Dr Fong Kah Leng


Hi all,

I am currently 8weeks plus and wanted to find an experienced gynea as my present one don't do delivery now.

Considering Dr Fong Kah Leng, any mummies have reviews on her? Thanks


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It has been a while since I last saw Dr Fong but I would like to share my experience with her in Jun 2015, hoping it will benefit future mummies somehow.

I saw Dr Fong once I tested positive. As it was a surprise pregnancy, i did not pay particular attention not to apply any medication that may be harmful to pregnant women, since I did not intend to get pregnant. Unknowingly I applied Retin A for my acne problem (you may want to google to find out what potential problems this can cause the baby).I shared this with Dr Fong and she was not sure if it would be harmful for my baby, and said that she would check with her pharmacist.

Dr Fong called later to say that i would have to monitor the development of the baby and be prepared for an abortion. That sure upsetted me and feeling worried, I called my dermatologist and he assured me that topical application of the medication does not pose a significant risk to the baby. Ultimately I decided to change my gynae and he could confidently tell me that there is no significant risk as well.

I did not have a good impression of her as she did not seem knowledgeable with medications and was very, very discouraging.