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Do Your Hubby Do OralSex for You????

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by theox, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. theox

    theox New Member

    Hi hhow if your husband NEVER do an oral sex for you?for 5 years of marriage?

  2. new_dad

    new_dad New Member

    My wife does not do oral sex for me too. No big deal right?
  3. gilbert

    gilbert New Member

    I ejaculated inside my wife on her 7th day of mensus. she still hd spotting on that day. What is the chance of her gettg pregnant? If she is, is it safe for her to do PAP Smear on the 14th day?
  4. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member


    Shld have gone to ask for a morning pill frm doc within 24 hrs.. do u want a baby? if yes, dun go for pap smear ba.. wait till the next mth.
  5. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member


    U shld discuss this with yr husband for such needs. u cant realli compare with other couples lor.
  6. theox

    theox New Member

    ya, i discuss already, but he really not enjoy to do it.and feel very strange even he never touch my private area. just want to know isit normal for man like this? are other husband always do oral for his wife, just curious?

    surprise.. ur wife not do oral for u...
  7. new_dad

    new_dad New Member

    Hi Ox
    Not that she never oral for me. I think it was very long time ago that she gave to me. It think yrs is more strange. If yr hub never touch u, then how is it possible to get wet enuff to penetrate?
  8. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member

    I agreed with Richard, and not every hubby needs oral ma. and very strange if he never touch u 'there'. btw does he request u to oral him? if he does... he is selfish on not making u satisfied!
  9. gilbert

    gilbert New Member

    Hi fun,

    if my wife get pregnant bcoz of this time. then mayb i ask her postpone the pap smear. fearing that test will hurt the bb inside her.

    u guys know how long can a woman to chk w/ those pregnancy kit if she is pregnant?

    how many of wives there do go for pap smear b4 pregnant?
  10. trying_hard_hard

    trying_hard_hard New Member

    y guys enjoy oral hur?

    I dun like to oral for my hubby...
  11. newagedad

    newagedad New Member

    Hi theox,

    I enjoy doing oral to my wife, the first time she felt uneasy about it, but she enjoyed it. And she does oral to me. I find 69 very enjoyable. She doesn't really like me use my fingers though, thought they are dirty.

    I can't say for all men, but I enjoy oral. It's just a different kind of excitement. Even sex life is fine, I also from time to time enjoy masturbation. It's just different.
  12. relaxfun

    relaxfun Active Member


    can chk for pregy if wife's period is one day late lor. tat will be the best time. Do the test with the first morning urine.
  13. trying_hard_hard

    trying_hard_hard New Member

    Hi new age dad,


    i dun enjoy oral... hehe.. but sometimes jus do it..
  14. ausset

    ausset New Member

    Hi all,

    I do enjoi doing oral 4 my hubby! But my hubby didn't do it 4 me. But hws the feeling doing oral to my hubby, is it greater den having sex?
  15. new_dad

    new_dad New Member

    Oral sex is just part of foreplay. Usually men will enjoy it if their partner do it volunteerily and not out of obligation. Maybe u should give more to yr hub and discuss how he feels abt it.
  16. theox

    theox New Member

    I same with Milan, I do really enjoy doing oral for my hubby too, after doing i'll really get wet.....
  17. new_dad

    new_dad New Member

    Hi Ox

    Can u share how u make yrself interested to oral for yr hub? My wife dun seems to like it at all. Any tips how to make her interested?
  18. theox

    theox New Member

    hehhehe, because of LOVE ;P . and I just feel SEXY when He erect because I oral him ;PPPP
  19. trying_hard_hard

    trying_hard_hard New Member


    Ya lor.. how to enjoy it?

    I find it abit dirty.. yucks .. hahaha..
  20. twixyrosy

    twixyrosy New Member

    My boyfriend(now hubby) used to tell me before marriage that he will only do oral for his wife. After we got married, he really did oral for me and I found it very enjoyable..... Of course, I do oral it back for him and can sense that he is totally into it. Most importantly, both must be comfortable with the idea.

    You oral for your wife before? Why not try it out on her to show that it's nothing and eventually lead her to do it on you?
  21. newagedad

    newagedad New Member


    Agree with twixyrosy, if you wife is open to the idea of you oral for her, do so and may be offer yourself to her as in 69. May be she would oral you back?
  22. humble

    humble New Member

    My hubby really likes oral, when we got married he requested me to do but i simply refused even to touch his "P". He was very disappointed abt it but hor slowly made me agree to him doing for me and then i started enjoying it...i was very selfish that i enjoyed it for months without doing for him but later i realized my mistake and started doing for him but step by step la....Now we try all kinda things that each other want and we enjoy doing that....If new ways and things are not discovered then sex will become very boring. We are married for almost 8 years and still N joy sex...keke...
  23. happythots

    happythots New Member

    hi all i find this thread VERY funny, cute n interesting [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] why din continue le? hehehe
  24. newagedad

    newagedad New Member

    How to give the best oral to woman? Any suggestions? Trying to get new ideas.
  25. hurtdeeply

    hurtdeeply New Member

    humble, can advise on how to do BJ for him?

    I wish to please my husband, i knows he wants me to give him oral but i know he nv force me...

    Personally i feel it's smelly and it's where urine come out.. i feel yucky abt it...

    I also feel dirty when he wans to lick me.. but then i let him do it cos he says he likes it...

    so to be fair, i wish to offer him the same service and hope it can spice up our sex life...

  26. theox

    theox New Member

    i think actually "him" is more clean than "Her" if u afraid of dirty u can do it just after he take a bath,so it smell fresh and clean.maybe u can turn off the light for the first time so u feel comfort ;PP.
  27. mamaliz

    mamaliz Active Member

    most of the times i think men are the ones who get the oral...:6 for myself at first i feel yucky to do it...but subsequently i began to enjoy it coz i get turn on when i c my hubby enjoying it...haha...n to make it more comfortable , i told him clean ur fren here (while patting it lightly-flirt a bit lah) n it will get a thorough polishing later~....hehehe...i bought myself those feminine wash with nice scent so he'll be comfortable too...
  28. mamaliz

    mamaliz Active Member

    if ur still in this thread lah...try bathing together, soap each others body (try to use yummy smelling soap like strawberries/choc such) play a game while bathing, 'i wash u here, u wash me the same, soap his p lightly in stroking manner, wash off....n kiss his body slowly...u will know where to go next...hehe... i always start at hubbys chest n nipples going downwards. these way ur both clean n yummy ... ;D
  29. zina

    zina Member

    my hubby oso like me doing oral to him but me too felt yucky. everytime i lick the slimy liquid i felt like vomitting, however i do hope i would enjoy it.
    my hubby used to do it for me too, i really enjoy it n I get high easily, however after gynea dynoise tt i got strep. Group B and said tt group B could be found on tongue. Not knowing whether i got tt from oral, i stop my hubby doing doing oral for me.
  30. mamaliz

    mamaliz Active Member

    im not really sure abt strep...what i read so far is that if u wanna enjoy/do oral, be sure to clean up first n later. so, for me if we wanna 'play', i usually invite him for a shower...brush,brush,scrub,scrub...n after the session i will coax him to wash off..including myself.
  31. blooper

    blooper New Member

    I would like to discourage any ladies from posting their experiences in this thread. It sounds suspiciously to be started by some pervert to satisfy his unatural need.
  32. theox

    theox New Member

    sorry if i made u to hv the wrong idea. the purpose for starting this thread is just for sharing. that's all
  33. wean_love

    wean_love New Member

    Not everyone enjoy Oral.
    My wife don't like it, neither giving nor receiving. When we're still boy/girl friend she didn't says she'll do it if we're married. But until now, on our 4th year, still not even once. Never force her to do it anyway.
  34. theox

    theox New Member

    so until now u never know the feeling being oral?? if yes do u ever think or have it at "outside"?
  35. dleo

    dleo Member

    Yes, I agree with Tan Choon Huat. I have did a search under theOx(theox) and found that he did not do any other postings. Except for this post and another post on asking where the bus service is.

    This forum is under motherhood, i believe if theOX is really a mother, she would have did postings on other topics as well rather than only on this topic.

    Look at the last posting! So disgusting!
  36. theox

    theox New Member

    @DD @Tan Choon Huat,

    FYI, I'm not a pervert but a true blue married woman with kid. I'm asking this just to share and seek opnion from the fellow mothers here since this is a singapore motherhood forum. Anything wrong with that?

    If I'm really a pervert that want to satisfy unnatural needs, why I bother to post it into this forum, there are a lot of sex forum out there!

    If you think my question or posts offence you in any way, feel free to flee, nobody force you to read and response to my thread.

    It's really pissed me off to see some freaking narrow minded people here!

    Hope I made myself clear.

  37. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Cool it cool it...
  38. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Ok leh, dun think it is prevert to talk about sex or oral sex here leh. Wa lao... think 98% here all not virgins liao, all mummies and daddies liao. Think there are more prevert sites ba, than coming to sgmotherhood(breastfeeding etc).
  39. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Where's the 2%?? kekeke...
  40. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    2% might be mummy wannabes... come in here for parenting lessons! XD
  41. theox

    theox New Member

    @Tan Leng Leng @Missylan,

    Thanks for the support[​IMG]

    It's true, if I am a pervert I can just to go the special forum for that and why should I ask here.

    I posted in this forum because I have a problem (not really a problem though) and purely want to seek an opinion from the fellow mothers here[​IMG] But there are some narrow minded people think I'm creating this thread to satisfy my unnatural needs. Or maybe they just jealous because of the good response and try to sabo me.:p

  42. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    Okie Okie...
    Pls don't let this thread be another arguement thread,
    let's carry on.....

    So, how many kids do u have?
  43. theox

    theox New Member


    So far oni 1[​IMG] Plan to have another one but worried whether I can take a good care or not.

  44. mama_g

    mama_g New Member

    How often you ppl have sex with your partner?
  45. libbyaz

    libbyaz Member

    Finally sumone is asking...when i wanted to post same question..i had been married less than 4 months things was fine 1st month subsequently it became once a week affair ..which really frustrates me a lot as i hv HSD worst still he doesnt hv sex wit me but he watch porn *SIGH* whenever i approched him abt frequency issue he will put the blame on me y must i have sex dat often its like he is making me feel guilty of asking for more sex..tell me am i in the wrg?
  46. claudeachez

    claudeachez New Member

    before hubby change to the new company we will 3-4times a weeks.but after change to new company we only have 1-2 times a week, and its always do on weekend only, especially on friday and sat.where the relax mood on and not thinking about workz...for the weekday we never do it again because a stress from works [​IMG]
  47. asiangal

    asiangal New Member

    hi mummies, can i know how many times of sex per week is consider normal? and what is HSD?
  48. 17francis

    17francis New Member

    I found this thread very entertaining...why stop..keep going....need to learn more leh.
  49. methreebabies

    methreebabies New Member


    wondering why no one keeps this thread alive. We, married women must learn from each other how to keep the fire in our marriage burning, before it get extinguish by women from outside the marriage.

    Just sharing some info bout me n hubby, married for 12 yrs, 3 kids, but sex life is still helluva great!!! And we are 18 yrs apart of age!!!

    keep this thread alive, will ya ladies? N gentlemen, if any?
  50. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

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