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Dr Hong hze ching review?

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Mik0301, May 4, 2017.

  1. Mik0301

    Mik0301 New Member

    Hi mummies, I'm a first time mum, and have been seeing Dr Goh Shen Li (who is wonderful btw). However, I found out that she will be away in the week leading up to my due date, and I understand Dr Hong hze ching will be her cover. I am, however, unable to find any reviews of her- does anyone has any experience?
    One of the main reason I go to Dr GoH was because I heard and read that her stitching skills for both natural or c-section are really good.
    I'm just worried that Dr Hong may not be as good, etc.
    any ideas?

  2. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    Hi Mik0301, when is your EDD? Possible to share? Dr. Goh Shen Li is one of my considered options...
  3. luckysoul

    luckysoul New Member

    i checked with her clinic previously, Dr Goh Shen Li will be away from around Dec 9 to Dec 16.

    Will like to check for review for Dr Hong Sze Ching too. She seem young? just came back from her maternity leave.
  4. Mik0301

    Mik0301 New Member

    My EDD is mid June, ard 18 June.
    Dr GoH will be back in the same week,
    But the week before, she will be away. I'm concerned because what if my baby decides to arrive early? I've got a few friends, and even my mum (when she had me and my siblings), who all went into labour ard at weeks 37-38.
    So I'm just worried that Dr Goh wouldn't be around, and I do not know Dr Hong.
    I just don't like to be uncertain.
  5. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    Thanks for sharing. Oh dear. My EDD is around 19 Dec. Seems risky for me too if I go into labour early. Looks like a lot of doctors are on leave in Dec.

    I've not heard of Dr. Hong...
  6. CHH_Mummy

    CHH_Mummy Active Member

    I went into labour at 39 weeks with my #1. If this is your #1, there is a good chance of going into labour early. So far most of my friends who gave birth to their first baby did not reach 40 weeks. Most deliver around 38 to 39 weeks.

    I agree that uncertainty is something we mummies don't want to have to deal with at that stage. Maybe try researching on Dr. Hong beforehand to put your mind at ease?

    Another option is to just jump to Dr. Hong from the start so that you'll be comfortable with Dr. Hong by the time you're due?
  7. Joannakuek

    Joannakuek New Member

    Hi mummies, my 2nd born was delivered by dr Hong when she is still with KKH under private. What I can say is that I'm totally satisfied with her knowledge and skill. Although yes she look young but her experience is really . She is a nice friendly gentle dr that I have ever met! When ever I have any doubt I will alway email her and she never failed to reply my within the day or 1. Recently there is one daddy out there looking for Gynae for her Wife too and asked me about dr Hong from me and of cos no doubt after seeing dr Hong the first time they are totally satisfied with her.
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  8. Lily Fan

    Lily Fan New Member

    Hi, anyone else pls share Dr Hong's review. Seems like can't find much review of hers online. Please please help....
  9. simplykrys

    simplykrys New Member

    Hong Sze Ching is good!! i had her for my 2nd child in sept2017 and she was really nice and friendly and reassuring every step of the way. her skills are good too. she trained in kkh, and i heard from some friends that she has good hands.

    I remember i had problems finding reviews on her when i was deciding on a gynae last year. hence decided to post here.

    if i had another kid i would go with her again!
  10. krischee

    krischee New Member

    Hong sze ching is proven for her care and reliability!!

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