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(Closed) Any above 35 mothers keen to journey through pregnancy together?

Discussion in 'Year 2020 Mums' started by Ashriel, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Ashriel

    Ashriel New Member


    Im a above 35 first time mother, currently at 6 weeks. Wondering if there are other above 35 mothers out there who would like to journey through pregnancy together on Whatsapp?
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019

  2. Angel1080

    Angel1080 Active Member

    Hi me too, 39 and about 6weeks... first time
  3. Ashriel

    Ashriel New Member

    Care to pm me your number? Currently it is just 2 of us. When more join us we can convert it to a whatsapp group =)
  4. ractmy

    ractmy New Member

    can add me too? im 37 this year and this is my first pregnancy, 6 weeks & 2 days now.
  5. Ashriel

    Ashriel New Member

    Sure, pls pm me your number?
  6. Angel1080

    Angel1080 Active Member

    Is there a group?
  7. Tippi JJ

    Tippi JJ New Member

    Second time mom ok? Add me to the whatapp group too . Thanks!
  8. az3bao

    az3bao New Member

    moi also 6 weeks... looks like the edd all quite close!
  9. acyn

    acyn New Member

    5 weeks and I am lost
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  10. Angel1080

    Angel1080 Active Member

    Don’t worry... ur not alone
  11. mango0977

    mango0977 Member

    I m 42 n second time mum. Currently 5 weeks 2 days. Can add me to the wa chat?
  12. Sandysandy

    Sandysandy New Member

    me too, i have pinged you my number, tks
  13. pping

    pping Member

    Hi Ashriel, just pm you my number.
  14. Naomi Lai

    Naomi Lai New Member

    I am 38 & ftm. Wk21. Pm Ashriel my number. Naomi here.
  15. MrsBlueFairy

    MrsBlueFairy New Member

    Hello mommies,

    Im 38 & second time mum. Currently 4w + 6d. EDD mid-April 2020. I wish to join the wa group chat. Will PM Ashriel my number. Ty.
  16. NaNaTeo2019

    NaNaTeo2019 New Member

    Im coming 35 this year... just tested once today and im 5wk pregnant. First time mum... can i join the group
  17. Ashriel

    Ashriel New Member

    Thanks everyone for their support for this group. Unfortunately Im closing invitation atm as we want to keep the group small, tight and cosy. I will let u know if there are spaces available in the near future so keep a lookout in this space. Feel free to leave a post here if u are keen as I will just go down the list. If we have enough interest we can start another group together. Cheers!
  18. Samanthapaul

    Samanthapaul New Member

    Yes... I m 37 first pregnancy 4weeks
  19. Genlin83

    Genlin83 New Member

    Hi me 36 3rd pregnancy

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