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Diapers comparision

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by nisha26, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. nisha26

    nisha26 New Member

    Hi, I am MTB in Mar 07. Now, i would like to know about the various diapers in the market and i feel you ppl are the best to get the feedback. I see that the drypers are the cheapest in the market. Whereas other brands seems to have a world of difference. Pampers seem to well liked on the other side. Based on practicality, comfort and cost, which brand will be recommended by you?

  2. rains

    rains Member

    Hi Noornisha,
    I swear by Huggies!
    Pampers is definitely superior to Huggies, but the price is also very superior. Drypers didn't work for my kid. It couldn't hold too much ... er water. We had to change it after one or two leaks.
    Hope this helps.
  3. hoshi5

    hoshi5 Member

    It also depends on whether you baby can fit or not lor...

    My gal cannot take most brands except for Nepia, Mamypoko and Pampers Premium. Coz she has sensitive bottom.... Price wise definitely much more expensive than the rest of the brands, but no choice...

    U can request for a few samples, or buy a few from the mommies in the forum here to test test see if ur baby can wear and is suitable before buying the big pack lor...

    I wasted so much $$ buying the brands which she can't wear at all... [​IMG]
  4. nisha26

    nisha26 New Member

    Rains and hoshi..
    thanks for sharing
  5. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    My son used to wear Pet Pet, but after the change in packaging, it started to leak like crazy. Same goes for Drypers.

    For my gal now, she wears Huggies Dry (blue). Pampers too expensive. Huggies is simply great !!! Less than 28 cents per piece.
  6. shimmrs

    shimmrs Member

    Hi Noornisha
    I would recommend NTUC diapers. They are great for day-use too. They do not leak. So for cost-saving, I would say YES to NTUC diapers. As for nite use, you may wish to use Huggies Dry Blue.

    For my ger, she used to wear NTUC diapers in the day and Mamypoko stick-ons in the nites.

    Pls stay away from DRYPERS.. no longer the same like before!!!!
  7. yukieng

    yukieng New Member

    Hi Noornisha,

    U can also try Fitti (Premium).. the one with green packing.. Quite good.. my boy and girl all using them since year 2001.. value for money.. overnight- no problem also...
  8. hui32

    hui32 Active Member

    im using ntuc diapers too....can save abit $ too...
    also using huggies dry & mamy poko....
  9. kylie_tan

    kylie_tan New Member

    Use a cheap one for day and a good one for night, this is what i learn from my friends and it does help save some $$.
  10. 3asmum

    3asmum Member

    i have tried drypers, petpet, huggies, fitti, prokids..prokids still the best.
  11. linda_thea

    linda_thea New Member

    Anyone with NTUC diapers to spare? In XL, just one pc? I dun mind exchanging one pc of huggies dry comfort or one Pediasure Chocolate/ Vanilla sample pack for that. If you interested, pls let me know by PM.
  12. saha23

    saha23 Member

    Hi Linda,I can spare you one NTUC diaper XL for pediasure vanilla pack, But I am ok only if can do @ sengkang.Please PM me if you want as I won't be able to keep track of the thread
  13. whopper

    whopper New Member

    Thats what I do too.
    PetPet in the day , and Momy poko at night.
  14. winnie171175

    winnie171175 Member

    NTUC diaper is not good. I have tried shop & Save diaper and is beter then NTUC. Previously, petpet is good. For now, I use Drypers. It can hold thru the night about 12 hrs. last feed @ 9pm till next morning.
  15. hamasaki

    hamasaki Active Member

    I like huggies Dry and nepia.
  16. ssmummy

    ssmummy Member

    Me a strong supporter of Pampers Premium/ New Baby. Been using the brand since 2002.
  17. sinkrit

    sinkrit New Member

    i 'm using drypers for some time, so far so good.
    And mamy poko pants also good, especially used at night.
  18. rachi

    rachi New Member

  19. isyuni

    isyuni New Member

    Hello mommies,
    Just some sharing,....
    I normally bought diapers and baby milk powder from the sinseh shop which I found to be much cheaper than the supermarket. Used to buy Huggies diapers for 2 for $28 at a sinseh shop in Teck Whye (where i used to stay) but recently I think he has rise up the price to $16 per pack. Then there's another sinseh shop in Rivervale plaza selling Huggies dipers for $14.90 per pack of L size (blue colour - tink inside got 72 pieces).
    Sorry I can only remember the Huggies price cos my kid use them. For other brands, not too sure but u cn check them out...
  20. rachi

    rachi New Member

    I have Nestle Nan Pro2 for sale( 1 400 gm tin) selling at 11 $.Pls sms me at 94505603 for faster deals
  21. funne

    funne Member

  22. jan4january

    jan4january New Member

    hi all,

    which is larger? huggies NB or pampers NB or mamy poko NB?

    which one is the best in terms of absorbency?

    wat abt size s diapers? which one is good?
  23. alicia88

    alicia88 New Member

    I like mamy poko. Its comfortable.
  24. yongashley75

    yongashley75 New Member

    mamy poko is good

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