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Don't know what Gift to get your Loved Ones?

Discussion in 'For Business' started by MoehMAX, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Most gifts are fleeting. Or go into the bottom drawer after a while.

    For those who are special to us, finding a gift that is both what they want and what they'd use has become super difficult.

    Why? Because we all have everything already!

    You don't want them to be happy for a second and just put it aside afterwards. Forgotten.

    Got a sister that loves makeup? Cool, but she probably already has every single makeup item you can think of. Eyeshadows? Yea, she has 20 of them.

    How can you find a gift that is truly unique without breaking the bank?

    Is it possible to give a gift that gets appreciated and still talked about even months after she’s received it?

    While most gifts go into the bottom drawer after a while, only one gift stays on the table. That's a personalised caricature drawing.

    Here are the exact words of two MoehMAX clients:

    “You really can’t find it anywhere else. It's so cute.”

    “Trust me the quality of the drawing will not disappoint. This kind of price is really worth it. I'm sure you will like it.”

    And there're many more at the Testimonial section on our website www.moehmax.com

    Interested to get your own drawing? Email hello@moehmax.com or SMS 90492619

    Family portrait drawing by MoehMAX.jpg
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  2. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Valentine's Day is coming, ready to surprise her/him?

    A diamond is forever. So is our drawing. ;)

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  3. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Ever felt uncomfortable sitting across a caricature artist? People passing by are all watching.

    With MoehMAX, instead of suffering for an hour while your caricature is being drawn, you simply send us a photo. We get it done and e-mail it to you, plus its photo print in a frame, ready as a gift.

    Ever tried nervous waiting for your drawing to be done and having absolutely no idea how the result would turn out?

    Never again. We’ll take care of you.

    Being experienced in personalised drawing , we make sure every client feels comfortable and feels good:

    - You’ll be updated every step of the way in each stage of your drawing.
    - Revision requests are not only accepted but welcomed.
    - We’ll only move forward to wash (colouring) after you’re happy with the sketching.

    When was the last time you felt good about buying and giving someone a special gift?
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  4. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Ready to gift something that's appreciated daily and even talked about until months later? Check us out at www.moehmax.com

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  5. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Make your friend/family feel lucky to have you when they open up your gift:)

    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  6. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Someone that's special to you getting married? Why not consider a personalised anime drawing for the couple as a truly one of a kind (actually only 1 piece in the entire world) wedding gift, it will be remembered, probably talked about even months after:)

  7. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Your baby is already cute, But we make sure he/she is even cuter in our drawing:)

    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  8. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    A gift that stays on the desk and makes everyone smiles every time they look at it:)

    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  9. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    “Trust me the quality of the drawing will not disappoint. This kind of price is really worth it. I'm sure you will like it.” is what we hear from clients again and again.

    Don't take our words for it, check out the Testimonial section on our website http://www.moehmax.com and see what our clients are saying about their MoehMAX experience.

  10. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Cute MoehMAX for cute families:)

  11. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    A photo of yours might be looked at, appreciated and then forgotten in your phone or drawer. But a caricature drawing like this gets to stay on your desk for sure:)

  12. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    So cute yet resembling you. That's our specialty. :p

  13. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Send us your photo, receive your very own art piece in return. Don't you want to know how you would look like in the anime world? (I bet she wants to very much;)

    hint: Valentine's Day 2018 Gifto_O
  14. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    When was the last time you really take a look at your photos taken? It'll be different for a MoehMAX drawing - it stays on your desk.

  15. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    How about a personalised anime drawing for you and your bestie? She'd love it:)

  16. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Extremely cute yet still look like you. That's what MoehMAX does;)

  17. priyavermadental

    priyavermadental New Member

    Amazing gifts and thanks for sharing
    MoehMAX likes this.
  18. MoehMAX

    MoehMAX New Member

    Thanks for your kind words! ^^ We're addicted to spreading smiles :p

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