Dr Adrian Woodworth, Dr HK Ho or Dr Lawerance Ang?



I've shortlisted 3 gynaes, Dr Adrian Woodworth, Dr HK Ho & Dr Lawerance Ang. I'm not sure which one I should choose.

Dr Adrian's clinic is the nearest and the most convenient to my place, but he seems to be in a rush when I went to see him for the 1st appointment. This made be very nervous. Is he always like that? And also, how's his stitching skill?

I heard that Dr HK Ho's stitching skill is really goood that his patients do not need to take painkiller... but his price is quite ex...

As for Dr Ang, heard that his stitching skill is good too but his package is cheap, just that his clinic is quite far away from my place...

Btw, any idea whether are these 3 gynaes pro natural birth? Thank you.


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Dr Lawrence Ang, my gynae for 2nd bb. His package $500 inclusive of all scans, consultation, vitamins. V cheap.

Thru friend recommendation, he waited 22 hrs for her at the hospital just to delivery her bb. Guess where he Zzzz... on the bench outside the ward. Quite responsible.

Not sure his stitching skills but I travel fm Sengkang to Sembawang to see him.

Just my opinions...


Thanks snowygal for your reply. Actually, I also stay in SengKang, so not sure should I travel so far to see him or not... Does he see patient at fast speed or he will take time to explain to you?


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Dr Lawrence Ang is my gynae for my 2 gals. He's introduced to me by my colleague. I wanna see a gynae at Gleneagles when I got to know my pregnancy. My colleague advised me to get a gynae near to my home instead. Imagine you are sick and still gotta travel far to your gynae and worst still got to wait or the Q no. But SK is not very far from Sembawang if you drive lah.

Dr Ang charges cheap, his stitching skill is good and he encourges natural delivery w/o epidural. He's not against epidural but he told all his patients that 80% of his patients dun use epidural. I feel he's very encourging and I managed both deliveries w/o epidural (my colleagues laughed at me asking why I wanna endure the pain, actually I feel the pain is bearable with the mask)

My 1st delivery, my waterbag burst during midnite, I called Dr Ang and surprising, he answered my call very fast and advised me what to do.

My 2nd delivery, Dr Ang noticed my cervix opened and he agar agar told me when I will delivered. Was then told to go back to see him one day (sat) before I delivered (sun). He told me I will delivered soon, got my contact and said he would call me back to check in late PM. Before he called me, my contractions came in and I called him first.

He's a nice guy but expect long queue at his clinic at Sembawang. I heard his clinic at TMC, the queue clear q fast. What you see him at the clinic is totally a different person in the delivery ward. In clinic, he's so busy and he looks so messy and fast in the checkup. But in delivery ward, he very gentle, patient and encourging. Imagine, he was rushing with the other patients who were delivering on the same day as me.


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I had Dr Ang when i delivered my son in 2002 and would go back to him when i have my 2nd one. Praying soon. :p

I would recommend him, his stitches is good and he is a patient guy who bother to explain if u ask. Mine pregnancy then was quite a risky one as I had bleeding.

My collegue choose Dr Adrian Woodworth as she stay in CCK. She find him good too and now seeing him for her 2nd pregnancy too.


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i second jenny post

i was with dr ang , delivered my gal on 06/02/07, natural w/o epi

i remembered i asked for epi, the midwife at TMC have to call him before administrating.. (dunno is it the procdedure) admist his busy schedule, he asked my hb to talk to him over the phone, tell my hb how to encourage me to go with epi.

in the delivery ward, he was very assuring and encouraging.

Got to admit that during normal checkup, he looks stern and no nonsense type. He wun offer u additional info unless u ask him.

i will definitely go back to him for 2nd preg


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haha I think Dr Ang instruct no epidural for his patients to the midwife w/o him saying ok kekeke... or rather the midwife and nurses know Dr Ang's "pattern" too well. I remembered I was in the delivery ward, no mention of the word "epidural" from the midwife and nurses at all, they only told me to use gas mask. I heard/read from colleagues and other mummies that usually the midwife/nurse will ask when they see us in pain if we need epidural to relieve pain.

anyway, not only that. My 1st delivery, I stay in 2 bedded (auto upgraded by Dr Ang, you know lah). The 2nd delivery, when I registered at the counter, I told the nurse "I'm registering for 1 bedded". The nurse looked at me and asked me "does Dr Ang know?".

So I think Dr Ang did "instruct" the TMC staff on his arrangement for his patients lor.


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Hi snowbelle

Is true that Dr HK Ho's stitching skill is really very good and i am one of his patients Taht do not take painkiller BUt charges is really very expensive lor...

package onli start after 20 weeks. before the start of package consulation $80 scanning $60 exclude test and medical.
even for his package also doesnt include detailed scan and vitamins etc


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Hi snowbelle,
I was wif Dr Ho. Fantastic and experienced doc. Stitches absolutely painless (natural wif epi), I din take any painkillers aft delivery. Bathe the nxt morning ard 7. I gave birth @ ard 11 the previous nite. My pain threshold is non-existent... That was the main reason why I din take Lawrence ang... even though he was like the in-house gynae for the females @ my workplace. To me and my hubby, Dr Ho is $$$ well-spent. Will definitely go back to him if I decide to have another kid.


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Hi cftongtan,
Dr Lawrence Ang's clinic at Sun Plaza contact no is 6753 5228. He is also stationed at TMC, Tel: 6352 6550. Hw many wks r u preg alredi? It wun be easily to call and book appmt at Sun Plaza so i advise u 2 go during operating hrs to wait for a slot. I like him beco he is a gentleman and very friendly.


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Me too a patient of Dr Ang at Sun Plaza. Strongly recommend him. Not just gentle, encouraging and assuring, he also gives you confidence about your BB's progress. Won't give you unnecessary worries. Throughout my pregnancy with twins, though he was aware of the complications that may arise, he was always very reassuring of me and HB after every visit. I think I'm one of his many patients who managed to carry twins to term. Not many twin pregnancies can reach term due to tummy space constraint as well as stress level. And I really think his assurance and confidence made my pregnancy a stress-free one. His charges are very reasonable and he doesn't "supply" any additional supplement because you can get it cheaper on your own. I don't think I will have another kid after my two, but I will recommend him to any friends. So far, about 4 of my friends have travelled from diff parts of the island to see him.


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Sorry everyone, my 1st post was rejected. forgot to intro myself.
I am a newcomer for this forum; I find users at this forum are quite helpful and I hope to get some useful advice here.
I am a mother of a 1.5year old boy, 2 days ago I just discovered I am pregnant again. My first boy was a KK boy, but the previous gynae has moved to TMC and it's really far from my place. So I am looking for a gynae near my place. My place is very close to compass point. Any advice on whom to go to at compass point? is the Dr Andrian at basement good or the Vincent Lee at Raffles Medical? How about the fee?
2. I intend to go to see gynae only around 10weeks or so due to my bad miscarriage experience early this year (found that gynae can't do much in early stage anyway). But I just had some spotting this morning and I am very worried. Should I let the nature take the course or should I go ahead see the gynae and hope they can do sth? Pls advise.
Thanks all!


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Dr Adrian's contact at his Sengkang Clinic is as follow:

5 Sengkang Square
#01-05 (SengKang MRT)
Tel: 6388 8125

Mon, Thur & Sat : 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Tue & Fri : 6pm - 9pm

I just had my first kid delivered by him under c-sect with epi cos my bb was in a breech position. He is very patient and nice and his charges is very reasonable.


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Hi snowbelle,

I've just given birth last week, delivered by Dr Lawrence Ang. Natural w/o epi. Delivered in the wee hours of the morning. Imagined he came in T-shirt, bermudas & slippers.

His stitching is really good. Can't feel any pain 2nd day onwards & I didn't take painkiller.

Will go back to him if I kanan again...


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i seen dr ang which recommend by my sis-in-law(her 2 kids all by dr ang) he a very nice doctor and will advise u when u ask questions.and he is cheap in fees and stay in two bedded in tmc.
to say the true all gyneas are super busy (long wait at the clinic) and short visit(seem like rushing) but all my gal pal seen other places gynea is the same thing.unless u seen one newly gynea in a new clinic.dr ang staff is fierce but cause cant blame them as they are super busy n sometime ppl ask them funny question & rude to them.but overall when u at the clinic they are nice.(as long we treat ppl nice they will do it back the same to us)
that is my first labour and is induce and i cant take the pain so i took epi.all depend ur totureance level of pain.
dr ang one thing is he never ask u watch diet cause i eat too much and turn out i so fat but not my baby fat.too fat also hard to give birth and to slim down after that.eat more small meals not like me eat one shot too much.


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hi, can anyone tell me the charges for the c-sect for Dr Adrain. I staying in Sengkang, this is my 2nd bb. Not going to the first Dr as is too far for me. Thinking to get a cheap n good doc.


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my gal was delivered my Dr Ang really no pain i deliver normal w/o epidural , no pain even after i deliver stitching was gd... has gone back to hlm agaln hopefully no.2 also will have no pain


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Yes, Dr Ang is very good. As he even didn't collect any prof. fee for collect the cord blood. As I know from the cord bank ppl(1 of the cord bank)most of the gynae collect prof fee from them. only few gynae don't collect it & Dr. Ang is one of them. And I did sign up for the cord bank storage with very low price. If I'm not wrong is $850(excluding GST)



My 1st child is by Dr Adrain Woodworth, he is very fast in terms of words. A man with few words. You have to ask him qns instead. So far experience with him is good. But I am thinking if should go back to him or Dr Ang.


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But the scanner at Dr Adrian Woodworth Clinic @Sengkang MRT very old. 2 times already still cannot detect/scan the baby. Have to fly to TMC to get that detail scan $107 for the 2nd time.


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My gynae was Dr Woody. I really like this Dr, A man with few words, will not say anything to make you worry. "It's normal" to make mommies less worry and enjoy her pregnancy.

I had spottings in my 1st few weeks of my pregnancy, went to him and was given bed rest (On and off for 2 weeks)+ hormones pills + hormones injections to stablise my pregnancy and I see him every week. Once I had blood spotting I called him at 11.30pm, he even picked up the phone and advised me what to do next. The following day I went to see him in CCK, I am SK patient. He still see me without any consulation fee or U/S charges, I haven't even start my package at SK Clinic yet. Went to see him twice in CCK cos of emergency.

Everything was okay until 11 week OSCAR scan at TMC. My baby had no skull (lack of Folic acid), went to see him immediately at SK clinic for next course of action. Was advised by Dr Woody to terminate my pregnancy cos baby is deformed. He arranged to do the dnc procedure the next day. He gave me 2 pills to open up my cervix + 2 pain killers to be taken at night before I sleep. The pain killers help me to sleep better cos I didn't experience any cramp till 4am, My operation time is 8.30am.

In Operation room he still joked to me, trying to make me relax. Everything went on well, no pain, no cramps, I don't even need to take pain-killer at all.

When I went back for post procedure check-up, he did not charge me at all. I paid for pregnancy package 1 month before. Poor mine, he just broke one of his leg and he still continue to see his patients.

I am very gladful to Dr Woodworth. I think he knew my baby is not healthy, that's why he suggested to go for OSCAR Scan when I was 11 week pregnant. At least I could terminate my pregnancy at week 11, instead of wait till week 20. This is my 2nd M/C, I know I am in good hand for my future pregnancies.

I would go back to him in my future pregnancies. I really like this Dr, who really care alot for his patients even his consultation is chop-chop and fast one, but he does carry his points across, should you have any questions, he would just answer. His charges are very reasonable. Will be TTC in 2 months time, hope to see him soon. He is very Special to me, feel like he has Halo on his head
He is my Dr Hope


hello, I'm new here. I know little of pregnancy and I suspect I'm pregnant (did 3 preg tests over 2 days).

I have been checking out this site for couple of days and notice many are favoring over Dr Lawrence Ang and Dr Adrian Worthwood.

I have a friend who has given birth to a beautiful girl, delivered by Dr. Ang 2 yrs ago and she encourages me to go to Dr. Ang. My concern is, is his stitching skill for normal delivery good? Does Dr Ang teach us how to avoid an Episotomy?

Appreciate if any kind soul could help to answer my queries. Thanks!


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Hi Angewong,

my girl was delivered by Dr Ang 2 yrs back and no doubt his stitching skills is gd..

mine was natural w/o epi + vacuum


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Good morning ladies...

Fish fish, where are you?

Just to check, did any of you mummy experience diarrhoea? I think I have constipation until my stomach cannot hold anymore then release as LS. I will have stomache and LS about once to twice every week.
Any of you experience same thing? I don't think I ate the wrong food... Coz after I release out, there will be no more and few days later it will come again.


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I went to Dr Adrian's clinic this morning and was totally disappointed with him. Waited 1 hour for him to come but its ok for me. I was having bleeding and when I see him, he didn't even bother, give me the SAME medicine as what I already had, no jabs, no other medicine, no words of assurance and worst of all, I was chased out in less than 2 min and had to pay $200! My gynae I usually go to is out of town and after reading some reviews online, I decided to go to him and I shouldn't even have gone there. I am so disappointed and I really totally can't understand why anyone would go to such an irresponsible gynae!


I think you probably visit him at the wrongtime. Recently, I saw in the papers, orbitural sect that one of his family member passed away.


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HI kATHY and Meera..

SO far my experience with DR Adrain has mix emotion.. I was like you.. fustrated.. cause of his attitude and i did not have sense of secure and assurance when i was worry about my pregnancy.. Aft I deliver he came to visit me.. he ask abt my condition but nvr check my sitches or wound at all.. i was upset, cause i feel he is not responsible like my friend's gynae... due to his lack of explaination.. my emotion was kinda mess up.. worrying on the uncertainties.. but come to think of it... he did not say much becos he dun wan us as a mommy to worry for nothing.. unless is really serious.. he will talk to you.. so is best that he did not talk much..
as for my stitches.. he is good! i was well again in no times...

next preggy, i will go to him again


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HI kATHY and Meera..

SO far my experience with DR Adrain has mix emotion.. I was like you.. fustrated.. cause of his attitude and i did not have sense of secure and assurance when i was worry about my pregnancy.. Aft I deliver he came to visit me.. he ask abt my condition but nvr check my sitches or wound at all.. i was upset, cause i feel he is not responsible like my friend's gynae... due to his lack of explaination.. my emotion was kinda mess up.. worrying on the uncertainties.. but come to think of it... he did not say much becos he dun wan us as a mommy to worry for nothing.. unless is really serious.. he will talk to you.. so is best that he did not talk much..
as for my stitches.. he is good! i was well again in no times...

next preggy, i will go to him again


my experience with Dr Ho not so good he tot i'm paranoid abt my early contractions dismissed off my worries and give me the look why i'm at his clinic again (after i signed package) and it turns out that i've a condition tat may threaten miscarriage. he may be good in delivering but the process of pregnancy i dun think so at least for me.