Confinement nanny recommendation - Aunty Sally Liaw


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I would like to recommend my confinement nanny Aunty Sally Liaw. I decided to engage Aunty Sally based on the wonderful reviews about her on this forum. Aunty Sally was extremely patient with my daughter and handled her with great care. I could focus on resting and recuperating knowing that my daughter was in good hands.

Aunty Sally also taught us many tips on how to care for our newborn which were very useful to us as first-time parents.

In addition, Aunty Sally is an amazing cook and we enjoyed all her dishes. She put in a lot of effort to make sure that the food was to our liking. Some of the dishes she whipped up for us were sweet and sour pork ribs, black vinegar pork trotters and red wine chicken. Sometimes, she would also prepare desserts like red bean soup and sweet potato soup.

If you would like to engage her, please reach out to her at +60 167672851.