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Dr Chen Chern Yi, gynae in Punggol

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by mail_lum, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. mail_lum

    mail_lum Member

    Hi, i'm in the early stage of my pregnancy, and wondering which gynae i should go to. i stay in punggol, so i'm thinking of going to her since it's more convenient.

    Any comments from those who are/were seeing her? Any mummies here who were delivered by her? I'm in a dilemma because while she's caring, she looks pretty young... i'm not sure if i should look for a more senior gynae. thanks...

  2. akachan04

    akachan04 Member

    Hi! Mail_lum,

    I have visited Dr Chen few months ago, not for pregnancy but milk duct problem. Overall, she is friendly and professional. A friend of mine was delivered by her. Since her pregnancy, never hear her complain about Dr Chen.
  3. mail_lum

    mail_lum Member

    Hi J&M,

    Thanks for your feedback... i've seen her a couple of times over the last few weeks, very comfortable with her, so most likely will continue with her... thanks [​IMG]
  4. raphael

    raphael New Member

    Hi gals,
    i'm into my 21wks of pregnancy now and have been seeing Dr Chen since the day i know i'm pregnant. Personally i feel very comfy with her and she is always so caring, she gives out baby symphonies cd too. Btw, i already signed up the prenatal package with her.
  5. appleg

    appleg New Member


    I am a mother of 14 months baby boy. My son was delivered by Dr Chen.

    I first went to her when I got pregnant and only because I stay at P21. Din know anything abt her and not thru any recommendations so was very worried at first. Later hubby said she seems nice so we continued with her. She is a patient and caring gynae. No complains abt her.

    Hoping to know more pple who also go to her! Please share ur experiences.

    I am very curious to know whether she is married and how "young" is she. She does look v young for a gynae.
  6. yvonnechee

    yvonnechee Member

    Hi AppleG,

    Dr Chen was my gynae from KKH when I'm pregnant with my first child. But unfortunately she was on leave when I delivered. So I dunno her delivery skill. But she is quite patient, quite a nice doc, from what I remember 2 years ago. But a bit "angry" with her for leaving me to another gynae during my critical moment (delivery).
  7. appleg

    appleg New Member

    Hi Yvonnechee,

    nice to hear from you

    So Dr Chen is from KKH before huh? 2 years ago she was still at KKH then? I suppose later she left to open her own clinic...

    Who else sees Dr Chen? Come in and share share leh!
  8. anissa

    anissa New Member

    Hi mummies,

    May I ask where exactly is her clinic?
  9. raphael

    raphael New Member

    Her clinic is at Blk 106A Punggol Field #01-546 S(821106).
    Personally i feel she is a very nice gynae, din know she was with KKH before. Now she is with TMC and Mt A.
  10. celyw

    celyw Active Member


    I visit her recently too in my early stage pregnancy. She seems nice and my husband think of her well too but I am still not confident of her delivery skill still contemplating whether to change to a more well known gynae at TMC.

    raphael, what do you mean that she is now with TMC and Mt. A? can be with 2 hospital at the same time?? gosh then if I got emergency difficult to get hold of her right...[​IMG]
  11. tingting

    tingting Active Member

    hi celine, Dr Chen is a private gynae, i.e. not attached to any sole hospital. She usually delivers the babies at either TMC or Mt A, but i understand she can also deliver at other private hospitals of your choice. I've just signed on the prenatal package with her. Find her competent n calm, someone who won't panic in emergencies.
  12. celyw

    celyw Active Member

    Hi tingting, how much is her prenatal package? is is value worth??
  13. tingting

    tingting Active Member

    it's $950. i think it's quite ok. plus it's an added convenience for me. u may want to ask her recept to let u look at the package details.
  14. jrboy

    jrboy New Member

    Hello ladies,
    I used Dr Chen and my son is now 6mths old. She is indeed very professional and caring. I always like to complaint abt aches whenever I have my appointments with her..and she listens...Have introduced to my sis-in-law and good frens and they like her too.

    Btw, her delivery skills is surprisingly good!!! I was so lucky, during the entire labour..no one touch me except her! and she was so encouraging...and her stitching skills is superb too! can move ard without pain after 2 day of delivery.

    I know I have made a right choice to engage her even thot she is not cheap..bove average.. I must say!
    Initially, I was deciding btw Dr TC Chang from TMC and her and I finally decided to use her for these reasons (maybe helpful for you when you make your decision):
    1. Very convenient... I usu will lazy or sleep till 20mins before appt to bathe and slowly walk to the clinic (I stay in PG)
    2. She is a female gynae... both me and hb feel more comfortable. (I was having a few little lumps like dots ard my nipples and I asked for what are those..cannot imagine how is it like if my gynae is a man..probably wont be asking at all!)
    3. Transport cost if I go elsewhere... I dun like to take buses and either I drive or take cab... going to be very expensive ...if I go elsewhere.
    4. 1st impression- Was good and she seems to be very gentle.
    5. I did a web search on her name... and found out that she did research ever and trust that she must be not too bad.

    All in all, I have no complaints abt her and I also wonder how old is she... heehee...in fact me, hubby, brother and sil tried to question her indirectly whether she is married, got kids, how old... Very kapo right? Only found out that she stays around Mt A/ TMC - Thomson area and she has no kid. Based on her various answers to me, I estimated that she shd be in her late 30s! She answers all your pregnant related questions but she wont answer your questions if it is abt her personal life!! LOL
  15. celyw

    celyw Active Member

    $950 for the whole pregnancy is alright, I actually want to sign up with WK Tan at TMC too her package is $2kplus. [​IMG]

    I stayed in PG21 too thats why I find it so convenient to walk over to her clinic no long queue no long waiting time. [​IMG]
  16. tingting

    tingting Active Member

    oh, but make sure u're punctual, else u'll have to wait long long! lesson i learnt :p glad to know her practical skills are good too... she looks quite young rite? din ask abt her personal life, but doesn't look like late 30s..haha...

    celine, $2k seems too expensive! i even find $950 ex, only that i'm v comfortable with her n decided to stick to her...
  17. jrboy

    jrboy New Member

    If you can have appointment during weekday...the best... my appointment always on Saturday cos' I cannot take leaves (not enought) /MC when I see her (my boss dun like this!!!) and the quene is rather long on Sat.. but if u at on time, no need to wait for long.
    She actually looks like only 30+years old.. everyone who seems her pic in my album commented that my gynae is very young leh!
  18. celyw

    celyw Active Member

    I visit her during weekday nite time which is best for me no need to take leave.

    visit her twice we were very punctual so did not wast time [​IMG]

    but the nurse did tell me must be punctual else got to wait long.

    yah tingting $2K very expensive that's why i contemplate n look elsewhere. Rather spend the $$ on baby clothes.
  19. appleg

    appleg New Member

    Hi junior

    You very good! Managed to probe abt Dr Chen's personal life... haha. I was so so curious that time when I was seeing her during pregnancy but too shy to ask.

    So she has no children, does it mean she is single too? She looks pretty single... she must be quite a private person too then. Some doctors do chat abt their private life a lot but some prefer to keep low key.

    Glad to hear of some good experience with her. Hope I'll go back to her again when I do have my 2nd child... dunno when lah....hehe.
  20. chewaloysius

    chewaloysius New Member

    Dear all,

    I m a excited husband of my expecting wife... hehe...I m also living in PG and had went to Dr yong of lifeline in Sengkang... didn't know that there is a Gynae in PG... judging from the replies in this thread,,, I am quite assured that she is good,,, though DR Yong is also very nice but my wife preferred a female gynae... so...I guess we should be visitng her pretty soon...BTW, what's her clinic's name??? is it call Mutual medical ??

    Hope to hear from your ladies soon...


  21. celyw

    celyw Active Member

    hey, may I know out of how many ladies here who went thru natural birth / caesarian delivery?
  22. lilacz

    lilacz Active Member

    My hubby and i plan to go for a pre-pregnancy test. Does she has this kind of service?Anyone knows how much is it?

    Have u ever have the worry that the gynae's clinic is far from the delivery hospital, will it take long for her to reach the hospital during delivery time thus ending up not delivered by her?
  23. lim

    lim New Member

    Hi Lilacz,
    Surprise to 'see' u here too [​IMG] I presume u stay at P21?

    Yes, Dr Chen does pre-pregnancy test and she's very patient, she will explain the procedures involve and what the individual test is for. She will only recommend whatever is necessary and will guide u thr the test. So no worries, u can go n see her for the test. [​IMG]
  24. flora

    flora New Member

    Hi Lilacz,
    The pre-pregnacy test package is $269 or $289. One of the figure is the right one.
    The package inclusive blood test for couple.
    Blood test include
    rubella Ab,Ag
    Blood group
    Hep B Ab, Ag
    Pap smear (For female only)
    Vag scan (For female only)

    Like what blue_rabbit mention she is very patient and explain the procedures. She is also friendly and gentle. Don't worry. Is better to arrange an appt. The last time my hubby I did the test did not fix any appt but luckily some of her patients were late so we manage to take the time slot. The result will be ready in one week times.
  25. celyw

    celyw Active Member

    hey, may I know out of how many ladies here who went thru natural birth / caesarian delivery by Dr Chen?
  26. france

    france New Member

    Hi Celine

    My second child is natural birth at TMC and gynae
    is Dr Chen. Personally i feel she is a very nice gynae and I stay at PG21 too.
  27. flora

    flora New Member

    Hi France,
    What is the total cost you pay Dr Chen (antenatal and delivery charges)?
  28. france

    france New Member

    Hi flora,
    sorry for late reply, the package is $950 and total i not very sure because is my husband pay it. For the package is 4 beded at TMC because of Dr chen can upgrade to 2 beded and pay 4 beded price.
  29. flora

    flora New Member

    Hi France,
  30. mail_lum

    mail_lum Member

    Hi, i'm seeing Dr Chen right now but can't decide where to deliver... TMC or Mt. Alvernia. Appreciate any sharing on how you mummies decide which one to go? If possible, pls also advise the total bill you paid... just to prepare myself ;)
  31. 090301

    090301 New Member

    Hi , I went for Dr Chen for my 1st vist too .
    I found that she is okay ...
    but have not really made up my mind whether to chose her as my gynae .
    I went there is also b'cos of dictance .I also lived in P21 . just need to take LRT .

    But after reading this thread .. much more relieve and most of the comments to her is good [​IMG]
    Glad to know that .
  32. 090301

    090301 New Member

    Understand that her package is $950.00
    How abt for the hospital fees huh ??? roughtly how much for 4 beded / 2beded ?

    and I also notice that there is $100 per visit charged when Dr Chen vist us after delivered . is it true ?
  33. bubbles78

    bubbles78 New Member

    Hi there..can i have Dr Chen's Tel number? Thinking of going to her for my 1st checkup..Thanks!
  34. mail_lum

    mail_lum Member

    Hi bubbles,

    You can call her clinic at 63155035.
  35. bubbles78

    bubbles78 New Member

    I've also visited Dr Chen for my 1st checkup.. I find her quite nice..I'm just wondering how's her delivery skills and care after birth... Anybody can share? And in total how much was spent? Cos I think her package if you add up together is not cheap.. Can't just look at the $950.. cos find that there are alot of add ons..
  36. slee22

    slee22 Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Bubbles</font>
    I have delivered my girl naturally, with forceps a year ago under the care of Dr Chen. I have to say she is really good. Her stitching skills was wonderful too. I dun feel it at all and was able to wee wee an hr after delivery. Besides that, when my girl was pulled out with the forceps, no marking was done on her....(i noe of some friends, the forceps actually left a red marking across the face and faded after a long while).

    But then again, she is not cheap. Besides the $950 in pkge, I paid for more urine n blood test n med cos I had diabetics during pregnany (forget that term liao)
  37. bubbles78

    bubbles78 New Member

    Thanks Sharon!
    Which hospital did you deliver in? I'm actually considering between Dr Chen and WK Tan from TMC. Have been hearing that WK Tan is v v experienced and is good with her patients. The only concern is the long waiting time, having to apply for leave and the convenience to get there.. Just like many of you in this forum, I'm also staying in Punggol.. So naturally find Dr Chen's clinic v accessible...i actually agree with Junior who wrote in the forum earlier in comparison to Dr TC Chang.. its experience vs convenience...so do you all think?
  38. chewaloysius

    chewaloysius New Member

    Hi All,

    my wife just give birth to our bb gal on wednesday and I must say that Dr Chen is really good!!! thumbs up for her!!!


  39. 090301

    090301 New Member

    Hi sharon &amp; Happy Daddy To be,

    glad to hear the comments from u both on DR Chen.

    This make me feel much relief . Thks .
  40. 090301

    090301 New Member

    Btw, which hospital did u choose ?

    I'm still considering . pls advise . thks .
  41. honeyhaven

    honeyhaven New Member

    Hi ladies,
    Can check with you all how much in total (throughout the pregnancy) did u gals spend at Dr Chen's clinic??
  42. coolqoo

    coolqoo Member

    hihi... i'm currently in my 6th week of preganancy,,,,.. saw Dr Chen for the first time last saturday... both me and my hubby find her beri patient and gentle lor... feel comfy with her lor... might be staying on with her cos it's near our home lor....

    my next appointment is 3 weeks later... so i will be in my 9th week liao by then... [​IMG]
  43. happy_go_lucky

    happy_go_lucky New Member

    Hi there,

    It's my third pregnancy at present(excluding 2 miscarriages), only about a mth. I delivered in KKH for my last 2 pregnancies. Not that my gynae was not good but he moved to Gleneagles. Thus, I went to see Dr Chen due to recommendation and also her clinic is nearby my place. I must say that when I first met her I have doubt, as she looks very young. But, after listening to her explanation and the fact that she looks very caring and patient, I gain confidence in her. Also, I used to wait so long for the queue before I saw my gynae in KKH and within 8-10 minutes I was out of his clinic. However, it surprised me when I saw Dr Chen, it lasted about 30mins and I got to ask a lot of questions and received advise. I guess I'm afraid as I am now in my mid 30s but she has given me a lot of assurance. My hubby too was happy with her professionalism. Thus, we must say that we will continue to see her.
  44. coolqoo

    coolqoo Member

    hihi faraliza,

    you delivered at KKH?.. hmm.. i'm a first time mummy.. so now doing research of where to deliver lor... cost wise, my company not sponsoring at all lor.. so must find the best alternative... I heard the service at KKH not really good... but it's cheaper than private hospital like TMC.. any comments on KKH?

    hehe.. i know it's still early for me lah.. i currently in my 9th week only.. but good to know more before i really have to make decision....

    hope to hear from you soon... [​IMG]
  45. mikel

    mikel New Member

    Dr Chen is my gynea throughout my pregnancy and she's really great and absolutely no complains about her. I had an emergency caeserean to deliver my boy in Jan06 and her skills are really good. I was up and walking around by the 2nd day. I don't feel any pain at all and actually did not want to take painkillers but the nurses asked me to take it anyway ... the scar is healing great and there's only a thin line [​IMG]
  46. graceapple

    graceapple New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Can someone enlighted how much we have to top up in cash if we sign up under Mt Alvernia for 2bedded with epidural &amp; assisted delivery(forcep or vacuum?

    Saw the rates from the nurse but looks complicated.....

    Heard from the nurse the max claim for Medisave is only $1500..... anyone just delivery with Dr Chen... care to share you bill details? Thks!
  47. graceapple

    graceapple New Member

    Oh I would like to say Dr chen is really very good and gentle... my hubby is also very please with her service... she is very patient too with all our questions asked....

    As this is my first pregnancy, I am worried that a lady gynae will be very fierce, rough &amp; impatience.... but she is totally opposite. Very contented with her myself ... she makes me at ease.....
  48. mikel

    mikel New Member

    Natural birth or c-section?
  49. justen_mom

    justen_mom New Member

    I am also cut by Chen
    If you ask me will I choose her again , so sorry I will say no, not because she is not as good as compare to other Gynea but compare to Amy Lee (My gynea when I stay in US) she is not as good... But that is not the main reason not choosing her again.

    I induce on 11th Sep and push to deliver wards on 12th Sep Morning trying to go for natural but I didn't dilate, before 5pm nurse told me BB heart beat is dropping and head is swallen, I wait for her and the "person to increase my epidural dose" to do a c session at 7.25pm... The delay is due to traffice Jam and raining on that day... I think if my gynea is at the hospital they will come straight to me and I do not risk my BB life due to the delay.

    But overall she is professional...
  50. tingting

    tingting Active Member

    poko, do i get it right that you are saying if Dr chen were at the hospital she could deliver the baby asap once problem is detected? From what i know, most gynaes in private practice do not stay in the hospital the whole day, cos they have their own clinics. Perhaps those gynaes whose clinics are located in the hospital itself will be able to respond faster. Of course, there're also KKH gynaes to choose from.

    btw, i'm also a patient of Dr chen. i've no complaints about her, but then mine was smooth without any hiccups.

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