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Dear all, i'm Lim, new to this forum. i am here to understand the process of hiring a nanny for my pregnant wife. It seemed to me there are some irregularities in the nanny practice in SG. Thank you for flagging.

Some of this whinning i notice, is certain companies are illegal etc and i am sorry to hear about your predicament.

My question is, are these compliants itself legit... If that company asked for your reference receipt or so, then give it to them to settle the score. I believe they will want to sort it out with you ASAP. Won't do them any good with these negative comments.

Is there a need to pour it out here to express your stupidity in handling the issue? Or are you a business competitor?

Are you (I-Kare)just making up stories? Why are you making us listening to your crap if you are... If you are real, are you not credible to stand up for your cause? Or are you just a nobody?

Haha, your 'sad' or rather stupidity in acting as ALL parties, commenting on your own comments is quite idiotic actually, keep 'em comin... ;)

GPLS or I-Kare... why not just buy them over? Make them go out of biz...

That's called M&A in the industry i am in... or just 'hostile take over' if u understand what i mean...

I suspect this forum is becoming an FREE advertising avenue and certain companies are pulling publicity stunts for better or for worse...

Get a life, do some proper marekting and branding. Leave this page to people in need to discuss about more imporant thing in life.

Compete with your strength and not condemning others. Be a true entreprenuer, not a cowardice that hide behind a pseudo nickname to attack others.

If the company is illegal, MOM will get them, no need to do negative marketing. For the owner of the company attacked, i should be so thankful.

Enough said, let's get back to hiring nannies...

Dear Parents,

Please do allow us to make an announcement.

The new Ministry of Manpower Licence Number is 11C3839. The new management is functioning as usual under GPLS Confinement Nanny's branding.

All the confinement nanny services contracts signed with existing customers had been automatically transfered to the new management. All existing customers do not need to do anything at your end. Once your newborn baby delivered, we will arrange confinement nanny to be send to your doorsteps.

All collaboration partners eg. KK Hospital, Wings, Cordlife, AIA and the rest remain the same.The pool of confinement nannies remain the same.

Any further enquiries please send to us through www.gplsconfinementnanny.com.sg or call our hotline 6363 1136.

For our existing customers, please code your customer reference number in your enquiry.

We look forward to serve you better.

Thank you.

GPLS New Management.



I've sign up with GPLS... And they did give me a CL upon the day I discharge.. Been in confinement for 10 days liao., so far CL is quite ok and not much probs... Feel that CL is quite responsible and has a way with bb... The only thing I dun like is that CL can be quite stubborn sometimes in yterms of handling bb... So far so good... Din hear complains from MIL also... Shall monitor and see how...



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I would like to recommendend Ateam, http://www.a-team.com.sg/ I am happy with the CL I got from them.

The CL is supportive in breastfeeding and patience. Not only she take good care of my newborn, her food is delicious. She even offered to help wash my curtains at home.

I am so fortunate to have this CL.

Highly recommend this agency.



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I am disappointed with both the service I have received from GPLS, as well as the CL assigned to me. Seriously, I will not engage their service in future. It's money not well spent.

I think I can do a better job in taking care of my baby by going through the prenatal class.

Huisi, you are lucky.



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I have engaged A team too. They arranged interview CL face to face. All the confinement agency do not have face interview that is why the risk is there.

My experienced was a pleasant one. CL is well trained, giving me a lot of tips on baby handling, what are the things to look out for when baby cries, showing me method on bathing baby, when to carry and when not to carry baby.

Mothers can call them. The service is good.

Money well spent!



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thanks simpson, zann,

I am meeting A-team later to interview their confinement nanny.

Will update the outcome here later.



i have engaged amy confinement for both my pregnancies, thumbs up for her svc

amy is quite accomodating, if you have any requirements jus let her know she will try to help



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Luckily I engaged from Ateam, they provide local Singaporean confinement nanny. No need any work permit.

I would advice mothers not to engage any agencies that provide Malaysian confinement nanny.

Save all the trouble.



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It's a guess. but did A-team make up 3 accounts to praise themselves? ... :p

All registered in Sep 2011.

All first & second posts praise A-team.

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dear mummies,

I've just completed my confinement with a nanny from A-team.

I am very happy with the nanny that they sent to me.

This is my 2nd child and I spell out my requirements clearly, I mentioned that

I needed nanny to care and bath my elder kids. The agency went through in detail with me

the expectations and what nanny will do for me. I have peace of mind that these requirements are clearly stated.

Nanny did a great job. Nanny took very good care of her and she loves nanny a lot. Nanny went all out to make sure everything at home is ok so that I can have rest. Many times, she went beyond what she was required of her.

My whole family fell sick on the 3rd week of my confinement. We had high fever one after another for many days. Nanny made sure that she boiled special herbs regularly for everyone of us to bring down our fever.

She was also very experienced in taking care of baby. Even though this is my 2nd child and I've been caring for my 1st child myself, I learn many valuable lessons from her with regards to bathing baby.

Nanny also has a high level of hygiene. She cleans the kitchen better than my mother in law and I need not worry about the hygiene.

She also ask to make sure that I enjoy the food that I eat. Another one thing good is that she is very knowledgeable on chinese herbs.

Overall I had a great experienced during this confinement and my body recovered well. I will surely recommend A-team to all my friends.

I feel that since we had good experienced, no harm sharing for other mummies to know.



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Many of you agencies in this thread? Please stop! This forum is for parents to talk not for you guys to promote your services and backslashing on one another.

Go and meet among yourselves and thrash things out.



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Dear mummy ,

Please take note there is a sudden good review of this agency A team. I doubt that they are mummy themselves. It could be the agency self promoting themselves.

I am a victim of the online CL reccomended by this forum . I also encountered same problem as many mummy . With CL taking deposit and did not show up . Instead ask their friends to do the confinement .. .

I would suggest mummy to check with your friends for reccomendation instead of relying on the good review by this forum.

Some review is actually put up by the CL or agency themselves . They act as mummy and self praise the service .

Do not fall into their trap. Beware



my CL from GPLS did show up on the day of my discharge. She has been a great help to me. V experienced and alert. However, I do not wish to recommend any agencies at all cos i feel that all agencies are the same... how good a CL is depends on invidual luck and also how we communicate with CL. I am v blessed to have such a good CL, but doesnt mean all mummies who go to GPLS gets good CL too! just like employing a maid, or even a staff at work.. also depends on luck. Just my own opinion...

good luck to all mummies! hope u all get a good CL



Hi mummies,

I would like to share my unpleasant experience with PEM agency. Before sales service was fantastic, very prompt, oversell themselves.

During sales, they told me their CL very experienced, all work more than 3 years, etc..Went thru training before on job.

the CL came and my nightmare started. Firstly, I got to know she is not married has no kid and is 48 yr old. She doesn't know how to appreciate the experience that all mummies have went thru. She told me she only has 1 yr exp and juz came back from a 2 months break in Perth.she said normally she take up one assignment and go back Msia or tour for 2 mths. In my heart, doesn't that leave her with barely a year exp.

I gave her instruction on to use sterilized cotton wool for cleaning bb eyes and dun need to clean bb mouth coz bb on BM. My bb eyes a bit reddish after 3 days then hubby notice she din use sterilize cotton I ask her why, she say use that to clean mouth. Then she give excuses that her hearing not good. She was not apologetic at all and give attitude like small matter make big fuss.

When bb cries in the night she is lost, keep asking me want feed bb when bb juz had almost 170 ml. When I touched bb, bb clothes all wet coz pee leaked and was feeling uncomfortable. Many series of incident happen and she is not remorseful at all although proper instruction was given. She will say foroget then i ask her to write down, she refused..

Do think twice bat engaging PEM agency. OVERPROMISED, UNDERPERFORMED!



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Hi, would really appreciate if anyone can advise the cost of hiring a CL-a rough estimation will be good too...thanks alot!!!



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All mummies, pls do not engage zhen jie from ikare agency. i read about her good recommendation here and decided to engage her for my confinement..its a decision that i truly regret..

1. don't really know how to take care of baby...when baby cry would need me to to help take care of baby..when she's cooking, baby cry she will just ignore and carry on cooking..in the end though am doing confinement, yet am not getting enough rest...

2. Her cooking is also not fantastic..only knows a few confinement dishes, will repeat most of the time...and when run out of idea..ask me can drink ABC soup?? where got confinement drink ABC soup???

3. she will only wash baby and her clothes. me and hubby clothes need my hubby to wash.

4. She will only stick to her own cooking methods eventhough i ask her to do otherwise.

5. if you thinking of asking her for advise on how to observe confinement dos and don'ts, you can just read the forum coz she will tell you everything also can...to me her confinement knowledge is zero.

6. demands afternoon nap.

Mummy who is thinking of engaging her must be prepared for normal dishes(minimum confinement food), her cooking takes priority over baby, need your assistance in taking care of baby...and more

seriously u be better of getting a maid then engage her...do be mindful of good comments from the forum, sometimes it might be the agency promoting their own nannys...

Concern mummy who engage her pls do change before its too late..now my whole body aches because never do a proper confinement and also walk around to much and helping to care for baby...



Dear All who are looking for CL can consider my CL - Lily or Yan Jie.

Reason being

1. she cooks very well. Will cook separately for hubby and I (coz she tries not to let hubby take confinement food coz too heaty). If I have guest, she will also cook for my guest if they wants to eat..

2. Hand wash mine and baby's clothes

3. Washes hubby's clothes seperately

4. When my guest is here to visit me, will help me to host them by cutting fruits or pouring drinks for them.

5. Does housework for me. Even things like cleaning of toilet or cleaning my fan coz she say too dusty.

6. Takes care of baby and trains baby. Trains baby to drink at xx time interval, not to spoil baby by carrying her, talks to baby and loves baby..

7. Takes good care of me. Ensures that I eat full full.

8. Listens to "instructions". Example if you are not comfortable with her in any ways, she will change. Like coz I have this open concept kitchen and if she cooks with too big fire, my house will be really oily.. First day, thats what she did and my house is filled with smoke and oil.. But then after telling her, she lowered the fire and mop the floor(for the WHOLE HOUSE) after every cooking.. So nice right? We didnt even ask her to mop, just ask her to lower the fire..

9. The list goes on...

I would like to recommend my confinement lady as well.. Before this, I always find posts that recommends their CL dubious as in why would someone post and highly recommend their CL for nothing.. Now I know..

Anyone interested can contact her at 8242 6108 / 016-746 1157.



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I just signed up with Amy nanny agency. My edd is in May 2012. It is really by God's grace as two and half weeks ago I was to sign with GPLS. I am supposed to meet this lady this Monday to make payment as she didn't have other days for me to meet up to discuss. Ironically when I confirmed with her timing yesterday, she smsed saying no nanny available.

Called her thrice before getting through the line and confirmed on phone.

If they really have that huge base, I am seriously doubting the data. As one, GPLS should have a courtesy to call me two and half weeks ago if no nanny available then.

I am thankful that Amy still has nannies available. Good or bad all depends on both the family and nanny now.

I am posting this to share with mummies my poor experience I had with GPLS.



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hi mummies,

urgently seeking feedback on I-KARE agency CL named

TAN BEE KENG from malaysia, born in 1974.

Couldn't find her reviews anywhere and a bit worried the agent highly recommends her for the sake of recommending...

Pleassssse PM or email me at

[email protected]

as need to confirm with the agent soon.

thank u happy 2012!



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Mummies beware of this confinement lady call 'Guijie'. her tel number are:





This is what happened:

We booked her and paid the deposit of $300 after some recommendations.

AFTER our baby was delivered, she suddenly says she is hospitalised and ask us to take her friend instead.(We called just before that and she was fine.) We called her friend but felt very uncomfortable with her because she can't seem to state examples of what she done before. Hence leaving with no choice, we decided to cancel the service. Guijie promises to return the deposit but never did.

> We tried to call her but she refuses to answer our calls.

> We ask a friend to call and she initially pretended not to be Guijie but after verifying she is a "real customer", she suddenly became Guijie. My friend told her to return our money and she said she said she will return end of last year. She never did.

> We call using different numbers and once she picked up and hear my voice, she hung up the phone.

> Then recently, we chatted with a distant friend that the same story happened to them with this Guijie. But the only difference is that they took the replacement. My guess is she will try to overbook herself and then leave the parents to no choice but to take her replacements and thus earning commissions from this.

Any mummies have this experience or her before. Any advice what to do and get back my money? Small claims is probably out of the question since it's hard to chase down in M'sia. I am thinking of going to MOM, police or CASE.



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Dear Customers,

We've just joined this forum to clarify the posts made by Simpson, Yentze, Elarnor, Niteblu and Daisyflower in Sep/Oct 2011.

The above posts were all made by newbies consecutively and were definitely NOT posted by A-Team. We do not support such tactics. If these are genuine comments made by our customers, we are naturally flattered. However, it does appear suspicious to us, including the post made by Niteblu.

If you wish to read our customers' testimonials, pls visit our website instead. We apologise for the confusion and wish all mothers-to-be well and healthy.

Best Wishes,

A-Team Management



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Hi mummies, any feedback on Gladys care confinement services? Please share your experiences if u have engage before..thanks