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Has anybody installed the digital door lock? This seems to be the trend now to replace the traditional locks. I'm contemplating too... Any pros and cons to share?

I have the digital door lock too.
Pros - no more bulky keys to bring out, no need to search for keys b4 entering the hse, sense of sercurity as the lock comes with 'intruder alarm' too.
Cons - reader cant read fingertips that are too dry or wet... so have to enter pw
Thanks for sharing. Which model did both of you install?

I have installed mine too (after much contemplation) and its the new samsung model with the push/pull concept. Its really amazing and convenient! Really don't regret installing it.

The supplier whom i got it from was very friendly and helpful. There were issues during installation as my gate wasnt really compatible (too close to the digital lock), the supplier actually went to purchase mortise lock for my gate all within a few hrs. Really grateful for that..
To add on, there was also a free digital door viewer cos of the promotion that they are having now.

Not sure if I'm allowed to but i will just share their website Those who are keen to purchase, do pm me and i can share the contact of the person whom i liaised with.
i also have digital door lock. for old people at home, i gave them card access cos their memory not very good, cannot remember the pw.
Recently saw a video on fb that digital lock can be easily open with an alan key. So try not to install for the metal gate.
Well...i never used digital door locks...but i heard about these locks. Once when i had to replace my door locks ans i visited my Local Locksmith in my area, he firstly recommended Digital Door Locks. He listed me the qualities of these locks, Digital door locks provide a low cost, easy to install security solution for buildings that require a reliable means of access control. Because of the variety of models available, digital door locks can offer an effective access control solution for anything from heavy duty applications such as airports to low security requirements such as office stationary cupboards. Digital Door Locks require no additional hardware. And they are ideally suited for small budget systems.
I think it is very comfortable. Would like to install in near future. The one I'm looking at is by Samsung. Was quoted $1280 for a system that'll replace the entire door lock system. There was also a 700+ model but that'll require the existing key-lock to still be installed. Aesthetically, it's not so nice oso.

LOL. It's not about the Rob factor lah....more so of need to bring with you a bunch of keys, especially when I need to still carry with me the keys to my parent's house. Basically it's either Pin code entry, or tapping of a small "key" (smaller than DBS internet banking security device)
2022 Best Selling Digital lock in Singapore,
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Top 5 function

1. 100 fingerprint
2. Program up to 20 cards, 4 given
3. Password
4. Guest pin , one time pin through mobile app
5. Bluetooth/Wifi unlock remotely (wifi bridge$50)
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