, your labour hours only 4hours, cool!

    wat do u mean by ur ger was in distress while delivery?

    so in the end, u only took the gas and pentidine and they were useless? did u attempt to ask for epidural?

    i also heard dat Dr Ang stitching skills is very good!
  14. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    lol.. he is cheap n good lor.. n helps patients to save $$..

    my #1 was delivered in TMC. this time i opt MAH.. but he say have to monitor swine flu situation.

    coming from a person with high threshold of pain, contractions is super duper pain... menstrual cramps are nothing compared to them (but i dun really have v bad cramps b4 so dunno how to compare)

    my ger was in distress coz liquor level was low, then her heartbeat n all showed that he better deliver me soon, else got complications...

    i took gas n pentidine.. to me both are useless... maybe gas was too little.. so this time ard, i will tell them to save on the gas n jab... i wanted epidural at the very last min.. but dr ang n hb dun allow coz in too much pain that i was wriggling ard.. haha.. more dangerous to have it then liao.. but i dun regret not having it.. coz if i had the epi, then i would not have felt my ger coming out thru the birth canal...

    yesh.. his stitch is very good.. i cannot feel it by the 1st mth n hb says cannot see any stitchs also.. haha.. n no pain during my healing too
  15. cavanmummy

    cavanmummy New Member


    Thx a lot.. saw ur msg i feel more confidence for it.. i will keep telling myself i can do it!!
  16. suez

    suez Member

    dun worry go go jia you!!! heee... .
  17. suez

    suez Member

    my edd in Oct.. .wat bout u? how many yrs old yr ger now?
  18. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member


    wah since ur pain tolerance is high and yet you said contractions are super duper pain... den i think i die liao la. my pain tolerance is low. [​IMG] *worried and scared*

    how's the feeling like when u can actually feel ur girl coming out from the vaginal? gosh, is it even more painful than the contractions?

    wow, glad you said his stitching is good too. *relieved*
    wah and no pain during the healing? cool.

    reading ur post makes me feel relieved, but im worried about my low pain tolerance. [​IMG]
  19. cavanmummy

    cavanmummy New Member

    dun worry dr Ang told me.. it will very very pain but not gg to die.. keke... i m gg to delivery without epi.. me also scare but i keep telling myself : "I CAN DO IT!!"
    so when is ur edd?
  20. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    my ger is 8 mths next monday... so her gap with didi will be 11 mths... can do the full mth and her 1st bdae toghether.. hahaha

    my edd is currently on 20 aug... last yr my ger's was 20th sept.. lol...

    u never know de lar.. maybe u can dun feel the pain ley? lol.. in fact the pain was so intensive, i did not even know he was cutting me (the epitosomy) - i felt something cutting me up but no pain lar! or perhaps the contractions pain n the pressure of bb head forcing itself down was much more compared to the pain from cutting?

    when my ger was pulled out, i can really feel the force of the bb being taken out lor.. was not painful at all.. in fact it was a relief coz all the pressure on the pelvic area was all gone the moment she was pulled out...

    then the heartwarming part was when they wipe the blood off bb and place bb on ur chest... then u can say hi and see ur lil one for the very first time... from that moment, watever pain was worth it. then Dr ang will ask ur hb to cut the umbilical cord...(at this pt, if u have opted to collect cord blood, he will help u do the collection)... then hb will follow nurse out to weight bb... then Dr ang will start to pull on the remaining cord and get the placenta out.. as normal procedure, he will show u the placenta..(if u are collecting the placenta, pls let him know too)...after he shows u the placenta, he will start to stitch u up.
    he inject some painkillers ard the area and proceed to do the stitching... i was able to see him doing the stitches.. n while he was stitching, he was talking to me.. hahaha but my eyes were on his hands..

    the pain from healing of the stitches is only when i use the antiseptic lotion to clean after i pee/poo each time.. but still bearable... otherwise, it is really okay.
    maybe the 1st 2 days is abit pain... during ur stay in hospital, he will check on the stitches and also do a VE to make sure evthing is fine.. 1 week after delivery, u go back to see him so he can scan ur womb to make sure evthing is fine and that uterus is shrinking.

    so now u must psycho urself into thinking that it is not pain not pain not pain... hahaha... hb scolded me for squeezing his hand v v tightly but i told him it was pain lor...

    hope i have not been too graphical in my description.. coz i know some people may be put off by them.. hehehe

    dun worry too much... just relax and breathe normally... the nurse will help u along too... i think my screaming from the pain was quite loud n i kept telling my hb that i will not want another bb.. but here i am preggy again.. lol... just remember at the end of the contractions, you will hold ur lil one in ur arms... n nothing beats that feeling.
    kaka.. lemme attach a recent pic of my naughty ger to spur u on... hehehe
  21. cavanmummy

    cavanmummy New Member

    Thx for ur encourage.. i m sure i can do it.. tml gg to c Dr Ang..
  22. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    good luck... [​IMG]
  23. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    wah, i can visualise ur description. haha

    ur girl so cute!! and ur edd is so coincidental. did u plan it ar? haha

    my edd on 18 June. when's yours?
  24. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member


    did u attend those prenatal classes?
    will the nurse teach u how to breathe?

    it always sounds easier for those who haf alrdy been thru the process. haha and ppl like me who's still waiting, gets more and more stressed, worried, nervous, panic.
  25. cavanmummy

    cavanmummy New Member

    mine is 21 may..

    jus now saw dr ang, he chk my cervix for me today.. after chkin, my contraction start.. now i monitor myself.. if still pain few hrs later i think i gg to hospital later.. so excited now..

    but i have a big prob..
    my boy inside now 3.4kgs.. may face diff of natural delivery.. Dr Ang said try 1st, if not then go to c-sec..

    i really not wanna go c-sec.. god bless..!!
  26. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    no ley.. i din plan for their EDD to be so coincidental.. but guess my body has its own thinking and clock bah.. even after i gave birth, my menses came back as though i did not give birth and i was on TBF.. even the date of occurance of my menses after delivery was the same as b4 birth! i gotten my ger at my 2nd menses woh.... very weird lor.. totally unplanned (ie the date) but i wanted to have #2 asap lar.

    i did not attend any prenatal classes coz hb feels it is useless after getting feedback from friends. when i was delivering, the nurse taught me the breathing exercise on the spot and i tried lor... just had to keep cool and slowly breathe in and out.. hehehe

    i dun think only 1st time mtb are nervous. i believe when it comes to me again, i will be nervous n jittery too! haha

    hope my description can help you guys visualise and alley some of ur worries... just go with the flow!

    jiayou... i did not have a long contraction so cannot advise.. or prolly i had contractions but they were too mild for me to feel pain til they were 3mins apart.. kakaka

    anyway Dr ang's machine measure my ger to be 3.2kg.. but she came out as 3.042kg.. so it depends.. do keep us posted!
  27. cavanmummy

    cavanmummy New Member

    hi all..
    so surprise i still can post msg..
    a bit disappointed tat i have to go thomson for delivery instead of Mt A.

    well, this afternoon, after doctor gave me a cervix chk, i start d contraction & bleeding.. (abt 2pm) i called Dr Ang at abt 5.30pm, he asked me to go Thomson Hospital bcos of swine flu, he only can accept his patient to go there.. for $$ saving, he suggest me to go in at 10.30pm so tat hospital will not charge me for today.. but i wonder i still can tahan until 10.30pm or not.. now is 7.30pm

    my contraction come every 10mins abt 30-40seconds, the feeling is like menses cramp.. when its coming i almost can't speak out a word. but after tat will be ok.. dunno later will getting serious or not..
  28. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    just relax n monitor... n yesh after 10.30, it is considered next day... ur labour is still in early stages... which for me, was the so-called dun feel much pain stage.. more to come.. but hope ur labour will be short... dun worry time will pass fast, pls distract urself with other stuff...(i know it is easier said than done).. actually it will be good to keep the clock out o ur sight coz the clock will make u panic.. get ur hb to watch the clock n time ur contraction, this way, u can feel more relaexed n time will seem to pass faster

    hate swine flu...
  29. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    wah how come MLai suddenly like gg to give birth le?? contractions started after seeing Dr Ang? so fast?
    wah contraction feeling like menstrual cramp and hw come almost can't speak out a word? must be damn painful. [​IMG]

    wow Dr Ang even helps to save $ on the timing to go TMC.

    Taslyn, does that mean the MLai gg to give birth today alrdy??
  30. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    since Mlai de EDD is 21st may.. she is in her 37-38 week le... so quite normal to get contractions liao lar... my #1 came when i was 38wks

    when contractions hit, it can be very painful.. esp towards the end of the labour when bb;s head is fully pressing on the pelvis and cervix, super pain ar...

    i m not sure if Mlai has given birth yet ley.. but shld have either given birth or still trying bah.. kakaka.. we all wait for her to update bah!
  31. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    wow, hope she updates in here. [​IMG] i think by now should haf delivered le right?

    i really cannot imagine the pain of the contractions, cos now even when bb's movements, which i assume its the shoulders or hands at the bottom of my tummy, i alrdy feel it's very painful for me... [​IMG]

    btw, does TMC has wireless? can we stil surf the internet and come into forum whil we are in the labour ward?

    the labour ward really has 3 or 4 beds and a toilet is it? dat means there are other preggies waiting to give birth too in the same room? and dat means can hear their screams and make me even more panick?
  32. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    i think she shld have given birth lar...

    internet is not free. have to pay...
    the observation has 3-4beds each. got toilet with several cubicles.. so will have a few in the same place for initial checking of bb n CTG. but cannot hear their screaming lar..

    for those with epi or under going csec, they will be pushed into the delivery ward, TMC has 10 delivery wards (i was using no. 10 when i deliver #1)

    re: baby movement
    i find it v cute ley.. but can get painful coz tummy get stretched quite abit n my ger can kick me up to 100time each time...
  33. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    eeee wireless not free? den think not bringing laptop le...

    wah den how come my fren telling me dat she can hear the screams of other preggies in the labour ward?? 0_0"
  34. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    maybe when i delivering, all other patients all on epi n i was the joker joker screaming??? lol
    hb say this time he dun wan to accompany me coz i scream too much the last time.. lol..

    my delivery suite was right at the end.. so i cannot hear any screaming.
  35. suez

    suez Member

    hi all,
    MLai was sucessful to deliver a baby boy this afternoon bout 1+ finally w/o epi. ..wat a powerful mummy suffer a whole nite almost 24hrs .. .baby 3.6kg normal delivery god bless [​IMG]
    here's her baby boy [​IMG]
  36. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    wow.. cool
    3.6kg is really big.... normal w/o epi summore.. brave mummy!!!

    thanks for the info suez
  37. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    wow!!! congrats!!!
    3.6kg leh... normal and without epidural???!! gosh, MLai certainly is a very brave mummy!! wah Dr Ang must be very proud of her too! [​IMG]
  38. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    kakaka... Mlai shld be discharged liao hor???
    waiting for more bb pics..

    i cannot wait for my #2 to come out too.. so exciting...

    u gals expecting boys or gers?
    seems like alot of pple are expecting boys this yr!
  39. suez

    suez Member

    yalor...my #2 also boy.. .haiz.. .i thought if is ger then i can close factory liao ..very tired to take care of bb. .work is better. ..kekekeke..
    aiyo Mlai bb so cute got 2 deep dimple, he was sleeping a whole day while v r waiting him to wake up.. . but once v left then he woke up liao. ..[​IMG]
  40. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    me expecting boy, first child. yeah also agree that seem that alot of ppl are expecting boys this yr.

    MLai discharged le mah? how is she doing now?
    wow dimpled baby, so adorable.
  41. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    oh.. u went to vist Mlai ar? cool...
    i m a SAHM... can really get tiring at times looking after #1.. but til now she is still not crawling or walking.. so not that siong yet...

    wow... seems like those in this thread expecting boys... kakaka.. Dr Ang delivering alot of boys this yr...

    my Aug 09 thread... already 39boys vs 28 gers... faintz right?
  42. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    wah ur aug thread got so many boys!

    is suez and MLai from may thread?
  43. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    hahaha.. yeah looo... alot of boy boy in aug thread..

    yeah i would think they are from may thread bah
  44. cavanmummy

    cavanmummy New Member

    hi all,
    i m back..
    remember tat day.. really a nightmare..
    but after i saw my cute bb everything is worth..
    i started heavy contraction at abt 1230am until 4am+ i can't tahan anymore, then ask my hb to call nurse, after nurse seeing me she told me tat i was in labour.. then sent me to the labour room, when i reached labour room was abt 5.30am already, then i asked d nurse how many cm my cervix open, when she told me 4cm, i almost faint.. cos i tot i was ready to give birth.. and my contraction almost non-stop.. until 8-9am, dr ang came and burst my water bag, then i asked him to make me delivery faster, but he told me at abt 12pm i can delivery, i stand until 10 something, i told my hb my mind now is all "epidural", (b4 tat i kept telling my hb DO NOT let me take epidural!) so my hb told me u already went thru so many hrs, 2more hrs then u success already.. so at d end i didn't take it.. but really very very tired to went thru those hours..
    now, i really feel so proud of it..
    here's my baby's pic..
    thx for all ur encourage..[​IMG]
  45. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    you got a really cute and chubby boy there.. aiyo his dimples so deep set.. KAWAIII!!!

    it is really very hard without epi right?? esp the last 2 hrs when bb is really right at the door and when u think u are fully dilated and ready to deliver, then nurse tell u that you are less than 5 cm dilated... can whack the nurse hor?? kakaka...

    hehehe.. the worst is not yet over.. coz now u got a lil boy to take care of... welcome to the days of sleepless nights, pumping, breastfeeding, bb crying... hehehe but when u see ur boy grow up strong and healthy, everything is worth it!
  46. cavanmummy

    cavanmummy New Member

    i still din't know wat happen when the moment tat baby coming out, as the feeling like wanna pass motion.. veri veri strong feeling wanna to push tat poo poo out.. the nurse asked to to pass urine yet when i told her i can't but i veri feel like to pass motion, then she told me tat my bb was coming out.. then she go n called dr ang and asked me dun push..

    yes u r rite.. tis few days i can't sleep well, maybe my wound still veri pain.. still can't sit now.. as my bb too big doc cut very big hole.. [​IMG]
    everynite when bb cry or any sound frm him, i will wake up n c him.

    somemore now i have breastfeeding.. luckily my milk come fast.. but a bit hard to feed him as i can't sit, only lying down on d bed...

    Thx for updating for me..
  47. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    hahaha... tat is what i felt too... like a big big poo poo wanna come out.. but when it is out v shiok! lol.. suddenly tummy flabby too... i find it v funny when the nurses tell us not to push.. coz our instinct then is to push! hehehe...

    hmmm i tot the size of the hole he cut will be quite standard? cannot sit also must die die try woh.. u taking the painkillers?

    can also bf when lying down.. just need to get the technique right and after practising a few times.. when i was bf-ing #1, sometimes i too tired, i will lie down n bf her de.
  48. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    welcome back MLai!!

    OMG... the contraction lasted for so long??? gosh... how come the nurse never come and check on u while you were having heavy contraction from 1230am till 4+am??
    and den dr ang only came at 8-9am? dat means from 1230 onwards until dr ang, u were having painful contractions on and off? omg, dat's scary.

    den how come he burst ur waterbag but only can deliver at noon??

    wah the feeling feels like passing motion? but i dun understand, why the nurse ask whether u pass urine yet?

    good that your milk came quickly. wow, i really admire your courage sia... bb is 3+kg right? and yet u din even use epidural.

    was dr ang proud of u too? btw, the pushing of bb out feeling is like passing motion? as in severe constipation kinda?

  49. ahnetsan

    ahnetsan Active Member

    btw, wat were u wearing from 1230am onwards to the time you give birth? does the hospital provide u with clothing?
  50. nana_moby

    nana_moby New Member

    for my case, tmc let me change into their green gown...
    TMC does not provide clothing.. thus they advise u to bring ur own pajamas which is front opening to facilitate BF.

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