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Dr Kek Lee Phin from Mt E

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by mumbb, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    Hi all,

    I would like to know more about Dr Kek,pls kindly give your feedback and suggestion, thx.

  2. nurse

    nurse New Member

    highly recommended! my fav dr! nice lady and lots of patience... however her clinic always full
  3. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    Hi nurse,

    Dr Kek was recommended by my sis-in-law's sis, she claim that she is v.gd. I would like to know does she deliver in TMC? Does she has other clinic beside Mt.E cos I live in the west area. Thx
  4. nurse

    nurse New Member

    she has a branch at bukit batok but if i remembered correct she only goes there every tues.

    she only deliver in Mt E
  5. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    Hi nurse,

    I would like to know how much she charge for her consultation fee, is there any package. How much do u pay for the maternity package in Mt E,is it v.ex? thx
  6. nurse

    nurse New Member


    sorry... cant helped u on the bill part cos i know her while working in 2001...

    maybe u can get her clinic staff to help you to estimate?
  7. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    Hi nurse,

    Anyway, thx a lot.
  8. ah_kun

    ah_kun New Member


    Dr Kek is there on every wednesday at Bukit Batok. However, as mentioned by nurse, her clinic is always full.

    Her charges quite standard.
    Consultation $50
    Ultra Sound $70
    Medicine : $6

    After 5th month, if you want to continue with her, you have to pay deposit of $600 for Antenatal Charges.

    For the rest of the charges, i am not sure yet. Will only know after my wife give birth.....
  9. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    Hi Marcus,
    Thx for the info,may i noe how long is the waiting time? the $600 antenatal charges is inclusive of scanning or consultation oni?
  10. ah_kun

    ah_kun New Member

    Hi Mumbb,

    Actually, its really depends.... at times, you can wait up to 45 minutes or less than 5 mins. My wife and myself had an experience of waiting up to 45mins just for our turn. As for the antenatal charges, it is inclusive of two details scanning and consultation charges. Will have to check for more details. But the medication is not inclusive in this charges.
  11. ineedmilk

    ineedmilk Active Member

    Hi mumbb,
    Highly recommended! Only down side is the waiting time.......... think she's too popular..

    She was my gynae when i delivered last yr in Aug. She is very patient and calm... very encouraging too.
  12. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    Hi ineed milk,
    thx for the info, ya agree w/ u tat her waiting time is long, an hr of waiting during my first visit w/ her.
    Seems like a lot of gd review abt her.
    Btw, how much hav u spent on the hospital charges during delivered?
  13. ineedmilk

    ineedmilk Active Member

    i think i spent abt 4k (1.5k doc fees + 2.4k hospital package). If need to include baby hospital stay + epidural, think end up to be $5k. This is w/o Medisave. Did not use medisave cos can claim from my hb's company 75%.
  14. springpigz

    springpigz New Member

    Hi Marcus,
    Do you have the address of her clinic at Bt batok? I'd like to go as well.
  15. mumbb

    mumbb New Member

    hi springpigz,
    tis is the add:Blk643 Bt Batok Central #01-44 s'pore 650643, Tel nr: 65643539

    it is better to give them a call for appt bef going down.
  16. ah_kun

    ah_kun New Member

    Hi Springpigz,
    I can tell you that Dr Kek is highly recommended. She is really very attentive and encouraging during the labour process. My wife does not feel pressurized at all and during the whole process, it is very relaxing. Never wrong in choosing her as our gynae
  17. annahu

    annahu New Member

    Thumbs up for Dr Kek!

    She delivered my boy last Jan, very calm and encourging during the labor process.

    Even praised me for doing a gd job.

    She's very confident, tho my bb is 4kg big, she din use any forcep or vacuum to assist my labor cos i think from her experience she can see that i can do it without eqp assistance....

    Also, she's very motherly and attentive... feel very comfy with her =)

    Will go back to her for num 2 =)
  18. mumbb

    mumbb New Member


    Wow, your bb 4kg!!! very healthy, wat u eat?
    Most of the time when bb is tat big, hav to go thru c-sect, u r really lucky to hav Dr Kek by your side.
    She oso saved my sil's sis life during labour, cos she lost of blood when delivering, almost died. Thank God tat Dr Kek is ard n w/ her years of experience, she able to handle the situation with calmness n decisiveness.
  19. ahmui

    ahmui New Member

    Hi, Dr Kek is also my gyna. But it's a pity that my baby girl is not delivered by her as i had a premature labour. i was advised by DR Kek to walk in KKH as the cost of premature babies in Mt E. is very high.

    I would say she is a good gyna overall. But from my encounter, i find that her observation and checkup is not so detail as she fails to detect my premature labour. Was told by my KKH doc that early signs of premature labour can be detected via more detail scanning.

    Each visit to DR Kek followup is very short. Maybe her clicnic is very full.

    But overall, she is a very patient person.
  20. springpigz

    springpigz New Member

    Hi all

    Can someone who has given birth at Mt E recently and delivered by Dr Kek tell me roughly how much in total does it cost to deliver there? I am considering engagin Dr Kek but scared that the cost will be too high.

  21. ah_kun

    ah_kun New Member

    Hi Spring,
    for the total costs i paid for my wife stayed in Mt E was about S$2K plus by cash. This charges doesn't include my baby stay due to jaundice. As for Dr Kek charges, we pay about around S$1.4K by cash after my wife delivery. So total charges about S$3.4K. This is the amount which i had paid in March 06.
  22. bamboobride

    bamboobride Member

    just want to assure u ladies that dr kek is indeed a very nice lady. i just went to see her last week. as i have some minor medical issue, i faxed my report to her the next day. after analysing it, she made an effort to call me and assure me while asking me to see a specialist to have a peace of mind.

    overall i give her 100 marks. i am trying to conceive now. if i am pregnant. i will go to her as nmy gynae.
  23. sunhana

    sunhana New Member

    I am her patient too...now into my 34th weeks. I had streptoccocus Group B infection and bleeding during 27th and 32nd weeks onwards. I am so paranoid that i will call her if i see red discharge and she will ask me to go down to see her and she will examine my vaginal and baby's health. She's very calm, positive and motherly lady. 6 more weeks to go...hope i can have a smooth delivery without epidural =)
  24. ahmui

    ahmui New Member

    Hi Yasmin, i aslo got streptoccocus Group B infection and had bleeding during my 28week. Then water bag leaks at week 31, premature labour.

    Did Dr Kek gave you anti-biotic?
  25. sunhana

    sunhana New Member

    oh...u have the same case as me? now i am not taking antibiotics as my last test shows that i am negative in strep B but according to website, though it shows negative doesnt mean i dun have anymore...just minimal. i will be having another test next week. today is my 35 weeks 5 days. This morning bled badly...even had some blood curd =(...

    so were u taking antibiotic when ur water bag leaked @ week 31? so u gave birth on 31 week? how's ur baby? is your baby infected with strep B? finally have someone of the same case as me.

    so ur gynae is Doc kek? did she explain to u why u bled?
  26. jyen

    jyen New Member

    Hi All,

    I am trying to locate Dr Kek's Bukit Batok number which is not in use anymore. The number was 65690001. Anyone knows if she has moved or the new number? Appreciate if one of you could help. thanks in advance.
  27. focus

    focus New Member

    Hi Yen James number is 65643539
  28. prisneo

    prisneo New Member

    I am also under Dr Kek for ds 3 years ago. She is a very patient dr and she is very good and I was so confident during my delivery under her.
  29. kittytulip

    kittytulip Active Member

    Thumbs up for Dr Kek!

    She is a lady of few words but very motherly and patient. And she also respects our decisions even though she will give advice. Both my babies were delivered by her.
    For my second baby, actually when I went for checkup on 16th Feb this year, she said can deliver already. When she heard that I wish for a pig year baby, she said maybe possible to drag delivery until first day of CNY, but she also provided advice on sudden delivery (in car). I was skeptical as already 4 cm dilated, and also paiseh have to call her back during CNY, but before I said anything, she kept reassuring me, "dun worry, I will be here".
    I was admitted at 9.30pm and she came to see me around 10pm and stayed around until my delivery at 12.45am, on 18 Feb.
  30. shinebride

    shinebride New Member

    Highly recommended Gynae! She is very patient & motherly. Very well-composed. Delivers my daughter last year in Oct. Very experienced. If I were to have a second one, will definitely do back to her again.
  31. squigglytofu

    squigglytofu Member

    my sentiments exactly! somehow she is just very patient and puts your mind at ease. I have no worries being under her care altho i'm so clueless being a first time mom. But i paid 900 for antenatal chk package. Did the rest of you pay the same? By the way, understand her clinic is at Bukit Batok. Does anyone actually go there? When are her operating hours? I suppose the services she provides are the same as at the Mt. E clinic?
  32. focus

    focus New Member

    Hi squigglytofu
    I just visited Dr Kek at her Bukit batok Branch this Wed. She will only be there every WED morning, 8.30 am to 1.00 pm . Not sure about Mt E. This is the first time i visit her and i feel that she is really assuring and motherly. I had a missed miscarriage few months ago (under another gynae), so this time when i am pregnant really feel doubly anxious.....Heard that she is good. REally hope this time will be a smooth sailing one
  33. squigglytofu

    squigglytofu Member

    Hi Focus,
    I'm pretty sure you're in good hands. I spoke to a colleague the other day and she was very surprised when i told her my gynae is Dr. Lee. In fact, she said that she has many frens under her and that all of them, esp those with complications during pregnancy, where very pleased with her care. My colleague is carrying twins herself and is contemplating gg to Dr Lee cos she had a lot of complications in her first pregnancy, even after delivery. Rest assured that you'll be fine under her. But one thing I must say, you must tell / ask her about everything that you are unsure of. She will be able to reassure you.
  34. focus

    focus New Member

    Hi Squigglytofu,
    Thanks for your assurance!

    Just to ensure you were referring to DR Kek right? Because you wrote Dr LEE
  35. squigglytofu

    squigglytofu Member

    Oh yes, silly me. *slap forehead* it is Dr KEK. hahaha what's wrong w me...
  36. focus

    focus New Member

    Hi squigglytofu,

    Its ok. I had seen Dr Kek This morning and seen my baby's heart beat!!! Husband and i so happy!!!
  37. squigglytofu

    squigglytofu Member

    Am so happy for you! I rem the first time i heard my bb's heartbeat too. It was quite a moving experience. :p I'm seeing her next Tue afternoon. So i suppose you're about 16 weeks? I'm at my 35th week now. [​IMG]
  38. liewb

    liewb Member

    So glad to see to all these good comments on Dr Kek coz she was highly recommended to my hb and initially I was a bit skeptical coz I heard that all her appointments are very short. I'm 14wks along with my 1st and I'm a bit paranoid so would love to have a more attentive gyne. It's very reassuring to find so many satisfied customers. [​IMG]
  39. erika_ong

    erika_ong New Member

    HI Gina

    I am also with Dr Kek. I agree that her appointments are rather short, cos she is a rather straight forward lady, if she has something to tell you, she will just say, if not, she will just ask ' Questions? ' So not the very talkative kind, but I would say she is quite motherly and very reassuring. If you have any questions, just ask and she would tell you what she thinks. I am almost 30 weeks now, so far am quite satisfied with her.
  40. jing3107

    jing3107 New Member

    I'm also under Dr Kek, but she might not be around when I deliver as she will be on leave [​IMG] so her colleagues will take care of me if she is not back in Singapore yet. Any ideas if other gynae in her Clinic at Mt E, if is "ok"?
  41. nurse

    nurse New Member


    not wrong also cos Dr Kek's husb is actually Dr Lee Soon Tai in the same clinic.

    Dear Jing

    Most likely you will be taken care by Dr Selina Chua in the same clinic rite? If sop, then you don't have to worry cos Dr Chua is a very very nice doctor too... but she is the no nonsense type
  42. erika_ong

    erika_ong New Member

    HI Jing,

    When are you due? I know she is currently on leave till the 17th of this month, and in December she will also be on leave...you will be due in December? I will be due end of November, so hopefully she will be there to deliver me.

    Nurse, are you sure Dr Lee Soon Tai is her husband?? He looks pretty young actually...
  43. nurse

    nurse New Member


    100% sure...

    they have 3 grown up kids
  44. erika_ong

    erika_ong New Member


    Hmmm..maybe I will have a closer look in my next checkup then ..hehe..anyway you are under Dr Kek as well? When are you due?
  45. nurse

    nurse New Member


    nope. am not under Dr Kek.
  46. first_born

    first_born Member

    has anyone had her baby delivered recently by Dr Kek?

    She's my regular gynea but now I'm worried her charges might be too high and unaffordable for me.

    Can you share your consultation charges, delivery charges and mount elizabeth packages with me?

  47. bbloh

    bbloh New Member

    <font color="0000ff">nurse,
    Any comments about Dr Kek and Dr Chua? Who, in your opinion, is more detailed and patient?</font>
  48. oohlahlah

    oohlahlah Member

    Does Dr Kek provide fertility treatments?
  49. fantagrape

    fantagrape Member

    I have been seeing dr kek but in her absence, Dr chua will help out. Initially I find Dr Chua a bit fierce coz maybe like what Nurse says, she is the no-nonsense kind. But one good thing abt Dr Chua is that she is more detailed in explaining the situation. Also, I find that actually Dr Chua is quite humourous, but the dry kind. Frankly, I find both Drs very good, but since I started out with Dr Kek, I will go back to Dr Kek.
  50. onie

    onie New Member

    Hello There,

    any latest comment on dr kek and her service charges?

    I am schedule to visit her in Jan 10. is she good and attentive?


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