Confinement Lady recommendation?


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We are expecting our first child in mid April 2011. We are wondering if you could recommend a good confinement lady you have used in the past?

Thanks so much!




I'm doing my confinement now. This is my 2nd confinement but this aunty is much better than my 1st confinement aunty and i would like to recommend her. In fact she is recommended to me by my good friend.  She is knowledgeable, patient, easy going, can cook well, can be trusted, hardworking and help me with lots of household chores during her free time when baby is asleep. Thumbs up!

She is aunty Yun and her contact no is (sin HP) 8130 8583 or Malaysia HP 016-609 8059. She is always fully booked so act fast if u keen to engage her. Just mention it's recommended by Yee stay near buangkok mrt there. Can pm me if u need more info. (btw, I'm not getting any commission or any benefits for recommending her).

Good luck!



beware of aunt SHU HUA from TANJUNG PINANG Indonesia. Infront of you, she seemslike a hardworking, good personality, etc etc...

Initially i was very happy with her working attitude but i did not know all these are only fake attitude!

i even tried to post good comments on forum for her & tried to help her to get new customer.

Who knows at my back she bad mouthing me. At my back she said:


I thought we paid confinement lady to serve us & not the other way round.


she told my maid she rejected my request to extend another 2 more weeks. By the way, i have NEVER ask her to extend. My mum ask me to extend her for another 2 weeks, I told my mum dont need to. The the CL ask me whether I want to extend her for another 2 weeks, i told her no, thanks. But what she said at my bback is different.

3) SHE EXPECTED 2 ANG PAOS (1 when she arrived & the other one when she depart). I only gave her 1 ang pao when she left which i thought is the standard practice. I gave her S$100. i check with my friends, all only give $20, but i gave her $100. Yet she still complain at my back & expecting 2 ang paos.


She was complaining about her pay at my side was very low & below the market. AT the first place, she was the one who offer to work for me & ask that amount of pay. Really ridiculous that she licked back her own saliva.




Would like to caution all MTBs out there NOT to hire this nightmare CL from M'sia. Sacked her after 2 weeks because really cannot tolerate her behaviour anymore.

Her name is Lan Ee, Sg no: 82854384 Msia no: 6016-9188648. She has a very big mole on her face and is plump with short dyed hair.

She was recommended highly to me and when we interviewed her during my pregnancy, she was friendly,supports breastfeeding and appears kind and capable.

Once arrived at our home within 3 days, here are the things she did

- badly overfeed my baby with FM until my PD told us to reduce her feeds

-unhygienc. I found my red dates oily and also found the dishwashing wire sponge's metal pieces in my food. I also got food posioning and had to see GP because of her unhygenic food.

- always watching tv when baby's sleeping. Initially, I was alright with it provided she did her chores but she didn't

- didn't change baby's nappies on time, resulting in bad nanny rashes. When questioned her about it, replied very rudely and refused to put on new diaper for baby. Then baby pooed all over the bed and even the poo flew on the floor.

- wasted our expensive herbs by using it in unnecessary large qty. Asked us to buy so much herbs until $500 and for her to waste!!!

The list can go on ...I was also put off by her bad attitude towards my parents in laws especially my mother in law. She also tried to create dispute by telling made up stories about my mother in law to me and when speaking to my mother in law. she made up stories about me.We only realised after we sacked her. Luckily, our relationship was not damaged by her tales.

Please don't hire this horrible CL and live to regret it like me. Hope this will help MTBs out there!



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I'm doing my confinement now and like to recommend my confinement lady as she is knowledgeable, patient, easy going, cook well, hardworking and support breastfeeding. She help me and my family members with household chores too.

Her name is Siew Ling Auntie and her HP is 81195431. If you like to book her do act fast. In case you are not aware, you need to apply for work permit for confinement lady. :)



Hi Mummies,

Can I check with all, do you know if the EDD is near to CNY, and does the CL double charge you as its nearer to or fall on CNY?

Also most of e CL are malaysian, anyone had any local ones? Though I know hardly, but just asking ard [IMG=]

Thanks all in advance [IMG=]

can someone oso enlightened mi if we need to pay deposit to the CL and oso do we need to give angbao to the CL after they finish?




Hi, I am in the midst of my confinement. This is my first confinement and I am glad I have got a good and experienced confinement lady to help me during this period.

She is an Indonesian Chinese who is on long term social pass. She charges $1900 and requires a $200 as deposit. When I first met with her in October before my delivery, she told me a list of things to buy. I appreciate it as I am able to prepare the things before the arrival of my baby, including fresh herbs from a Medical Shop at Rocher Road at a good price.

During the confinement, I find her hygienic when handling the baby. She helps me with breastfeeding the baby by suggesting certain comfortable suggestions and also advises on storage of excess milk.

She is prompt in washing the laundry for me, my hubby and baby. She is on time in terms of cooking for me, refilling tea for me and boiling water for me to bath.

She is friendly and takes instructions well. If you like, you may reach her Auntie Poh at 93532097



hi, i just finished my confinement in Nov. I must say that Aunty Ann is really a very nice and experienced lady, she cooks well, take very good care of me, most importantly she loves my baby very much.

We are still in contact as she still follow up on my baby. I understand that she just finished her assignment in Dec 2010.

Anyone keen, can try calling her

Her hp : 98688567 or +60 16 6 99 7288 (Aunty Ann)

You can quote my name (san san) as a reference if you wish.



Please be aware of Aunty Lian if she's recommending her jie mei CL for you.

She charged me $2.2k and asked for $300 deposit.

I thought the deposit is for her jie mei, only to find out later that the deposit was her drink coffee money and the rest $1.9k goes to the CL.



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ANYone can PM me how do we extend CL social stay to 40 days?

normally is 28 days.

Other than go custom to chop passport, heard can do via internet.

Please advise.



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I am looking for a day confinement lady to help me

Just to cook and look after Baby...

My EDD in in 1st Jul... am staying in AMK...



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I would like to recommend my confinement lady, she cooks very well, polite, hardworking, does housework, very good at handling baby, not naggy, wash all my clothes and even feed my dog when i am not around. Her price is very reasonable.

more details:

name: xiu lian auntie




singaporean, married to jb

Be careful of this CL (Aunty Bi Ai) - in her 61 got more than 10 years experiences.

She wants me to pay for her cabfare when she took a cab from malaysia checkpoint all the way to my house (sg) since we are not driving. After hearing this, I didnt hire her as my CL. Its such a ridiculous demand..just be careful of her.



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if anyone interested to get a cl, do pm me.

I am from feb 2011 thread. My current cl is so much better than my previous one. You can meet up with her if you want as she stays in singapore.



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my confinement is going to finish soon on Next tues... This is my 1st pregnancy and learnt a few lessons in engaging confinement lady.. jus to share them.


For me, I feel before engaging the confinement lady or any agency, do call or talk to the lady. You must be comfortable wif her as you are the one facing her 24hrs. It will be better that you can interview her face to face. Also dun rely too much on recommendation. Differ ppl differ expecation. ( that happen to mi. My 1st is a recommendation fr fren, but i m nt comfortable wif her)

Do communicate your expectation to her the very 1st day she come to your house. e.g SHe has to mop the floor by what time, What you like to eat, etc. And most importantly, CANNOT SLEEP at night when baby is crying... My second confinement lady SLEEP and snore like a pig when baby is crying. I call her and wake her up, she said that she is tired and refuse to wake up. Her name is called Ying Jie. And when changing diaper, she did it on the floor. And baby cried until super loud. When I stopped her, she said it is no big deal, baby always cry. ( I have uploaded her pic.. EVERYONE BEWARE OF HER. She keep sleeping. In the morning, ask her to wake up and leave. She said she dint sleep before she came, want to sleep more.. )

Do not treat them as your friend by confiding to them to much of your family stuff.. They will take you for granted. Rem you are the empolyer. You are the boss. But of course, cant treat her as slave also.

If you want to do breastfeeding, do your own research.. Cos i find that all the confinement ladies do not have much knowledge on breastfeeding. E.g. the 1st one tell mi, I dun have enf breastmilk, MUST give formula. Or else baby doesnt grow. The 2nd one tell mi, I must do bottle feed of the breastmilk. Cant latch on. Baby will not be full. The 3rd one tell mi after latching no nilk liao, no nid to pump any more...




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oophs.. Just would like to thanks May chua from I-kare also. At first there is some miscommunciation on the buying groceries on cny eve. But in the midst of the confinemnt when I want to change the confinemnt ladies, she has no query abt it. She just change for me.

I have changed a total of 3 confinemnt ladies. And I am so happy with the 3rd wan.

to all MTB, if you want to change, please ask her to change an exclusive one. ( one that is under her. ) not freelance one. the 2nd one is freelance, and her working attutude suck to the max.,.



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hi YJ,

i juz called may chua to enquire about the confinement lady. who is the 3rd one which u are happy with? the other 2 CL is also under her care?



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hi, the 3rd one s called Ying chun. the 1st one is called Amy. The 2nd one is caled ying jie...

I think only the 1st and 3rd one is under her care.



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Hi YJ,

I have contacted May for my upcoming confinement and she wanted to book Amy for me. Now that I saw that you had Amy replaced, can you share with me more details as to why u replaced her? I am rather concern with the breastfeeding part as I told May specifically that I need someone supportive of bf.

thanks so much



For Good Confinement Lady.. U can call Auntie Choo @ hp:98476976

She a non-stay CL can cook delcious CL Food with different method on 28days, Honest & great experience & Flexible lady.....u call her meet her & find out yourself...

@ hp:98476976



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Probably your problem is not communicating well with the confinement lady. Amy was looking after my #1 & we had no problems with her as we communicated everything to her before she started work. And now she'll be looking after my #2 as well.

Sometimes the problem doesn't lie with the nanny but the one engaging her. Communication is very important. I recommended Amy to many of my friends & they are all VERY satisfied with her.



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All nannies will tell you that you don't have enough milk. But be very firm. I was firm with Amy that I wanted to bf & she was fine with it. Even stayed up with me in the middle of the night while I bf (my #1 wakes up every 2 hours).



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HI DevLina, I believe you r right. Thats y in the 1st place I said that difer ppl have differ expectation... I jus cant click wif her.. She is a recommnendation from my friend too. My friend love her.. But i jus cant click..

So i sugguest to MTB, why dun talk to the confinement ladies before engaging them. Cos we are not facing wif MAy but with the confinement lady.

Maybe cos I am 1st time doing confinement and doesnt know what to expect. And I always have the idea that confinement lady will know everything. But I am wrong.

On the 1st day, she sleep at nite. But I understand cos she is tired, Traveleing fr Maylasia to SIngpaore. 2nd day she keep naggin that I dont have enf breastmilk and must do formula... in the middle of the night. i simply cant take it. So I ask her to go n sleep while I breastfeed.

at first we communicate as friends. But I think this is not a good move. Cos after that she treat me like friend and not boss.. which is not desire. So after that the words that I communicate to her is "instructive"

And of course it doesnt end well.

So the lesson that i learnt, is to communicate the 1st place. BUt of course to all MTB, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!!! Dun ask them.. They dont have much knowledge. But I believe they have certain experience.

when my baby is not latching on, Amy help mi by pressing on my nipple!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn painful lo... And when I have enorgement, she kip pressing down on th breast. And I have to ask her to stop touching me!!!.. [IMG=] And when my baby sleep while latching on, she keep tapping on his face so hard...

And of course, my friend that intro me doesnt have such prob, cos she has all the info abt bf..

Another thing, there is one day she keep talking over the phone and when bring the phone everwhere to go... Then I ask May what happen, she said May dun have the mood to work cos she has some family problem. So my hubby was thinking since the person has family prob and cant probably concentrate on working, why must come out?

Of course this is my personal feedback only. For me, I really like the 3rd confinemnt lady, Ying chun. SHe really can handle my picky mum and mingle with my family. And I think i learnt my lesson then, to communicate with what I want, when she came on the 1st day!!! But I believe there are ppl that are not happy with her also.. =)



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I am into my 14th day of confinement. I am very happy with my current CL. She is from Malaysia (JB). She has been really helpful and that has allowed me to rest well and recuperate from my c-section.

She is very experienced in handling babies. She is also a fast worker. She cooks very well too and is proficient in knowing what I can eat and cannot eat due to c-section. She cooks and does laundry for my hubby too. Whenever she is free and baby is sleeping, she will help me to clean my kitchen, mop my house and even wash & scrub my toilets! Whenever there are guests in the house, she will bring them drinks without me asking her. When my Mom or MIL comes by, she will offer to cook extra rice for dinner for them. I mean, what else can I ask for...

If anyone of you is interested to engage her, you may want to talk to her since she is still in Singapore. She has another 14 days at my place.

Just sharing because I feel that it is very important to have a good helper during confinement period.



Hi HappyStar,

Can you pm me your CL's contacts and rates? Thanks



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Hi Devlina, I am wondering since Amy is working for you now. I think it will be great that Linda can talk to her or perhaps vist her also... Just my tot.. though...



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Halo HappyStar,

Can you PM me the information of the CL contacts and rate as you dun accept PM on your setting?

Thank you.



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Dear Pisces Gal, Dodonut, bananarita,

My current confinement lady is Auntie Diana

Her rate is $2.1k for me as there is only hubby, baby n myself. It covers cooking confinement food for me, normal food for hubby, washing of bb, myself n hubby's clothes, care of bb n simple household chores like mopping n cleaning. Frankly, she has done more than expected.

Her sg no: 93513177 (my confinement ends on 30/3, she will b back in Malaysia after that)

Her m'sia no: 02 012-753 7873

hope this helps.



Hi All

My confinement lady is also quite good. She is called Xin Hua. She has

20 years' experience. She can cook a variety of confinement food

(including soups and tonics), can take care of baby and do simple

housechores for you if you don't have a maid. She is very

pro-breastfeeding and can do breast massage too. I had quite a hard

time breastfeeding my first kid and she is really a great help.

You can contact her at +60172418030 (M'sia no.) or +6590395121 (Singapore HP).



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i'm abt to hire Aunty Lian, hp no starts with 9196XX33, hope u be kind enough to share ur experience with her? is she good? Any sis here tried this CL Aunty Lian b4? Am also considering Zhen Jie from Ikare. Any sis here have feedback abt her? Deeply appreciate the feedback. Thks In advance!!



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hi, i called aunty ann but she recommended me her friend also called aunty ann with the contact no#+6016355XX60. do anyone know how is this aunty ann's service?



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hi, i called aunty ann but she recommended me her friend also called aunty ann with the contact no#+6016355XX60. do anyone know how is this aunty ann's service?



Hi All

My CL is good too. u can call her Er jie, reachable @ 8243 4257 (sg) or 6016 452 8916 (msia no.)

She is 57 yo but look only early fifties, definately her engery to look aft bb n mom is there. She can cook nice food as well as i am a picky eater yet she can cook to my liking....

she does help out in a bit of laundry hanging, clothes folding, and sometimes mopping the floor.

she is really a great help.

good luck to your CL hunt.... [IMG=]



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Hi All,

I'm a new mum in this forum with a pair of 26 days old identical twin boys and I would like to share my experience and recommend my current CL, Meiling and I-kare agency.

Before contacting I-kare, I too, am looking around for CLs and have no clue whom to get.. thro this forum, I learnt bout i-kare and I contacted May.

After talking to May, I found out that unlike other agencies, i-kare has their own exclusive nannies and May will assign a nanny whom is suitable for your needs.

Meiling, currently with me, is really good and works fast. And I would say she’s a god-sent helper for me.. She helps with the chores, does the laundry and prepares food, not just for me, also for my family members.. And furthermore, she takes very good care of my twins and is very careful with the boys.. **which allows me to have full rest during this period**..

I am not too sure if my experience is useful to you, but from what I have been thro, I feel its best for you to talk to the agencies before deciding what is best for you and for you infant. Getting right help is something that is really important esp when you are in confinement.



Hi all, i am in my fourth week of confinement.I am very pleased with my confinement lady thus recommending to all mothers to be[IMG=] My CL Auntie Mary was recommended to me by my mother in law, She cooks well and knows exactly what tonic to drink & food to eat at different phase of my confinement.

She prepare food for my hubby and me and even my sister-in-law. As my hubby wants to spent time with our darling before going to work. She is most willing to help buy grocery, on her own.

Other than the above, she do massage as well. I actually booked a massage lady before giving birth but was overwhelmed by everything that i forgot to inform the massage lady, in the end have to wait for a week. As i knew that she can do massage, i asked her to massage for me(her rate is $50), the outcome is amazing! Can see my tummy go down[IMG=] But only get her to massage me for 2 days then my massage lady took over.

She really took good care of me and my baby well-being.

Do contact her for more information[IMG=]

Auntie Mary 82619739/016-7421551

She is a singaporean married to JB, so no worries on work permit[IMG=]

Can Say Recommended by XiaoMau at Yew Tee.



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Hi, Im thinking of engaging the service of I-Kare confinement agency. According to May from I-Kare, I'm only left with Yu Jie or Zhenjie for my EDD. Anyone has any experience with these 2 confinement ladies? Can share? Tks! =)



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I have a good & experienced confinement lady to recommend. She is very clean, confident in handling baby and pro-breast feeding. I'm not one who follows traditional confinement rules and appreciate that she respects that. She does not force me to abide in any of the rules that i don't believe in. In order words, she is quite a modern CL. [IMG=]

YOu can contact her, at +60-16 922 9978 (MSIA HP), 8169 2824 (SPORE HP: Only available when she is working in spore).

FYI: She's booked till end this year. She speaks in Mandarin. Please do not SMS but give her a call instead.