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May I know what is the market rate and duties for confinement lady? I didn't employ a CL for my 1st preg, I plan to get 1 this time. I heard that price increased again and their job scope reduced liao. Please advise. Thanks.



mine was from agency. it was $1800 for 28 days. duties only include taking care of baby, bathing baby, cooking for mother (if no maid, can cook for hubby too) sweeping and mopping (kitchen or house, depends on nanny). washing clothes for baby and mother (but with washing machine and used my dryer)



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had my confinement in june 2009, rate was $1900 for 28 days, heard now increase again.

basic duties: to take care of newborn n mother's all round well-being. simple housechores as mentioned by seahorse. but depends on your luck, some confinement lady might do more, some do less. i am lucky tt my CL can take care of my #2 as well during my confinement, tt includes bathing n feeding etc. N she even go the extra mile to mop floor daily n also wash toilets, and change bedsheets once a week.



Thanks seahorse and Hui.

Hui, how do you find your CL's cooking? Do we need to place any deposit? How much? Can pm me her contact? Thanks.



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Hi showbelle,

i got a contact of CL from Indonesia (tanjungpinang). chinese and able to do simple housechores for you also.

she charged $1600 for 28 days.

if you interested do pm me.



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I would like to recommend my Confinement Lady, Siew Zhen.

She did confinement for me in 2007 and is currently doing for me now for my 2nd delivery.

She's energetic and experienced, having been in this line for 7yrs, cooks well and is able to handle my baby and my toddler well. Best of all, she doesn't keep nagging me on the dos and don'ts of confinement and is also experienced enough to advise me a bit on breastfeeding.

Her job scope includes looking after baby, bathing baby, washing all clothes, cooking for everyone in family, cleaning floor daily and even washing toilets. She is very particular on cleanliness, so she will mop every day even though I think no need to. And she even help me clean windows and glass partitions before the Full Mth party, although not her job.

Her contacts:

92440112 (Singapore Hdp)

019-7733251 (M'sian Hdp)

012-7393588 (M'sian Hdp)

Do contact her if you are interested to engage her services.

I was quoted 2.6K to 3k for 28 days just cos my EDD falls around CNY. [IMG=] . Without the cny surcharge, the normal rates should be between $1.6K to $2k for 28 days. However, some confinement ladies charge more if you have elder children and/or parents living with you as they would have to cook and clean for extra pax. You may have have to check with your confinement lady whether she practices that. [IMG=]



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Hi all

My due date is about end March or early April 2010. This will be my 1st child. Please someone help me and recommend me a very very good nanny...that is clean/hygiene, cook very well (for husband too), marketing, all meals prepare for me....thank you so me also can...need to find 1 soon...

MUST BE GOOD!!! And I be breastfeed my child 100% if can...

Please email me at [email protected]

Hi sparks,

Thanks for sharing. Hengz i didn't book thru that stated agency. Hehe. But i did go through another CL agency as i have also heard horror stories of freelance CL who fly aeroplane at the last minute or raise their prices at their whims and will. The agency i booked had pretty good reviews on the net, and hopefully, they will not play punk as they would have a reputation to maintain. <keep> Will give a review after my confinement. [IMG=]



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Hi audrey,

I've also engaged thru an agency.... maybe it's the same :> aft reading the ordeal, I kinda appreciate what my agency (agent) does to help me though finds it hard to trust a stranger initially... nonetheless, it was a very rewarding experience. Hope all is well during your confinement and perhaps you could share the agency's name thru PM? [IMG=]



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I have a maid and my MIL will probably cook for me. If i get a CL... do you think I can be charged less? - i only need her to cook for me

The maid will do the household chores + cook for family. My MIL probably care for baby and cook for me. I am just afraid that MIL does not know what to cook for me.



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Hello Mrs Teo,

Order catering... it's cheaper costs between S$1.3k to S$1.5k? Or hire a CL and don't need to depend on yr MIL? (Sometimes it's hard to ask MIL to do things and ended up u'll be the one to do EVERYTHING.. including handling bb. Just a personal opinion

Hi Sparks: Hehe, thanks for your blessing...i just hope to go through the delivery process smoothly first! Had PM you the agency i had selected. [IMG=]

Mrs Teo: Yup, can just order catered confinement food..My sis did that , and the portion they gave is more than enough for her,her husband and my mom who had helped her with the confinement. Don't have to worry about buying the right ingredients and figuring how to cook the dishes too. [IMG=]



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Hi, I live in Sydney and my due date is in mid Jan 2010. Just wondering if anyone know any CL that is good and willing to travel to Sydney.

How much would we need to pay if we also covering for the air ticket?

Would CL want to help out to do household chores?

Thank you.



Hi all mtbs,

my cousin EDD is End of Dec and she is getting a set of confinement Herbal Soup package, so would like to ask if anyone of u mtbs interested to get too? If can hit 5 sets, will have 5% discount.. hee... so i am asking for her as she don't know how to use computer..

It is for convienent and easy confinement, all the soups are prepacked, just put in the pot of water and boil will do.. the confinement agency in SG are selling it at higher price than wat we are getting...

if interested, pm k.. ;p

I am a mother of one, hee.. took this soup package too when i am doing my confinement last yr Nov.. ;p

All the best for the last lap..

Hi mummies

If anyone is interested to get glutinous red rice wine (Hong Zhao Jiu) for cooking your confinement food, please PM me.

My aunty is making it and the current batch will be ready in mid-Dec. It's $10 per jar, and each jar can be used for 3-4 cookings. (Each cooking is one whole chicken). Will also provide you instructions on how to cook the chicken using the red rice wine.

Delivery to your place is free if you order more than 5 bottles.




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Hi Mandalena,

i would like to recommend this cl agency, my sis tried their cl before, as i know she has some of cl are willing to travell. u try to call her for more detail 90899426 or email : [email protected].

Dear all, I signed up for a confinement nanny package at $1850 with GPLS. Have paid them a $550 deposit but have decided not to continue the service as I engaged a maid and have my MIL to help out too.

Their website is and they have a deposit money back guarantee scheme if you are not satisfied with their nanny even after changing a new one for you.

I'm willing to transfer the package to any mummy who is interested, at a lower price. For example, if I just get $300 from you, you will only be paying $1600 for the CL, which is cheaper than the outside rate.

Please pm or sms 98502228 if interested. Thanks.



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Mommies, do you find that the confinement ladies svc charge are rather too high?? Not all working adults are earning as high as them... 1.6k - 1.8k ... and they are just taking care of bb and cook herbs food for ya for the daytime only for only 28 days (short period), and the daily groceries still got to be handle by your hubby / mother ... wonder is it a daylight robbery? Isn't it overly charged? Is it a market rate or someone spoilt market?? Why no one stop such high rate charging? Reasonable rate shouldn't it be around 600-900 ??



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i also tot it's expensive to get a CL, that is why i din get a CL when i had my 1st gal. but tot i'm gonna close shop after 2nd child so decided to get a CL to pamper myself. my current CL charges me S$2k, but after calculating - $2000/28days/24hrs, means CL cost only abt $3 per hr! she leads a better life if ur baby sleeps most of the time, but if ur baby is the kinda who always cries for no reason (esp at nite), then too bad for ur CL lor..



Hi Panda,

Tried to PM you but it prompt out the "user you tried to PM does not accept private message".

Could you PM me the Tanjung Pinang lady HP no?




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Would like to warn everyone of this confinement lady known as Ah Xiang from Malaysia, KL (HP: 60163822273).

(sorry for the long winded post) My situation as follows: I gave birth on this new year and informed this CL known as Ah Xiang (Freelance - $2000) that i would need her to come down to my place on the 17th Feb. She then told me that there are no land transport and need to fly over. As such, i have no choice but to pay for her air flight. She requested for big ang pow as it was CNY, as such i decided to give her $200 ang pow upon her arrival. When she started work, she claim to me that she is very sought after and that she has even traveled to overseas such as London, Japan and etc to work as a CL. After hearing all these, i myself feel impressed with her resume.

However little did i realize that she is actually a very lazy and stubborn person. When she cook, she just cook simple confinement food without cooking separately for my husband and expect my husband to eat the confinement food with me which can be very heaty. she just do simple mopping in my kitchen occasionally and does not even bother to clean our toilets including the common toilet that she has been using. Most of the time, she will just sit down on my sofa and watch TV. Sometimes when i am watching my own TV programme, she would request me to change to her favourite channel instead!

Then after the third day, she started coughing and claim that it must be my husband who spread her the coughing after she heard from my husband that he just recovered from a cough recently. When i asked her to wear a mask, she show me the super black face and dun care attitude. As such, i decided to look after the baby on our own instead of depending on her. She would also often touch my newborn baby head even after repeated telling of her not to do so as my baby head skull is still soft.

On the 10th day, she suddenly claim she is not feeling very well and will stop work immediately and go back home. She demanded my husband to pay her half a month salary and a big ang pow. After negotiation, we decided to give her 10 days of working salary plus a $10 ang pow given that she has not really done anything much and leave us stranded without a CL out of the blue. She took our money without hesitation and still has the cheek to complain that she has never ever seen such a small ang pow in her life.

After she left, i realized that she has taken expensive medical herbs from us and even our blanket provided to her. Sigh....Luckily, i have my mother to help me out otherwise my husband and i would not know what to do.



hi Panda,

Tried to PM you but you do not accept PM.

Could you PM me your confinement lady from Tanjung Pinang please?

Thanks alot.


I intend to use this confinement agency thru word of mouth recommendation. It is a small co. and the lady boss's name is Honey Ann. Anyone heard of her and her nanny's services?

Btw, beside taking of bb and mother, what other stuffs are the CL supposed to do? Heard that we are supposed to give an ang bao upon the arrival/departure of the CL, is it true? And how much to give? What kind of food is the CL supposed to eat, our confinement food? Sorry so many questions cos first time engaging the svc of CL.



Hi Ash,

I am on my 3rd confinement now. My CL is very good. She is not calculative & even do house work which alot of CL not willing to do.

If you are keen, you can PM me.

Hi mummies

If you would like your CL to cook Hong Zhao Ji (Hong Zhao Chicken) for you but she doesn't have Hong Zhao Jiu, you can get it from me.

The Hong Zhao Jiu that I have is home-made and has been well received by other CLs who cooked for the mummies that ordered it.

If your CL has not cooked it before, don't worry, I also provide a simple recipe so you can guide your CL on how to cook the dish [IMG=]



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I thought i share this ...

I just finished my confiment and had a very good confirment lady (Aunty Yue Fen).

I even extended her for 2 more weeks.

This is my second child, my first child i engaged a CFL as well but it was a terrible experience. Hence, this time i was also skeptical when i was recommended to this CF aunty.

So i was extremely glad that i had this aunty this time round.

She has many years of experience, very patient and loving with my daughter. First few days she is with me, she takes the time to observe my daughter to see how she can best take care of her, and she learns very fast. She cooks very yummy food (my first confirment i had horrible food and i didnt know confirment food can actually taste nice ...) and most important my family all like her very much and she is hygenic!

She has a very pleasent character, very helpful and responsible. when looking after baby, she doesnt on her hp or pick her hp so that she wont be distracted.

If any one is interested you can contact her at 65 8375 6048 (SG) or her house at 0207-6522606 (MSA). (but as i say if she is looking after baby her hp might be off or she doesnt pick up, so you might want to leave a message instead so that she can revert)


Hi I would like to share my experience. I would notrecommend my cl ah hong from Malaysia. She is very lazy and always doze off at the job. Eg carry baby then fall asleep.

First she told me that she took a bus Fr malaysia at 5 am in the morning. So she is v tired it won't happen again. Being my first childbirth and v weak from a long labour, I just took her word for it. I allowed her to rest more than I rested and allowed tv but she went too far. Everytime she feeds baby (not enuff breast. Milk initially) she would first switch on tv. Step 2 is baby and step 3 fall asleep, slouching body over baby. So dangerous!

Then next she makes formula milk in advance and store in fridge. When I confronted her she denies she did it twice and tt it was instead goats milk . I already told her no feeding my baby anything except formula n breast milk! Several times! I thought we threw out all the goats milk but turns out there was still one bottle. And it was expired OMG 。 ( b continued)

She packed two bags and I was quite surprised when she asked my mom to buy her some t-shirts. She did not bring clothes?? we bought her some anyway and then later I realised she stole the hospital towel while helping us pack.

each time we went out to see the gynae/ baby clinic she went on to market herself to other parents, passed her number around and then when visitors came to our house, she MLM-ed her products. Turns out her luggage was full of milk supplements, flasks promising to ensure good health=(??) and oilments!

the worse was how she turned my kitchen upside down. not cleaning things that required cleaning like the bottle steriliser, cleaning the baby's bathtub, wiping the table after each meal. She kept leftovers forever...citing she was poor and doesnt like to throw things. but a muffin for one entire week??! everything she kept was not covered..

She claims to have 17 years of experience but I do not believe someone who is supposed to be a confinement lady will do this. She was really impatient and would turn the milk bottle really aggressively when the baby fed more slowly.

So a word of caution against this lady. Her name is 'Siew Hong' or 'Ah hong'. She's supposedly returned from UK from a job recently. But through our conversation its really a few years back now and seems like she never got her passport stamped when she returned to Malaysia.



beware of aunt SHU HUA from TANJUNG PINANG Indonesia. Infront of you, she seemslike a hardworking, good personality, etc etc...

Initially i was very happy with her working attitude but i did not know all these are only fake attitude!

i even tried to post good comments on forum for her & tried to help her to get new customer.

Who knows at my back she bad mouthing me. At my back she said:


I thought we paid confinement lady to serve us & not the other way round.


she told my maid she rejected my request to extend another 2 more weeks. By the way, i have NEVER ask her to extend. My mum ask me to extend her for another 2 weeks, I told my mum dont need to. The the CL ask me whether I want to extend her for another 2 weeks, i told her no, thanks. But what she said at my bback is different.

3) SHE EXPECTED 2 ANG PAOS (1 when she arrived & the other one when she depart). I only gave her 1 ang pao when she left which i thought is the standard practice. I gave her S$100. i check with my friends, all only give $20, but i gave her $100. Yet she still complain at my back & expecting 2 ang paos.


She was complaining about her pay at my side was very low & below the market. AT the first place, she was the one who offer to work for me & ask that amount of pay. Really ridiculous that she licked back her own saliva.




My confinement lady is also quite good. She is called Xin Hua. She has 20 years' experience. She can cook a variety of confinement food (including soups and tonics), can take care of baby and do simple housechores for you if you don't have a maid. She is very pro-breastfeeding and can do breast massage too. I had quite a hard time breastfeeding my first kid and she is really a great help. You can contact her at +60176088006 (M'sia no.) or +6590395121 (Singapore HP). Btw, she is a PR and hence, don't need a work permit to work



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I too want to share my experience with this CL . Auntie Yeo hp: 1511 60167089329 / 91481677.

( A short , pump lady with short curly hair)

I got her contact from this forum . One mummy wrote her good experience but i doubt is true . Maybe is written by Auntie Yeo herself .

During the interview, she appeared to be responsible and experience CL. I placed a deposit with her .

Nightmare started two weeks before my EDD. She called and say she is unable to do my confinement as she have another assignment. She will arranged for another CL to come .

I disagree citing that she have collected my deposit she should do my confinement . She refused to come and left with no choice I agreed for her jie mei to do my confinement .

Her jie mei came and do a lousy confinement. Stole my “ tong cao” and drank my bird nest . Did not cook proper confinement foods. Insist on resting despite baby crying loudly . Ask her to leave one week later .

Please beware of this CL – Auntie Yeo . Do not engage her .



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Hi mummies,

If anyone is interested to get glutinous red rice wine (Hong Zhao Jiu) for cooking your confinement food, please PM me.
My aunty is making it and the current batch will be ready in mid-Dec. It's $10 per jar, and each jar can be used for 3-4 cookings. (Each cooking is one whole chicken). Will also provide you instructions on how to cook the chicken using the red rice wine.
Delivery to your place is free if you order more than 5 bottles.
Hi there...I hope this thread is still open, only just found out lately when I googled to find hong zao jiu to prepare for my confinement next year. Is your auntie still making some and still selling? I'm keen. Pls reply...I'm desperate '.' Pls leave yr no. Cheers~


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had my confinement in june 2009, rate was $1900 for 28 days, heard now increase again.

basic duties: to take care of newborn n mother's all round well-being. simple housechores as mentioned by seahorse. but depends on your luck, some confinement lady might do more, some do less. i am lucky tt my CL can take care of my #2 as well during my confinement, tt includes bathing n feeding etc. N she even go the extra mile to mop floor daily n also wash toilets, and change bedsheets once a week.
Can you pm me of the nanny name and contact?