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Confinement nanny first and maid after?

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by LizzyC, Feb 27, 2017.

  1. LizzyC

    LizzyC New Member

    Hi all, Im a first time mom , EDD 26 sept 17. I'm thinking of having a confinement nanny , then a future help for me .

    I was wondering do people employ their "future" maid first , one month before delivery or do they hire a maid after the confinement period? I am leaning towards hiring a maid 2 weeks or a month after the confinement and have the nanny teach some skills to her etc.

    Any one with an similar experiences to share would be greatly greatly appreciated.
    Also would like to know when it is good to start hunting for good confinement nanny.

    Thanks mommies.


  2. Yimama

    Yimama Member

  3. Yimama

    Yimama Member

    Hi mummy
    U trust ur lo to maid? Advisable either put in infantcare or get a nanny...
  4. Viva Man

    Viva Man New Member

    I would like to recommend My CL - Kam Lan which from Malaysia too.
    She very friendly & patient.
    Taking very good care of me & my baby.
    I recommended her to my fren, they all are happy. Need to book her early, she quite popular.
    She very experienced on taking care baby & cooked very well. ( my family like her cooking alot!)
    Best part is she very fast & hardworking , while taking care of us, she still manage to keep my house clean & neat. ( my previous aunty for my first born was calculative, didn't do any housework at all, understand that she not need to do cos not part of her duty, but still feel not so good like that)
    Really appreciate to have confinement lady like her.

    She charged $2700 for 28days.
    Her number : +6012-7288628( hp)
    Her daughter : +6592715065

    Hope you can engage her service.
  5. Janelle Lee

    Janelle Lee New Member

    i think you can employ your maid first, train her, let her be familiar with the household chores so that when ya confinement lady is here, she can focus on taking care of your baby. Also, towards your third tri, you may be too tired to do housework, so having a helper will ease you alot. My two cents worth ;)
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  6. Yimama

    Yimama Member

    Charges for normal days $2700 is very x....
  7. sleepawhile

    sleepawhile Active Member


    I assume your CL will be with you for 1 month. Usually when CL leaves at the 2nd month, the first few weeks will be chaotic - night feeds, bathing baby, your meals, washing bottles. It can be a bundle of nerves during the transition period. If you have to train a new helper during this time, it could add to the stress.

    I got my helper 1 month before I delivered so I can train her in the household chores. While the CL is here, the helper learns from CL how to handle the baby.

    Hope that helps.
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  8. sysy2016

    sysy2016 Member

    I suggest to get a maid first before your due date so that you have time to train her. My edd in may and I am getting one this mth too. But I have some questions that need me to cracking my head now ...
    1. I thinking to restrict her to use hp. But daytime no one at home and my house no house phone. Should I just give her a phone with prepaid card and off WiFi?
    2. Since no one at home daytime I will fix cctv. Is this only allowed in living room?
    3. I would like to have some privacy. Do I need to restrict her not to enter my bedroom?

    Need to hear your opinions
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  9. Yimama

    Yimama Member

    If u get a maid too early,CL will make use of the maid to do all the washings n she relax.U ate still working now but leave the maid doing nothing at home???
    There are not much things she can do,so let her slp loh...filipino always take day nap.....watch tv....so think twice to get so early.Unless someone at home to train her....
  10. LizzyC

    LizzyC New Member

    Hi sysy2016
    Thanks for your input
    For now I really think I'm gonna hire a help closer to 1/1.5 months before I pop like the fellow mums saying they might be too tired to do chores.
    And I will definitely get a CL to teach the helper etc ...
    I cook for my husband daily and I do most of the house chores apart from having a wonder ful part cleaner twice a week.

    From my experience , if you set your ground rules right from the beginning , the help will really be very honest and they understand boundaries . I told them what I can and can't accept .
    My part time cleaner never uses her phone when she cleans my house or abuse her rights to charge her phone , she text me when she arrives my place to cleaner and texts me when she ends her chore.

    For your worries about handphone I am almost 90 percent sure they have their own phone so you can't restrict that . But I think you can say that when she's done with her work she should be allowed to rest...etc. Cos , long term you want her to cooperate and work for you and moreover she might be the closest to your baby so you have to be strict in a very reasonable way . Don't think you have to support her phone fees if you have wifi at home that's more than enough ...

    For CCTV I haven't thought about it but a surveillance camera is definitely something to consider and they should be make known about it .

    Privacy wise I think if you close your own bedroom she might not clean it ? Ever since I have a part time cleaner , I put every jewelleries in a safe ( it's a good investment trust me)

    Please update me how your process goes too . Would really like to know how you handle it .
  11. sysy2016

    sysy2016 Member

    Thanks LizzyC. Quite agreed on wat you said that we should give reasonable treatment to the helper and they will treat us the same too. Mutual respect is very important. Will update you when my helper is here. As of now wish you and wish me all the best!
  12. Purplerainbow

    Purplerainbow Member

    Hi Mummy,
    maybe you can her old model hp jus in case she need contact u for houshold enquiry. If she has HP,my practise is keep her hp before i go to work and handover to her after my dinner time. so she can realx after she finshed her thing.
    cctv, i thnk u can fix kitchen and your bedroom. but her sleeping room i think we shld respect them for not doing so. u can ask agent if not too sure For me, i only fix at lving room cos that is the area where baby is there most of the time wen i am working.
    you can let her knw. no need clean your room utill you are home if you dun want her to enter.
    hope it helps.
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  13. NaomiHoward

    NaomiHoward New Member

    sysy2016, it is a good plan.
    We can't trust nannies completely because even though they may be recommended by well-known agencies they can still have the tendency to deceive I am not saying that everybody is like that but sometimes these things do happen. Some of them may be too lazy to look after your child properly and clean the room. Whatever the case maybe we have the right to get the right kind of service since we are paying them.
    It's up to you if you want privacy or restrict them, there is no problem with that. I think we both have the same opinions. I have placed the cctv in the living room where the nanny usually plays with my daughter and feed her but I am thinking of keeping another cctv near the baby's bathroom because I am not sure whether the nanny is giving her a proper bath.
    Also, if you are planning to install cameras it is better to go with wireless IP cameras as they can be easily installed and relocated than the wired camera (http://www.fire-monitoring.com/benefits-wired-vs-wireless-security-cameras/). We have installed wired camera in the living room and we are planning to install the wireless in the baby's bathroom.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2017
  14. Jen Shi Ting

    Jen Shi Ting New Member

    Hi all..
    I'm a first time mummy here..
    I have chanced upon the confinement centre named aixin, did anyone of you tried that before?
    Is it good?
  15. Loo Sui Chin

    Loo Sui Chin New Member

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