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Dr Adrian Woodworth (sengkang)

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by kat.chan, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. kat.chan

    kat.chan New Member

    Hi, im new here, first time mummie as well.
    Edd ard 10th Aug.
    Jus went for my first Gynae visit on 27/1.
    Visited Dr Adrian at Sengkang Mrt.
    My two friends recommended him, a neighbour visiting him as well.

    His Evening clinic starts 5.30pm.
    Patients was waiting for queue# As early as 4pm. He happens to reach clinic early on that day. I was the 5th one in the queue.
    Almost every patient consultation lasted not more then 5 minutes.

    Did ultrascan, asked to go for oscar scan, and see him next month. Bill amt to $280.

    If i were to take His package is $736+-
    Not sure to continue with him or change a Gynae. As first time mum, im abit worried.
    Esply when he is packed with patients.

    Pls kindly share your views.

  2. serine

    serine Member

    He is my gynae for my first child cause his clinic at CCK near my house.
    If you don't mind that he is the "chop chop " type , you can consider.
    Cause he has a lot of patients and every consultation is very fast though sometimes i waited for 1 to 2 hrs to see him.
    Sometime really no time to ask him question, so i always google about my
    pregnancy questions.
    I went back to Dr Adrain cause my husband feels that is clinic is near and he is very skilled and experienced.
    This my second pregnancy Edd June 2017.
    I took his package that is 688 exclude gst.
    3th month blood test cost $80
    detail scan 5th mth cost $494.
    (SBI thomson card discount -$24.30)
    Scan & blood test taken at Novena Medical Centre
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  3. pimpim

    pimpim Active Member

    Dear Serine,

    do you know how much is the delivery cost at TMC under Dr Adrian ?
    do you normally visit Dr Adrian during evening or morning ?
  4. kwatroz04

    kwatroz04 New Member

    Good day to all im newbie to this forum and
    we are under Dr. Adrian at Sengkang Due date on June

    delivery cost
    1900 + GST (normal)
    3000 + GST (CS)

    As a first timer, we are very upset with his style...but that's him that's his style its
    up to you if u can accept it or not...We don't know him also that's why we keep on reading
    some of his reviews old and new one. He has so many Very Good Reviews.

    He talk and work so fast...Very straight forward person
    No question? No answer also.
    You cannot expect special treatment from him.. And be thankful if you reach 5 mins per
    appointment hahaha...

    Expect this words from him every time you meet him

    Baby heart beating, Baby arms, Baby legs
    Baby OK
    All OK
    All can
    Don't worry hahaha
    After that then......done.... then get out of the room and talk to the staff at the counter hahaha

    Funny thing also never explain the results of Blood test
    and the detailed anomaly scan....just say all normal ( we are expecting to explain to us the result in detail but he just say ALL NORMAL ) hahha

    So from his style, we need to read, research and study more resources about pregnancy (tnx for google and some forums like this) coz you cannot expect anything from him...its like all is template to him.

    As a mother to be...help your self to know more about your pregnancy
    download those important app like baby center to be your friendly online OB hahaha

    I cannot say he is Highly recommended or not...It depends upon the couple, but for us after our detailed scan
    and the baby is normal we are OK....we are waiting for the day for our baby to come...And we still
    trust Dr. Adrian until the delivery day. So looking forward for that day. I hope by writing this can help you guys.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2017
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  5. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    I went to see Dr Woodworth for my PCOS and yes each consultation is 3mins. we timed him before and really every patient is 3min. Thats his style, talk very fast, everything also chop chop. i m amazed how he can do scans/take blood all within 3 mins.

    I prefer a doctor with TLC so yea. haha
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  6. oal81

    oal81 New Member

    I see Dr Adrian Woodworth at CCK clinic as well upon recommendation of a friend who has 2 kids delivered by him.
    He is indeed very fast with his consultation. 2-3 mins done. 5 mins if you have any questions. Prepare your questions before you go in.
    For those considering Dr Adrian Woodworth, I would suggest seeing him once to 'experiment' with his style before deciding.
    I am fine with his style as I do not have to wait too long to see him despite the Q and it is only when things are turning out fine which allows him to do a fast diagnosis.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2017
  7. pimpim

    pimpim Active Member

    How you manage to see him without waiting for long ? during day time ?
  8. pimpim

    pimpim Active Member

    Hi, do you know how much is dr adrian's package ? thanks.
  9. oal81

    oal81 New Member

    He usually reaches clinic about 10am. Registration starts at about 9am. I usually reach at 930am, take a number and go for my bfast. I could be number 12 so I can see him at about 1030am. I always see him in the mornings due to my work.
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  10. pimpim

    pimpim Active Member

    Can we call to take q number ?
  11. oal81

    oal81 New Member

    I'm not sure. You can try and see if it works.
  12. pimpim

    pimpim Active Member

    sure, thanks :)
  13. izzymon

    izzymon Member

  14. izzymon

    izzymon Member

    Hi, I am a first time mummy and my gynae is also dr Adrian woodsworth. Just wonder where do you give birth? Mount A or Thomson. I have went to the tour for both hospital but yet to decide. Trying to find out more before deciding.
  15. kat.chan

    kat.chan New Member

    Cfmed with his nurse at counter
    He delivers at TMC N Mt A
    Pricing for both are almost the same
    TMC are specially for deliveries.
    Mt A are like a general hospital
    Parking wise MT A easier to park
  16. hbhbhb

    hbhbhb New Member

    Hi All, does Dr Woodworth accept appointments for prenatal checkups or have to go there take queue number one?
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  17. emilyloh12

    emilyloh12 New Member

    Hi Serine,

    i am new and first time mummy to be. went for check up last weekend at amk area. was thinking whether should change to dr Adrian.

    Do you mind to tell more abt his package? How long is the waiting time for CCK clinic? Do you hv something more to share abt dr?

  18. serine

    serine Member

    Hi Emily,
    I signed the package with Dr Adrain because his clinic was near for me . Convenience & travel distance is very important for me . Waiting time can range from 30mins - 2 hrs.

    When I am down with flu , I will visit him as I feel that the medicine he give is more "safe" compare to GP & i only need to pay for the medication not consultation.

    He is ok but when I was a first time mum , I find that he did not give me enough time to ask questions & clarify all the doubts in me. Many times, he is just too fast for me .
    So it depends on your expectation.
  19. CCL83

    CCL83 New Member

    Hi Serine, i would like to know the visitation for prenatal packages with Dr. adrian is until the last day of your deliver due? Do we need pay in shot fo the prenatal package 688 and deliver cost 1900 ?
  20. oal81

    oal81 New Member

    My EDD is about mid May 2017.
    Deliver at TMC.
    Dr Adrian Woodworth didn't collect the delivery fee. I think it will be done at TMC.
    He will give you a hospital admission letter.

    I heard from my friend that patients under him get a free upgrade to 2 bedder from 4 bedder.

    How accurate is this info? The staff told me it will be arranged by TMC subjected to availability.
  21. Jaces

    Jaces Member

    Hi Serine

    I just went to random gynae and found dr adrian. Indeed he is very fast but i read there are so many good reviews about him.

    Do you mind tell me abit more? The blood test at 3th mth is for checking down sydrome? The blood test n detailed scan will be at Novena at the same day?

    Overall it is we will only have 1 blood test? =P needles phobia so i have to be prepared.
    Thanks in advance !
  22. Wan Ting

    Wan Ting New Member

    Hi jaces, I have delivered by Dr Adrian last year April. The blood test is for checking down syndrome at 3th month. Detail scan at 5th month. At novena square 2, there is a TMC scanning clinic there. From what I remember, I only did 1 blood test.

    What I like about Dr Adrian is his delivery skill, I deliver via vigina discharge, I can walk in the hospital the next day and no need any pain killer
  23. Jaces

    Jaces Member

    Hi wan ting . Thanks for your information. Are you having ur baby no. 2 now?

    Can i check with you the blood test needles it is very thin kind too?

    Anyway $1900+ is by normal delivery. But i forgot to ask about the room type. Do u rmb it is for 4 or 2 bed? If want single bedder ... u know roughly how much ?

    U delivered at TMC or MA?
  24. Wan Ting

    Wan Ting New Member

    Hi jaces, I am not expecting now =) the needle I remember is quite thin. And need to draw 3 tubes.

    Yes. 1900+ is for virginal delivery. I deliver at TMC, 1 bedded with hubby staying over. With epidural and baby is vacuum out. Total bill 9.2k, after medisave, cash 5.2k. 2 nights stay
  25. Jaces

    Jaces Member

    Thanks for the information. The 1900+ virginal delivery include the stay already?

    Baby is vacuum out if not enough energy to push? Thanks for ur reply ! :)

    Planning no. 2 now ? =D
  26. Wan Ting

    Wan Ting New Member

    Hi. The 1900+ is doctor fee only. Hospital stay, delivery ward cost separately.

    Because I am under epidural, no feeling to push, and not enough strength, so doctor have to help me. Once he use vacuum, 1 push baby is out.

    Haha. Yup. Now trying got #2, since my boy just turn 1.
  27. oal81

    oal81 New Member

    Delivered on 12 May by natural with epidural and laughing gas.
    Gynae: Dr Adrian Woodworth
    Stayed in 2 bedder (4 bedder free upgrade to 2 bedder) Privilege of Dr Adrian Woodworth patient (subjected to availability)
    There are 3 bills:
    1) Mother
    2) Hospital
    3) Child

    *Check in only after 11pm so that you do not incur an extra day stay. For example if you check in 10pm on Thursday , you will be charged a day stay on Thursday.
    *You do not have to bring anything for baby. All is provided and charged under the bill
    *I use cordlife hospital bag checklist for packing.
    I found the following unnnecessary:
    1) Toiletries (I didn't shower, toothbrush and toothpaste are provided)
    2) Night gown/ pajamas (Just wear the hospital one, save yourself the hassle to wash stains)
    3) Breast pump. (I didn't have much breastmilk during my stay. I only latch on when the baby is brought to me for feeding)
  28. Hl1238

    Hl1238 New Member

    Hi... i would like to know what is the cost of 1 to 3 as my due date is in sep 2017.. thanks
  29. hemo90

    hemo90 New Member

    This is my second c-sect , my edd is 09 and I hope to be is 11. Is there any chance that I can delay? As I asked doctor, he said probably wouldn't make it. I really wanted the date. Anyone exp before?
  30. babyhelp

    babyhelp Member

    Hi, I have my right Fallopian tube removed and miscarriage in March 2017. Trying to conceive now but TCM said I need to see gynae to check which side I am ovulating. Is Dr Adrian able to check this? If yes, do u know his charges for that?
  31. oal81

    oal81 New Member

    Please note that mine is normal delivery with epidural and I stayed an extra day (personal choice)
    Check in: 11 May 2017, 1130pm
    Check out: 15 May 2017
    3 days of stay

    Child bill: ~$2770
    Mother bill: ~$7100 (include hospital charges)

    Bills are itemised.
  32. Crysta1

    Crysta1 New Member

    Anyone know why today Dr Adrian not at Sengkang outlet even though it's tues?
    Went ard 7:15pm and no one there (his side of the clinic)
  33. g_min

    g_min New Member

    Hi, is Dr. Adrian pro natural or pro c-sect?
  34. IreneTan7879

    IreneTan7879 New Member

    I was charged another 2.4k to book Dr Adrian but I am not sure because the cost for natural birth is $1.9k + gst.

    We see Dr Adrian at CCK and their service staffs sucks big time. All time rude and as if we owed them a living.
  35. izzymon

    izzymon Member

    I just given birth in jun by Dr Adrian. The staffs at sengkang r gd. And they r more organised as compared to cck outlet.
  36. IreneTan7879

    IreneTan7879 New Member

    Yes I heard from another patient during our visit at cck. Also gave good comments to the staffs at Sengkang.

    Pretty unjust that his employees in cck does not have the professionalism in service line.

    Super unfriendly and gives a we owed them a living attitude
  37. g_min

    g_min New Member

    Izzymon, did you went through natural or c-sect?
  38. izzymon

    izzymon Member

    Hi min, natural. Dr Adrian stiching skill is gd.
  39. izzymon

    izzymon Member

    Yes men. I went once, will never want to visit cck again. They r v unorganized. I waited for 2hrs. This only happens at sengkang if there r alot of patients. Sengkang staff really efficient. Thumbs up. I called cck once to check on some medication when sengkang outlet is closed for the day. Their reply is very rude, they told me cck n sk work differently since i m a patient of SK, I should call SK. Lol.. I tot they r all under Thomson medical. We r all given the same medication. They r not helpful at all. I went to doc wong clinic when Dr Adrian is away, his staff r also very rude. If I were to give birth again, I will definitely go back to Dr Adrian ~ sk outlet.
  40. IreneTan7879

    IreneTan7879 New Member

    We are staying in cck so SK is pretty far from us.
  41. izzymon

    izzymon Member

    Hi Irene, its ok ignored them. When is your edd?most impt Dr Adrian is good.
  42. IreneTan7879

    IreneTan7879 New Member

    Oct Edd.
    Just hope they don't improve their already bad service. Lol
  43. serine

    serine Member

    Hi mummies, I delivered my baby at TMC end of may with dr Adrian on a Sunday ...
    Just to share roughly how much i spent :
    Normal del w epi & lig 4 bedded $2329
    3Accommodation $418
    Daily treatment fee $300
    Medicine $172
    Medical supplies $429
    Total Hospital charge $4023
    Adrian Doctor fee $3531
    ( induce , natural , ligation )
    Doctors Lim fee $776( epidural)
    Doctor Chong $ 385 ( ligation )
    Total doctor fee:$ 4692
    Grand total : $8616
    Medisave deduction:- $3300
    Baby package $1190
    Doctor fee $540
    Medisave deduction $900
    Total I paid arround Cash : $5016+ $823

    The medical fee has risen so much compared to my first born
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
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  44. serine

    serine Member

    The detail scan was taken in Novena medical centre , blood test was taken by a nurse , i didn't experience any pain as she was very skillful. The cost for 3 & 5 th month scan was around $500 which I find rather expensive as my friend only spent $200.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
  45. overturnedpancakes

    overturnedpancakes New Member

    Hi thanks for the useful information! Just curious, did you manage to get a free upgrade from 4-bedder to 2-bedder?
  46. Anson A

    Anson A New Member

    Hi advise.. I want to check Dr Adrian is pro natural VD or pro c-sec? I heard that he goes for c-sec frequently. We prefer to go for VD and we are a little worry about the comments him about c-sec..
  47. Jaces

    Jaces Member

    Hi. I think i m going for natural too. My friend delivered hers by adrian by natural too.
  48. g_min

    g_min New Member

    Hi, does Dr Adrian stops giving folic acid at week 6-7? Is it ok to stop so early?
  49. Jaces

    Jaces Member

    I rmb only given for first 3 months
  50. Yjing

    Yjing New Member

    I was delivered by dr adrian end may. He is chop chop really so if u want a very detailed gynae, he's not. However my hb and I actually prefers gynae of less words. Just tell us that everything is ok to assure us is gd enough :) so it really depends on ur comfort level .

    I was delivered via normal delivery too (not c sect) and I was really pleased with mount a Nurses and him helping me to deliver. They really give their best to help deliver my baby and was really encouraging throughout . I was about to give up and asked for vacuum however with the team helping me push down the baby and dr adrian standing by to pull the bb out , I am thankful I didn't have to spend more if I were to use vacuum.

    His stitching was good too . Though I felt pain the day after giving birth, generally I was feeling ok the 2nd day . In fact I could walk on the first day already.

    I would likely go to him again for the next delivery.

    Smooth delivery to all mommies out there :)

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