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Dr Charles Lim Mt E

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by phylee, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. phylee

    phylee New Member

    Hi there, thought I should start a new thread on Dr Charles Lim since I just started seeing him last month. I can't find much information on him in this forum except for some comments about him in some other threads.

    Just wanted to get some moral support from those who are also seeing him.

    Im on his Plan A that is, Metformin + Clomid + Gonal F. I have been TTC for 2 years..

  2. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    so this is IUI or SO-IUI?
  3. phylee

    phylee New Member

    yeah! happy to see you here. im doing Plan A but natural first. So just medication on my side. Hubby prefers natural.

    How about you? What plan are you at now? I realised our cycle dates are quite close too.
  4. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    yeah yeah..oh meaning you wont go for sperm wash process.

    Actually i seen him one time and he told me to go for Rubella jab ( i do not have that antibody) then ask DH go for circumcision and wait for 3 months. so this month finally can go back and see him for IUI. Not sure he will ask me to try it naturally or not le..been trying for so long..

    I just called the clinic to ask whether to go on CD7 or CD8. then the nurse told me CD8 to inject then CD7 just for scanning.

    when is your last time there?
  5. phylee

    phylee New Member

    oh.. so which means you won't know which plan he will put you under? Which means you have to go both days CD7 and CD8 arh? Actually if the jab they are refering to is the Gonal F that Im taking, it can be self administered..

    How long have you been TTC?

    My last time there was beginning June when I did my V-scan to see if there's any mature eggs but no luck. So ended up as anovulatory.
  6. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    oh..i haven't got that Gonal F, so have to go n see him on Day 8 to do the first jab and also scan ba.

    Me ah, on and off for around 1.5 years ba. I am a frequent flyer before i changed job, so can't really have time to complete my "job" during fertile period. Then change to new job got more time stay at home but 6 mths liao still no news.

    I guess u n me also considered unexplained infertility? Dr.Lim said we both are ok by scanning and looked at my DH SA report.

    Actually DH also ask me to try for another month but i think we go consult Dr.Lim first
  7. phylee

    phylee New Member

    morning! yeah, Dr Lim told me that I should have gotten pregnant long ago given me and my hubby's conditions. But he said sometimes a little bit of problem here and there might hinder the process. Like I have mild PCO, slightly enlarged uterus etc. Not serious enough but everything adds up.

    Actually I think it's good that you see him early. Don't be like me, drag and drag until Im 32 le. Cannot wait anymore.

    I just fixed an appointment with him next Tues morning. arghh.. gotta wake up early again.
  8. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Morning Phy, maybe we are too stress [​IMG] jia you jia you [​IMG] hope we could end our TTC journey this month end.
  9. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Just seen Dr. Charles and had gonal f injected by the nurse. Going back to see him on wed to decide go for plan A or B..

    Haizz..cannot make up our mind. Hubby wanted to try Plan A but I dont want to wait anymore. Time is precious..what shd I do? Of course it is 3x more expensive than plan A
  10. phylee

    phylee New Member

    morning dragonhopes, after this jab, did you have to self-administer the remaining Gonal F injections? It's painful isn't it? I cried when my hubby jabbed me while i lie down. The pain was horrible. Then we concluded, standing up instead of lying down will ease the pain alittle.

    Im going to see him tomorrow. I just hope everything is fine. Just have a feeling that my eggs won't mature well enough even on 100mg clomid.

    Did Dr Lim give you metformin?

    Plan B is SO-IUI is it? I think you can claim partial from medisave. Actually Dr Lim told me that IUI shares the same success rates as natural. Just that the sperms are washed. Are your hubby's SA good?
  11. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Hi Phy,

    I still not sure whether go to for GP for Gonal F injection or self-administrate. I am so scare also. How many jab are you taking? me only 2 wo..

    he didn't give me metformin, just one more Gonal-F for today and Fluimucil for 6 days from today.

    my hubby last test was with Pathlab and SA is good.

    Dont worry, on Day 8 i went and scanned said got 4 eggs and two is 14cm. So hopefully they will grow bigger after Gonal-F ( not sure it is for this purpose).
  12. phylee

    phylee New Member

    Oh.. seems like he has different medication for different patients. Do you know what's Fluimucil for? I am taking 3 jabs of Gonal F. Actually I think it's also good to get your hubby involved in the whole process as in getting him to do the jabs for you..

    I also have slight PCO so I have many small follicles that won't mature. That was what happened to me last cycle.

    Actually if your hubby's SA is good, perhaps can consider SO-IUI. It's perhaps not worth if SA is not good cuz not much left after washing. But I also understand your hubby's point of view. My hubby also likes to conceive naturally rather than IUI.

    Yeah, I think Gonal F is to stimulate growth of the follicles. I hope your eggs continue to grow big big by your next scan. So nervous for my scan tmr!
  13. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Goody goody luck to you..i find side effect on Gonal-F le..i am so so so bloated. keep fart non-stop since last night and i have faint positive OPK on day 9. (earlier ovulation?)

    i will be seeing Dr Charles on Wed. hope to see the folicles is growing [​IMG] you are day 12 tomorrow?
  14. phylee

    phylee New Member

    so early?? urs is positive OPK as in the two lines equally dark?

    actually if we assume your egg growth at 2mm per day, your eggs are probably 18mm today? If so, maybe you are really having early ovulation this cycle. Ooooo.. excited for you. haha.

    Im CD7 tomorrow. I don't feel bloated as yet lei. Maybe havent start the injections for this cycle yet. haha.
  15. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    no no..not equally dark. maybe reactive to the medicine. My temp still dropping. I also not sure what happen.

    u took 100mg clomid sure have more than mine..we have to be relax ( this is very difficult) ;)
  16. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Any update Phy?

    I am going to see him tomorrow. The side effect of Gonal-F is quite sever. I am bloated, tired, back pain
  17. gingerbreadger

    gingerbreadger New Member

    Hey phylee>> saw u on another thread.. Wana ask how much is dr charles lim charges like?
  18. phylee

    phylee New Member

    hey gingerbreadger, I actually wanted to pm you to ask if you are also seeing Dr Lim since you posted on the TTC thread about Dr Lim's website.

    Consultation fee:
    First visit - $100
    Subsequent visits - $75

    Ultrasound scans:
    First visit - I think it's $100
    Subsequent visits - Free (which I think it's really reasonable)

    Depends on what kind of treatment plans that you are under, you will be given different medication. For me, I am given clomid, metformin and gonal F jabs (each jab cost $75 and im on four jabs)

    how long have you been ttc?

    dragonhopes, morning. I guess you are now at Dr Lim's clinic or were you done already? How's the scan? I think you should let Dr Lim know about the side effects of Gonal F so he can monitor you. In case your ovaries are over stimulated etc..

    I went to see him yesterday and had 4 eggs on my right and 3 on my left. Relatively small for CD7. Biggest is about 9mm. Im seeing him again on Sat. Have you been to his clinic on Sat? How's the crowd there? The nurse told me it's on a first come first served basis on a Sat.
  19. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Hey Phy,i reached there today around 10.30am. Nobody in the que so i finished all the procedure by 11am. Last gonal-F today.

    Saturday que was longer, i were there last saturday. Reach there around 8.30am waited for almost 1.5hours. I think still ok [​IMG]

    Wow..you got quite a number of eggs. i only have 4, 3 bigs and one small.Today my CD12 and still not ovulate yet, looking at the size of 9,10 and 12. So Dr.Lim presume i will ovulate most probably on sun or mon. my previous gynae told me my ovulation is on CD17.

    I asked him about the eggs that he told me on my CD8, then he told me that's not egg. I am also not sure about what's that exactly as that day he told me that "egg" at 14mm. Lining looking at 7mm today..Dr.Lim said all looks ok and good. A bit worry the follicle is a bit small.

    i did tell the nurse about my bloatedness and nurse said if not painful then is ok.
  20. gingerbreadger

    gingerbreadger New Member

    phylee> yes i am.. but i'm not too sure when i shld start seeing him, since i'm with kkh now. his costs sounds a bit the same as what i'm paying at kkh thou... i've been ttc since March, so this makes me my 4th cycle. my initial reports are out n seems like not very good.

    when do u start seeing dr lim? like which stage of ur ttc?
  21. phylee

    phylee New Member

    dragonhopes, so lucky that you didn't have to wait long this morning. Yesterday I waited for about 1.5 hours too as Dr Lim came in late.

    Did you tell Dr Lim about your positive opk? Were you stressed at work? I wonder if eggs will shrink when we are stressed. My three 'eggs' on the left are quite small, only 4mm. I just hope next visit I won't see little cysts again.. Im on clomid so I guess will have more eggs than natural ovulation.

    Do you have to go see Dr Lim again on Mon?

    gingerbreadger, i think you about the same timing as dragonhopes. She also trying for about 6 months? I have been TTC for 2 years. So very long le.. This is my 2nd cycle with Dr Lim and before that I have seen 2 other gynaes but I feel that they are not able to truely address my issues with differing opinions. I think I will stick with Dr Lim for a while since he's a fertility specialist. Do you know that he doesnt do delivery anymore? So if you fall pregnant, you would have to find another gynae.

    what treatment plans are you under with kkh? For Dr Lim, his charges for SO-natural is about $500 and SO-IUI is about $1,500.

    What about your results that were not good? HSG or blood test?
  22. gingerbreadger

    gingerbreadger New Member

    actually the charges sounds about the same as kkh.. so-iui n the other one aso same charge as wat u've said.. shldve went there the very first time.. i dint noe the charges are about the same..

    i havent embark on any plan yet, will be july cycle, cause i still dd more blood test this cycle. i have low progesterone level, my level is 7, dr say the normal passing level is 30. i havent gone for hsg, he said at this point still no need. july take hte meds and see whether it works, and move on from there..

    i'm ok w him not dd delivery, cause i wana get pregnant first.. i heard he's quite good at ivf thou.. maybe i'll try out with kkh for a while. and see how it goes.. cause i alreadi done the test w them, later move over. must do more tests.. then the previous tests like quite 前功尽弃.. cause the tests r so dependent on the AF cycle.. means another 1-2 cycles spent dd all the tests..
  23. phylee

    phylee New Member

    retyping my message that got lost in network error just now!

    actually 4 months of TTC is still considered relatively short so don't get discouraged ok? Usually doctors will ask couples to try naturally for one year first.

    Do you have short cycles or spotting given your low progesterone? Have you considered TCM?

    Actually I didn't have to do more tests with Dr Lim, just one more blood test for me and my hubby to test for antibodies for Hep B and Rubella etc which my previous gynaes did not test for us. I just brought over all my previous test results and xray for him to assess my situation. He also didnt ask my hubby to redo his sperm test though it was one year ago! phew..

    I was considering between Dr Lim and CARE in case I need to go IVF (fingers crossed that I don't have to go to that stage) but decided to try Dr Lim first.
  24. gingerbreadger

    gingerbreadger New Member

    my cycles r about 30 days. but my spotting last 3-5 days. actually i always tot this was normal...

    i'm seeing ban choon chan at marine parade too..

    the reason i took kkh aso.. in case i do ivf.. i dont have to have so much cash outflow.. as compared to pte.. i heard quite good review bout dr lim's ivf.. jus i dint noe he does normal fertility as well.. tot he oni do ivf..
  25. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Me too..i've considered private and NUH or KKH. But later on i decided not to go government-link as if we walked in as private patient, the charges is about the same and the waiting time might be long.

    I still remember i emailed to MOH to tell them about the waiting time. When i first make appointment with KKH, they told me first consultation will be one month from now. (which mean i have to waste another cycle). NUH told me only first consultation can be done on Sat, the rest have to be on weekday. So i emailed to MOH telling them do we have that "Precious" time to wait for us to conceive? we already so stressed up in our TTC journey and now government want to screw us further (as in no government subsidy for private hospital).

    i've been married for 2.5 years. We dont reli trying very hard for the first 2 years as i was a frequent flyer.

    First seeing Doctor Charles (intro by my Gynae as he cannot do IUI as in he is tagged along with TMC and TMC is now cease all assisted procedure). He also did not ask my DH to repeat his SA (also almost a year) just ask me go for rubella jab and waited for 3 months. So this is the MONTH [​IMG]
  26. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Phy, i will be seeing Dr Charles on Sat and see if i could do it on Sat or have to wait till Mon. Hehe..most probably we will be there around same timing.

    i did tell him about the positive OPK on day9 then he said most probably is because i'm reacting over Gonal-F. Actually i dont feel stress until now as i already tell myself dont put too much hope, SO-IUI conceive rate is not high, take home rate only 16%.

    So you decided go for plan A?
  27. gingerbreadger

    gingerbreadger New Member

    Oo.. Ok.. Guess i dint reali manage to do my homework well before i embark.. Guess ill still try out kkh, since im alreadi here.. Yeah like wat u say.. Every cycle is precious.. Dowana waste the cycles ive alreadi spent here.. Maybe after some time if no reesult then ill reconsider.. Thanks!
  28. phylee

    phylee New Member

    dragonhopes, *clap clap clap* did MOH reply your email? They want us to have more babies but not understanding that there are many out there like us who are seeking help and yet facing time and financial constraints.

    I don't know if it's the medication or that Im stressed over this cycle, I have no appetite for food and feel so tired all the while. Im starting to feel slight bloatedness from the jabs + clomid.

    Will tell myself to take it easy too [​IMG] I am keen to go with Plan A again but hubby surprisingly wants to go for SO-IUI this time. Will see what Dr Lim says this Sat! Maybe I will be there around 9+ or 10am. Heheh.. see you around!

    gingerbreadger, good luck to you too! No matter where we seek help, our ultimate goal is still the same which is to have healthy children and start a happy family. All the best yeah [​IMG]
  29. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Morning Phyee, NUH called me up and told me due to each patient, each cycle the ovulation timing is different so most probably we have to go back n see doc during weekday. (this is what we all understand) and told me they will try their best to put subsequent appointment on weekend. At the end i didn't go for NUH as it is quite far from my place.

    KKH said they cant help much as they really have a lot of patient in the que.

    I might go to KKH if i really have to go thru IVF, private charges is quite high and without subsidy. I wonder when the MOH can revise the scheme and subsidy can be used in pte hostpital, ultimately we are still adding headcount of Singaporean.

    Yeah..take it easy..me still bloated but slightly better than Sun(after first jab).

    Your DH is so supportive, that's very good. I am sure baby see we are so hardworking and being a cooperative parent, they will make themselves home soon. [​IMG]

    Like what Bai Long Wang told me in Feb, he said my temper too bad..baby dare not make his way home..lolz..
  30. phylee

    phylee New Member

    dragonhopes, it's interesting! haha.. where did you see the bai long wang? Me and my hubby are also quite quick-tempered at times so maybe should create a nurturing and calm environment before baby dares to come in. haha.
  31. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Phy, i went Thailand visit him. just hopefully when we work hard, god will give us a hand [​IMG]
  32. gingerbreadger

    gingerbreadger New Member

    heyhey! where is him in thailand? i aso interested to see him..
  33. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    From Bangkok city take a van there took us around 2.5 hours. We departed fm our hotel at 11pm and reach there around 1.30pm and we are que #8. So have to overnight in the van till next morning 7am. Kind of sufferring, hot and a lot of mosquitos.

    I read from newspaper he will not be seeing anyone fm 6 June 2011. He was sick when we were there. Quite thankful can see him in person but his advise to us only "改脾气". This applied to every women in my group,,.lolz..
  34. gingerbreadger

    gingerbreadger New Member

    how was the meeting? do u tink it was fruitful? i heard now he see in groups, instead of 1 by 1.. so like not very detailed aso..
  35. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Yeah..Definitely not detailed. Seeing group by group advising to vehicle. Hmm..so far ok after seeing him. Our job getting better and My brother business getting busier and busier after having wearing bai long wang limited edition 佛牌. [​IMG]
  36. gingerbreadger

    gingerbreadger New Member

    oo...thanks! [​IMG]
  37. phylee

    phylee New Member

    this is very interesting. still got limited edition 佛牌! Is Bai Long Wang the one that alot of HK artistes go to? Does he need bazhi etc?
  38. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Morning Phy,

    my cousin went for the ritual in year 2010 and she saw a few artistes like(shu qi) and actually bai long wang have a special corner for artist [​IMG]

    no..he doesn't need anything, just be there n look at our face. I brought my niece there and he gave her a RMB note (previously used to give USD) now USD depreciate liao change to RMB..lolz
  39. phylee

    phylee New Member

    yayaya, i have seen pictures of shu qi kneeling in front of him on chinese magazines before. that's so cool. i thk edison chan also went to see him after his scandal.

    so.. we must all remind one another to keep our cool and 改脾气. hehehe.

    today is the last jab for me. finally..... hehe. see you tmr at Dr Lim! I hope I can wake up in time to be there early :p
  40. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    my CM start to discharge, now watery. Dare not BD as scare tmr have to do IUI. yesterday test, still not +OPK.

    I am still bloated but added headache, neckache all the PMS signs. I guess this is side effect of hormone ba.

    today same like u, no appetite and tired..maybe not enough sleep yesterday..

    See you tomorrow [​IMG] tonight have to sleep early and wake up earlier. ( i hope i could also..lolz)
  41. phylee

    phylee New Member

    Dragonhopes, how's ur eggies doing? Just when I thought I don't have any more jabs this cycle, Dr Lim gave me three more to last till mon! Faintz..

    My right eggs didn't grow fast as expected. Last time there were three potential ones on the right, now become two at about 15mm. Left has one at 16mm.

    Have you proceeded with IUI or decided to try natural this cycle?

    Dr Lim can see my cervical mucus from the scan. So cool. Hee
  42. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Hey Phy, I just reached home. Super tired, today clinic was so crowded. Wow 3 more jabs to go, in total how many jabs then?

    Your eggies size are good compare to mine. My egg only measured at 17 & 19 mm and 2 more small one cant remember the measurement. I had positive OPK yesterday night and this morning. SO Dr.Charles said though it is not reach 20mm but still today is the day.

    So decided to go for IUI. DH was stand by at home. I called him once Dr said can proceed. Had the soldier in lab and did the procedure.

    the insemination process was quite fast but a bit irritating (not painful) and Dr.Charles was actually sharing a story to his nurse. so i felt quite relax. I actually can see from the monitor the soldiers went and swam inside..it is so amazing and cool.

    So when are you seeing Dr.Lim again? Decided to go for natural?
  43. phylee

    phylee New Member

    I just reached home and feel so tired too. The clinic is packed indeed!

    I will have 7 jabs in total for this cycle. Ouch! But I'm happy to hear that you went ahead with IUI today. Thank god you decided to come by for a scan today rather than Mon, which could be too late by then.

    Did the soldiers swim fast on the monitor?? It's amazing. Now that you know they are safely inside you, you can relax a bit. Hope they will continue their journey up the tubes and meet the eggs [​IMG]

    I shd ovulate on tues. Maybe not doing IUI as I have a meeting in office on that day [​IMG] I also din want to stress myself too much by rushing to and fro office/clinic.. And I'm not seeing Dr Lim again until next cycle.

    Meantime you rest well. Can't wait to join you in 2ww!
  44. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    i think now you at CD11 and your egg size at 15-16mm, they are good,right? when i did my scan on Day12 my eggs only 9-12mm, and Dr.Lim didn't prescribe anymore gonal-f. hmm..

    i am sure your eggs will grow to their right size after 7 jabs and when u ovulate on tue that will be at their right size.

    yes yes..i saw the soldiers swim but can just saw they are moving not every fast, even under the microscope, also just moving but not really fast..haha..

    yeah..cant wait to join you in 2ww (how i hate about that) have to remind ourselves to stay cool and have good temper [​IMG]
  45. phylee

    phylee New Member

    morning dragonhopes. hope all is fine for you over the weekend [​IMG] Im still not getting positive opk. The shade of the line is like about to be positive but not there yet. Abit frustrating. haha. i just hope that my follicle will burst nicely!
  46. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Morning phy, dont worry..your eggs will be as beautiful as thier mummy [​IMG]

    i guess you will get a very dark postive tomorrow. i usually got shade then positve too. gambateh. can start bd for next few days [​IMG]stay cool ya!
  47. bambiniangel

    bambiniangel New Member

    hello phylee, dragonhopes,gingerbreadger,
    glad to have found this thread. Coincidentally, I also started my first cycle with Dr Lim. On my 2nd Gonal F injection on CD 9. Did the injection myself, it wasnt so bad. I visited Dr Lim on CD7, but forgot the size of the eggs. in fact, how big is considered ready?
  48. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    Welcome bambini angel,

    hmm..i remember the nurse told me 20mm is considered ready

    Phy, ovulated today? gambateh oh!
  49. phylee

    phylee New Member

    morning girls! welcome bambini angel [​IMG] If im not wrong, eggs that are about 18mm to 23mm are considered good sizes? Those are about-to-ovulate sizes. are you seeing Dr Lim again on CD12?

    dragonhopes, im still not getting positive opks. haha.. forget it. I just BD so as not to miss the fertile period. How's your 2ww so far? Keeping your cool??
  50. verone_baby

    verone_baby Active Member

    yeah..keep it up and you will strike [​IMG]

    me trying very hard to keep myself cool..but DH always tease me make me angry..

    i got cramp here and there le, sometimes period pain like cramp,sometimes diarrhea-like cramp. Then still keep farting..not sure what happen. DH said i think too much! but is my stomach ma

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