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Hi Laichuen,

Welcome to this come in to chat

Hi Ashley,

Really gotta keep an eye on maids. If we relax a bit, they will come up with all sorts of patterns....sighhhhhh
Hi all,

Any mummies here had post-natal massage before?
Can you recommend a good place or masseur to me?

Last time my stomach was so small it became flat after I gave birth lol. This time it's bigger so thinking of using post natal massage, those jamu wrapping type.

Thank you!!
Hi Ashley

i tried to search singaporemotherhood for the massage lady i engaged 3 years ago but could not find... i keep getting error message. she is a thai lady (or thai chinese) and very good compared to the lady i engaged for my 1st one. I tried to search again later...

Hi all
Anyone can share or know any good chinese class for my P1 boy, many thanks!
Hi Jo,

I heard Berries and Tian Sia is good. You can check that out.

There is also a Chinese Tuition centre at Bukit Timah Plaza (Basement next to Zoo Phonics). My colleague's kids have attended her tuition classes and both got A* for their PSLE Chinese. You can check that out too.
hi mommies,

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Lai Chuen

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Hi Mummies,

Its the June Holidays and any holiday programmes for your kid(s)?

My DD1 just attended a 3-day day-camp on cooking, organised by her CC. She enjoyed herself alot during the 3-day camp. They learnt "survival cooking" (aka maggie mee), made popiah/ roti prata/ hamburgers. Brought home popiah and hamburger for us to eat

Next week, CC going to Jurong Bird Park. This month, the CC promoting saving Gaia programme which encourage child to recycle, reduce, reuse. My kidz learnt quite abit on this topic.
We DIY for our son lol.

The school has some outings for every classes but I do not know whether they have any interesting programs for K1, K2.

Last time Mulberry had so many programs for the kids throughout the year, not only for school holidays. Really miss that in Mulberry.
There's one at cck mrt stn.. The smile division.. Docs there are patient and good.. But not sure if they cater for kids as well.. Price wise not cheap but not too ex too..
Mid range.. Can look for dr eileen ching.. She's a very nice lady.. Hope this helps..
Hi Oily,

There is one at Jurong East (near Chinese Gdn MRT stn).

He did my wisdom tooth early this year. No pain already on 2nd day.

But, this dentist do not take appts. Wait is quite long tho'.

I'll provide with the details if you are interested.
Hi CCK mommy:

How are you all? Long time didn't login this thread. Actually i am looking for dentist around CCK too! Just noticed that there is 1 greenlife beside the foodcourt at upstair and 1 nearby kopithiam...anybody tried these 2 before? any view? Thanks!
Hi Ladies,

Any mummies have their children in Mulberry ? I just registered my girl at Mulberry N2 class for next year Jan!;)
Went to source for a couple of schools, but still like mulberry(thou a bit expensive).
So excited....
chewlaichuen: my teeth need filling. i so scare to see dentist lor..

snowball32: thank you!! i alrd make the appt wuth smile dental.
Hi Veron Lim, my child used to be in Mulberry. Overall it is a good school. That time we withdrew because son fell sick too often we got fed up, also his teachers were leaving. Anyway, we still like the school.

Next year most probably will put him in Creative O.
Hi oily..
I did a refilling too just last year and it was quite good.. Pain is bearable.. And after tat doc will ask u to test bite.. Uf u not satisfied with it can tell her and she will adjust accordingly.. Better get it done soon if not hole will get bigger.. Tats wat happen to me..
Btw, if there is any mummy here or know of anybody who plans to sell their units at <font color="0000ff">The Warren</font> condo near choa chu kang mrt,,please PM me..We plan to buy 2bdroom or 2+study bdroom..No agents pls..Cos we got agents helping us look at those in the market liao, but still have not found anything we like ;(

Thank you!!;))
Any mummy has experience with dual breastpump? Can advise me which one to get?

Currently I am comtemplating to get one of the three: Medela pump in style, medela freestyle or ameda truly yours (lactaline).

Thank you.
hi ashley

have u received my email on the massage lady?

I bought ameda when i bf my 2nd baby, very good... my gf bought medela freestyle (i am not sure the name but it is cheaper than pump in style) the suction can get weaken after some time (she bf for 6 months). i used ameda for almost 2 years (or 1.5 years can't remember), still very good!

Hi Veron,

It is inevitable that the CC change teachers as the turnover rate for CC teachers is rather high.

I am quite glad that my DDs had teachers whom stayed on and it is not so disturbing to their academic progress.

Hi Oily,

Better go fill the tooth before its too late to salvage :p
@ jo: sorry did not reply you, yes I have received, thank you so much for your info! The medela you mentioned may be the dual electric plus, which is cheaper then pis. Freestyle is the hand free one, much more ex. Anyway, not many good reviews for freestyle. Your Ameda is the lactaline right? Did you buy the whole set with bag and everything or just the pump set?

@ Nico: if I buy the US set and use a converter to use in Singapore, do you think it is safe? My hb said better not use it this way, but it's much more cheaper than buying in Singapore....

it is ok

there is only one ameda model available in singapore about 3 years ago... i bought the pump set only. reason i didn't get PIS because of its price and i don't intend to have no.3, so got the cheaper ameda. it serves us well for 2 years :)

i tried to use my office medela pump set (more heavy duty type, for hospital use - so should be better than PIS) in office nursing room... i find the suction is not as good as ameda leh... maybe i am so used to ameda... heee
spent $400+ at smile division!
did a filling $65. another hole too big so dentist suggest to remove root canel $400.
now i hav to decide to do filling $80 or crowning $600.
what do you think?
i was telling hb tt my teeth now exp!
sorry to gatecrash here back in CCK thread. Used to stay in CCK but moved out last year. By the way, anyone's kid with columbia cc?

Any comments ?

finally moved back to cck on sunday... home sweet home... but now super busy with unpacking and cleaning the house and coping without maid! long story... waiting for my new maid to arrive by end of next week or early week after next.

hahaha i just told chicken little that i stick to columbia because i still can't find any childcare better than columbia.

Hi Jo, welcome back!! We stay so near now
good luck with your new maid. Btw, do u have feedback on Creative O? Thanks!
Hi hi,
this is my first time writing on this thread.. :p
I'm SAHM with two boys staying at Yewtee.

My eldest son will be 2 yo next month.. Me n my hubby is considering to put him to pre-nursery class. Please share with us if you have some suggestion on nice one. thanks!!

Just moved to CCK to be near my mum.My 17mth boy loves the water playground at the top floor of Lot1.

Now looking for a childcare or pre-nursery program to enroll him when he turn 2yrs next yr. Been advised by my colleagues to start looking early as most CC have long waiting list. Any good feedback on CC are welcome.
Hi Organgedots,

Welcome to our chatting club

Many of the CCs (more popular ones) in Yew Tee area have long waitlist too. Hence, its advisable to start scouting early. Do visit the centres personally with your child and make sure that both parents and child feel comfortable/ good with the Centre before making the decision to enroll.

Hi Cupcup/ Orangedots,

My DD1 used to attend the 3-hr PG program with Agape Student Care Ctr at Blk 632A. I quite like their program, you can check it out.
Thanks Snowball

Is there any playground that is on sand in CCK? Trying to expose him to sand. Currently i go all the way to West Coast Park.
hi orangedots, my friends who is staying at gombak &amp; bt panjang am sourcing for a cc/nursery/playgroup for their kids. from what i heard they said they extend to other areas as long as bus is willing to pick them up. but most of the waiting list is around next yr. im thinking of putting my son into playgroup/pre-nursery next yr when he turn 3. but i think i should start sourcing nw. good luck to u!

snowball, how much is the fee for agape and how is the environment like? feel qute hard to source for a good one as i need to work &amp; do not have time to visit their centre to check out.
Hi Orangedots,

There is a sandy playground at CCK Park. It is quite a big playground there. But, the sand is full of dried leaves and twigs.

Good thing is they have a washup area after play. You can check that out.

Hi Pebblesbii - When I enrolled by DD1 3 yrs ago, think the fees was $240 per mth (cannot really remember). 3-hr prog with daily English and Chinese lessons. But, the classroom is quite small as it is shared with the Studentcare Ctr. They are open on Sat mornings (for the student care). You can arrange a visit on Sat morning to check out the place.
Hi Mummies,

Im staying at Bukit Panjang but try to look for infantcare centre ard my area and CCK or Bukit Gombak. Any recommedation?
Hi, so glad to chance upon this thread!

I stay near the CCK stadium, and am looking for a CC for my boy turning 2. Any good recommendations for CC nearby CCK/YT??

Saw the cherie hearts at limbang but condition v run down. The Ace educare at 703 also very old and the caregivers were more like old aunties which I don't like. Saw them chasing after the kids and there was hardly much education, just leave them to play megablocks.

Anyone goes Mulberry? Worth the price? Or any other good CCs you have experienced?

Thanks lots!
hi snowbal, i remember posting a reply but it's missing. i have called up agape and check. it's $350/month for their 3hr programme! it's kindly expensive. so decide to drop the idea.

GG lee, does the 2 centre at the stadium provide cc service? you mayc heck with them. my friends said that mulberry is good.

anyway wanna check, anyone send their kids to the enrichment classroom at yew tee cc? they have this daily programme, 2x weekly programme and 3x weekly programme. thinking of sending my boy in to try for 3x weekly programme before converting. but can't find any review.
Hi Pebblesbii,

Wow, they have increased their PG class fee! Anyway, they have already revised their CC fees upwards - 2nd time in 3 years

I have visited Enrichment Classroom about 3 yrs back when I was scouting for 3-hr PG class for my DD1 then. Frankly speaking, I was not very impressed with their teachers then. I do not know how is it now.

Hi GG Lee - Yes, I have also heard that Mulberry is good. But, its not so convenient for my MIL whom help to fetch my kids in the evening. That is why we chose current CC over Mulberry.
@Jo: do you still visit this thread? :D Want to check with you whether AC junior or primary accept volunteer. Last time you were in phase 2C or 2B? Thank you!

By the way, I have given birth on 1 August at 37 weeks. Any mummies have feedback on sweetest moment or gobi full month package? What do you think about baby card with photo to go with the boxes? I mean, people may not keep it and throw it away, right? So should I include baby's card?
Hi Ashley,

Congrats on the arrival of your little one.

My colleagues gave the baby card with photo to go with the boxes. I keep all the photos. The babies are all so cute and each of them are unqiue in their own way

For my kids' fullmth cakes, I ordered from Jack's Place. Their cake is nice.

Take care

Thanks Snowball!

Since u received many packages before, which one impressed u the most in term of presentation, taste and freshness? Thanks! For jack's place, u mean they have small package to distribute?