Confinement Nanny Highly Recommended


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Hi Everyone, I would like to highly recommend my confinement nanny Janet Foo from Ipoh, Malaysia. She’s been with me for two months and happy to say she’s a real gem. I needed to go back to work shortly after birth and it’s thanks to her taking such good care of my baby girl that I feel at ease to do so.

I had an emergency c-section and was feeling weak and in pain for the first 2 weeks. Aunty Janet prepared herbal soup and red date tea and prepared nourishing food everyday for me. Thanks to her care and good food, I was able to recover quickly from my wound and regain my strength.

Aunty Janet is an excellent cook. Among her many restaurant quality dishes includes vinegar pork trotters, claypot rice, bak kut teh, chicken rice, wanton noodles and even cheng tng for dessert. She’ll always want to prepare the dishes with authentic ingredients and even helps us to buy these ingredients from the supermarket for us, which also shows her commitment to what she does.

Aunty Janet genuinely cares for my baby girl and it shows in the care that she lavishes upon her, where she attends very diligently to her needs. It allows my husband and I to work with peace of mind or go out and leave our baby with her as we know baby is in good hands. She’s patient in guiding me and my husband on how to feed, diaper change and bathe baby, which gave us confidence on how best to care for baby.

We weren’t always able to wash our burp cloths everyday and Aunty Janet would worry that the milk stains wouldn’t be cleaned well from the burp cloths, so she would wash the cloths on her own, which is something she didn’t have to do but chose to, which I would say is over and beyond what she had to do as a confinement nanny and shows how serious she is about providing good care for our baby.

She is very experienced in taking care of babies having been a confinement nanny for 10 years. Being first time parents, we tended to get anxious easily on every little thing and Aunty Janet would give us tips on what to do and also ease our anxieties. When we check some of these things with the paediatrician, we realise that whatever is recommended is exactly what Aunty Janet suggested too.

Aunty Janet gets along well with my husband and domestic helper, as well as my other family members and life has been a breeze during this postnatal period thanks to her.

I'm sharing my good experience as it can be challenging taking care of a newborn baby and it's important to have the right nanny.

For those interested, you can contact her at +60125930298.


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Hi Ocrembri she is awesome. I think may be best if you give her a call to check her rates and availability. Her number is in my message. Good luck !