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!! Default in Child Maintenance, Warrant of Arrest

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by summerberry_gal, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. summerberry_gal

    summerberry_gal New Member

    Have anyone experience ex-spouse defaulting child maintenance?

    Mine had default maintenance for 6 months and there is currently an active Warrant of Arrest for him as he failed to turn up in court to explain why he did not pay up.

    It had been one month since the warrant had been issued and till now the Family court and Warrant Enforcement Unit are unable to tell me anything..

    If anyone have gone thru the process, please shared with me.

  2. sharon_ang

    sharon_ang Member

    the police are not doing their work.

    do u know where is he working or staying?
  3. summerberry_gal

    summerberry_gal New Member

    He is deliberately not working n still staying in the matronmial flat. Flat in pending selling back to HDB. I tried to watch from void deck for his movement but no sight
  4. qianqian

    qianqian New Member


    Warrant of Arrest does not mean the police will go around the island searching for him like a loose criminal. I have applied for one before. There is nothing the police can do if he deliberately avoids them. But he cannot try to leave the country via custom or walk into any police station to make report. Then he will be arrested on the spot.
  5. 1aughing

    1aughing New Member

    I have not experienced this before, but qian is correct that police do not go around looking for him.
    If in this case where he is avoiding police, you could try doing something on your own. Matrimonial flat not sold yet = you can enter?
    But its locked? Get a locksmith... if he inside, call police say your ex hubby got warrant of arrest one. Will help?
  6. babybenmen

    babybenmen Member

    My ex had also default maintanence for a month and recently found a new job but the thing is he is reducing the maintanence amount to half. The amount is not even enough to cover my child's sch fees and medical fees. He claims that his new job pay is very little and cannot afford to pay as per wat we had agreed in our divorce papers. What should i do next???
  7. ck_teo

    ck_teo New Member

    Menmen Have u consult the lawyer? How can ur ex reduce as he like. Even though he chg his job n getting pay lower does tat means ur son medical fees etc will also will paying lesser?
    Popular artist reduce alimony also need to thru proper procedure..
  8. sorry4kids

    sorry4kids New Member

    Hi menmen, he can't reduce as and when he like, it's up to the judge. My husband also try to reduce to $400 for my 3 kids but failed. How much is he paying u?
  9. babybenmen

    babybenmen Member

    Is consulting a lawyer my only alternative?
    Can i go straight to Family court and request for summons?
    Can someone advise me wat is the procedure like?
  10. sweetkitty85

    sweetkitty85 New Member


    my ex spouse defaulted payment both the arears and the child maintenance more than once .. the current warrant of arrest was the 2nd time issued out to him ..

    just today i called the warrant unit to enquire regarding the result .. as recently i went down to file for enforcement and according to the family court staff they can't do anything if my ex spouse is still under warrant of arrest ..

    according to the warrant officer, they're still looking out for my ex spouse. i told him that the warrant has already been issued out for like a mth plus and recently he attended the shariah court appointment. so he was silent for a sec and said that i should be hearing from the family court in a week to 2 weeks time estimated ..

    this has been going on for quite a while and i hate going up n down the court .. well who does, right ?

    my dad suggested to invest a gd lawyer and sue him to high court like those ppl appear in the newpaper about defaulting maintenance payment ..
  11. sweetkitty85

    sweetkitty85 New Member

    Tan(sorry4kids) .. how could he thinks of reducing the amount to $400 for 3 kids .. wat were he thinking about .. $400 per kids i guess is enough but 3 kids ?! that's ridiculous ..

    he probably trying to get away from paying so much ... like my ex spouse, giving alot of excuses this and that .. trying to avoid any payment but sadly it ain't gonna happen .
  12. sorry4kids

    sorry4kids New Member

    Hi zeze, even though the court order is at $750 per mth plus the arrear ( he is using around 8yrs to pay by installment at $50 per mth) meaning 1 mth he got to pay me $800. But sadly he didn't pay me in full for this past 2mths. I just started on my new job and can't afford the time to go dw for enforcement. Will go dw to enforce once it accumulate till around 1k. It's really a hassle for me and I think the family court should come up with something which will impact the defaulters alot like deducting fm their salary
  13. sweetkitty85

    sweetkitty85 New Member

    hi tan,

    actually .. i did a few research on defaulting maintenance payments .. there are laws to teach these defaulters a lesson .. one of them is like wat u've mention, deducting from their salary .. the court can order such law to them ..

    sadly government they will always follow steps by steps .. like they are giving them chances .. they dun simply jump to such punishment after u've made like 2 complaints .. they will keep on asking to come for mediation and such ..

    which i believe is such a waste of time, cuz the problem now lies within the defaulters themselves .. they should be the one who had to go through countless of mediation not us ...

    i once let it accumulate till 5k den i go down to court to make a complaint .. but still after one or two mths, he default payment again .. sooo complicated ..
  14. sweetkitty85

    sweetkitty85 New Member

    to add on .. we can actually tried the credit bureau or the bank to help settle the maintenance payments ..


    u can click on this website .. den select women's charter on the right hand corner bottom to read info about enforcement of the maintenance order .. it will give u an idea ...
  15. sorry4kids

    sorry4kids New Member

    Hi zeze, appreciate for the info, will check it out.
  16. syahlyndra

    syahlyndra New Member

    there's also outstanding maintenance for my 4 kids...its so troublesome for mothers to go to and fro the family court and everytime there's a lot of excuses from the x-spouses eg nt working,salary not enough and etc..

    why don't they deduct the monthly maintenance from their cpf to be transfer to our bank account instead of us going to n fro to the court and listen to the excuses they made whether the excuses are true or not.
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  17. mich_liu82

    mich_liu82 Member

    With regards to default on maintenance.

    1st time you report to family court - counselling between both parties and negotiation.

    2nd time you report as in if he defaults again - counselling and negotiation again.

    3rd time - negotiation and he will need to show proof that he made payment, eg; bank transfer receipt.

    4th time - depending if you want to request to deduct salary, usually its negotiation and payment proof again for maybe 3 times.

    5th time - better pray hard that the judge is in a bad mood, then your ex partner will be in deep shit. My ex got handcuffed immediately coz he attended as well and was told me pay me a minimum of 1 month in arrears and remaining within 1 week time. At that time, he owe me 4 months in total.
    Judge oso agreed to my request to deduct from his salary.

    So ultimately, you have to go a few times in order to be able to deduct from your ex salary.

    Take note that if Judge sentence ur ex to prison, after ur ex come out from prison, ur ex still have to pay.

    Anything, need to find out, you can PM me.
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  18. ellen2379

    ellen2379 New Member

    All the while I had not been asking for maintenance even court order say he need to pay 300 per month.. Now I ask for 3 yrs back date.. Cause he came back asking to patch n whu know never changed n cheated my money.. Admit I'm stupid but to think even daughter money also cheated.. If he claim to b jobless.. Can I still make claim on him??
  19. kubato

    kubato New Member


    I am asked to pay S$500 for my child's maintenance while my Ex earns already 3,500 per month. My salary is same to hers. My baby is just one years old.

    I feel my share is too much, as I am going to get married, and have got other dependents.

    Is it possible to default?, and then during counselling, Can I ask for variation of the order ?

    Sometime, this kind of women-favoring laws makes me to feel like, for the sake child, i should end her, as my child too will be raised as so cheap habitat.
  20. mikki_liew

    mikki_liew Member

    if u have diffiuclty don't u should not have children. do u think it's easy on the women side to take care of the children
  21. kubato

    kubato New Member


    I would like to pay. But want it to be fairly shared.

    When they talk about 'care & control', they it is different from parenting. What they mean by parenting is 'paying money'!

    They want me to be such a 'parent', but care and control is with her, and she never heeds to respond for my access requests. This bastard law does not allow me to stop paying the maintenance, as this bastard's law say that paying money comes under 'parenting'. Bastards' and Bitches' laws.

    In this forum, i note, a man has been ordered to pay 750 for three kids. one woman opines 400 is good amount. but in my case, 500.
  22. mikki_liew

    mikki_liew Member

    if she refuse to let u see, then u should tell her that u are still the father and if doesn't let u see then u don't have to give the maintenance.

    what is your access right?
  23. koni

    koni New Member

    Kubato, if u have issues about having a kid, go screw yourself! u guys think that having a baby is f&^%^%ng simple. u just penetrate and leave us with the work. the best u can do, is just to get into another relationship, get married, have more babies ad u just wanna forget about that precious little person that you hapled create. I wish that men like you ROT IN HELL! You are a loser-dude! It's not about the money, it's about the principle. u just want to make babies and f^%^%k off! Good- I wish that she gets you for every penny that you have-BARSTAD-YOU!!!!!!! Hhahahhahahahahahaha!
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  24. sorry4kids

    sorry4kids New Member

    Koni I totally agree with you and the person kubato mentioned - that a man had been ordered to pay $750 is my husband. We are not divorce yet cause of my financial woes.
    He has all the right to see the kids and play his part as a dad but sadly he did not. Luckily there's such a law in Singapore where woman can claim for maintenance. I believe there is tons of irresponsible man like kubato if not such law won't be implemented.
    All things are done and created with reason...
  25. kalpanasingh

    kalpanasingh New Member

    I like the helpful info you provide in your articles Best of luck for the next!
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  26. blueblur

    blueblur Member

    my god, this is your kid, u make your kid don't have a proper. no amt of money u give can compensate
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  27. jenbabe

    jenbabe Member

    agreed with koni too..

    sorry u men are unfair to us women, have u men ever stop n think of us and the child u father be it in care and responsiblity for the family?

    huh do u think it is easy to walk away from the responsiblity once your feeling no more for the wife n divorce and get another woman for the pleasure and then dump her again if the history repeat itself? sorry i dun pity u if your ex wife demands 500 from u for the child.
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  28. jenbabe

    jenbabe Member

    If my spouse is like that man, sorry i rather throw him in jail than let him get away scot-free..
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  29. secondopinion

    secondopinion New Member

    All of you seems to be experts in divorce cases and advise others to demand for this and that.
    Bottomline, do you think you already failed as a wife in the ability to keep your husbands stay by your side and you still are advising others?
    Self reflection is more appropriate at times. Why your marriage failed? It always takes 2 hands to clap. What on your part has you done or not done? Have you asked yourself?
    Modern education and independent thinking has indirectly caused increased divorce rate. Sad truth that is not accepted by many.
  30. mrhopeless

    mrhopeless Member

    My ex commit adultery n ran away with her ex-boyfriend. Court award child to mum bcoz with her is complete family but with me will be single family. Not my fault but I still pay $750 child maintenace every month without fail. I had always been faithful n hardworking.

    I gave not bcoz I too much $$$ or fear police arrest me. But bcoz I love son dearly that I want his mum had no excuse to bad mouth me. Besides a happy mum will means happier environment for my son.

    Thus if u want a happier childhood for your child then stop fussing over child maintenance amount. The court would not approve the amount if it beyond your means.

    Court also has the power to deduct child maintenance from your salary.
  31. secondopinion

    secondopinion New Member

    See? Sgp Law still protect women even if they commit adultery.
    That's why it is better to be a women and sleep around freely because the law always protect them.
  32. mrhopeless

    mrhopeless Member

    Not same bcoz after we shiok there is no need to bear physical consequence aka baby. After baby grows up, also hard to explain n other moral issues need to address. Its not easy . Thus, I still prefer to be man. ;p
  33. janey09

    janey09 Member

    WC, give respect to women. You have a mother or sister too.

    We women don't simply sleep around, if your wife or girlfriend did that to you then single them out, don't have to insult all women!!!
  34. j55

    j55 Member

    Hi Janey,

    Chkd up WC profile...Female.....
  35. mrhopeless

    mrhopeless Member

    Oops..?!! I can sense WC had so much anger n resentment with woman, so thot guy. Maybe she reflecting herself and talking about other woman who threatens her family union ba?

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