Cord Life or StemCord?

Hi Sahm888, yes as a new mommy you have to know how to make good decisions so hope I can help by sharing my two cents worth

I went to both companies' talks and Cordlife showed me their actual bag which is a triple bag and they use a FDA-approved dual compartment bag. As for Stemcord, they never showed me the bag but say they store in a single bag however the speaker decline to confirm if their bag is FDA approved. Worth considering if they store in 2 locations.

Not sure about you, but after speaking to both staffs, I think Cordlife gave me more facts which makes them more reliable in my mind.
Hi Kim,

I attended Cordlife's baby seminar last month and they had introduced Sepax an automated cord blood stem cell processing technology which can recover more cells. More cells recovered is a good thing as higher number of stem cells will greatly enhance success of transplant.

It seems that a majority of public banks around the world uses this machine to process their samples.

check out this page for more information:

CordLife is offering this system at an attractive discount as part of their launch.

If you need more information, I'd be glad to share.
i wish cordlife had this system last year when i first signed up with them. but okay lah, no complaints. they harvested 1 over billion cells from my baby's cord. quite happy already.
Hi Kim,

CordLife is having this awesome Xmas promotion now. It is up to S$500 off + $0 upfront. It don't ever recall that they had offered such an attractive price before, so I guess this is a great time to sign up. Promo ends 20 Dec, I think.
check out this link

I think you could get S$50 off , if someone refers you. If you are interested,plse let me know.
Does tat mean Cordlife is a better choice? I am delivering in Gleneagles and StemCord has an office there. Thot it is more convenient to sign up wz them. Cos I went to Cordlife site and they have no information on tie-ups wz hospitals. Hence, not sure if they tie-up wz Gleaneagles. I'm hesitate to go to another office to listen to their talks again... thot they should be more or less the same.

Can anyone advise?
Hi Purplenails

Cordlife has promotion with Gleneagles as well.

I got this info from my representative in Cordlife cos I'll also be delivering in Gleneagles.

On-going promotion with Gleneagles is S$150 (clinic voucher) + S$200 (payment made via DBS or POSB credit card) + S$50 (if you have a referral who's our Cordlife existing client).

10 Yr Plan Package - S$3250 + GST (with a year annual storage waived)
Breakdown of S$3250 includes S$1000 enrolment fee + S$2250 (10 years annual storage)
Annual storage fee may increase once every 5 yrs at no more than 10% --> effective on 11th yr annual storage onwards.

21 Yr Plan Package - S$5250 + GST (with 3 yrs annual storage waived)
Breakdown of S$3250 includes S$1000 enrolment fee + S$4250 (10 years annual storage)
Annual storage fee may increase once every 5 yrs at no more than 10% --> will not be effective till 21st birthday.

** Above price quoted is after the discount.
** Not stackable with any other promotions.

Termination maybe elected at any point of time but requires a 30 days written notice, and balance pre-paid annual storage fees will be refunded less the waived annual storage fees given by Cordlife.

Annual plan which initial payment is S$1050+GST (price indicated is as per answers to question 1 but it's only S$150 discount if payment is made via DBS or POSB Credit Card for annual plan + S$150 discount from clinic voucher + S$50 discount from referral). Thereafter, annual storage fees will start on child's 1st birthday @ S$250+GST which maybe subjected to a maximum of 10% increase once every 5 yrs.

Let me know if you need a referral. I have not signed up yet cos am checking with my gynae first, but I can recommend my friend. Also, maybe we can approach my rep together and see if 2 person can get a better rate. There was actually a Christmas promo which I could not comfirm cos I wanted to seek my gynae's view first. My rep said if I can confirm, she can help me get the best deal possible. So hopefully 2 persons can get a even better deal.


I conceived my girl and store her cord blood with cordlife as a form of 'insurance' for her brother. Some of the mothers here in this forum knew about it. If anyone need a referral, can pm me. I would be lying if I say I have nothing to gain from the referral. My hubby still cant get a perm job for the past 1 year and doing whatever odd jobs that come along so I just hope to do whatever I can for the family.

Thank you for your attention on this matter. Ignore it if u think u cant be bothered.

When I conceived with my 2nd one, I decided to store his cord blood as an "insurance" for himself, his brother and maybe me? Why not?
Sure 100% match, after all is my blood.

It was too expensive to store the cord blood during my 1st one time (7yrs ago).
Now the price is more affordable.
Baby bonus also helps a great deal cos CDA will match a dollar for a dollar. And I can use my baby's CDA account to pay for the package.

I took up the 21 years plan which costs $5617.50 (including GST), so that I can "give" it to my son when he turns 21 and started working. Kekeke...

In fact, I only come out with cash $2809 as CDA will come out with the other half (by matching the amt I bank into my baby's CDA).

Oh! Have I mention by I chose Cordlife over Stemcord?

Initially I preferred Stemcord as they store the cord blood at multiple locations. Then with further info, I realised that it is in fact not recommended.
Cos for a successful transplant ( or what u call it), the patient will need as many stem cell as possible (calculation based on the patient's weight). So you may most probably need to use all (both bags if divided into 2 bags).
And there will be wastage if the cord blood are stored into 2 bags instead of 1 bag. Furthermore, Cordlife has this new equipment call Sepax. It is an automated cord blood stem cell processing technology which can harvest more cells. The more cells harvested, the better success rate of transplant.

Finally and most importantly of all, Cordlife is the only AABB
hello all, you may want to research more on cord blood banking before making a decision. Cordlife and Stemcord are both for-profit commercial banks and just base on their information alone, you will not get the full picture.

In many developed countries including USA and UK, commercial cord blood banking as a form of biological insurance is discouraged. In countries like Italy and Spain, it's actually banned!

European Commission's Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) report on the ethics of private umbilical cord banking:

"The legitimacy of commercial cord blood banks for autologous use should be questioned as they sell a service, which has presently, no real use regarding therapeutic options. Thus they promise more than they can deliver. The activities of such banks raise serious ethical criticisms."

American Academy of Pediatrics:

"Cord blood donation should be discouraged when cord blood stored in a bank is to be directed for later personal or family use, because most conditions that might be helped by cord blood stem cells already exist in the infant's cord blood (ie, premalignant changes in stem cells). Physicians should be aware of the unsubstantiated claims of private cord blood banks that promise to insure infants or family members against serious illnesses in the future by use of the stem cells contained in cord blood".

"Given the difficulty of making an accurate estimate of the need for autologous transplantation and the ready availability of allogeneic transplantation, private storage of cord blood, as biological insurance, is unwise."

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists:

"The RCOG strongly supports the concept of a NHS Cord Blood Bank for allogeneic storage of donated cord blood and would like to see it well funded. However, it remains unconvinced of the benefit of personal commercial banking for low-risk families."

World Marrow Donor Association: Policy Statement for the Utility of Autologous or Family Cord Blood Unit Storage:

"Today the likelihood that an autologous cord blood unit will be used for transplantation is very low. There is currently no clear proof that these cells will be able to be used for regenerative medicine or to treat other diseases in the future."


All you have to do is google Cord Blood Banking: Private Vs Public Banking, and you'll find more information that'll give you a more balanced perspective on cord blood banking.

There is only one instance where it makes sense to bank your baby's cord blood privately, and that's if a sibling or someone in the family who may benefit from stem cell transplant. Other than that, you're better off saving the money for traditional medical insurance and donating your baby's cord blood to a public bank.

Read this Straits Times article:
i've stored my daughter's cordblood with cordlife for my son, just in case. Anyone need referrer can just pm me.

I have signed up with Cordlife for my baby.

Anyone want to sign up with Cordlife at Baby Expo on 20 July 2012? If I refer you as friend, we each get $100 shopping voucher.

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Have a good day.
I have signed up with Cordlife for my baby.

If anyone want to sign up with Cordlife during month of June 2013, I can refer you as a friend. 
We each can get $150 worth of shopping vouchers. 
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Just to share with you... I have signed up for my baby's cord blood banking with Cordlife.

If anyone want to sign up with Cordlife during month of August 2013, I can refer you as a friend.
We each can get $100 worth of shopping vouchers.
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Just to share with you on the latest update.

If anyone want to sign up with Cordlife during month of Parenthood Fair 8-10 Nov 2013 at Singapore Expo , I can refer you as a friend.
We each can get $100 worth of shopping vouchers.
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Have any mummies try msia's stemlife? Just to share: My 1st daughter' cord blood is stored at KL. Only RM4000++ for 21 years. I just signed up for my 2nd baby in my stomach. Already received the box to bring to hospital. When going to give birth, just call them, they will come to singapore to collect the box. After that, they will test your blood & give you the result report.
No gimmick. Just helping mummies to save $.