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Does anyone drink chicken essence or eat bak foong pill to help conceiving?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Ruby Yen, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Ruby Yen

    Ruby Yen New Member

    Hi, me! I drank tian yuan xiang chicken essence for pregnancy plan (想孕) for 3 months and got pregnant successfully. Both my hubby and I drink their chicken essence (my hubby drink the flavor for Men 精銳). We're so happy because we ttc for a long time ... we went to tcm to "tiao" our constitution together and drank this chicken essence for a period of time, maybe you can have a try.
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  2. Ruby Yen

    Ruby Yen New Member

    Hi @sum05 , I also buy chicken essence for Men for my hubby becos my tcm doctor told me both wife and husband need to nourish body together.
    You can stock their products when visiting Taiwan or buy in their SG store when they have some special campaign.
    Wish you a good luck! 祝好孕!
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  3. Sofia Kuo

    Sofia Kuo New Member

    Hi mummies and daddies! Can't wait to share this great news with you~~~Now buying Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence can enjoy special offer now! $20 off $300 n $50 off $500! Almost 10%off discount that equals to the discount of their 10-box set!
    So excited to know this from their FB and I've ordered 5 boxes for both of my parents and mil/fil haha! I have to say Tian yuan Xiang chicken essence is an ideal gift for both Christmas and New Year! 11171.jpg
  4. Hazelynlee22

    Hazelynlee22 New Member


    I have an extra brand new unopened box of chicken essence for pregnancy plan from tian yuan xiang which I am willing to let go at $175. The expiry date is on 23 Jan 2018.

    Please let me know if you are keen. Thanks!

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  5. ShOOie

    ShOOie New Member

    Hi, can I buy over from u? Email me at sh00gal@yahoo.com.sg Thanks!
  6. Beanie Peeps

    Beanie Peeps Active Member

    Hi, im interested to get the pregnancy plan essence.. can anyone guide me?
  7. Ruby Yen

    Ruby Yen New Member

    Hi~ I drank this flavor and got pregnant! I'm 13w now haha... pregnancy plan contains 20 packets in a box (10 before ovulation / 10 after ovulation), you need to drink the "before" one from the 6th day to 15th day of your period, then keep drinking the "after" one from the 16th day to 25th day of your period.

    I tried it for 3 months and got pregnant successfully, it depends to everyone's constitution. Some mummies just tried one box n succeeded. Wish you good luck lah!
  8. Qweasd

    Qweasd New Member

    Hello ruby,
    Do I drink it in the morning or can I drink it at night ? Apparently I’m on revosit ( a medication that was given to me by my gynae for conceiving, but it doesn’t seems to be working)
    Can I mix both medicine? For instance, taking revosit in the morning and drinking the chicken Essence in the night ?
  9. Beanie Peeps

    Beanie Peeps Active Member

    Thanks for letting me know.. I bought it alrdy.. now waiting for O to change...

    I drink every morning before breakfast prior 20 mins..
  10. Ruby Yen

    Ruby Yen New Member

    Hi, I drink chicken essence in the morning with empty stomach before breakfast. When I started to drink chicken essence for pregnancy plan, I also needed to take other herbal medicine given by my TCM doctor at the same period to tiao my constitution. And the staff of Tian Yuan Xiang told me that I could have my herbal medicine 1 hour later after drinking their chicken essence. So I think you can also take your revosit at the same day.
  11. chocoyuma

    chocoyuma New Member

    Hi mummies! I just found that Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence has halal certification!! Their announced this great news on their fb page! Haha does any mummy find this? Just wanna share becos now I can recommend this tonic to my muslim mummy friends!

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  12. Babylovin

    Babylovin Member

    Jumping in over here in case anyone needs a cheaper alternative.
    I bought my Taiwan chicken essence from Golden Chef 金牌大師, they have a website and ships direct to SG. I wanted to get Tian Yuan Xiang but it is really too expensive. Golden chef is half the price and was introduced by my sister who got pregnant after taking it :) If you google in chinese, there are people comparing these few main brands, can take a look.
  13. blur_blur_gal

    blur_blur_gal Member

    Hi May I know if order from
    Their website cost to pay is in SGD?
    Ya Tian Yuan Xiang is too expensive le.
  14. Rainbowskies

    Rainbowskies Member

    Has anyone tried hao yi kang? I'm thinking to buy either tian yuan xiang or hao yi kang..
  15. Babylovin

    Babylovin Member

    The cost is shown in NT, paid by credit card. I received it in less than 1 week. You have to be able to read chinese though hehe.
    I bought 12 boxes (10 packs each), shared with my sis, for NT10210 inclusive of shipping, that's around $460 SGD.

    Hao yi kang is selling lao xie zhen right? Was considering that too after not being able to afford TYX haha.
  16. blur_blur_gal

    blur_blur_gal Member

    Ok thanks!
    Ya Tian Yuan Xiang not only so expensive and it must be stored in freezer and boil or microwave so troublesome!
  17. Babylovin

    Babylovin Member

    Oh yes yes, that's the other reason why in the end the choice was between Lao Xie Zhen and Jin Pai only haha. Jin Pai i just put into a bowl of hot water for a few mins and it's heated up. I have a water dispenser so it's really fuss free for me especially during the morning rush.
  18. blur_blur_gal

    blur_blur_gal Member

    Correct same thinking as me! Got to rush to send my girl to CC and work so I guess the two choices you mentioned works better for me
  19. Huang88

    Huang88 Member

    Can i check do you drink the chicken essence everyday ?
  20. lady081980

    lady081980 Active Member

    i drink everyday
  21. Rainbowskies

    Rainbowskies Member

    Ya so really hao yi kang is cheaper. I guess I will order from there to try it out.
  22. birdierina

    birdierina New Member

    Hi I've tried both hao yi kang and tian yuag xiang. I'll recommend you to buy Tian Yuan Xiang because its chicken essence is purer. Although hao yi kang's chicken essence doesn't need to store in the freezer, but it tastes saltier than tian yuan xiang, and I found that its ingredients contain pork in it, not pure chicken essence.....
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  23. YeeHua

    YeeHua New Member

    I tried both of tian yuan xiang and hao yi kang. I did check their back ground also.
    Hao yi kang use old hen. BUT, old hen is actually used to lay and hatch eggs. We are all women.. can you imagine your physical condition after giving birth like hundreds of times... omg..
    So I turn to Tian Yuan Xiang. No doubt!
    Aslo..hao yi kang is not really cheaper, either. Their volume is lesser neh.

    I can't find too much information of another brand mentioned here so I just skip this brand.
  24. angelantie

    angelantie New Member

    I've tried several chicken essence during pregnancy and confinement, but tian yuan xiang is the one I preferred because it taste really good (no fishy or canned-smell) and the price is reasonable when I bought during Christmas campaign. Won't try hao yi kang because I'm a muslime mummy.
  25. Rainbowskies

    Rainbowskies Member

    Oh thanks for notifying! Since it's not pure chicken Essence then perhaps I will try tian yuan Xiang. Thank god I check this thread because I was almost gonna order already..
  26. Vivian Chen

    Vivian Chen Member

    I think all mummies want is a product with good and safe quality! I will choose tian tuan xiang as well because it has halal certification. All I know is halal not easy to get and the producing process is stricter and safer than normal ones.
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  27. Rainbowskies

    Rainbowskies Member

    that's a good point, thanks for sharing
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  28. Merryc

    Merryc New Member

    Hi... i have a month supply of Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence to sell. Anyone interested can pm me.
  29. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    After reading your post, i went to buy the Tian yuan xiang for women and men. After my calculation, its not cheap loh, $380/month x 3 months = $1140 and its onyl 3 months, sigh.

  30. Ruby Yen

    Ruby Yen New Member

    I know it's not that cheap...but compared to the fee of IUI or IVF, it's much more cheaper. My hubby and I tried so many years ttcing and spent much time and money on it... we love kids and eager to have one or two but it's hard for us because of my irregular menses... It's worth for us to try Tian Yuan Xiang because it made our dream come true! Hope it can also help you to get pregnant soon! Wish you good luck!
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  31. yumami

    yumami New Member

    Wow, I just found that Xiang Yun also recommended Tian Yuan Xiang on her FB!!! 03201.jpg
  32. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Its my 10th day drinking Tian Yuan Xiang (TYX). i've been having brownish discharge (like spotting, little bit) after my period until now. sigh. The TYX staff told me start drinking it on the 6th day or any day after the menses is clean, i drank it on the 7th day when i saw its clean. the 8th day i saw a little tiny bit fresh blood then the following days just spotting till now. haiz. is it messing up my cycle or am i too stress from work? so confused. is anyone having the same problem after drinking it?
  33. Jayels

    Jayels New Member

    Im selling off 10 packs of 田原香-想孕(part II-after Ovulation)

    Didnt get the chance to drink as was having sore throat. Recently just found out the good news, hance dont have to drink anymore.

    PM me, if interested.

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  34. Grace Pan

    Grace Pan New Member

    Hi, I think that's becos your period is not clean enough and the chicken essence you drink improve qi-blood circulation that makes you keep spotting....I drink their chicken essence after my period all clear (my period is longer than others, usually come 7 days but I have brownish discharge about 2-3 days). After confirming no spotting or brown discharge, I start to drink (usually on 10th day).
  35. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Hi Grace

    Thanks for highlighting it to me. I think you are right. I should have waited for 1 or 2 more days to confirm its clear then drink.

    My menses is similar to you. The heavy days are about 3 days then follow by light period till 5th-6th days. After that spotting jow and then and totally clear normally is 8th or 9th days. Sometimes till 10th days. Though sometimes its fast, clear by 5th or 6th days. So messed up. Sigh.

    Anyway how long have you been drinking tyx?

  36. Zcshop

    Zcshop Member

    I drank 2 boxes already but still no news.
  37. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Wow, congrats, how long have you been drinking TYX?

  38. coachy0203

    coachy0203 Member

    Some people in this forum mentioned they drank till 3rd box then they have the good news.

    Do you see any TCM beside taking TYX?

  39. Jayels

    Jayels New Member

    This is the 2nd box i bought.
  40. Zcshop

    Zcshop Member

    Yup...as and when i do. I drank 2 boxes of xiang yun. And now drinking 1 box of jing qi tiao li (cos i wanted to regulate my menses which is supposed to b good for ttc). No gd news yet.

    I do see tcm as and when and do eat tcm med though not frequent.
  41. Just saw that TYX is having a roadshow in Suntec till 1 April, there’s 10% off with any 2 boxes purchased. I’ll probably try too since the response from everyone here has been positive :)
    Link here: https://instagram.com/p/BgYMuiVl7OB/
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  42. Sofia Kuo

    Sofia Kuo New Member

    Hi all, I found that Xia Xue has a video that she adds tyx chicken essence in her recipe, really cool!
    And tyx also has a campaign now that we can enjoy $25 off discount when buying 2 boxes!
    Link for Xia Xue's video is here:

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  43. jazel

    jazel New Member

    Hi ladies, ive been ttc for 3 years now but still no news, tried tyx pregnancy for the 2nd month now. 1st month i tried my period got delayed by 4 days! My cycle was 26 days, late for 4 days until i tot i successful liao, ended up crying becos my menses came on day 30 :(. This month i used the ovulation strips, realised i havent ovulated even until day 15, im still on the last packet of "before ovulation", not sure if this has caused my ovulation to be delayed and my menses to also be delayed? My menses also becsme a bit strange, like by day 2 almost dry, still got spotting until day 6, so i only started drinking on day 7. My face also suddenly sprouted pimples which havent happened for at least 1 yr already. Wondering if it caused my hormones to go crazy. Any ladies here experienced the same thing? Or if tyx ppl see this, can u give me a reply? Thank you
  44. homemacathy

    homemacathy New Member

    I also drank tyx pregnancy plan but I got pregnant successfully after trying for 3-4 boxes and my menses cycle is 28 days...If you feel uncomfortable or body feels strange, you should consult to tcm doctor to see if it's suitable for you to drink or not...
  45. chongpf

    chongpf New Member

    Hihi. I have been trying for almost 2-3yrs and am already 37. Fertility check no problem but hubby has morphology problem and the rest are fine.
    Read some of you have tried the chicken essence. Is it that good? It helps to build up our immune system is it?
    And how does tcm help? Guess some of you here has good reviews and some not. I really at my wits end. Go see gynea also don't know what to check next. See tcm is also very tiring since you have to go down consistently every week and is not cheap!
  46. misslorababy

    misslorababy New Member

    Hi, I tried 2.5 boxes of tian yuan xiang chicken essence for pregnancy plan and got pregnant successfully. I'm 20w now. I've been ttcing for almost 2 years before my friends recommended me this chicken essence. My hubby and I also went to tcm to tiao our constitution for a long period of time but still no good news...really frustrated...
    My friends recommended me to tried tian yuan xiang becos they said it works on them. So I bought 3 boxes of pregnancy plan for nourishing my ovum and also bought their chicken essence for men which contains horny goat weed for hubby to nourish and strengthen his sperm as well. When we tried our third box, we got good news! All of our families are extremely happy!!
    If your hubby has morphology problem, you should get him some supplements such as good protein, zinc, horny goat weed and so on. And as I know tian yuan xiang has a special offer now at Westgate, you can get cheaper price there! Hope you get good news soon, jia you! special offer from tyx.jpg
  47. chongpf

    chongpf New Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    I just try one box of tian yuan xiang and my hubby aso. And my period come today. So is not successful. I think it works for different people. U r so lucky, try 3 boxes and u r conceive. Congrats.
    I now thinking if should continue to drink tian yuan xiang or see tcm Dr Zou at amk which many people recommend. Again, it doesn't work so ALL people.
    Ttc for also about 2 yr plus and stress is there. Every month become a precedure. Anyone know when and how to check is your ovulation or egg release? We always try on day 12-16. Wonder are we trying on wrong timing?

    Age is catching up and my hubby ask me to try iui.
  48. chongpf

    chongpf New Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    I just try one box of tian yuan xiang and my hubby aso. And my period come today. So is not successful. I think it works for different people. U r so lucky, try 3 boxes and u r conceive. Congrats.
    I now thinking if should continue to drink tian yuan xiang or see tcm Dr Zou at amk which many people recommend. Again, it doesn't work so ALL people.
    Ttc for also about 2 yr plus and stress is there. Every month become a precedure. Anyone know when and how to check is your ovulation or egg release? We always try on day 12-16. Wonder are we trying on wrong timing?

    Age is catching up and my hubby ask me to try iui.
  49. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    @chongpf , I am also having the same dilemma as you. I am thinking if i should try the tian yuan xiang or go for the fertility massage. Am also TTC for the last 2 years, the stress on the r/s is also no joke. I just started seeing Dr. Zou yday, maybe will try for 6months and see how the body is.

    As for the ovulation or egg release, I recommend you goto gynae to do a TOO scan(hehe, I forgot what does TOO stands for) on Day 12 to see if you are ovulating, they can also check how big are the eggs.
  50. chongpf

    chongpf New Member


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