Choa chu kang mummy club

Hi Bitbitbos,

I have 2 kids currently with Agape CCK for the past few years already. DD1 joined since 3yo and DD2 joined since 21mths. They are now in K2 and N2. So far so good. They have an open house on 16/ 17 Mar. You can drop by and have a look.

I have a 4 yo son in Mulberry. I like it here cos they have private playground plus when kids are in pg to nursery 1, they give parents update on their kids food and water intake, whether they nap or poo, etc via the communication book each day. The teachers also send their lesson plans to the parents weekly so that we can follow up at home and also keep in touch on what they learn in school. The downside is it's quite costly, $700 after subsidy.
Hi Sunny,

I can guess the teacher you mentioned haha.

In fact, my son told me some "story" between the teachers but I'm not sure how true, and it's very sensitive to ask.
Anyway now she is not teaching my son anymore.

My son is among the bigger size kids but sometimes his estimation is funny
Hi Sunny,

Teacher called and told me during S&D lesson my son was pushed so fell down and bit his lip.
When he came home, I jokingly asked him who pushed him.
He said: Nobody pushed me.
I asked: Was it A who pushed you? (A is his best friend).
He said: No, not A, YZ (said in a low low voice) hahahaha
I asked: It was an accident right?
He said: Yes, it was not painful, i did not cry.

hi mummies,
thinking to let my toddler to hav some art (handcraft, drawing etc) fun classes during weekend. any idea on school/centre offering this kind of classes in cck area?
hi mummies, i'm staying at yew tee, needed a temp babysitter for my 11 mths bb boy for next week onwards until end of mth as my maid is gg bk indonesia for home auntie last min cant make it so gotta find alternatives..but i'll be taking leave here and there so nt all full 3 weeks is needed..sat i'm wrking halfday, need to send my gal (27mths) over let me noe if u can help me's very urgent..thanks!!
Hi All

Only just found out that there is a CCK Mummy thread despite surfing in the forum for so long..silly me..haha

I'm looking around for phonics class for my eldest who is in K1 this year. Any recommendations?
Going to visit Tulip Montessori this weekend. Any feedback??

Any mummies send their kids to piano lessons ard this area? any reviews?

Also looking for swimming lessons....
Hi kris, thanks for the reply. I'm also considering your girl's school but they have quite a few bad review though maybe not the cck branch. How do you find the school? Dun mind can share with me the fee for pri primary? Another school I'm considering is Crestar.
Hi Esther,

How are you doing? Your DD1 doing well in the new CC? My girls' CC got HFMD attack in the last 1 week. I kept my girls home since last Wed.

Hi Charlotte,

U can try Music Act (authorised school of Yamaha) at Limbang Shopping Ctr - They have piano class for 5.5yr and above. My DD1 attending their YJC for almost 2 yrs now. She enjoyed her classes very much.
Hihi Snowball!

Occasionally saw your gals with the grandma. They have grew prettier! =) My gals and I are quite happy with the new cc thankfully! Hope the HFMD virus go away soon and stay away from my gals' ccc!

I may be sending my DD1 to the Yamaha school at limbang too. Hopefully there's still slots. Now sourcing for ballet school... Yee Tee cc full house! KS me want her to try a few talent enrichment courses before she approach pri 1.. ;p
anyone will be register their kid to P1 this year?
which one will you be going??
i‘m considering between yew tee primary and unity primary under Phase 2C。
Hi Esther,

Thanks for your compliments
My DD2 does miss your DD1 at times and she will still mention her name when I chat with her.

My DD2 attending YJC starting in July. I enrolled her for the Sun morning class (right after after DD1's class), timing just right. Are you signing up for the same course?

Hi Oily - I am contemplating between De La Salle or Yew Tee Pri....likely will choose Yew Tee Pri as nearer to my house.

Surprised that your DD2 still remember LW. =)

Yup, signing her up for YJC class. Hopefully still have slot. Will try for the Sun morning class then the gals can see each other again! (haha... and appreciate music together...)

Not thinking of Ballet for your gals?
Hi Snowball,

Can let me know limbang Yamaha piano lessons, how much is the fee per mth? Does it have group and individual? Can let me know the fees for both type?

I am doing research as my 2 kids want to learn. They are 6 and 5 yrs old. 1 in K1 and 1 in K2.

Hi Esther,

Yes! my DD2 still remember LW, she told me that LW go to another school already

U can call them to reserve a place as weekend classes are very popular. Hope that the gals can become music class classmates.

My gals too busy already (in my hb's opinion) as they also learning swimming on Sun afternoon. So, no more time for more

Hi Crispy Apple,

Yamaha has both group classes (YJC) and 1-to-1 piano class. My DD1 attending YJC weekend class is at $112.35 per mth (1hr per lesson). I am not sure of the 1-to-1 piano class charges. U can call them up to enquire on the courses they offer and fees charged.
I just reserved the Sunday late morning class! Lucky still have slot! In case anyone else interested, the start up fee for Yamaha JMC is as follows:

$321 for 1 term fee(11 lessons)
$32.50 for registration fee
$124 for material

Snowball, Sunday afternoon swimming class ar.. Is it at cck sport council?
Cya in July!
Hi Esther,

My kids had their swimming lessons at the swimming pool @ my place. Avril and my DD2 and DD1 & her music class classmate - 4 of them.
Oic! Avril's mummy was asking me if there's any swimming lobang previously!

Is it still possible for LW to join you? Late afternoon class?
Thanks all for the info.

Anyone heard of Sonata in Teck Whye? Above NTUC?

Actually I bought groupon voucher for my 2 kids there for 8 lessons and this Sun is the last lesson. My kids love the lessons and would like to continue.

But not sure if Sonata is good and also if the price reasonable.

My girl enjoys her ballet lessons, so I guess it's okay bah. But at the pre-primary level, I think it's still more play than teaching real technique.
Cost fee is $260 per term, about 3 months. When you first join, you also have to buy the shoes, clothes etc which will cost slightly above $100. But I have seen some children who wear different leotards, so I guess it's not compulsory to buy.
Hi All mummies! Nice to know you all! I am a MTB in this October and keen to look for a nanny in CCK & Yew Tee area.

Do you all have any recommendation? I have 4 mths maternity leave, should need a nanny from January 2013.

Thanks all!
hi mommies! I'm a young mommy in yew tee, first time finding CC for my DS.Im desperately looking for a full day playgroup cc for my son. He's coming 16 mths and I'm intending to send him for cc after he's 18 mths. I've visited a lot of cc around but many was too steep and their price and some don't seems to up to my expectations. I was wondering if you all can give me some advise and comments on those following schools.

1)Ace @ work CCK 703
2)Apple tree CCK 561
3)Amazing stars CCK 511
4)My first skool CCK 602

TIA! Appreciate you help! :D
Hi Esther,

Yes, they have their swimming class on late Sunday afternoon. Currently, just nice, 4 of them for their class.

Perhaps, you can ask ard to get 4 kids to form a class to start? This swimming coach also goes to public pools to teach. But, as what I know, her schedule on weekends are fully booked. You can check with her if you are interested. Do PM me if you want the coach's contacts.
Hi Kittyki,

Both CCs hv different focus n also hv a big gap in their fees being charged. It depends on what u are looking 4 n your expectations of the CC b4 u compare n decide where 2 put your child.
Dear Mummies,

I am looking for a Playgroup/ Toddler school for my 2.5 year old girl. Any recommendations?

Anyone tried Tumble Tots @ CCK Sport Complex?

I intend to start her by July (Mon to Fri) but Apple Tree and Edufarm are all fully taken.

Look forward to your advice. ^ ^
Hi Mummies

My gal is currently in Ichiban Montessori and i thot of changing her to My first Skool at Blk 602.
Need some reviews / advices should i do the change?
She's currently 26months.

And understand there isn't any transport / sch bus to My first skool and i'm staying near Sunshine place. Any recommendation on private transport etc?

Looking forward to your advices.
Hi Jess,

My 3yr old boy is in Blk 602 MFS. He was with this centre since April. Previously was at MFS in the east.
I can only compare the 2 centres under MFS. This centre seems to be more strict and organised. I don't like that we need to dial the call centre to get to the teachers there.

Did you consider 212 MFS, near South View Primary School? One direct bus from Ave 3.

For us, 602 is near Yew Tee MRT, so it is easier for me to fetch my boy after work.

26mths is in toddler group. When your gal turns 30mths, she will be Playgroup. If you want to change, do consider after 30months, so there is not so many transfer for her.
Hi, does anyone know of a good part time helper in Bukit Batok? Need 1 for about a month cos my maid left me abruptly. Now struggling with 3 young kids and my work.
Any mummies looking for swimming lessons at CCK Stadium on Sunday evening for yr 5 years above kids?

PM me if keen as need abt at least 6 kids ($60 per mth) or if u dun mind pay a bit for private group need at least 4 kids ($300 per mth per group)
Hi mummies,

anyone have comment on PCF Keat Hong at blk 353 or blk 435?

Hi oily,
my boy is due for P1 registration this yr under Phase 2c too
Hi Jappooh/ Oily,

My DD1 is also due for P1 registration this year under Phase 2C. Which school you enrolling?

I am going for YTPS. But, this year, already almost 1/2 taken at phase 1 and 2A1.
snowball: has been monitoring the moe website.
was telling my coll, we're like buying share now! have to check the status every few days!
Hi Oily,

Yes, very stressful. All I am asking for is a school near my place where my Daughter do not need to take additional transport to school. YTPS is just a street away from my place. That is why its my 1st choice.

Cannot imagine, even neighbourhood school can be so stressful for P1 registration.

South View will have less than 50places available for Phase 2C....even more stressful.

The priority for SC should help the situation a bit, tho' not too hopeful.

my 1st choice is South view. But look like i have to go for CCKPS instead. South view only 29 seats left for Phase 2C. So risky.
Both school my boy need to take school bus.

I dun have a pri school across my hse. so i can only choose those within 1km.

BTW i am looking for K1 CC for my younger son. Any one have recommendation?
Hi Jappooh,

My kids are with Agape CCK. So far so good. I also heard good feedback for Mulberry.

You may like to check these out.