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Christian sahm in Hougang

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by mar_mum2, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    Any christian sahm in staying in Hougang? Thinking of forming a support group and also to do bible study together.

  2. stephey

    stephey Member

    Hi marmum

    Stephey here. Been MIA for sometime from the Hougang mommies group. I am working though but dun mind if you wanna form the support group. Can Pm me details. THanks
  3. mixed_feelings

    mixed_feelings New Member

    hi im a christian mum living in kovan... currently not working by God's grace... do let me know ya
  4. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    Am also a christian mum in Hougang looking for mummies to bring our kids to go swimming or lunch together. Or is the support group formed? Bible study not possible for me as gal is autistic runs around and screams. But don't mind prayer support lor. I don't mind if it's done in my house except house is like struck with tornado... I don't mind paying if you offer to help clean my house together while your kid play with my gal's slide/swing/coupe car, hamsters and guinea pigs lol :p I NEED MOTIVATION!
  5. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    <font size="+1"><font color="0000ff">Hi! Stephanie, Kiddo and Lextine!</font></font>

    nope... haven form.. Haven't been in this thread!

    I'm staying at Hougang Ave 1 with 3 kids. Not working.

    Lextine, you wanna pay wat? If kids mess up your house, not a problem to help clean up. Where do you stay?
  6. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    I stay at Avenue 10... sorry sorry have been searching for special needs group haven't been checkig this thread either... wah, 3 kids.. i salute you marmum.. pay cleaning up my house haha but can afford a token as I don't have income from hubby. I can only pay $20 per mth for picking up toys, mopping and ironing. I will also do together, just that I never do housework my whole life one i cannot stand ppl criticise me lor... plus my marriage down the drain I lagi no heart... Stephanie, Kiddo, when you come back to check this thread tell us where you stay. We can maybe all meet up at Hougang Mall for lunch then go playground/arcade!!
  7. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    sorry for asking, but if u nvr do housework, then how u keep the house 'clean'?
  8. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    haha, it's not clean lor.. once in 2-3 wks proper mop sometimes just use magic clean. Mostly toys are everywhere. forget about my request.. but i'm open for your kids to come then I will make myself do tidy up to "look good" haha.. so where you go for shopping? Avenue 1 still considered from me right?
  9. dodos

    dodos Member

    marmum, you got maid? If not how you manage 3 kids alone and still can go out?? Im also a sahm living in hougang also.
  10. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    no lah.... i rarely bring all 3 out on my own. most is bring 2.
  11. dodos

    dodos Member

    I thought nowadays if no maid with 3 kids and above it's almost impossible to get out of the house. Im stuck at home all the time. Still got time to do bible study? I want also but everything no time...
  12. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    cos 2 kids in school in the morning... so if i do meetups, will be in the morning... then sometimes during weekends, i'll leave 1 or 2 with my parents then bring 1 out.

    how many kids do you have?

    i'm thinking of bible study cos i feel that because all the time is set aside for family, seems no time for myself and God so if got group then will have time specially set aside.
  13. dodos

    dodos Member

    I have 4 kids. So good wkends can leave kids at your parents place. I don't have such help so it's a 24/7 thing. Thinking of how to find time.
  14. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    wow!! 4 kids... how old are they??

    i dun leave kids there every weekend. cos my parents need a rest also. and i dun leave all 3 there. ur parents or in-laws not able to babysit for a few hours on weekends or certain weekdays for you to have a breather?? or relatives or neighbours?

    which part of hougang do you stay?
  15. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    Sigh dodos.. we have the fate. same goes for me 24/7 not as good life as those who have in-laws or my own mother to help baby sit. yah where you stay dodos?
  16. dodos

    dodos Member

    marmum, my kids are 11, 9, 6 &amp; 2. Yours??
    Really have no one to look after my kids at all. Parents won't even help.

    fatih777, how many kids do you have? How old are they?

    Im at Hougang Ave 8.
  17. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    wow!!! ur older kids can help with the house and take care of your youngest one right? Parents not helping cos physically they can't? can ask how old are you? hee hee.... which blk at ave 8?

    My kids are 7, 5 and 2.... I'm 35.. ;-)
  18. dodos

    dodos Member

    Parents want their own life and not helping. Mum is helping me in the house during wkdays but when ask to look after my kids it's a big NO.

    Im at blk 636. Im 34. [​IMG]

    Are you attending any church?
  19. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    dodos, oh u married early..

    yup... attendin church.
  20. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    hey dodos, my in-laws and own mum the same! want their own life! self-centred right?! Haiyo, i thought i'm the only one who have parents and in-laws like that.. some more my girl diagnosed with asd I have no choice to dump her at in-laws and see their tong yam juice face. they are like you better feed her first before u come lor, so i dun hv to do anything and just play with her. Like I give them grandchild to play only and not taking any responsibility lor!! damn pissed. u attending which church?
  21. mar_mum2

    mar_mum2 Member

    dodos, lexnchris,
    can understand how you guys feel about not having parents or in-laws to help. my parents in law not able to help too cos my mil is forever busy with work even during weekends or PH. My fil travels for work very often. Better not reveal too much details cos anyone can see.... we can meet up to chat if you guys want.

    My parents are working... so not every weekend they will want my kids over cos they need to rest and wants to do their own things. Even if my kids go over, max is 2 kids. But I can understand how they feel. My mum ever said that when I have my no. 3, she'll quit her work to look after my kids so I can go out and work... but now, she knows she can't handle. ha ha....

    Not trying to 说教 here, but they looked after us for so long... I guess it's right for them to reject looking after our kids. Although sometimes it is irritating that when we need help or a break, no one can help. Last Nov i brought my 2 youngest on a trip, then my eldest have to be like a superman flying from one hse to another cos no one able to help for a whole stretch. So that will be the one and only time this will happen.

    So I've been nagging this to my hb and the only solution is to find a nanny who stays near our house and let the kids go over every now and then for them to get used. So in the event that we need to have someone looked after them, there's is 'someone'. But of cos, we have to pay for it.

    Sometimes, if you have friends who are able to help may be good too...

    Relax relax!!!

    I'm at Paya Lebar Chinese Methodist Church. The one at Upper Paya Lebar Road.
  22. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    FYI marmum, my mother didn't look after me till I was 5 yrs old. She NEVER TOOK CARE OF ME. When I came over to SG, it was my grandma who did all the looking after AND cooking. And both she and my in-laws are not working now. They have lots of time but the reason was she have no confidence. What's there for them to do except to just ensure they don't run to the kitchen to play with knives or fire? My girl practically can sit through hours watching tv and they could lie down on the sofa even to watch them. They are not crippled or anything and my girl understands instructions. But for my brother's kids different lor, she'll even go over to their place. Her "first child first grandchildren" is NUMBER 1 lor! Even when I asked if she's coming to hospital after i gave birth she said she wouldn't be going to visit me! I mean there's lots of things i can go on about her being the cause of me having post natal depression and all, but what I want to tell you is, get the picture of our mothers first before saying we are not being understanding to them. There are parents out there who run away from responsibilities, who don't like to be asked favours from and who only care about their own lives ok.
  23. khijoanne

    khijoanne Member

    hihi was looking for some christian sahm to mingle with whn i saw this thread.

    am also a christian sahm to a 27 mth old. like some of u i dun have help from parent or pil.

    btw just wan to share a personal experience, since my bb bcame a toddler n is fully capable of turning the house into a war aftermath, n my increased responsibility (cooking proper meals, potty training mess, laundry,etc) i found myself often exploding into fits of rage, esp whn I am a person who cant tolerate untidiness n dirt. was really on the verge of breaking down

    thn somehow God kind of spoke to me through my dds book. I bought her a book called Mary Martha and Jesus. N I am reminded of how I am like Martha so engrossed with housewrk tht I have forgot to give Him time, give Him utmost priority.

    I dun get so agitated anymore over the mess my dd makes. Like Mary, I must learn to choose right.
  24. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    Good for you jo! Yah, I tend to get upset with the mess too but I learnt to live with it and weigh the importance. Be an angry mother all the time and model your child to become like one too or be patient? get bitter and angry with family of being deprived of your own time to do things you like or just leave the mess? Just remember building right character is more important than building personal habits.
  25. tidalstorm

    tidalstorm Member

    Hi ladies,

    I am new to Christian faith, my son is in a church kindergarten and ever so curious about GOD...
    I like to know besides books, how can I know more about Christianity?
  26. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    my gal absorbs better from videos, you can get vegetales it's quite popular. Where do u stay tidalstorm? I'm looking for mummies to go Orchard Paragon playground together, wanna join?
  27. galili

    galili Member

    Hi tidalstorm,

    Read this thread by chance while searching for preschool or kindergarten near my house in hougang. Can i know which church kindergarten your son attends?
  28. lid_deer

    lid_deer Member

    Hi ladies, i just happen to browse through and saw this thread, wonder if I'm too late to join you ladies. I'm an expecting mum, now in my 5th mth. I was laid off by my employer during my 4th mth pregnancy, now I'm bored and helpless staying at home. I would be interested to join you girls in prayer support group, if you are having one. Great to see fellow sisters encouraging one another through social media like this, look forward to hear from you girls soon.
  29. galili

    galili Member

    Hi Lyd,
    This thread seemed inactive for a while. I'm a FTWM with a 2yo kid and just found out that I'm a preggie again!

    How can you be laid off by your employer halfway? Isn't there a law against such act?
  30. lid_deer

    lid_deer Member

    Hi lili gal, thanks for responding to my msg. Congratulations, I'm sure it's an exciting journey to have a no. 2 kid coming.

    It was a long story. I join this company as a sales person in April this year, without knowing that the team I joined has been in the reds for more than a year. It was not an easy job to penetrate our business into new customers. When I was 4 mths pregnant, which was nearing the end of my probation, my company decided to close down this team which consists if 3 of us. Being the newest in the team, I was asked to either resign or be terminated, either case be given 1 month pay. At a lost, a few of my friends suggested going to MOM for advice. I was told by MOM that they have no employment terms to protect we pregnant mums from being terminated but my company is obligated to give me a 4-mths maternity compensation. So here I am today, living on this compensation since last mth till my baby deliver. Talk about 4 mths maternity leaves, that's not for me.

    In fact, in the last 1 wk, I have heard of a few other mums who were terminated by their employers during their pregnancy. Recently a case was mentioned in ST Forum but today MOM's role does not protect against job security. So there is no law in Singapore that protect pregnant mums at all.
  31. lexnchris

    lexnchris Member

    Hi Lyd hi lili, I don't think there were any support groups formed. Tried to arrange meet ups with mummies from SMH to go Vivo but with no avail. All mums are too busy even arranging nearby moms it's very difficult. My girl is a special needs child so it's pretty difficult for me to interact as well. But if you ladies are keen to go for morning shows (Mums&amp;Babes) at Plaza SG let me know.
  32. vinegal

    vinegal Member

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