Cup cakes for birthday

*slap forehead*... AIYO... sorry... my circuit UP there disconnected for a while... i was talking about PIZZA.... baked rice HAS GOT NO base... *pai seh*...

ok... rice... cooked liow... either when STEAMING HOT that time, u stir in butter+garlic, or when cooked, u cool it. Then when ready to lay the ingredients on top of the rice, u use butter to heat up some garlic and then u pour it into the cooled rice and stir and mix in the rice pot. Then u lay the rice on a baking dish, top up with ingredients (some difficult to cook one or if you scare fishy smell, can cook 80% before layout on rice), sprinkle some herbs and upper most layer, put LOTS OF mozerella cheese and sparingly drizzle some olive oil before baking... i bake about 190 for about 20+ minz...

KT: I don't have the exact recipe, i just add according to the "SHOU GAN"... you know when old folks teach, they don't tell you tsp/tblsp.

As for the oil, i dun use alots of oil, dun like the oily feeling. Water is just enough to cover the abacus seeds to let the water being absorb by the abacus seed. That's all
Make a mango cheesecake for hb birthday. Difficult to cut the mango into a nice shape so just cut into small pcs, hehe!

wah eileen,
U running a cake shop?? How to find so many people to polish off all the cakes u make?? Everytime I bake I have to consider and reconsider if there is anyone to eat!! hehe
nice mould for the skirt part!!! nice colour also... very bright and intense!!

eileen... yummy yum...
the shape is very well done!
had roast pork for dinner two nites ago ... the meat was very tender due to the fatty layer... last 20 mins turned down the oven temp and put it on wire rack to let the oil drizzle all out... nice!!

last nite had western set meal for lunch... ikea style meat ball with self made ketchup base calamari minced meat spaghetti... not enuff spaghetti... gotto mix with macarons.

thanks for the info. ur cooking skill up up liao!

now mango season, i oso whipped up mango mousse cake keke

very nice agar agar doll
Can't remember where did I get the mould liao. Bought it years ago. So sorry. But, if any of this thread's mom need to borrow, do let me know. Remember it is exp. So, if not use often, it is kind of waste.
Love your cakes. Very well done.

Thanks.Wah! Look at the food! My saliva all come out liao lah!

Might want to see the diff effect using liquid and paste colouring.

Use Paste colouring

Use Liquid colouring

Love your Mango mousse. Must find time to make either Mango Mousse or Mango Cheese cake liao.
Your lapis is also very evenly baked.
Sharing my fruits at my girl's full month. Dora agar agar and mini cupcakes. Anyone can advise me how can I make my cupcake icing colours brighter? TIA!


Nice cake, mango i like it.
Mmmm u noe hor wat to do, hahaha

Yes, i wan to buy this doll skirt mould.
Thinking wan to make for my dd b'day.
Tottot, I bought it from birthday direct spree quite some time back. If I am not wrong, the Bake It Yourself Store carries a good range of nice cake pan.
i'm back... yeah.... spaghetti mixed with macaron<font color="ff0000">I</font> ... wanted to do macarons... it's in my mind when i posted this that nite... hahaha... sorry to confuse all... so 'malu' ... *blush*

k148, wah... the emulco colours are very much more brilliant!!! very nice...

fatmum... can share with me how to do mango mousse? ... think want to try mousse... always love those mousse served in cups in restaurants... mango/strawberry/chocolate!!! are they the same thing?
do u know where ur fren got the mochi flour from? is it difficult to do?

your lapis look very nice! u use the normal oven to do? coz someone told me must use either the traditional oven or babybelling to get nice nice layers

no time to do baking recently, so can only share this
have pm u. me they are the same jst change the fruits use! (",)

Not easy to fill up the parts of Dora. Need lots of nai xin. Very gd job!
I used the normal oven. My instructor told me previously tat I can;t use oven with fan. But i managed to do it. Happy!

Btw i got this egg mould 2 but because the egg i use is too big, as a result the mould somehow give way and now i can;t clip it. sob sob!!!

Wat happen to u!!! Have gd rest &amp; get well soon!!!!
fatmum, thanks, actually both are my 1st attempt at doing agar agar, i used a stringe to fill up some of the areas.

ixorarred, i have the egg mould too, but still have not start using.
Missy ling: so u mean u cover the abacus seed with water and allow to simmer?
when i sort of stir fry it, it always sticks to the pan.

ixorarred: how did u do the hello kitty egg, no egg yolk? and where do u get the mould?

To all:
for baking, do ur use both top and bottom heat for all kinds of baking.
or only top for muffins, both for cakes. bottom for cookies?
something like that?
ktkt: i will stir fry it with the meats,mushroom etc then simmer it BUT it depends on the portion of ur flour + yam. Not all need to simmer coz it will get stick as well.
thanks missy ling, i think we always use too much flour. about 3 yams to half packet or 1 packet of flour.

izit too much?
sometimes my relative complain it's too chewy. :p
oh anyway, what flour do u all use. sometime my grandmother oso blur and fogot wad flour to use. end all buying the wrong one.

Get well soon!

must use extra large eggs, about 65 gm. i tried using smaller eggs for the egg mould (same for daiso moulds too) but they are too small to form the shape. the egg must be as hot as possible when inserting into the mould.
included the steps into my blog yesterday, pls visit when you are free for a look
fatmum, THANKS lots... very clear instructions and attachment!

Peng... yeah... got flu bug flying around... take care!!

ixo, nice egg print... my moulds all lying in cupboard/box... lazy to use... hahahahah... i dunno where my friend got the mochi bread flour from... i just do using them... very easy to do, no proofing needed!!
ktkt, my family doesn't like chewy ones, we perfer more yam taste. The flour package is something with a blue label one... if i am not wrong. need to go home and check.

CL: i got the moulds too. Agreed with ixorarred that such mould must used exta large eggs. And must mould it when its hot and i will soak the whole mould it in ice water after that then removed it.
hehe... i read from some other blogs that can try cooling the eggs, peel off the shells then soak in hot water to warm up the egg before moulding them. but i haven't tried this method before
Hi all ...thanks for all ur concern but no good news lah wahahaha

ktkt...i use top &amp; bottom heat for all my bakings u can check phoon huat website for their various location recently went there shopping spree again spend $60 over and got a free can of pitted cherries from them heee...

thanks for ur advice. but does the brand of the oven affect it? do u use thermometer?

i actually tried to bake cookies with my oven but somehow the heat is not distributed evenly. The center and the back cookies will blacken fast while those near the door will be just nice. the oven was given to me by my aunt, so maybe quite an old brand or something.

can anyone help me with it without buying a new oven?
Hi ladies,

can you kindly share with me the recipe to make marshmallow fondant? Am planning to make some cupcakes for Easter this weekend.

<font color="ff6000">ktkt</font>
You try to rotate the tray while baking. When you see that the cookies at the center and back is starting to brown, quickly open the oven door and rotate the tray such that front becomes back. Continue to bake till evenly brown.

But this may not be able to save your cookies in the center. I would just skip the center and not bake any cookies there. ;)

I had that problem with an old oven too.