Come! Mahjong Lovers!!


Any mummies staying in the west who love playing mahjong??? Pls join this thread so we can play mahjong together. Mummies with bb are welcome...haha...


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Is this thread stil alive? Hahaha..

I love to mj on friday nights.

Shifting to simei so need to find new kakis! haha!
I'm very keen to find mj kakis too....always lack 1 leg

Me in Hougang but can normal/shooter $0.50/$ me ya!!



I'm also a mj lover. Where u mummies staying? I'm looking for kakis staying around Northwest. Anyone?
distance should not be too big an issue if really wanna play la.

we should have enuff legs to start a table wants to host? stakes? when? number of rounds?


Hi ladies, me me me is a fanatic for mahjong! I'm staying in the east, at Tampines and always looking for kakis...


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Hihi, im stayinh in katong... im free to travel anywhere... so long not extreme end of west n north .. =) im also not very strong player.. =0
Hi Mummies,

I'm staying in Pasir Ris, can PM me to arrange. Available during office hr in certain days. But not too "big" ok, just friendly game.
Any MJ kakis for today?

Location: Bishan
Type: Shooter pay
Bet: 5-1
Max: 5 tai

Just moved house... need kakis..
Hehehe.... please pm.