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Auntie Yuhua
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Was impressed with the description written in the forum hence got the above-mentioned to do my confinement. I must say she isn’t as good as what's been mentioned in the forum.
Basically, she does nothing much as I have a helper. The only tasks she does is taking care of baby and cooking. The rest of the tasks were handled by my helper. Even with that, she is very slow in handling baby's needs i.e feeding of baby. At times, when baby is crying, she is busy cooking and ignores the cry. Many times, we have to help or even have to tell her that baby is crying as if she can't hear the baby's cry.
In terms of food, I do not think she's a great cook. Every alternate day, I eat the same food (Non-confinement ones). She doesn't even know the type of food to cook that will help improve milk flow in lactation e.g fish head and green papaya soup (the basic ones which I am familiar with as my previous confinement nanny did), much less the herbs and all (simply no idea/knowledge). In terms of speed, even cooking less than 3 dishes per meal, she takes a long time to cook. Definitely not worth paying a fresh grad salary for a job that can be done more efficiently by my wonderful helper who is paid many times lesser than what she's getting.
She is very disorganised and forgetful. She doesn't have a fixed schedule for baby's bath etc. There was an occasion when she bathed baby with dove instead of the pigeon (3 in one). When asked, she laughed it off and said that the bottles looked alike.
I strongly would not recommend her to anyone