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Hi, im a new mum to be. Any advise what to look out for and have any good confinement lady to recommend? i have no helper at hm.

my mother level of realiability and attitude are major concerns to all expectant mother,her relentless pursuit to help me achieve total relaxation and a stress-free mother will be cooking for you,bathing the baby,and care baby for the baby day and night,and washing the mom and baby clothes.her would also assist the new mother to feed the newborn at night with milk that was milked.besides light house chore will be performed by her.such as washing the dishes after cooking,sweeping the floor and folding the baby clothing. my mother would also provide guidance and support for breastfeeding mother during the confinement period.she can provide valauable on D0s and D0NTS during confinement,what food to avoid and to consume to increase the amount of breast milk.for instance,consuming fish soup could help to incease the supply of breast milk
I had good and experience cl to recommend. She is good in cooking and taking care of mummy and baby. If you need one, you can contact her at 93797284.
I have a good and experience cl to recommend. She attended the confinement nanny training course in KKH just few months ago. You can contact Mary at 97788522
Hi all,
I would like to recommend my confinement lady Aunty Xin Lan who is from Malaysia. I'm very satisfied with her service as she has taken very good care of me and my baby.
Best points about her:
1) she can cook very well.
2) she has great experience taking care of babies; can see from the way she handles and manages the needs of my baby
3) she shows genuine care and love for my baby, very gentle and patient handling her.
4) she is very tidy, hygiene-conscious and ensures safety of baby at all time
5) she imparts her knowledge on taking care of baby and continues to give after care service.

Her phone number is +078615513(home), +0177852978(Malaysia hp),
+6583874398(Singapore hp),
+6583239514 (her daughter's hp)

All the best and hope u will consider her service
Hi Mummies!

Does any of you know of any good and experienced trained confinement nannies who are Singaporeans?
I have a good and experience cl to recommend. She attended the confinement nanny training course in KKH just few months ago. You can contact Mary at 97788522

Hi jling,

Is your confinement lady a local? How much is she charging for each assignment? Thanks.
Please share: bad confinement lady (arrived on Monday evening and asked her to leave on Thursday 12pm)

Hi mummies I would like to share my bad experience with this cl. I just asked her to leave on 24 nov 16.
Her name is tan lokelian (fb name) or ah buay. Tel 0127765959 from Johor if I'm not wrong is segamat. Initially she said$4000 for twins (requested one helper) but later she called and charged me sgd3300 (only want to take care 1 baby but ok to wash both clothes and bathe them, requested one helper too) but upon arrival in the evening, her work is just instruct my helper to do all her jobs then she went in her room and talk to friends. I have CCTV and voice records as evidence when she tried to argue with me as I confronted her on Thursday. Initially I do not want to release her details but
She tried to make lots of funny things and I know two 2017 mummies will pass her deposit soon. I hope They will read my post here:
And reconsider her as their cl.
She sent me lots voice message to curse my family and babies after leaving my house until I have to block her. I'm still considering to make police report now.
Thank you!
Hi all. I want to introduce CL. She is 58 years. She is from batam indonesian. Can speak mandarin and hokkian. Not a traditional style. Very clean. Not a calculative person, Usually she quoted $2300 .Call/ chat her whatsapp +6285264414668 aunty Gim Hua