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winstonloh has not been active or logged onto the forum since 16 Feb until 27 Apr 2015 (Mon) which was his last log-in and on the same day... the account of DerrickLee is created on the same day 27 Apr 2015 (Mon) with the same IP address! wow! what a coincidence!


Anyway, Derrick Lee, the website you recommended,, it is run by Wendy Callahan, the doctors she quoted does not exist in any medical registry, i don't even think they are real people. And as for Wendy Callahan herself, she is not not a doctor, not even nurse and not even in healthcare related, she is a 'lunatic' and she is even even featured on "Encyclopedia of American Loons", haha, you are quoting from shit sources just like winstonloh.


Wendy Callahan is Co-Director of Vaccination Liberation and director of the Florida chapter of Vaccine Information and Liberation. She also runs a website, Vaccine Information, which contains the whole gamut of antivaxx insanity, from links to hardcore woo (such ashomeopathy) to posters labeled“pharmageddon”). She is on the record calling parents who vaccinate “child abusers,” claiming that “you can't poison yourself into health,” and arguing, concerning the constituents of vaccines that “these ingredients don't belong in a vaccine. They belong in a Satanic ritual.”

Callahan is most famous for her less than flattering appearanceon Penn & Teller, an installment that also featured one Carl Buzz, who claims that, cancer didn’t exist before around 1945 (which to him, as opposed to reality, was when vaccines were introduced), despite the fact that e.g. radical mastectomy for breast cancer was developed in the 19th century.
Xelachen is trying best to discredit me. Some mothers had noticed your "aggressiveness" towards me. They asked me to "fight" back. But I will not. No need to waste time on you.

I am not active because I am monitoring you what are you up. My friends recently suggested to do a test on you.

True enough, what my friends suspected is truth. You will just discredit all my postings. I pursposely put some postings in other threads and you just quickly discredited my articles.

My friends told me you are posting articles to your interest -You are promoting vaccines without highlight the risk of vaccines. It is like tobacco company promoting smoking is cool without telling the risk of smoking.

So where is your real motive? And who are you actually? I will let the readers to decide.
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Hi folks welcome to Part 2 of my Vaccine-Research-For-Dummies series. Today’s lesson is regarding how to defend against attacks in the forums. And for this I would like to present you the Encyclopedia Of Attack And Defense In Vaccine Forums. It is an essential read as it shows you the type of attacks that you could be subjected to, and most important of all how to defend against them. The encyclopedia was to be written as true to the real world as possible. For that purpose I had invited XelaChen to act as the villian and she had subsequently posted her comments to be used as reference for the entries of the book. I hope that you will find it useful. Also special thanks to WinstonLoh and Apple79 for their guest appearances!

Encyclopedia of Attack and Defense In Vaccine Forums


Attack Name: No-Qualification-No-Hear-Attack.

Description: This attack has the same ancestory as No-Money-No-Talk. For this attack your opponent makes it clear that she will listen to you only if you have qualification. Originally the heirloom of the elites, this attack went out of fashion since the information age 20 years ago and had not been heard of for years. Some presume it forever lost. For this lesson we had the honour to witness XelaChen prove its existence and she executed it in style, thanks Xela for the demonstration, it was an eye-opener! According to ancient text, practitioners must be well-versed in the Don’t-Use-Your-Brain-Outsource-It-To-The-Qualified chants for it to work.

Defense: You can ask her whether she ever asked her mother the same question. But if you are lazy just ignore it. That statement holds no water to analytical thinkers, and they are the only people who could understand your writings anyway.


Attack Name: Way-Off-Target-Attack

Description: If your opponent was successful in executing this attack her kick will land approximately 10m away from you. For our benefit XelaChen had spent tremendous effort to demonstrate how it works going all out to prove that I was Winston Loh. How and why it matters is one of the top 10 unsolved mysteries of the world. Our apologies, we didn’t know that our demonstration will add another mystery to the world.

Defense: Relax, whistle a tune, and wait until the attack is over. Just remember not to move 10m away otherwise you might be kicked. If you must utter something you can say the standard “Huh, what was that for?” with an incredulous look.


Maneuver Name: Memory-Purge-Maneuver

Description: The state of mind is very important before attacks. This maneuver is primarily used by your opponent before an attack to increase her rate of success. Masters of this technique are reputated to be able to selectively memory purge. XelaChen demonstrated this in a world-class manner. As with other forms of attacks she had attained the level of master, and she used selective memory purge to cherry-pick a few insignificant items to attack – it’s very useful because it gives an illusion to passers-by that she could fight hard and she might actually end up commanding their respect.

Defense: The Memory-Purge-Maneuver is undefendable! Whatever defenses that you mount will be subjected to it again and again. Just run for your lives! The passers-by that respect her deserve her.


Attack Name: Character-Assassination Attack

Description: This attack has the same root as the shoot-the-messenger attack. In this demonstration XelaChen’s cherry-picked choice was She shot the messenger Wendy Callahan and ignored the vast amount of information in that page. Sorry Wendy we had to do it for educational purpose, and I suppose you don’t mind being called a loon like Dr Ignaz Semmelweis, Dr Alice Stewart, and the anti-xray, anti-smoking, anti-thalidomide, anti-DDT, anti-VIOXX folks.

Defense: Tell people that the message is more important than the messenger. Study the message more than you study the messenger.

<The End>
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Hi XelaChen, thanks for collaborating with me on my Vaccine Research for Dummies Part 2. It had given valuable insights to our readers! However I'm so sad to inform you that we need to part ways because I could not pay your demanded fees – which is time, which I lack of.

Therefore from now onwards let's ignore each other. You spread your Gardenia breadcrumbs and I'll spread my Fairprice breadcrumbs for the little birds to eat. One type of course is poisonous so the little birds will have to choose wisely. I'm not interested to know whether the little birds prefer my breadcrumbs more or yours. I am also definitely not interested to stop you from spreading your breadcrumbs nor ask you to change brand to mine. The little birds can think for themselves. The smart ones will survive.

As a parting gift I will give you a friendly reminder to get your MMR/DTaP/BCG/Polio/Hib boosters and annual flu shots. Let us know after you have done it so that we could congratulate you. You are indeed welcome :)
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By the way winstonloh, do you know what it is so easy to discredit your posts? It is because you are posting nonsense and bullshit from unaccredited sources and spreading rumors and false information to parents, people like you who are spreading false information have to be stopped. Anyway, I have challenged you LONG AGO to disprove what i have posted... but you COULDN'T.... because what i posted... i backed them with credible and authoritative sources :) Go on... try to disprove me in any articles i have posted with expert opinions and evidence...... NOT from your HEARSAY evidence!
My friends told me you are posting articles to your interest -You are aggressively promoting vaccines without highlight the risk of vaccines. It is like tobacco company promoting smoking is cool without telling the risk of smoking.

So what is your real motive? And who are you actually? I will let the readers to decide.

My friends also asked me a question. Who will benefit the most if every child goes for vaccination and ignore the death and injury of our children as result of vaccination? Any smart reader can enlighten me?


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XelaChen I followed derrick lee's vol1 guide. I checked the measles rate charts. All the official websites really don't show the 1900s statistics so I agree they are hiding the info from people. The measles rate has really fell 99% before vaccines started. What do u think of this?

Also do u take the vaccine boosters and flu shots?

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For every psudeo-science URL you can provide, I can also provide 1 which actually went through some decent verification.

Yet another study has debunked the notion that vaccines cause autism. Late last month, a committee of 18 highly respected doctors, professors, legal experts and epidemiologists empanelled by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reviewed more than 1,000 peer-reviewed studies and articles and found "no links between immunization and . . . autism."

As the Chairwoman of the panel, Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton, put it, "The M.M.R. [Measles-Mumps-Rubella] vaccine doesn’t cause autism, and the evidence is overwhelming that it doesn't."

But for some reason, parents are increasingly skipping or delaying shots for their children. Government officials everywhere from New York to Idaho have reported that refusals to immunize are becoming more common.

This trend is deeply disturbing. Simply put, vaccines save lives. By failing to inoculate their kids, parents are allowing junk science to put the health of their children -- as well as the health of those around them -- at risk.

Unfortunately, the mythical link between vaccines and autism has proved remarkably resilient. And it's all because of one measly 1998 study from British doctor Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield claimed that thimerosal, a preservative containing mercury sometimes present in vaccines, caused autism in the 12 cases he studied.

In the 13 years since, Wakefield has been discredited over and over. He's been stripped of his license to practice medicine for making up the facts at the core of his study. And myriad organizations -- including The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Vaccine Education Center, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Food and Drug Administration -- have concluded that there's no evidence linking vaccination and autism.

But no amount of proof seems to be able to put the myth to rest. "I think this report says that the science is inadequate," said Sallie Bernard, the head of a group that contends that vaccines and autism are linked.

Another self-described autism advocate wrote of this most recent IOM review, "I myself feel bludgeoned by reports of the definitive safety of vaccines. Trouble is, the more they say it, the less I believe it."

That tortured logic speaks for itself.

The irony is that the persistence of the autism-vaccine theory has scientists chasing their tails, wasting valuable time, money, and brainpower on lawsuits and public relations that would be better spent finding the real cause of autism.

The CDC has tried to dispel concerns about the alleged autism link for years. In 1999, the CDC and other public health agencies recommended that thimerosal be removed from all vaccines as a precautionary measure. Vaccines were reformulated; since March 2001, they've been thimerosal-free.

If thimerosal caused autism -- as Wakefield contended -- then you'd expect the incidence of the disorder to decrease. But it's only increased in the past decade.

And yet vaccines still get the blame.

Doctors consider immunization one of the most powerful weapons in our public health arsenal. Thankfully, despite the bleating of misinformed activists, vaccination rates are increasing -- albeit slightly. Fresh statistics from the CDC indicate that after a dip in 2009, the national vaccination rate for toddlers is rising again to about 90 percent.

But there are pockets of the country where the news isn't so good. Twenty states, including California, which suffered an outbreak of whooping cough last year, allow parents to bypass vaccination requirements when registering their children for school because of their personal beliefs. In the past decade, the number of California parents choosing to exercise this exemption has tripled.

In Santa Cruz County, near San Francisco, almost 1 in 10 kids will go to school without their vaccinations this year. At several schools, more than half of students are unvaccinated. In 2005 and 2006, the County’s Health Services Agency surveyed the families choosing the exemption and found that they were overwhelmingly college-educated, white, insured, and affluent.

Perhaps willful disregard for science is a luxury good.

Anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy once said, "I do believe sadly it's going to take some diseases coming back to realize that we need to change and develop vaccines that are safe."

Unfortunately, the former may be coming true -- even as science has already proven the latter. The United States is on track this year to have the most reported measles cases in a decade, and three states have reported major outbreaks of whooping cough in the past two years. Amazingly, both diseases can be prevented -- and even eradicated entirely -- with a simple shot.

Yet children continue to be at risk because of an urban legend seemingly immune to modern science. The public health is far too valuable to be threatened by such myths.

Sally C. Pipes is President, CEO, and Taube Fellow in Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute. Her latest book is The Truth About Obamacare (Regnery 2010).

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Here’s one chart that should make anti-vaccine people ashamed
Dina Spector Uncategorized Feb. 24, 2015, 11:50 PM

Measles was officially eliminated from the US in 2000, but its alarming comeback over the last year has reignited criticism of “anti-vaxxers,” a growing segment of individuals who don’t vaccinate because they believe that autism is caused by vaccinations, among other reasons.

This is a risky stance. Vaccines are incredibly effective at controlling and eliminating infectious diseases. Because the viruses and bacteria that cause vaccine-preventable diseases are still out there, stopping vaccinations makes people extremely susceptible to infections that can kill or severely disable them.

The chart below gives some examples of how disease levels have declined since vaccinations began. Since the introduction of the measles, or MMR vaccine, annual cases of the illness have dropped by a jaw-dropping 99%. A large number of those cases can result in pneumonia and the most serious can cause encephalitis, a tragic brain illness that can leave its victims deaf, blind, or brain damaged — if they survive at all.


An increase in vaccine exemptions in children over the last several years, however, is slowly chipping away at that 99% number.

A record 644 measles cases were recorded in the United States in 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 150 cases of measles have been reported across the US since January, with California officials diagnosing four more people on Monday. The majority of illnesses are linked to an outbreak that began at Disneyland in California in December.

“An increasing number of parents in this country are hesitant to have their children vaccinated,” researchers explained in a recent paper in The New England Journal of Medicine. “Such hesitancy has resulted in an accumulation of unvaccinated populations who can become infected and maintain transmission.”

Measles is a highly infectious disease that spreads through the air through sneezing or coughing. Because measles is airborne, it is roughly nine times more contagious than Ebola.

“If vaccinations were stopped, each year about 2.7 million measles deaths worldwide could be expected,” according to the CDC.

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And oh, please be careful when you mentioned that you can choose not to take certain vaccine;


Question from reader:

Are vaccinations mandatory? Can I opt out of it?

Answer from Dr Ang Ai Tin:

Vaccinations are important to a child’s health as they help to prevent a number of serious diseases over their life time. Studies have shown that immunizations save lives and they also help to protect other children by stopping the spread of disease.

By law, there are a number of vaccinations that are compulsory for children to recieve. Diptheria must be completed before a child turns one year old whilst measles must be completed before they turn two. Vaccines against diphtheria and measles is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child.

When a child registers for primary school in Singapore, he or she also needs to be vaccinated against a variety of infectious diseases such as BCG, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, mumps, rubella and hepatitis B.

In addition to these compulsory vaccinations, there are several optional vaccinations against other serious (and sometimes fatal) diseases such as pneumococcal disease. Although these vaccinations are not mandatory, it is recommended that your child receives the best protection possible against potentially fatal diseases.

In Singapore, the National Immunisation Registry monitors and ensures each child receives their vaccines at the appropriate time, and reminds parent or guardians when vaccinations are due.

Before making any decisions about opting out of vaccination, you should speak with your paediatrician or family doctor to understand the risks associated with this.

Answered By Dr Ang Ai Tin

About Dr Ang Ai Tin
Dr Ang Ai Tin has been a practicing Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist for the last 23 years. She graduated from National University of Singapore in 1981, and earned her Masters in Paediatrics from the same university in 1987. After leaving KKH in 1991, she started her private practice at the Paediatric Centre at Thomson Medical Centre. She was the Medical Director of Paediatric Centre, a multi-group practice at Thomson Medical Centre with branches at Mt Alvernia Hospital, Bishan Children Clinic, Tiong Bahru Children Clinic, Hougang and Sengkang. She has since relinquished that post. She is now based at Thomson Paediatric Centre at Thomson Medical Centre. Besides Neonatology, the centre has a busy practice in Vaccine, Respiratory, Immunology and Allergy, and Growth and Nutrition.

Dr Ang’s subspecialty is neonatal intensive care, that is, she looks after sick newborn in the ICU. She also holds a diploma in Dermatology (NUS). Her interest includes paediatric dermatology and is laser certified to treat paediatric dermatological conditions.

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Parents who unfortunately make the decision not to vaccinate because of believing in such pseudo science very often live with the suffering later.

23 S'poreans infected by Philippine measles outbreak

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014
The Straits Times
By Salma Khalik
SINGAPORE - A measles outbreak in the Philippines has infected 23 Singaporeans who have travelled there since January, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has said in an alert.

They are among 80 people here who have come down with the infection so far this year - compared to just 46 in total last year and 38 in 2012.

However, the ministry said the risk of an outbreak here is low as most people are vaccinated against this highly contagious disease.

Half the people who have been infected here this year are young children who had not been vaccinated.

Symptoms of measles include a rash, cough, runny nose, red eyes and fever. About a third of people with measles suffer from some complication, such as pneumonia, ear infection that can lead to permanent loss of hearing or inflammation of the brain lining that could cause convulsions.

Complications are more common in children under the age of five and in adults.

The Philippine Department of Health reported 15,683 suspected cases of measles from Jan 1 to Feb 15 this year. Of these, 3,434 were confirmed and there were 23 reported deaths.

Most of the confirmed cases were among unvaccinated children two years old and younger.

Singaporeans were not the only visitors who caught measles while in the Philippines.

Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Britain and the United States have also reported cases of measles in travellers returning from the Philippines.

The MOH alert said: "Persons travelling to the Philippines, including Filipinos living in Singapore who return to the Philippines for a home visit, are advised to be vaccinated, if they have not been vaccinated against measles, or not had measles before."

It also advised parents to ensure that their young children receive two doses of MMR (measles mumps and rubella) vaccination on time - the first at 12 months and second at 15 to 18 months.

Pre-school children who have missed their two doses of measles vaccination should be vaccinated without delay, it said, as should unvaccinated adults in families caring for a baby.

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Oh, you don't wanna take MMR, I suggest you keep your kids at home as you can't even head to Disneyland because someone who actually caught measles AND spreading it to the rest of the world who didn't or couldn't vaccinate in time.

The best part of this story, is we only needed that 1 person to spread, before plenty of people will get it. Remember SARS anyone?

US measles outbreak casts spotlight on anti-vaccine movement

Minnie Mouse dances with visitors at Disneyland, Jan 22, 2015, in Anaheim, Calif. Photo: AP

Published: 1:10 PM, January 23, 2015

LOS ANGELES — A major measles outbreak traced to Disneyland has brought criticism down on the small but vocal movement among parents to opt out of vaccinations for their children.

In a rash of cases that public health officials are rushing to contain, at least 70 people in six states and Mexico have fallen ill since mid-December, most of them from California. The vast majority of those who got sick had not gotten the measles-mumps-rubella, or MMR, vaccine.

While still a scourge in many corners of the world, measles has been all but eradicated in the US since 2000 because of vaccinations. But the virus has made a comeback in recent years, in part because of people obtaining personal belief exemptions from rules that say children must get their shots to enrol in school.

Others have delayed getting their children vaccinated because they still believe now-discredited research linking the measles vaccine to autism.

“Some people are just incredibly selfish” by skipping shots, said Dr James Cherry, a paediatric disease expert at the University of California, Los Angeles.

As cases mount, several newspapers have criticised the anti-vaccine movement.

Measles “is a disease that has been beaten by modern medicine. That makes it all the more frustrating that anti-science stubbornness has proven, in the case of the Disneyland-related measles, that when it comes to contagious diseases, it's a small world after all”, the Los Angeles Times said in an editorial last week.

Ms Barbara Loe Fisher, director of the National Vaccine Information Centre, a Virginia-based nonprofit that favours letting parents decide whether to vaccinate, said, “I don't think it's wise or responsible to blame” unvaccinated people for the Disney outbreak. She noted that a small number of those stricken had been fully vaccinated.

Health authorities believe the outbreak was triggered by a measles-stricken visitor to one of the Disney parks who brought the virus from abroad last month.

As one of the world's biggest tourist destinations, Disney was a perfect spot for the virus to spread, with large numbers of babies too young to be vaccinated and lots of visitors from countries that do not require measles shots. The disease has since spread beyond Disneyland.

The infected ranged from 7 months to 70 years old, including five Disneyland workers.

“It's tragic to see measles making a resurgence,” said Ms Deanne Thompson, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Health Care Agency. “When our immunity falls, it creates a problem for the whole community.”

While all US states require certain vaccinations for schoolchildren, parents in certain states such as California can opt out if they sign a personal belief waiver.

In the past five years, the percentage of kindergartners in California who are up to date on all vaccinations has held pretty steady from 90.7 per cent in the 2010-11 school year to 90.4 per cent in 2014-15. But there are some wealthy communities in Los Angeles and Orange counties and in Northern California with double-digit vaccination exemption rates.

To control this latest outbreak, those who are not vaccinated were warned this week to stay away from Disney theme parks. Disney employees who have no proof of immunisation and may have come into contact with sick colleagues were placed on paid leave until they are given the medical all-clear.

At Huntington Beach High School in Orange County, two dozen unvaccinated students were ordered home until the three-week incubation period is up.

More than 30 babies in Northern California's Alameda County have been placed in home isolation after possible exposure.

“I'm terribly upset that someone has made a choice that not only affects their child but other people's children,” said Ms Jennifer Simon, whose 6-month-old daughter, Livia, was isolated after it was learned she may have been exposed to measles during a visit to the doctor's office. AP

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And oh, if you guys still believe that bullcrap that Vaccination causes autism because of a discredited study that consisted of a doctor who wrote a report based on a study of 12 kids (who even the dads of the kids called the report fabricated), you should look at the Danish study of 500K kids

It has been suggested that vaccination against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) is a cause of autism.

We conducted a retrospective cohort study of all children born in Denmark from January 1991 through December 1998. The cohort was selected on the basis of data from the Danish Civil Registration System, which assigns a unique identification number to every live-born infant and new resident in Denmark. MMR-vaccination status was obtained from the Danish National Board of Health. Information on the children's autism status was obtained from the Danish Psychiatric Central Register, which contains information on all diagnoses received by patients in psychiatric hospitals and outpatient clinics in Denmark. We obtained information on potential confounders from the Danish Medical Birth Registry, the National Hospital Registry, and Statistics Denmark.

Of the 537,303 children in the cohort (representing 2,129,864 person-years), 440,655 (82.0 percent) had received the MMR vaccine. We identified 316 children with a diagnosis of autistic disorder and 422 with a diagnosis of other autistic-spectrum disorders. After adjustment for potential confounders, the relative risk of autistic disorder in the group of vaccinated children, as compared with the unvaccinated group, was 0.92 (95 percent confidence interval, 0.68 to 1.24), and the relative risk of another autistic-spectrum disorder was 0.83 (95 percent confidence interval, 0.65 to 1.07). There was no association between the age at the time of vaccination, the time since vaccination, or the date of vaccination and the development of autistic disorder.

This study provides strong evidence AGAINST the hypothesis that MMR vaccination causes autism.

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And oh, people who are promoting alternative medicine such as Homeopathy as a vaccination method instead, should really read this;

A homeopath who has repeatedly claimed to be able to prevent whooping cough with homeopathic "vaccines" has been banned from selling the products for five years and she and her business fined $138,000.

Central Coast homeopath Fran Sheffield is an advocate of alternative medicines who authorities have apparently been unable to prevent from making misleading claims about the benefits of homeopathy in contravention of federal medicines laws.

But the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission took Ms Sheffield to federal court, claiming she was misleading consumers with her business Homeopathy Plus! and its promotion of supposed whooping cough vaccines.

In December, the court found Homeopathy Plus! was making unreasonable and untrue claims that conventional whooping cough vaccines were ineffective, and homeopathic vaccines were a safe alternative.

Now, in a stinging penalties decision, it has ordered that Ms Sheffield and Homeopathy Plus!, or its agents, must not make similar claims for the next five years and will be fined $115,000 and $23,000 respectively. Ms Sheffield will also be forced to pay the ACCC's costs from the case.

However, evidence-based medicine advocates say there is still far too little protection for consumers and patients from false claims made about alternative treatments.

Ken Harvey, anadjunct associate professor at the School of Public Health at La Trobe University, first complained about Ms Sheffield's misinformation in 2009; leading to the federal Therapeutic Goods Administration then "requesting" she retract it.

This and other requests from federal authorities were repeatedly ignored until an official order was issued, which was also ignored. In 2012, the ACCC was able to get her to remove the claims, but only temporarily.

"I'm disappointed with the time this case has taken and that the retraction asked for by both the CRP and the TGA failed to materialise," Associate Professor Harvey said. "In my view, serious misleading and deceptive medical information needs correction and I believe that enforcing the publication of a retraction on the home page of the offending website for a number of months is important."

"Meanwhile, as of today the Homeopathic Plus website continues to advocate homeopathic immunisation with an unbalanced selection of the literature and no acknowledgment of contrary mainstream medical views".

He said they should be ordered to display accurate information in order to balance the misinformation they provided.

John Dwyer, an emeritus professor of medicine at UNSW and president of the group Friends of Science in Medicine, said the decision was extremely important.

"This was a dangerous misrepresentation of the facts that could have caused people harm," he said. "Whooping cough is a particularly nasty disease in children and children do die from it."

He said even if people still made such claims, cases such as Ms Sheffield's may prevent other members of the public from being convinced.

In March a baby boy in Perth, Riley Hughes, died from whooping cough after he caught it while he was too young to be immunised. Thousands more children are infected every year.

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If you guys really don't want to vaccinate your kids because of some pseudo science, that's alright with me, but at the very least, please keep your kids at home always and not to the public because they will be a risk to the public.
Inix ZixinG,

There are unvaccinated children in Singapore. Perhaps 1%-3% of a birth cohort. They number in the thousands. Just because there are so few of them they are actually the least of your concern. Your concern should be directed at the following groups of people:

1. The few millions adults around you. Virtually no adult in Singapore get the MMR and DPT boosters. Their vaccine-induced immunity has practically gone to zero and they are no different from the unvaccinated children.

2. The hundreds of thousands of teenagers around you. They are only left with a low % of advertised vaccine-induced immunity and will soon be your nightmare.

3. The children who got the shots but fail to get immunity. They are all over the news - children who get shot but still got the measles. I'll not be surprised they comprise of 20% of a standard cohort.

These three groups of people number in the millions. I'm surprised that you failed to see the elephant in the room. WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK THEM TO STAY HOME? Would you care to explain?

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That's not the elephant in the room. The elephant in the room is that you seems to agree that we should take vaccination because it protects the public in general from MMR.
There you have it folks. Another pro-vaxxer who mastered the art of cut-and-paste, but could not even answer a straight question. That shows pretty much how much he/she know about the topic.

For our entertainment let's see what the historical records say about measles death rate. (Inix attached a deceptive table claiming credit for vaccine - but I'll let you intelligent folks to make your own conclusion)

UK historical measles death rate:

US historical measles death rate:
Inix ZixinG,

I just saw that you actually used Paul Thorsen's Danish Autism study, the one involving 500k children, to prove your point (Sorry I was too preoccupied with your rant to keep all the unvaccinated children home to notice). This piece of garbage study was actually criticised high and wide as fraudulent. The fact that you quoted it without even knowing its controversial status show me that you do not know a lot about vaccines.

First of all Paul Thorsen is in the most-wanted fugitive list for embezzling fund. People like him has no professional integrity with it comes to money. I advice you to stay away from his research papers.

The study also has a lot of huge methological faults that reversed the results. They are explained in many articles such as For example the start-point did not include outpatient cases; but the end-point included outpatient cases which consist of 93% of the total cases.

Use other studies but not this please.


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I salute mummies who do their research instead of just abiding and following doctor's recommendation. I didnt do that. I gave full trust and never asked any question. My son became vaccine damaged as a result of my ignorance. He took more than two jabs. After his last jab, he turned "severely autistic" overnight. That was about four years ago. Now he is able to speak again but still having 14% toxic metals in his brain. It sure is a looong process to get the mercury and toxic metals out of the body. Dont learn the hard way as I did. Keep on doing research and use your mother instinct to guide you. Today we are blessed with search engines. You are going to see two opposing views but in the end, you will find that following your intuition is always the best rather than just following what others say (whether that person is a highly experienced medical practitioner or just another mum). Just my two cents.

Hi all,

Under the Infectious Diseases Act, vaccination against diphtheria and measles are compulsory. Other vaccinations under the National Childhood Immunisation Programme, although highly recommended, are optional.

Diphtheria toxoid was combined with acelluar pertussis vaccine and tetanus toxoid to make the combination DTaP vaccine.

You can go to Raffles hospital to have Measles vaccination for your kid. Single dose of measles vaccine cost(including consultation and GST) would be approximately $220.

For DTaP vaccination you can go to Polyclinic. It is free.
I refer to MOE website.

All parents should produce the immunisation certificates of their children at the time of registration. Documentary evidence of immunisation can be downloaded from the National Immunisation Registry website.

With reference to Singapore’s National Childhood Immunisation Schedule, all children (Singapore Citizens and Non-Singapore Citizens) should have completed the recommended immunisations before entry into Primary One. For enquiries on immunisation requirements, parents can contact the Health Promotion Board at 1800-223-1313 or e-mail to

Notice the word "should". Check out the meaning of "should" @

The reason MOE asks for it because MOE will submit immunisation's record to HPB. HPB will then send a reminder letter to parents to let their children to go for missing vaccinations. And every year, HPB will go to Primary school to do onsite vaccination. However, only parents whom has signed the authorisation form to let their kids go for onsite vaccinations. Parents can just fill in no onsite vaccination if you do not wish to do so.

One last thing. If you have enrol your child to MOE kindergarten, there is no need to produce immunisation's record.

Only let your child go for vaccination if you think it is the best option for your kid, and not because you "believe" your child cannot go to MOE school, then you let your child take vaccination.
I have been talking to many parents why they allow their children to go for vaccinations.

Some replied: "I thought every child is vaccinated. My colleagues, my friends, my relatives, my neighbour kids ALL are taking vaccines and ALL are healthy"
Some replied: "I do not know, I just follow doctor advice. I got no time, and I trust my doctor."
Some replied:" If you do not go for vaccination, then my child cannot go to childcare, kindergarten or MOE school".

Reply 1 and 3 are not truth. Not ALL are healthy, some children are damaged by vaccine and some died as result of vaccination. Your child can still go to childcare, kindergarten or MOE school with or without vaccination.

Then I asked them: "Do you know the ingredient of the vaccines, the purpose of the vaccinations and the risks and benefits of vaccines. Most replied: "I do not know".

During pregnancy, many mothers are extra careful not to eat food that harmful to foetus or baby. They drink a lot of tonic food and making sure the development of foetus is smooth.

And even puzzling me is many parents will read the ingredient of the food packaging before they give to their babies to eat. But I cannot understand why many parents do not bother to read the vaccines ingredients. You can request from the clinic or do online search.

Vaccines, like any other medication products, will have some risks. Not ALL human can take vaccines.

My advice to all parents. Read what is inside the vaccines ingredients. You will be surprised to find many cancer causing agent's ingredients. If this ingredients are found in food products, it will taken off the shelves from supermarkets or retail store. But for vaccines, authority will let it go through. This is what I cannot understand.

Here is a link which you can find most vaccine ingredients. Make sure you check it before vaccination.

And also take some time to understand the vaccines risks and benefits.

And also, there are many vested interest parties making sure you take vaccines. Ignore this noise. Trust your instinct.
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To put it crudely, if the child (without vaccine) become affected with the disease which cld have been prevented by vaccine and infect another innocent child causing some serious implications or even death to the innocent child, can u live with peace? The action of your reluctance of getting your child vaccine causing the death of another child. This is social responsibility.
To each on it's own. Just sharing my views as a mother not as a medically trained personnel. I'm doing it which I think it is right for them and to their classmates or other parents. I take charge of my own actions.
In other words...

US Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

From the article:
The reason you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for injury or death is because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” At this point, vaccine manufacturers have virtually no incentive whatsoever to ensure the safety and effectiveness of vaccines that are recommended by federal health officials and mandated by state health officials.

The question you’re probably wondering is, so how safe, or unsafe, are they? The answer is, no one really knows, as appropriate safety studies haven’t been conducted.

It's important to understand that ALL vaccines carry a risk for provoking an immediate acute adverse reaction, such as anaphylactic shock, fainting, or having a seizure, which could be truly life threatening if you're driving a car or crossing a street, for example.

Further, vaccines can impair and alter immune system responses and can also cause brain inflammation (encephalitis or encephalopathy) that may lead to permanent brain damage.

In addition, as Institute of Medicine Committees have pointed out in published reports, some individuals are more susceptible to suffering harm from vaccines because of biological, genetic, and environmental risk factors but, most of the time, doctors cannot predict who will be harmed because there are few scientific studies that have evaluated vaccine risks for individuals


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Is there any chance to substitute the MMR vaccine with homeoprophilaxis here? Not that I would want to avoid a childhood disease with all my strength, but it's still safer than the vaccine. And since there are a lot of homeopaths and natural medicine is highly accepted here as I heard...
Hi XelaChen,

If I were a professor and a student passed me this paper I will give him a D for misrepresentation. (I don't give an F because I'm not that brutal)

Could you please find out for me these information:
1. Whether had there been a change in autism diagnostics criteria throughout those years?
2. What was the composition of the vaccines that replaced the MMR? (It's stated that the MMR is replaced by single shots, but please give more details)
3. What was the protocol for determining the MMR vaccination rate? (eg. If a child had 2 doses of MMR out of 3, would he count as vaccinated?)

All these are important information that should have been stated in the report because it will change the result drastically. In my daily job I will not dare to produce a test report of such quality, or rather lack of.

That report is akin to reporting that "the withdrawal of sweetened orange juice from a primary school lunch program did not reduce obesity", while ignoring the fact that the students were given sugar+syrup+water as replacement, and no mention whether obesity was measured differently over the time of study (waist line? Weight? How many kg?), and no mention how the students were classified (eg. Those with 30% or 70% adherence go where)

Rather than "Autism in the absence of MMR vaccine" an unbiased researcher should name it "Autism rate stayed the same after the removal of MMR vaccine and replacing it with 3 individual shots". With disclaimers that:
1. The MMR vaccination rate curve is inaccurate because we are not sure ourselves how many doses of MMR constitutes being vaccinated,
2. We had not studied whether the Autism diagnostics criteria had differed over the period of study,
3. We had not explored any other changes in vaccination practises over the period of study.
4. We had no idea who drew the blue "All ASD" line which cannot be reproduced by adding up the green and red line.

So Xela, please help me find the 3 information. As a critical thinker there is no way that I could stomach something that has large gaps in describing the methodology so I need help. Thanks so much!
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Please read this article if you intend not to immunize your child against measles.
So what if measles is more dangerous than previously thought? You mean the vaccine strain measles or the wild measles? What has the article got to do with the measles vaccine?

Perhaps you should spend your energy addressing these issues:
1. Whether the measles vaccine protects against wild measles? (My answer: Research never done.)
2. Whether the toxic ingredients in the vaccine cause harm? (My answer: Hundreds of papers showing that the adjuvants and preservatives in vaccines causes harm)
3. Whether field reports have shown that the measles vaccine causes harm? (My answer: Thousands of parents reported it (it's all over the Internet), thousands of cases documented in VAERS, many people gotten compensation from the VICP)
4. A whistleblower from the CDC, William Thompson, reported that the CDC buried their own study result that MMR causes autism.

I understand that researching these questions require a different skill-set from your copy-pasting skills, so I'm not expecting any answer from you, as usual.
"Part of the underlying problem is that many clinicians and patients are too young to have experienced the deadly illnesses that were common before vaccines were available."


There are billions of species and strains of bacteria/virus and millions that can cause sickness, there are only vaccines for a dozen of them. According to WHO famous deadly killers like the bubonic plague (Black Death), Typhoid, Scarlet fever, Spanish Flu were vanquished because of improved nutrition status and sanitation. Whereas the vaccine-"preventable" ones were vanquished because of vaccines. HAHAHAHAHA
Parents, before you bring your kids to get another shot of any vaccine, do take some time to watch this documentary. You will not regret it. I guarantee.

The Truth about Vaccines episode 1
Looks like @winstonloh has gone MIA. (Contrary to what Xela said, I am not him and don't know him personally)

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