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I use Lanjie when I delivered in Jun 16. She is as good as mentioned by Loving Soup.

She is my confinement lady for my 2nd delivery and her cooking is bagus. My HB loves her dinners. My MIL learnt a few dishes from her. MIL also asked her to make 梅菜扣肉 twice and she kindly oblige. Very easy going and hardworking.

She hardly rested cos my baby stayed up crying sometimes then she wld carry and I can see her so tired when i get up to pump. In the day time no slack, hardly rest also.

She also manages the household well, although it is not part of the package. My toddler who was unfriendly to strangers also warmed up to her and played w her. She really likes children.

Pro-bf too, she is good w breast massage and helped me when I was in so much pain. Just one nite of "treatment" my engorgement cleared. She really puts my heart at ease throughout the time. Really is jackpot for finding a gem like her.

All the best for ur search and confinement!
Hi mummy,
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Had a really good confinement nanny from Malaysia. She travelled to Perth and stayed with me for 40 days. Her name is Fong +60 12-210 8391. Feel free to contact her for pricing. I highly recommend !! When you speak with her, feel free to let her know that you got her number through Priscilla.

All the best!
hey! how is Fong with taking care of baby and is she very traditional or pushy?


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Nanny Fong Thai (CA65) touched our hearts with her dedication. Even on her last day, she prepared lunch and dinner, concerned I will be hungry later. Besides being a good cook, she is humble, easy-going and displays an impressive level of hygiene. She explained that newborns are prone to infections and helped me instill practices to care for my baby.

Nanny Fong Thai was encouraging and patiently guided me when my milk supply was low and I was afraid go latch after an incident in the hospital. She is experienced and has a way with babies. My little one is attached to her. Through all these, I can tell this is her passion and makes sure every baby is well taken care of.

We are blessed to have her and sad to see her leave. She is a gem and we miss her already. Thank you Nanny Fong Thai and Confinement Angels for this pleasant experience.