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Discussion in 'Want To Buy' started by SulliRichelle, May 18, 2018.

  1. SulliRichelle

    SulliRichelle New Member

    The most popular race in WildStar appears to be the Aurin. 18% of players chose to create an Aurin character. You would think that the Chua would actually have been the most popular race, but only 11% of players created a Chua. Another set of interesting statistics about the WildStar beta is how players were leveling. Carbine says 72 million quests were completed during the beta period, and 12.8 billion experience points were earned. Players earned the most experience through killing mobs, WildStar Gold accounting for 50.1% of all XP earned.

    Human is basically your jack-of-all-trades, with all classes available to them. If you're unsure which class you want to pick, Human is the race for you. Humans are pretty cut and dry, they're your basic standard race that can do everything. You'll see a lot of these running around. The Granok are living rocks. So it makes sense that they would take the tanky roles. Where the Granok don't get the extremely mobile classes; such as Esper or Spellslinger, every class available to buy WildStar Gold them gets medium armor or better. If you're looking for a &klo2kpowerhouse that won't require as much moving around, the Granok is your race.

    The Aurin are your stereotypical animal people race. You know the race that every game has that mixes human-like people with animal-like features? Well in this game that's the Aurin. If you look at Katy's character creation guides there are many fabulous looks for gold.raiditem the Aurin. The Aurin are exactly the opposite of the Granok, getting all the mobile classes. If you're looking to kill stuff on the run, or sneak up behind things and annihilate them, then the Aurin are what you're looking for.

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